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Inventions !

By; Ellie MInteer & Jenna Grieg

Flying Shuttle

Are you tired of staying late at the factory just to reach your quota? Then you should get the flying shuttle! The flying shuttle helps double the work a weaver can do in a day.

spinning jenny

The Spinning Jenny was a hand-powered spinning machine. It was the first machine to improve the spinning wheel by making it possible to spin more than one ball of yarn at a time. The spinning jenny is perfect if you want to double your work in only half the time!

cotton gin

The Cotton Gin is the perfect invention for

you if you hate to pick the seeds out of your cotton by your hands! this machine uses the best mechanics to assure that all of those annoying seeds are out of your cotton!

Sewing Machine The first functional sewing machine was invented by the French tailor BarthĂŠlemy Thimonnier in 1830. This sewing machine helps women at home sew dresses, shirts, pants and blouses for their children.

The Waterframe

The Water Frame is the most efficient way to conserve your energy while you are working! The Water Frame uses water from the streams to help the sewing machines run off only water not human energy!

Battery The battery is great for powering almost anything! It was invented by Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta in 1800. The battery is perfect to use for powering flashlights or even a sewing machine!

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