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Student or not, girly or not, theres always a way to make things unique

The Cosy Student Guide 14

So ever since we were little we’ve had our rooms decorated for us. Whether it’s been pretty pink and sparkles or baby blue with cars zooming on the walls. We’ve never really had a choice but to just deal with whatever our parents have decided for us to live in! In this day and age we as people have become so much more dependant and we have reached the point where everybody is accepted for who they are, Goths can like black and listen to metal music or wannabe pop Use fun posters and colours to create a homely feel! stars can have their cheesy thing that did excite me was pop CDs and wear their hair the bedding and kitting out my in pigtails still (even brand new room! There’s so many though it’s soo last spice good places on the high street girls) it’s our generation to get stunning home wear at that have decided to step such a good cheap price for up and become their own! example Primark, Matalan, Next I’ve never really much been and Ikea. Shuffling round the into home wear and could isles I ended up piling a whole never figure out why my parbunch of pretty pink cushions ents just had to have those into my trolley along with matching pillows to go matching bed sheets and pretty with the curtains or have fairy lights! that cute little hanging thingy for the window… UnWhy do we feel the need to do til I came to university of this though? Is it because were course. so far from home we want to create a whole new world that Since arriving at univernever existed at home? sity it’s like a whole new Whilst being at university little world has been creacommodation and seeing some of ated and everything you own my friends rooms it became aphas to fit in this one very parent that people just wanted small room! You start to their rooms to feel like a home imagine how on earth your from home but way more pretty going to fit your whole life (in the girls case) and for (and your clothes) into the boys well they just wantthis very tiny space. ed somewhere to store their dirty plates and smelly pants. When moving to university My friends had photographs of you’ve got to get the batheir friends from their resics like pots, pans and cent holidays stuck with blue everything else but the one tack to their walls creating

almost a shrine of all their loved ones! Little pretty hanging hearts hanging from every angle, which just made it look so perfect, and not forgetting the fairy lights scattered around the headboard of the bed. Okay so the boys rooms. The one place that no girl wants to enter for the pure fact most of them half the time just don’t care and wouldn’t very much mind to live in their own filth! For some boys their rooms are just there to live, breath, fart and eat in. Of course you do find some boys who make their rooms so personal and immaculate! I remember seeing a boy’s room from my window across the hall from mine and seeing all his designer shopping bags hung up on one big wall. All pristine and perfect, is this taking the whole personal, unique room thing a little to far? I’m in no way unique when it comes to decorating my room, I love all things girly and things that hang and look pretty. I have a massive photo wall of my friends and family and would most likely never consider doing this at home! I do love taking pride in my room as It’s the one place at university that you can really call home and actually put your own touch on without somebody telling you no. On the high street there is so much available in a students price range that can be easily purchased just by heading into town and going into the local stores, you could even get a tiny

Making a photo collage can make your boring wall, fun.

bit creative and DIY some old things that you don’t think could be used anymore if you’re on the student budget! Anything can be created into something new and even just by rearranging your room you can make it into a whole new little cosy place just by mov-

ing a couple of bits around. A few things you could do to spice up your room would most definitely be making a photo collage of all your friends and family and also include some cut outs from your favourite magazine or your favourite celebri-

ties onto a pin board or photo frame! Even a big strong piece of card could easily hold up your treasured photographs, hang a few pretty fairy lights around it and it will look stunning and very much homemade sitting right above your bed! So no matter how much of a budget you’ve got there’s always a way to make your room look personal and unique especially at university where your room is going to feel quite empty and alone at the start! So get buying or get DIY’ing and make your room look amazing!

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