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Evaluation Question 2 TITLE: How effective is the combination of my main product and ancillary texts? Present this as an (annotated) YouTube video - produce a timeline in Premiere Pro. first. Start with a screenshot / PNG of a key frame from your from your trailer alongside a copy of your poster and a copy of your magazine cover. You will also need images from existing posters, magazines, web ads and DVD covers that you may have used for inspiration. Introduction: Explain the role of the film distributor. Discuss advertising and promotional techniques and the various platforms they make use of (e.g. outdoor ads, TV and cinema ads, web ads, etc) in order to promote films to target audiences. Explain how marketing differs depending on the potential audience for the film (based on demographics and size) and also explain the value of audience research to distribution companies when it comes to developing their campaigns. Give examples to illustrate how advertising varies depending on the film and the audience by using images of film posters with captions. Give examples of more recent ad campaigns such as viral campaigns that you have found effective and explain how they appeal to their audience. Explain the importance of a unified identity for the film which carries through all the advertising and also works as a narrative from the poster and trailer through the main poster and trailer to the DVD with film reviews and awards printed on the cover. Your marketing campaign: Explain what classification you chose to go with and why. (e.g. 12, 15 or 18). Explain the relationship between your trailer and poster (Consider use of image, character, lighting, text, language, narrative/enigma and colour design, reference to website on both). Explain the value of getting on the cover of a film magazine to the film's promotion and how your cover relates to your poster and trailer. Your own film poster: Explain which posters you used for inspiration (and show images of them). Explain how you constructed your poster (denotation and connotation). Your own film magazine cover: Explain which covers you used for inspiration (and show images of them). Explain how and why you constructed your cover in the way that you did.

Evaluation question 2