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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In my products I have represented the typical teenage trendies. Whilst mainly interested in the latest vintage fashion hitting the high street, their next passion is music; which are both the main features of my magazine. Trendies shop in places such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. This is represented in my magazine through the articles that can be found within it; there are articles on the latest fashion item must haves and how to bargain and budget their spending. Their inspirations would be female icons such as Lana Del Rey and Cara Delevingne. I used the images on my magazine to draw on this idea, and again target my particular social group. They also like indie bands and fashion, and are big festival goers. This is represented in my products through the use of the

duller tone of red, giving a more vintage tonal colour, and the font of my text, it is quite original and stands out, similar to the trendies. The magazine also talks lots about gigs and festivals, and the contents page has several articles surrounding the topic.

magazines such as vogue, another popular magazine for the trendies and indies, although my product is aimed at the younger audience of young adults, making it more appealing to my social group as it is unlike any other product already on the market.

Trendies are driven by the social media, such as; Instagram, twitter, tumblr, soundcloud etc. By making online and app versions of my magazine as well as additional links and information to the social media connected to my magazine, I have represented what is an important factor in the lives of my social group.

The images used on my magazine are of a younger model, more appropriate to my social group. I felt that if I was to use a more mature model for my images it may appeal to a more mature audience and so wouldn’t represent the trendies successfully. The images are close up with simple, plain backgrounds so that the main focus can be on the features of the model. She has little make-up on as I wanted to keep the images reasonably natural. Similar to the images used on the cover of magazines such as Vogue.

The trendies love to stand out and feel original; I wanted to create this through my final product itself. I made the look of my products fit in with the look of my chosen target audiences’ social group. I kept to the conventions of

Conclusive Statement: I believe that the stereotypical view on middle-class teenage girls would be that they are infatuated with their appearance and the way that they look to others, boys, fashion, the media and social networking. I feel that through my images being of a physically attractive, female teenage girl; that the stereotypical viewpoints have been met.

Evaluation Question 2  
Evaluation Question 2