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Name:  Elli  Antoniou   Submission  Date:  31/01/2014     Professional  Design  Framework  3   Block  3   The  University  of  Salford,     Year  2013-­‐2014              


Mailing List:      

Marios Makris   Interior  Architectural  Design   Kanika  Pallas  House   3303,  Limassol,  Cyprus   Tel:  00  357  25  341422   Email:   Web:  

Marios  Makris  has  an  interior  architectural  design  office  in  Limassol,  Cyprus.   Last  year  I  went  to  his  office  and  did  my  work  placement.  I  have  to  say  that   working  next  to  him  was  very  helpful  and  I  learned  things  that  I  couldn’t  learn   from  the  university  projects.  Real  life  practice  is  very  different.  I  believe  that  if  I   have  an  opportunity  to  work  again  next  to  him  will  be  an  important  step  in  my   career.         • El  Greco   91  Limassol  Avenue,  Nicosia,  Cyprus   Tel:  00  357  22  314332   Email:   Web:     El  Greco  is  a  design  shop  in  Nicosia,  Cyprus.  The  main  shop  is  in  Athens  in   Greece.  I’m  looking  for  their  furniture  and  they  have  a  lot  of  special  and  unique   pieces.  I  think  that  this  is  important  of  a  space  to  make  it  stand  out  of  other   places.  In  Cyprus  they  undertake  some  of  big  projects  as  the  American  Heart   Institute  in  Nicosia  that  in  any  case  does  not  remind  you  a  hospital.       • IKEA   1  Bergina   2025,  Strovolos,  Nicosia,  Cyprus   Tel:  00  357  22  502502   Email:   Web:     IKEA  is  a  big  company  with  departments  in  many  countries  all  over  the  world.    I   believe  that  with  a  work  position  in  this  company  I  gain  a  big  advantage  for  my   future.  I  can  concentrate  to  design  my  own  furniture  that  is  something  I  want   very  much  and  if  my  designs  are  acceptable  from  the  company  and  the  world   someday  I  may  create  my  own  business.              

New Deco  furnishings   104  Makarios  Avenue   3021,  Limassol,  Cyprus   Tel:  00  357  25  732121   Email:   Web:     New  Deco  furnishings  are  a  furnishing  shop  in  Limassol,  Cyprus.  They   have  classic  and  modern  pieces  of  furniture.  Also  in  their  main  office  they   have  a  department  of  furniture  designers.  I  want  to  work  in  their   company  because  its  great  to  work  with  people  that  have  bigger   experience  from  me  and  learn  from  them.      

Cover Letter:  

21st  January  2014     Dear  Dr.  Marios  Makris     RE:  request  for  you  to  act  as  my  external  mentor  for  my  final  Major  Project.     I  am  a  third  year  student  in  interior  design  at  University  of  Salford  and  at  this   point  I  am  doing  my  Final  Major  Project.  This  seminal  project  represents  the   communication  of  3  years  of  creative  practice,  which  has  involved  a  completion   of  series  of  written  research  in  Design.     My  theme  of  my  major  project  is  the  design  of  an  art  gallery.  Your  professional   practice  in  spectacular  designs  is  widely  recognized  and  is  highly  inspiring  to   myself.  It  would  be  huge  value  if  you  could  agree  to  collaborate  in  my  major   project  as  an  external  mentor.       This  collaboration  would  be  on  the  basis  of  you  reviewing  the  project’s  progress   and  present  your  expert  view  on  the  suitability  and  quality  of  the  design  thinking   and  general  quality  of  your  process.  The  role  of  external  mentor  takes  no   required  liability  and  it  is  hoped  shall  prove  to  be  an  enjoyable  and  suitably   interesting  experience  for  you.     The  major  project  plan  is  structured  into  4  distinct  phases  and  I  would  be   looking  to  present  the  conclusions  of  each  stage  to  you.  These  meetings  would   take  place  at  your  convenience  and  be  on  the  basis  of  a  one-­‐hour  meeting  on   each  opportunity.  The  whole  project  will  be  made  available  to  you  as  it  unfolds,   by  means  of  continuing  presentations  on  my  personal  website  -­‐­‐career     Finally  I  would  wish  that  you  would  accept  an  invitation  to  attend  the   Programme  Degree  Show  in  June,  where  the  completed  project  will  be   presented.  You  would  be  welcomed  with  hospitality  and  open  gratitude  for   making  available  your  professional  expertise  to  this  essential  period  in  my   creative  practice.     I  wish  to  express  my  admiration  and  many  thanks  for  your  time  in  reviewing  this   request  and  with  hope  that  you  are  accepts  my  request.     Yours  sincerely,     Elli  Antoniou      

School of Arts and Media Interior Design BA (Hons) Negotiated Major Project Brief Title:

Art Gallery Design Academic Yr

13-14 Credits 40

Level 6 Duration 12 weeks


Elli Antoniou

Introduction In recent years people more and more often visit art galleries to see famous art pieces, exhibitions of unique artists or something of modern art. Lots of them start becoming collectors of seldom or vintage and historic art. Also in a sculpture museum can find interesting pieces to decorate a place like a house, office and make it unique or even to make a gift to someone special. Visitors believe that art is an attractive way to escape from the reality problems and draw away with something fun.

The Concept This brief outlines the opening of an art gallery in which anyone can visit and enjoy art. For the kids will have a big room with interactive art that will make fun and be memorable. Also in this room will can take part and the adults that nay enjoy it more because will make the different from reality. Next to this room will be another open space with a big collection of different artists that will exhibit at the moment and each month the exhibitors will change, and visitors will have the chance to visit a plenty of times the place to see a variety of paintings, sculptures and movements. Previous art galleries or bigger museums have show that young people have a special interest in this category. Exploring new ideas and the evolution of art between the years. Some older people they keep a classic ideas and opinion about galleries and museums and visit them to find the unique pieces that looking for. Art connects people and inspire each one with a really different way. Although is an open opportunity for everyone that interesting. The idea of the art gallery is to inspire and calm the visitors from the work and daytime stress. Also it is a way to promote new beginning artists from a small society and open new opportunities with bigger aims. From different surveys results shows that with sharing ideas and opinions people can increase quality of life. The art gallery will be based in old town in Limassol, Cyprus. The location has been chosen because is a really big place and luminous for a gallery. It is in a high street to be easy visible and accessible for all the passengers. If the design will be successful, will attract all the ages of people or even people with disabilities and special needs. It must be a bright and enjoyable place for all the people to feel free and invite them to get in and admire the art. For people with special needs should be accessible and practical.

Site and Surrounding Area The building I choose is located in a high street in Limassol. It is in a main area of different kind art galleries. The place consists of a building that is a single level room with a separate wall in the middle. The front side is composed with big windows and on the side is a private road that direct in a MJM

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small car parking behind the building. Near the central road are located a big public parking spaces. The art gallery is 5 minutes walk away of a public school and this is a really good target for school trips. The art gallery can hosts around to 100 people maximum. Cyprus is a small island and Limassol is in the middle of the other towns. Nicosia and Paphos is one hour away and Larnaka 40 minutes with car.

Building Analysis Built from Cybarco consultants ltd. Company, the building considered a modern investment in the art world.The exterior walls of the building are made from 300mm thick with concrete. The front side is all covered with big windows to benefit from the natural daylight. The roof is clad with plasterboard and reflects the hidden lighting and play with shadows in the space. The interior rooms consists of a large single level, the toilets are in the backside of the rooms. Next to the toilets is a staircase lead up to a storage room and a small office.The floor plan show that these were once used as a clothing shop. The building is currently under construction to fix some time faults on the wall and convert the toilet into a visitor’s toilet. The aim of this art gallery is to ensure the community with a good taste of art and especially attract people with disabilities.

The Vision The vision is to create a space, which will attract all the types of people and especially people with some specifications in their movements. Socialise and grow up people imagination between life and art. The building should have a dynamic shop window to aroused the interest of every passenger and make them get in. There should be art equipment that is useful to promote the exhibits. The best available and clear light to highlight all the details into the space between the interior design and the art exhibits. It should have something different from other art galleries to gain as a result be an influence to the artists to make their exhibitions.

Design Requirements The two main parts to the design are: a display area and an interactive display area. The design should include a place for paintings and a place for sculptures. Equipment for the installation of the exhibits require in the space. The design could be even modern or classic. The interactive area should have something different from the other room. Think about what considerations has the parking place. The toilets have some basic specifications and should be independent from the exhibition rooms. The light in the storage room must be strong and the office a quiet place foe the owner. The design needs to response in different people types. It needs to request to all people even the elderly and especially people with disabilities. It should be a neutral space because the theme of the exhibitions inside will change very often. Design a place that people goes to relax and get away from work stress. You should consider health and safety issues for the design carefully.

Ambiance The design should have an elegant sense and attract people. A calm atmosphere should be created though simple design for visiting. The interior should be applied with high quality fixtures, fittings and some furniture to inspire people get in and be a memorable place to wants visit it again and again.


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Outline Activities: The project will include the following: • Self-directed negotiated programme of advanced design project work and studies • Research, information gathering and critical evaluation of material. • Synthesis of creative, appropriate and technically competent design ideas • Planning and organisation of design work incl. Time management • Production (to a high standard) of a body of finalised design work • Presentation of appropriate supporting documentation • Presentation of design work to a professional standard

Stages STAGES A,B &C Briefing document / assoc. research + concept development drawings & conclusion + initial sketch scheme drawings - orthographic plans & sections + initial sketch visuals nd Submission date Friday 17 Feb 2014 STAGE D Scheme design drawings – developed orthographic plans/sections + initial sketch models + initial visualisation work th Submission date Friday 21 March 2014 STAGE E Detail design drawings –major explanatory section through scheme + detail drawings of significant elements within scheme + specification notes defining materials Submission date Thursday 10th April 2014 PRESENTATION Client presentation orthographic drawings + finalised visualisations + finalised models + explanatory concept diagrams All to exhibition quality and standard. th Submission date FRIDAY 9 May 2014

Submission deadline for Project:

Friday May 9th 2014 before 4.00pm . Negotiated Major Project is designed to allow students to synthesise their experiences on the course through the definition, negotiation and implementation of a self-directed programme of design investigation, research and development leading to the presentation of a major design project. Students are encouraged to identify an issue or set of issues around which to focus their design investigation. The primary responsibility for the implementation of the project lies with the student, who will be assessed on their capacity to undertake a detailed examination of the territory they have identified as being of personal significance. Effectively, this Negotiated study provides a framework through which the student is able to demonstrate a capacity to practice and their understanding of the particular contextual circumstances in which they operate.

Module Learning outcomes (from MS1) Aims of Module: • • • •


facilitate the synthesis of design practice within its contextual framework provide an opportunity for students to take responsibility for the negotiation, management and implementation of a major project enable students to produce a coherent body of work culminating in a major project. enable students to explore possible areas of concern which may be relevant to their practice after graduation.

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On completion of this module the student should be able to: • • • • •


To demonstrate a high level of skills and understanding in relation to their chosen area of design practice To generate, organise and evaluate an extended body of design work To appreciate the role of presentation in the production of meaning To support their design practice in an appropriate and articulate manner. To produce an effective, creative, appropriate, detailed and clearly communicated and presented design solution to a complex brief.

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Major Project  Synopsis:                          

                                       My  idea  for  the  final  major  project  is  the  design  of  an  art  gallery  with  lots  of   specifications.  Nowadays  art  expand  in  different  ways  with  the  ability  to  forward   people  become  art  pieces  collectors  or  visit  museums  and  galleries  more  often.  I   want  to  create  a  modern  space  that  would  be  used  as  a  gallery  for  all  the  people.   The  gallery  will  have  particular  space  with  an  interactive  art  that  visitors  can   take  place  in  a  lot  of  activities.  Also  kids  will  find  this  kind  of  art  something   different  and  will  attract  them  more.  A  big  part  of  my  gallery  will  have  a  main   aim  to  attract  people  with  disabilities.                        In  my  opinion  my  subject  idea  is  really  simple  but  that’s  the  point  that  I   want  to  give  emphasis  and  convert  a  simple  art  gallery  into  something  never   happens  again  and  its  unusual.  I  will  highlight  the  lighting  and  the  shapes  of  the   place  to  produce  something  spectacular.  Maybe  the  place  will  be  full  of  different   illusions  and  make  people  feel  that  are  somewhere  extraordinary  in  an  unreal   atmosphere.  Make  all  the  people  feel  equal  with  art,  get  pleasure  from  the   activities  and  have  something  special  to  remember.                        I  believe  that  art  connects  people  and  inspire  them  to  behave  very  different.   This  means  that  could  take  out  people  from  everyday  stress  and  make  them  calm   and  relax.  Also  with  this  art  gallery  space  new  beginning  artists  can  be  promote   and  give  them  a  new  opportunities  and  bigger  aims.                        I  want  the  space  to  be  bright  enough  and  enjoyable  for  all  the  visitors,  make   people  feel  free  and  admire  the  art  and  different  activities.  Socialize  and  grow  up   people  imagination  between  life  and  art.          

Summarize my  research  findings  from  my  Final  Major  Project                        When  I  informed  about  the  Final  Major  Project  I  think  that  an  easy  way  to   start  was  to  find  a  good  question  about  my  idea.  My  idea  is  the  design  of  an  art   gallery  with  interactive  space  for  people  with  disabilities.  I  believed  that  for  a  big   space  that  works  out  as  a  gallery,  important  role  is  the  design  and  lighting   solutions.  So  my  question  about  this  project  is  “How  important  is  the  interior   design  of  an  art  gallery  to  magnetize  by  people?  Does  the  lighting  of  the  space   play  a  main  role?”                          After  that  I  choose  to  come  across  with  the  some  answers  I  wanted  about   my  idea.  I  started  to  make  a  research  about  art  galleries  and  museums   everywhere.  The  common  way  to  find  a  lot  of  information  is  from  the  Internet   but  when  I  finished  I  though  that  was  not  enough  so  I  continue  my  research  by   doing  an  online  survey  that  answered  by  random  people.    I  collect  a  lot  of   different  answers  and  opinions  I  did  not  expect.  I  summarize  the  comments  and  I   was  trying  to  think  about  something  different.  In  my  online  research  I  found  a   list  of  art  galleries  and  museums  that  have  an  interactive  art  space.  I  was  excited   about  this  idea  and  I  decide  to  put  it  in  my  project.  But  also  this  wasn’t  enough   unexpected  that  may  never  happen  again.                        I  decide  to  start  on  my  own  research  and  get  some  answers  from  my   experience.  I  start  to  visit  a  lot  of  art  galleries  and  I  give  attention  on  the  lighting   solutions,  the  colours,  and  the  configuration  and  make  notes  for  my  art  gallery   design.  In  addition  I  asked  the  responsible  of  the  museums  that  they  worked   their  everyday  to  tell  me  something  that  they  want  to  change  about  the  galleries   and  museums  to  looks  better.  One  of  the  answers  I  collect  was  about  people  with   disabilities.  A  lot  of  people  that  they  love  art  cannot  enjoy  it  because  they  have   special  needs  and  the  galleries  facilities  cannot  deal  with  it.                        To  conclude  I  get  the  result  that  I  want  to  create  an  art  gallery  with  an   abnormal  interior  design  that  will  have  an  interactive  space  for  kids  and  adults   that  can  perform  a  lot  of  activities  and  also  people  with  disabilities  can  visit,   enjoy  and  explore  the  art  gallery  as  well  and  be  part  of  the  art.                        

Tutor Meetings  

Stage A  +  Stage  B  +  Stage  C  

12th February  

In the  first  stages  of  the  project  I       will  compose  the  briefing   document,  my  research  and  start   develop  my  idea  with  drawings.  I   will  continue  with  the  final  concept   idea  and  do  my  orthographic  plans   &  sections  support  with  sketch   visuals.         I  will  develop  my     orthographic   plans/sections.  I  will  try  to   do  sketch  models  and   initial  visualization.       Detail  drawings  of   significant  elements  within   a  scheme,  notes  about  the   materials        

19th March  

8th April  

7th May  

Final  Submission:    

Submission Date:   Friday  14th  Feb  2014    

Gantt Chart:  Elli  Antoniou  

Stage D  

Submission Date:   Friday  21th  March  2014    

Stage E  

Submission Date:   Thursday  10th  April  2014    


Client presentation   orthographic  drawings,   finalized  visualizations,   finalized  models,  all  to   exhibition  quality  and   standard.       Friday  9th  May  2014  

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University of Salford Block 3  
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