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One trend that I saw on the red carpet was plunging neckline. Here are some examples of this trend:

Oscars Red CarpetTrends

The second trend that I saw as the glamorous stars walked the red carpet was subtle and not so subtle sparkle detail, here some examples of this trend:

Oscars Red Carpet- Trend Cont.

This is Jared Leto wearing Saint Laurant. The reason I rewarded Jared with the best dressed is because he decided to be bold and unique by wearing something other than just the plain cookie cutter black tux. He went out on a limb and wore an off-white, cream colored coat with a crisp white button down shirt and to top it off with a cherry, literally. He wore a cherry red bow tie. And can I mention that every woman wants his perfect ombrĂŠ styled in an effortless beach wave.

Oscars Red Carpet- Best Dressed Male

This is Camila Alves wearing Gabriela Cadena. I love the silhouette of this dress, it an uncommon and unique look with the draped shoulder piece. Although this dress doesn’t show a lot of skin (actually hardly any) I think that in itself gives it a surprising sex appeal without being scandalous. It is actually on the other end of the spectrum of being scandalous, instead is extremely classy and chic. And now we can move into this fantastic pastel baby pink color that is absolutely flawless with her skin complexion. These are all the many reasons why I crowned Camila as the best dressed woman of the Oscars 2014.

Oscars Red Carpet: Best Dressed Woman

Pharrell Williams is wearing Lanvin on the red carpet. I understand the stance that Pharrell takes, like be different and unpredictable but the shorts left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt like he was in a way being a little bit disrespectful, I mean the Oscars is a HUGE deal not any schmuck can attend so with that being said he should have kept it classy and put on a Pharrell twist elsewhere.

Oscars Red Carpet- Worst Dressed Male

Anna Kendrick is wearing a J Mendal dress. Whew, okay where to begin with this dress? There are too many pieces and elements of the dress to decide on a starting point and I think that is the first mistake this dress has. But let’s begin with the top portion of the dress, I do not like the mesh with the cross over, one shoulder piece with the “outlined” shoulders and neck. Then we continue to the waste band which is a open, flower pattern that then connects the pleated, cross over, hi-low full skirt. Now let’s move to the back of the gown which I personally like, I think it is very beautiful with the criss-crossing open back. But combined with the several other elements that the dress has it adds to the chaos presented.

Oscars Red Carpet: Worst Dressed Woman

Oscars red carpet  
Oscars red carpet