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uch has been made over the past few years about the evolution of digital communication and its importance in business. Many of us including myself use sites such as Facebook and Neighbourly to promote, advertise, and communicate with people about events and happenings in our local area. I love the flexibility and ability to interact, answer questions and get immediate feedback. However, over the past few months I’ve seen a few instances where it seems that with the platform and open communication comes not only great benefits but a great downside too. Many of the businesses in Ellerslie are small and owner operated, whether as a single store or franchisee owner. They are hardworking people, doing their best to create great experiences and services for their customers. However as with everything in life sometimes things


do go wrong and mistakes are made, new staff need training and not everything is within the owners control or oversight. When this happens most business owners wish to know so they can make things right as quickly as possible. What I have seen happen recently is dissatisfied customers being quick to comment on Facebook or other platforms without speaking to the business concerned. These comments get great visibility and it is incredibly difficult for the business owner to make things right. They can’t find out enough information without specific details and full explanations would often breech the privacy of those involved if published online. Yet if they don’t offer a full explanation they are berated and online comments seem to become things that would never be said in person and they remain for perpetuity. Many times the business owner isn’t even aware that there is an issue and so cannot resolve the problem. On the flipside it is cheering to hear online of the many instances of great service that happen in Ellerslie such as this from Alison - “Walking to Ellerslie today and I broke the heal on my shoe... Called into Gemmell’s 131 Main Highway ... The guy fixed it straight away so I could walk back to work ... And wouldn’t accept any payment! What fabulous customer service ... I will be back!! Thanks Gemmell’s”. I am heartened to see that the majority of posts about Ellerslie on Facebook are positive, it reflects the lovely community we have here and of course the great service. So next time you have some feedback

I encourage you to shout from the rooftops if it’s positive and if negative contact the owner or manager directly. If you shy from confrontation like me, remember you can still do it online, just privately message or email direct, you are much more likely to have your complaint resolved and you are supporting making change for the positive rather than the negative and that’s got to be good for all involved. On a completely different note you will notice the changes we have made to the magazine. I am delighted to welcome Hine Morgan as our new publisher who is bringing a fresh look and new local content and I’d like to thank Mark Calverley for all his work over the past few years, and wish him well for his future endeavours. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you

Megan Darrow Town Centre Manager

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he winter is upon us but that is no excuse for not enjoying our wonderful country, our city and in particular Ellerslie Village and all it has to offer. Families change their focus to winter activities and they are spoilt for choice. There is a wide variety of sports and clubs to choose from for a youngster to a mature adult. My young grandson recently began playing rugby for College Rifles and he is just one of around 800 junior players who registered with the club this season. It is a joy to watch them play on a Friday evening with parents and grandparents supporting and encouraging

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from the side-line. The after match meet and greet is like a nursery on steroids. The fun and enjoyment is a delight to witness and this is repeated in many other activities in our area. Recently I ticked a box on my bucket list when, with three friends, Penny and I travelled by train to Wellington. There are five modern well appointed carriages which I am pleased to report were built by Kiwi Rail in their workshop in Dunedin in 2012 - a buffet car, an open observation carriage and a guard’s van for luggage at the rear. The diesel electric unit ran very smoothly and quietly. The ten-hour journey through our beautiful country was varied and enjoyable. The audio commentary which educated us along the way with the history behind our railways from the late 1800s to today was fascinating and made us reflect on the hardship facing the men and women who created the railway line, in particular the viaducts spanning the river and the Raurimu Spiral is an engineering masterpiece. I really do recommend this wonderful experience. Whilst in Wellington we visited the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa. An exhibition that is a must see for anyone visiting Wellington. Equally as important is the Sir Peter Jackson First World

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War exhibition at the National War Memorial. A French village has been recreated as an entrance to this very moving tribute to those who fought in appalling conditions and as our guide said at the end of our tour, how she wishes she could say this would never occur again! Such is the futility of war. At 5pm every evening representatives of our armed forces pay tribute with the last post, the lowering of the New Zealand flag and a recitation of The Ode. I understand this will continue daily until 11th November, 2018 acknowledging the duration of the war. Sadly, as we look around our world today, not much has been learnt. On a brighter note, Ellerslie Village is currently enjoying ARTerslie with work instore from the Bartizans artists. The art trail and kid’s art trail is enjoyed by many and the participating businesses benefit from increased foot traffic. Keep warm and enjoy all Ellerslie has to offer over the winter period.

Best wishes John Rennell

Cover image Elaine Law from Bartizans

Show off your winter


CALL 525 0959 2/2 Robert Street, Ellerslie



Ellerslie a buzzing hive of cultural activity

Desley Simpson Chair of the Orakei Local Board

By Cameron Brewer Councillor for Orakei

The Ōrākei Local Board were often touted as not wanting intensification when we advocated for our community over fairness around the Unitary Plan decision making. The facts, however, speak a different story. I have analysed the building consent data collected by Auckland Council since the 2010 amalgamation and council staff have checked and verified this analysis. We now know that in terms of new building consents for all local boards (there are 21 in total), the Ōrākei Local Board had the 8th highest for number of consents granted and was 6th highest for the number of consents granted for residential dwellings. Council records show that the local board areas with the greatest number of building consents granted are those with greenfield sites, such as Upper Harbour, Hibiscus and Bays, Rodney, Papakura and Franklin. In the urban area, the Ōrākei Ward has taken more than its fair share of intensification in the last five years. For the central isthmus alone (the former Auckland City Council area), the board has had the highest number of residential building consents granted over the last five years. Looking to the future, there are also seven fast-tracked housing developments (also known as an SHA) in the Ōrākei Ward which have been approved to deliver hundreds of new residential properties. These are in addition to other infill that will occur as people individually subdivide their properties. Our open space will become more valuable as further intensification occurs. We must ensure future generations can still enjoy a walk, play sport and recreate outside. The work the Ōrākei Local Board is doing at Michaels Ave Reserve goes some way to assist with that, as too our greenway connections between our parks and reserves. There is however still much to be done to balance between the two.

Ellerslie was busy in May with so many cultural initiatives. ARTerslie grows in popularity every year. The Chalk it Up afternoon was a huge success, bringing life and colour to the Main Highway while the exhibition at Christ Church Hall garnered a lot of interest. It’s also great to see local children playing a greater role. Supported by the Orakei Local Board, ARTerslie is a fantastic community initiative. To add to the cultural effervescence, the Ellerslie Theatrical Society presented ‘The Graduate’ at the Stables Theatre. It is wonderful to see such a high calibre of performance taking place in our own back yard. Again, the Ōrākei Local Board has been a proud supporter of the Ellerslie Theatrical Society and I know the society is grateful for all the locals who are regular patrons. My friend, local board chair Desley Simpson, is one of those great attendees and advocates. Another initiative worth mentioning is the publication of ‘Crossroads – The History of Ellerslie’ by Stephanie Jean Chapman and edited by Jade Reidy. The printing was funded by the Ōrākei Local Board, and the book will provide an invaluable reference point for generations to come. Greenways is an exciting, Auckland-wide initiative dedicated to creating public access ways that utilise walking and biking, with an emphasis on commuter accessibility. Over the last year the Ōrākei Local Board has successfully completed a number of upgraded walkway projects which provide safer and more connected access to the parks in our community with some new connections for Ellerslie, including a better link to Waiatarua Reserve. I want to also doff my hat to Megan Darrow, manager of the Ellerslie Business Association. I did a similar job in Newmarket a few years ago, and well understand the trials and tribulations. Megan takes a holistic view of Ellerslie and is always working in the best interests of not only local businesses but the entire Ellerslie community. She and her board members do so much with very modest funding. One example of success is the Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival which is now a regional attraction and I’m looking forward to bringing my kids. Diary: Sunday 11th September 2016. Feel free to contact me on

EMAIL: ADDRESS: Electorate office, 268 Onehunga Mall PHONE: 622 0300 FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: It has been a superb summer in Ellerslie and as the temperature has dropped ARTerslie has taken centre stage locally. I enjoyed the Art@Ellerslie exhibition as well as the art trails for kids. It is good to see this Business Association initiative continue to showcase local artists, school kids and businesses in a fun and interactive way. I have also visited local schools and businesses. At Sylvia Park School I was shown one of the new integrated classrooms where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in a dynamic open plan environment. It amazes me how new, innovative teaching methods are improving the way our kids are learning through better engagement and modes of communication. I visited Ceres Organics which is a local company that distributes GE-free, organic and biodynamic food. It was started over 30 years ago at a stand at the local Michael Park School fair. It is an inspirational


story of local entrepreneurial endeavour and determination. I also attended 3 ANZAC Day services locally. I am always amazed to see the growing numbers, particularly among our youth, who come out to remember the sacrifices of our service women and men. In terms of pressing local issues, I welcome the recent announcement of the final tranche of Special Housing Areas (SHAs). These were made under the Auckland Council and Government accord to fast-track housing development. The final batch of SHAs will allow for up to 3,400 new homes, including around 430 dwellings in the Maungakiekie area. While good progress is being made, we still need more homes to accommodate the needs of local people. As Local Government Minister I have announced reforms to improve services for ratepayers. The Better Local Services package provides greater flexibility to councils to lead reorganisations in consultation

with their local communities. The ultimate goal is to design services and infrastructure to suit local needs and preferences. Councils will be able to run better shared services and deliver improved value for ratepayers. I aim to introduce a bill to parliament in June and would welcome your input into these proposed changes. Finally, we have started distributing an electorate wide survey to all constituents in the Maungakiekie area. I would appreciate hearing from you and your families about what is important to you and how we can make your lives better. We want to prioritise our time and efforts to better serve you and your families’ needs. The survey is an important part of that so please send in your feedback, questions or suggestions. If there is anything else our electorate team can help you and your family with, please contact either Darrell or Pua for assistance.

2 1

Waiatarua Reserve 7 min drive from Ellerslie. This one is close to home and is one of many great inner city walks that can get you out and about during winter. There are many entrance points to the reserve so parking and walking in are easy.

Auckland Botanic Gardens. 64 Hectares to adventure. Located right next to the Southern Motorway (State HW 1) on Hill Road, Manurewa. 15min drive from Ellerslie.

6WINTER WALKS In and around Tamaki-makau-rau, Auckland

3 Longbay beach, Longbay Regional park 38min drive from Ellerslie, head over the bridge and exit at Oteha Valley Road Albany. The beach walk is fantastic or explore the tracks up to the historic Vaughns Homestead. Dogs are allowed on the beach, best suited at low tide.


Wenderholm Regional Park. 45min drive from Ellerslie. Take the Northern Hwy to Whangarei and the park entrance is 400m past the Waiwera bridge. The park has many tracks including a great dog walking track located immediately to the right when entering the park.

4 5

Massey Cosseys Track 45min drive from Ellerslie, head towards Hunua Falls road via Papakura. The Hunua Ranges is around 14,000 hectares of native forest and the walks range from short distances or, for the more adventurous, right out to the falls.

Tapapakanga Regional park. 1 hr drive from Ellerslie head towards Clevedon then to Kawakawa Rd. Tapapakanga Bay is the main highlight, a very sheltered bay great for a winter swim and very good fishing. 14.7km of walking tracks and mountain biking is all so allowed, with 6.9km of farm tracks to ride over.

NB. We calculated the drive times from Ellerslie Train Station based on little to no traffic, times may vary.


2016 ARTerslie was held a month earlier this year to make use of the long summer before the winter took hold , bringing with it a myriad of creativity to Ellerslie. Many people took the opportunity to view the amazing artworks on display and took part in the community events we had on offer. It all kicked off this year with a Meet the Artists event hosted by The General Collective and Glengarry Wines Ellerslie. It was the perfect chance to get together for a wine and sample some tasty treats from the foodies of the General Collective, while meeting the makers and artists of the General Collective market who had a selection of art and designer products on show. Our annual Art Trail gave people to opportunity to walk our streets and view over 40 artworks by our talented Bartizans Art Group, which were on display around our local businesses. Kids also had the chance to take part in the Kids Art Trail, and answer some questions about the artworks and collect their free treat at the end. If the art trail wasn’t enough, there was also the Art@Ellerslie Exhibition that was held at the Christ Church Hall that featured more art from the Bartizans Art Group.

Geon-hui Kim

Jude Harris and Desley Simpson


Gailene Marsden from Bartizans

School Art Judges Emma MacDonald and Annick Larkin

Photos; Leigh Burrell and Megan Darrow

School Art Exhibit Peoples Choice Winner by Jessie Simpson

Judy O’Brien from Bartizans

Jean Suhren RI Best artwork years 7-8

Megan Darrow and Mark Thomas

Thanks also to everyone who came along to Chalk it Up, we had some very talented kids and it was a great afternoon had by all. It was wonderful to see so many families out spending time in our public spaces. Also a big thanks to Playcentre for jointly hosting! This year’s School Art Exhibition showcased some amazing talent from our local students and teachers, well done to all of those who took part. It was yet again another difficult decision for our judges, there was definitely some stiff

competition, so congratulations to all those who won an award. Kids also got to take part in the Kids Art Competition with the winners receiving a $100 voucher and pizza for their whole class. A huge thanks to all those who took part and embraced ARTerslie this year. We would, also, like to say a big thanks to the Orakei Local Board for their sponsorship and support. We look forward to what next year has to offer and to seeing all this local talent in our art community again.

We tried something a little different this year with our Pop up Street Art. Throughout ARTerlise, art popped up in unexpected places around Ellerslie to brighten up the town, lego art was a bit of a feature this year and we hope you noticed the painted and character art too.

School Art Exhibit Best in Show Winner 2016 by Jessica Folomu

MP Sam Lotu-Iiga and daughter Hope


Zoe Purcell

Harry Balich


FACES OF ELLERSLIE What attracted you to set up a business in Ellerslie? We want to be in key up and coming areas, and Ellerslie captures that with its village community. The big pull was the convenience factor for guys that live here and also those commuting, we are open at 8am so we get a lot of men popping in on the way to and from work. It’s also an ideal location for weekends too. What do you like best about Ellerslie? Its wonderful community feel. Being a new business to the area, many of the local businesses Tell me a bit about your history in Ellerslie? I have lived in the area for 12 years, my parents own the Ribbon Rose shop that used to be in Ellerslie, so I have always been a part of the community here. When Ribbon Rose got bigger they moved to Mt Wellington and I took over the gift side of the business relocating it to Hidden Treasure’s current location. What would you like to see changed or improved in Tell me about your history in Ellerslie and what changes you have seen in your time here? I have lived in Ellerslie for over 35 years, and was one of the first Police volunteers on board when the Ellerslie Police Office opened up. I have seen the suburb change from a fairly staid area to the vibrant place it has become. The changes in public transport in the area also make it an easy place for people to come visit. Over time we have become a central, sought after place to live.

Dinnelle Taylor-Mitchell Barbershop Intern Store Owner have been in to introduce themselves and welcome us to the area, it’s really nice to have that local support. What’s your favourite cut to do: The “Prince Charming”. This is a scissor haircut,

Jon Forlong Owner Hidden Treasures and Memory Crafts Ellerslie? It would be great to have some more destination shops around that would bring in people who don’t live in Ellerslie into the area.

Bernie Reeves Police Volunteer What do you like best about Ellerslie? Ellerslie is great, what’s not to like? I personally like it because it has all the important things that make it a community. Working in the Police Office I have become

What attracted you to set up a business in Ellerslie? I love Ellerslie, it has a great village community and everyone is so friendly. I lived here for 10 years and then moved out of the area in 2003, so I have always loved the area and planned Saneh to come back. When we Owner of Sanehs decided to establish our Thai restaurant we wanted perfect place to do that. to create a nice and relaxing What changes have you place with a great dine in experience, and Ellerslie is the seen in Ellerslie? There has


Chocolate raspberry brownie

graduated through the sides and back with length on top, they can have it slightly dishevelled or nice and highly finished. Tell us something special about Barbershop? We aim to provide a world class client experience across all our stores. We have a full range of services to choose from, offering everything from cuts, wash, beard trim and even colour- with our Clooney Club. Also as a little something special at the end of every service we offer our customers a hot towel with eucalyptus essential oil. What do you like to do in your spare time? We are a very family orientated bunch, my wife Tamzin and myself spend a lot time with either my parents or my niece & nephews. What is Ellerslie’s best kept secret? The Memory Craft part of our business, not many people know about it, as it’s hiding away in the back of the Hidden Treasures gift shop, it is full paper craft tools that people come from all across Auckland to buy. aware of the feeling of community that exists in the area. People do care and look out for one another. Ellerslie has a very good team of Police Volunteers who interact with many segments of the community and it is gratifying to know that we are providing a community service that is useful and appreciated. Where are your favourite spots in Ellerslie? One of my favourite places to go is down to Union Post or Doolan Brothers with some mates. Great places for friends and locals to go for a drink and catch up.

been a lot of change since I left in 2003, a lot more cafés and eateries which is great. What do you like best about Ellerslie? The friendly locals, they have all been very supportive and happy to see a traditional Thai restaurant on the main street. I think a lot of them have been watching the build going on since November and have been keen to come try it out once we opened.

e Adapted from Th ry ke Ba d bir Humming Cookbook by Tarek Malouf

’S RECIPE N A G E M It feels that almost every food publication I read at the moment is making treat food healthy –from date and cocoa bites, raw vegan cheesecake, to cauliflower pizza. This is not one of those recipes. I would rather eat healthy most of the time with appropriate portion size then have a proper treat when I want one. So no coconut oil, unrefined flour or any hard to find or eye watering expensive ingredients here, and if you are on a sugar free diet, look away now! I’ve made this recipe so many times over the years, it was my staple for coffee group morning teas when my children were babies – they are now approaching double digits so I feel a recipe that has lasted me almost a decade must be worth sharing. Plus as a bonus it’s quick, uses only one bowl and I always have the ingredients in my pantry and freezer. I keep the brownies in a tin in my fridge, as I love the chewiness the brownies get when they are cold, though warmed with ice-cream they are pretty delicious too. This recipe makes a dense sticky brownie – not a light crumbly one – take care not to overcook it. They are done when the surface is covered in a light crisp crackly looking layer but will still have a gooey crumbs (but not wet batter!) remaining if you put a toothpick into the middle. Ingredients 200g dark chocolate, broken into pieces (I use Whittakers 50% Cocoa Dark Block) 175g unsalted butter, chopped into large pieces 325g caster sugar (1 1/2c minus 2T) 130g plain flour (3/4c plus 2T) 3 eggs 100g frozen raspberries (1 cup) 23cm square tin (or approx, adjust size as needed)

Method Preheat the oven to 170°C (not fan bake). Line the tin with overhanging sides to make removal easier. An easy way to do this is to trace around tin with a pencil, fold a few mm on inside of the tracing and cut once into each corner so you can fold the paper to get a sharp corner.

Put chocolate and butter in a large microwave safe bowl. Zap in the microwave for 1 minute, then stir, then continue zapping in 30 second bursts stirring after each time, until it is all melted. Alternatively melt over a bowl of simmering water. Add the sugar and stir until combined. Mix in the flour until it is no longer visible and then stir in the eggs until the mixture is thick, smooth and glossy. Pour into the lined tin then scatter the surface with the frozen raspberries, push them down into the mixture so they are just peeking out.

Bake in the centre of the oven for 40 - 45 minutes or until done.


CINCO DE MAYO at Mexico Ellerslie

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo the only way we know how, with a Margarita Masterclass. If creating and consuming margaritas simultaneously sounds like your ideal night out then contact Melanie, she’ll make it a night to remember * * dependent on tequila consumption


Ellerslie mum head of General Collective Finding the true meaning of community in the marketplace By Candice Thum


itting in one of her favourite Ellerslie café, Rose Barbarich reveals a secret. “I really love Ellerslie,” she smiles. “It is a wonderful community which continually gives its all to the people based here.” The longer Rose talks as she sips her flat white at Café Melba the more it is evident the above statement is not much of a secret really. For nearly two years Rose has been behind the success story that is General Collective. The fully curated markets were originally established as a way for Rose and her friends to sell their boutique handmade products locally. The first market was held in September 2014 with 14 stalls and attracted nearly 900 people. The number of stall holders increased with each successive market. There were 135 stalls at the most recent market day in May. As the number of stalls and community attending increased the original space in the foyer of Ellerslie’s General Trading Company soon became small, so the market was moved to C3 Ellerslie. “When we started planning the first market and gauged interest we quickly realized we’d need more than five stalls to satisfy the customers,” Rose explains. “So we started with 14 stalls. It just grew exponentially and we now have stall holders come from Hamilton, New Plymouth, Canterbury and Tauranga.” Rose, who has a background in event management, sales and marketing, has high standards of herself and her stall holders. She is “very deliberate” when selecting stall holders and prefers variety over competition. Stalls range from homewares, jewellery, art, children items, clothing and food. There is no doubt Rose is deeply passionate about her beloved General Collective, but it is family and community which drives the mother of two onwards and upwards. Ellerslie became home for Rose and her husband six years ago when they returned from the United Kingdom and the now mandatory Overseas Experience. It was an easy decision to base themselves in the Eastern suburb, proximity to the city, easy access


“There are all these amazing people in our community and I am dedicated to give them a solid platform to succeed from.” to the motorway and direct train line to Britomart were initial attractions. As their family grew, two children now aged five and three years, Ellerslie revealed even more gems. “There is just a nice feel to the area,” Rose swoons. “Lots of young families live here and so many wonderful businesses. Since living here I have witnessed incredible growth. More and more businesses are locating themselves here, including the bigger business hubs across the train line. This brings employees here from outside the area during the week to support our cafes, etc and then on weekends we can showcase our best to the locals. It is definitely a winning situation. “I want people to see the value Ellerslie has to offer. There are so many new startups in this community. It is important to me they continue to succeed and I will do all I can to support them to reach their full potential; as a business and as a community.” Essentially General Collective is a onewoman show, but Rose is ever-humble and talks a lot about “us” and “we” when referring to her now full-time business. It was co-founded with a close friend who still remains as a solid sounding board for Rose, and many local entrepreneurs and business association members have become supporters and friends. “I couldn’t do this without the support of my husband and children, the stall holders

and the community. The women and men who make an effort for me push me,” she says. “I have built a wonderful relationship with Megan (from Ellerslie Town Centre) who works so hard for Ellerslie. She is all about bringing people to this community to showcase this wonderful corner of Auckland, and so am I. We work together to achieve the same outcome.” Providing an outlet for ‘stay-at-homework-from-home-mums’ is another inspiration for Rose. She knows first hand how difficult raising a family and also trying to keep a hand in the workforce can be. It is a juggling act only modern day mothers know. Helping them sell products they have spent countless hours developing and creating while children nap is a real highlight for this mum. “I think I work more than ever now than I ever have. I am a mum and doing everything that comes with that title, but all night every night I am working,” Rose says. “I’m not alone in this. Lots of my stall holders are mums, all trying to find a way to be at home with their children and work. I can see people really taking it to the next level and creating their ideas into viable businesses and not just a hobby. For them I strive to offer an outlet for their success. “There are all these amazing people in our community and I am dedicated to give them a solid platform to succeed from.” Despite her drive, Rose is overwhelmed by

the success of General Collective. Ellerslie market days are held quarterly and will feature at the Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival as well as expanding to Ponsonby Central. It is bigger than Rose ever envisaged, and her community could not be prouder. “The General Collective Market is by far the best market in Auckland. Well done GC team, you are amazing and appreciated,” states Elizabeth from ZippityDooDah.

Rose’s Top 3 in Ellerslie

Café Melba; I’m often here having a quiet or quick cuppa or coffee, it is a real hub of the community.

Glengarry; they have been very supportive of the market and I am very supportive of them. We host pre-market wine evenings @ Glengarry. Ellerslie Butcher; a local butcher is rare, but offers a real sense of community.


114 MAIN HIGHWAY ELLERSLIE OPENMAIN MON-FRI 9:30-5:30, SAT 10-4 114 HIGHWAY ELLERSLIE P: 09 SAT 579 3535 OPEN MON-FRI 9:30-5:30, 10-4 P: 09 579 3535

Winter Winter Edit Edit Ease into Winter with Style. Ease Effortless into Winter with Effortless Style.

This season we’ve got the perfect lookswe’ve and tips This season got for the you to make the most of your wardrobe perfect looks and tips for you to classics. make the most of your wardrobe classics. Leather is always trendy with touches onalways the pocket a cardi Leather is trendyofwith to panel’sononthe pants or aofjacket. touches pocket a cardi to panel’s on pants or a jacket.

Jackets and coats Jackets and coats styled short and long styled short and long are warm but light in are warmofbut light in textures jacquard, textures of jacquard, houndstooth and houndstooth and merino mixes great merino mixes great for cooler weather. for cooler weather.

Layering up in soft luxurious fabrics Layeringforupwinter in softwarmth. luxurious Turtlenecks in micro modal, fabrics for winter warmth. cami’s and long sleeved tops in Turtlenecks in micro modal, silk/wool mix to wear under cami’s and long sleeved tops in your outfitmix fortoextra silk/wool wearcomfort. under your outfit for extra comfort. Wraps and poncho’s are stylish and cosy this season in Wraps and poncho’s areMerino stylish and worn over in a soft shirt and wool cosy this season Merino after workworn for aover spontaneous and wool a soft shirt meal out , also for a stroll after work for aperfect spontaneous to theout local caféperfect for lunch. meal , also for a stroll to the local café for lunch. Fingerless gloves in Merino lite, are warm, gloves stylish in andMerino easy tolite, Fingerless for an ultra chic wear, and are warm, stylish and easylook to add awear, shaggy knit or fur scarf. and for an ultra chic look add a shaggy knit or fur scarf.

rtinSg o p p Rg SuNZ DEoSIG rtNEin p p u S NZ DESIGNERS

Stunning Evening bags in Pewter washed leather. Or a more casualbags Leather navy backpack perfect for travel. Stunning Evening in Pewter washed leather. Or a more casual Leather navy backpack perfect for travel.

David Pond: Toby: Loobie’s Story: Sills: David Pond: Toby: Bazaar: Obi: Loobie’s Story: Sills: Sabatini:Obi: Paula Ryan: Bazaar: Deanna Hobbs: Sabatini: Paula Ryan: Random:Hobbs: Deanna Silver Lining: New Random: London Jeans:New Chalet: Silver Lining: London Jeans: Chalet:


Colour trends - from Soft hues of Pink and Grey with a dash of Caramel to Navy Black withand a hint of with Lurex. Colour trends - from Softand hues of Pink Grey a dash of Caramel to Navy and Black with a hint of Lurex.


champagne the ultimate romantic elixir

Blanc de Blanc Champagne Meaning ‘white of white’, Blanc de Blanc style champagnes are only made from Chardonnay grapes. This style can be produced as a Non Vintage or as a Vintage style. Typically this style of Champagne is a lot leaner and shows more lemon, lime and chalk characters. With age, Vintage Blanc de Blanc is magnificent.

Zero Dosage

Glengarry proudly stocks new zealand’s biggest range of quality Champagne What is Champagne? Champagne is sparkling wine made from grapes grown within the region designated, by the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée system in France, as being Champagne. The history starts with the first champagne house, Gosset, which started around 1500 AD as a still wine producer. It was not until around 1700 AD when Dom Perignon, the cellar master at the Benedictine monastery of Hautvillers in the Champagne district of France, began to successfully trap the bubbles that result from a secondary fermentation in the bottle. There are some reports that record Dom Perignon as having invented Champagne; he did not in fact invent Champagne, but did successfully trap the bubbles in the bottle and keep them there. Over the following centuries production techniques were systematically refined and perfected.

Champagne starts its life as a still wine; once in the bottle, a secondary fermentation takes place. To remove the sediment from the bottle, the neck is frozen, the cap removed and the sediment (now frozen) comes out. The bottle is then topped up with dosage which adds the desired level of sweetness to the Champagne; the amount in each wine is different from house to house. Zero Dosage Champagnes are ones where no dosage is added, these are bone dry examples. Often described as ‘the salad without the dressing’, allowing you to perhaps see all the faults that the dosage covers.

Prestige CuvÉe The top production of the house, these wines are the very best from each Champagne producer. There are many available in New Zealand; my top five would be: • Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill • Piper Heidsieck Rare • Dom Perignon • Salon • Philipponnat Clos des Goisses

Today the reputation of Champagne is unrivalled in the bottle, and consumers worldwide now have an insatiable demand for these wines. So much so that demand has outstripped supply and Champagne prices are starting to soar. This demand has also seen the border for the Champagne region reviewed and expanded in a very controversial decision. There are many different types of Champagne produced and a large number of Champagne houses. The following paragraphs details the styles.

Non-Vintage Champagne Often referred to as the house style, a non vintage Champagne is made, year in and year out, from a blend of many vintages. The aim of the blending process is to give a consistent style. The blend, as well as being from wines of many vintages, can be a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, in proportions that suit that Champagne producer’s style.

Vintage Champagne Vintage champagne can only be made from grapes grown in a specific year. Vintage champagne can be a blend of the three varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Unlike Non Vintage champagne, Vintage Champagne ages very well and benefits from time in the cellar. Like the Port houses in Portugal, the Champagne producers review each year and decide whether they will ‘declare’ a vintage year. Even in a declared vintage year for the region, not all producers will make a vintage. Some, like the Champagne house of Salon, have even higher standards and very rarely produce any wine. Vintage champagnes are unique and very special, they give you a little picture of that year, that vineyard and the skill of the producer neatly packed into a bottle.

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Twist on tradition

Subtly patterned tiles and wallpapers are teamed with modern fittings in these co-ordinated bathrooms

Finding design inspiration for bathrooms isn’t always straightforward, but recognising the need to provide visual continuity is a start. When designer Natalie Du Bois of Du Bois Design set out to remodel three bathrooms and a powder room in this 1930s home, she was helped by the colour palette of the kitchen, which she had redesigned. “The owners loved the way the soft grey and dark charcoal tones in the kitchen suited the era of the house and decided they would like to continue these in the bathrooms,” the designer says. “But it was also important to give each room its own identity, so there needed to be points of difference.” Du Bois introduced similar custom vanities to each main bathroom, which are reminiscent of traditional painted wood washstands, albeit with modern fittings. All the vanities have marble tops that have been sealed with a resin. “In the master ensuite the vanity is painted in a soft champagne colour, while the guest bathroom vanity is in lemongrass, and the family bathroom vanity is charcoal. These shades also feature elsewhere in each bathroom.” The designer added patterned wallpapers to the guest and family bathrooms, in soft tones of silver and lemongrass, and silver and white. Walls below the dado line feature white tiles with a delicate silver stripe. “In contrast, walls in the larger master ensuite are tiled with extra-large 333mm x 666mm tiles that have a floral mosaic pattern. The tiles are iridescent – the sparkle is amplified by a series of LED lights along the ceiling perimeter. The only wallpaper featuring in this bathroom is the dark charcoal wall behind the mirrored cabinet.” All the rooms have black floor tiles with textural irregularities. These provide a slight undulating, velvety feel underfoot – underfloor heating enhances the sense of luxury.

Facing page: All the bathrooms in this renovated home are decorated in shades of soft grey and black. In the master bathroom, the walls feature large tiles that have an iridescent floral mosaic pattern. Above: The vanity in the guest bathroom is painted in a soft lemongrass colour – the same shade appears in the wallpaper. The custom mirror features a distressed finish in black with silver accents.

more bathrooms at


Bathroom designer: Natalie Du Bois, Du Bois Design (Auckland) Ensuite vanity top: Bianco Lasa marble Basins in ensuite and family bathroom: Sfera Vessels Basins in guest bathroom: Roma 25 vessel Shower enclosure in ensuite: Metro GlassTech Shower enclosure in guest bathroom: Atlantis Shower fittings: Progetto Tube slide shower with rainhead Toilets: C62 Catalano Tapware in ensuite: Progetto Tube swivel spout; Ponsi Vegamix floor-standing tub filler Tapware in guest bathroom: Ponsi Pegaso wall mount Heated towel rails: Scarpa from DCS Flooring: Ono Tiles from Mutina Ensuite wallpaper: Soie Guest bathroom wallpaper: Cole & Son Malabar Family bathroom wallpaper: Blake Wall tiles: Necare in ensuite; Lux Bianco in guest and family bathrooms Lighting: ECC; The Lighting Centre Shutters: Santa Fe Bins: Kitchen King Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Jamie Cobel

See image gallery online at

Top: Dark charcoal features in the family bathroom, on the washstand and on a tall cabinet that provides individual shelves for each of the three children in the family. The custom mirror in this room is distressed silver with black accents. Right: The vanity in the guest bathroom is painted in a soft lemongrass colour – the same shade appears in the wallpaper. The custom mirror features a distressed finish in black with silver accents.


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The Flying Moa gets a makeover with locals in mind By Candice Thum


y definition the term ‘pub’ is a local place where friends and family meet to share a drink, food and a good laugh. It is this very interpretation of a formal public house that gave way to the colloquial phrase ‘ meet at the local’. But in an age of branded pubs, where the same drinking hole can be found in numerous Auckland locations, it’s become increasingly difficult for venues to not only connect with the community it serves, but understand the needs of the people who make that community what it is.

Sarah-Lee Rashleigh from The Flying Moa is hoping to change that. For her, the business of running a pub is all about understanding not only her customers’ needs, but the needs of the community they’re a part of.

Rashleigh is used to bucking the trend. In a male dominated field she is the first female owner/ operator for a NZ Pub Company outlet. The NZ Pub Co. was launched in 2009 by DB Breweries with the aim of working alongside local publicans to “breath new life into landmark New Zealand pubs”. The Flying Moa turns eight this year, and Rashleigh has been at the helm since January 2015. Her leadership is already making a difference and she has shown she is not afraid to make a stand for the local community. “I am very pro-community and support fundraisers which truly benefit our local community and businesses,” she explains.

For the Flying Moa, it’s all about inclusion. Rashleigh recognizes a community is made up of a diverse range of people, each with different needs and the Lunn Ave venue is one of the few places left that offers something for everyone; a place for


after work drinks, a family diner, date night or after-the- game debrief.

Gone are the days of a dark and dingy pub Today’s Moa is reflective of the greater Mt Wellington community – bright, smart and with a lighter outlook to life. “I wanted to make this place somewhere I’d want to go, somewhere I’d want my family to go,” Rashleigh explains, “our lighter and brighter venue is very chic, perfect for a girls-get- together or a family day out.” The recent refurbishment really opens the venue up, making it more accessible than ever before, indicative of Rashleigh’s business mantra - good value, great service and staffed by the community.

A contemporary menu carefully created by new chef, 27 year-old James Raukete, will complement the updated interior design. “James has brought his own sense of flavor and beauty to the menu and with a contemporary take on classic NZ cuisine. You can be confident that no matter who you are or where you’re from, our menu has something you’ll just love. James takes amazing care with his presentation, it’s great to have him on board,” Rashleigh says.

The Flying Moa has a full weekly calendar of events to cater for a wide range of interests. These include free pool nights, Quiz Night, Kids Eat Free night, Pub Cha (yum cha in a pub), live music and televised live sports events. The pub is often busier during the weeknights providing the weekends as the perfect time for families to visit.

“Ultimately my goal is to make The Flying Moa the social heart of the community and bring the people who make Ellerslie so great together in new and interesting ways,” Rashleigh says.

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Est 1990 with a reputation built on Professionalism. Enthusiasm. Trust And Celebrating 25 Years!




16 20 S

14 Kea Place, Mangere Bridge



16 20




16 20

2/76B Waiatarua Road, Remuera

16 20 S

21 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill

16 20

15F Sayegh Street, St Heliers


16 Aorere Street, Parnell




16 20 S

1/32 Strong Street, St Johns



16 20

2/8 Wahanui Road, Greenlane

16 20 S

3/148 Paihia Road, One Tree Hill



16 20 S

1/24 Matapouri Road, Mangere Bridge



16 20

1/8 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill

16 20

2/25 Harwood Road, Mount Wellington




16 20 S

12/27 Simkin Avenue, St Johns



16 20

2A Greenfiled Road, Epsom

16 20

43 Amaru Road, One Tree Hill




16 20 S

317 Panama Road, Mount Wellington



16 20

19b Hoheria Road, Onehunga

16 20

3/16 Pah Road, Epsom





16 20 S

40 Amy Street, Ellerslie



16 20

25 Mahoe Avenue, Remuera

16 20

27a Wilding Avenue, Epsom




16 20

5/67 Moana Avenue, One Tree Hill



16 20

2/30 Kimberley Avenue, Epsom

16 20

6a Ellerslie Park Road, Ellerslie




16 20

Could this be yours?



The supply and demand imbalance that occurs during our winter months is predicted to be more pronounced this year. We are finding large numbers of buyers attending Open Homes, so what is this a result of? More buyers or less homes for sale? Research has shown that the potential pool of buyers does NOT decrease in proportion to the traditional drop of homes for sale in the moths of June, July, August and September. This makes these months the optimal time to sell.

Fewer listings to choose from by the same quantity of buyers promotes competition which results in a premium price, This can sometimes effect the result by tens of thousands of dollars. Contact us to discuss a time frame that could suit you.

Ellerslie 09 525 1773 | Royal Oak 09 624 3900 22REALTY LIMITED MREINZ Licensed Real Estate Agent REAA 2008 CLEAR

With three local




offices for your

778 Manukau Road, Royal Oak

105 Main Highway, Ellerslie

131 Arthur Street, Onehunga


624 3900

525 1773

634 4050





Water View Coastal Sanctuary Unlock the potential of this property with stunning water views. Sunny, light filled 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home.


Undeveloped basement with separate access would be great for home business, artist studio, rumpus, man cave or check with council if this could be self contained. Versatile floor plan adapts to family's changing needs.

FOR SALE By Auction 6pm, Wednesday, 29th June 2016(Unless sold prior)


778 Manukau Road, Royal Oak

TRACY TAYLOR M: 0274 47 35 48 P: 624 2704 E:


BONNIE WANG M: 027 555 6666 P: 624 2742 E:

70 Grey Street, ONEHUNGA




Bigger on the Inside There is much more than meets the eye with this colourful family home, which is looking for its next chapter after a happy 21 years. Built in 1910 as a hall, it features the warm glow of timber floors and spacious and inviting light and bright living rooms. The lounge has cosy gas heating. Two bedrooms and a study downstairs, with 4 bedrooms upstairs make this a versatile family home.

FOR SALE By Auction 6pm, Wednesday, 6th July 2016(Unless sold prior) 778 Manukau Road, Royal Oak

ANDREW RUMBLES M: 021 383 938 P: 624 2736 E:

23 CLEAR REALTY LIMITED MREINZ Licensed Real Estate Agent REAA 2008



The Murad Environmental Shield Vitamin C Facial description in the Caci catalogue begins ‘This facial delivers…’ – and it most certainly does!

From the moment I was welcomed, to my reluctant exit an hour later, I felt pampered. My therapist, Hayley, described the treatment and what it would do for my skin, but she didn’t mention my emotional wellbeing. This is surprising because, as wonderful as my skin looks and feels, my spirit feels even better. An hour of relaxing, while Hayley used a series of divine smelling and feeling treatments, massaged into my skin and then removed with steaming hot cloths, and I felt rejuvenated. Caci offer a range of treatments with a focus on results. Donna Kaiser from Caci Ellerslie, says, “All our courses of treatment are individually tailored to the results you want to achieve, your budget and lifestyle.” A free consultation with Donna will determine the plan best suited to your needs.


Thanks to Sue Newton, Editor of Onehunga News for the treatment review.

Caci Ellerslie: Level 1, Union Post bldg, 124 Main Hwy. 09 571 0575 |

Customer parking at the rear.


VITAL FOR BEAUTIFUL + HEALTHY SKIN Caci Ellerslie Special 1st Birthday Offer: Purchase a 30min Murad Environmental Shield Vitamin C Facial & receive a second one FREE!* 124 Main Hwy, Ellerslie (Union Post building) 09 571 0575

Offer only valid at Caci Ellerslie until August 31 2016. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.



In store and online, make sure you check out our stunning winter range. New stock arriving every week with our best brands selling out fast make sure you get in quick to stay well styled this season.


We’ve celebrated one year in Ellerslie and the store is looking great, stocked with the latest in gorgeous fashions & accessories as well as fabulous pieces for your home. Look forward to seeing your instore soon.

Brands Love Stitch Brave+True Ecoya Tirelli Kagi Artstyle




111 Main Hwy, Ellerslie

p 580 2308



A holistic dental experience for a happy and healthy smile Comprehensive examinations, consultations and oral hygiene maintenance provided in a caring stress free atmosphere. Gum treatments, teeth whitening, abscesses and root canal treatments. Emergency Dentistry, extractions especially wisdom teeth, straightening teeth, gap replacements using fixed and removable solutions. Broken teeth, fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges. Dentistry artistry skills and techniques using biocompatible, biomimetic tooth coloured materials provide an affordable service.

Dental diseases are linked with lifestyle choices. We provide personalised strategy programs to improve health habits that will keep you orally fit. Personalised service and care from our team. Angela Lowe-Ho with 30+ years of experience. Ana, Dental Assistant with 10+ years experience and Edmund Ho administration and support. Requiring further advice? Contact me on text/mobile. Senior citizen rates, registered ACC and WINZ provider

Angela Lowe-Ho B.D.S. Otago NZ 126A Main Highway in Ellerslie, behind Four Square

027 4720 638 or 579 4746



Ellerslie Tai Chi Ellerslie Tai Chi classes target strength and balance for older adults. Balance, muscle bulk, and strength decreases with age. Our Ellerslie classes teach you to relax your muscles (this lowers the centre of gravity) and to maintain a relaxed posture with an elongated spine. Our focus is moving safely from one stance to another in a slow, coordinated, and smooth way. This results in improved mobility and increased body awareness. Our Ellerslie classes use all the Tai Chi principles. Tai Chi improves a wide range of physical and mental health issues: bone strength, joint stability, cardiovascular health, the immune system, and our emotional well-being. The Tai Chi practice provides an integrative approach to strengthening the body and focusing the mind.

Contact Alison Thomas on 021 528 744 Studies have shown Tai Chi to reduce falls in seniors by up to 45%.

Tai Chi helps improve balance because it targets all the physical components that are needed to stay upright: leg strength, flexibility, range of motion, and reflexes. Tai Chi takes away the ‘fear of falling’: you are more stable on your feet, more aware of your internal body and the world around you, and gives you a better sense of your position in space. Tai Chi is suited to all ages and fitness levels. Because Tai Chi has ‘zero impact’; it doesn’t put strain on aging bones and joints. Three sessions to join

Leicester Hall, 20 Findlay Street, Mondays at 11-12pm or Wed 10-11am. Tuesdays at Steiner House, 104 Michaels Ave, 6-7pm.

Harrison Rd Toastmasters

Cathy Purdie joined Harrison Road Toastmasters a year ago. She wanted to socialise outside work in a friendly atmosphere. She is an ESOL teacher and she already knew she enjoyed public speaking so Toastmasters seemed like a perfect fit. The programme gave her something to aim for and measure her progress. In one year, she has completed the basic manual of 10 speeches and has achieved her Competent Communicator Award. She has made some lovely friends and once a fortnight she is part of supportive and friendly group Toastmasters gives people confidence and skills to speak before and audience. There are two Toastmaster Clubs near Ellerslie Harrison Road Toastmasters meet at 5:45pm – 7:45pm on alternate Tuesday evenings at St Peters Church, 7 Harrison Road, Mt Wellington Contact Barbara(President) on 817 1234 Ellerslie Sunrise Toastmasters Ellerslie Sunrise Toastmasters meet at 7:00am – 8:20am on alternate Tuesday mornings at Christ’s Church, 169 Ladies Mile. Parking on the street. Contact Jane on 527 1771

The benefits of Tai Chi are well documented.

Christ Church

Harvey Smith Priest in Charge Christ Church Ellerslie 021 149 7478 or 09 579 5279

Apparently, we are an Art Gallery, funny how mistaken you can be. I thought I was Priest in Charge of a Church worshipping at Christ Church, Ellerslie. Yes, the one on the hill above the shopping centre. It turns out that I am the caretaker of an art gallery in which worship takes place. I did not know that when I was asked to help four years ago. Yes, I was told that our stained glass windows were special. The story that I was told was that they are the last complete set of windows designed and executed by the artist who did some of the windows in Coventry Cathedral which was bombed to smithereens in the war. I was also told that there was a connection between Alfred Bell, stained glass artist and Albin Martin, the founder of our church (1883). The roof of Christ Church is well past expiry date and will fail in the near future. We want to apply for funds from various trusts to pay for a new one. We need a good story as to why a Trust should send money our way. The windows seemed the best possibility. A letter was written to the Auckland Art Gallery inquiring whether we had anything worth preserving? It appears we have. It has been suggested that we may have one of the most significant suites of Gothic Revival stained and painted glass surviving in the country. Investigations are proceeding. It turns out that Albin Martin, our founder, was a significant artist in both hemispheres which includes time spent in Florence, a favourite

Cathy Purdie

city. On returning to England from Italy, Albin visited a friend’s house and met a young boy with an aptitude for art. The young boy was Alfred Bell, the son of a woodman on the estate of the Duke of Somerset. Albin gave him lessons and encouragement and then introduced him to Sir Gilbert Scott, an architect, who employed Alfred Bell on the basis of the quickness and the excellence of a drawing done by him in Sir Gilbert Scott’s office. It was many years later when Bell was established as the finest of stained glass artists that Albin Martin, now domiciled in Arthur St, wrote and asked if Bell might have any old offcuts of coloured glass that could be used in Christ Church. In reply Bell asked Martin for the window measurements and in 1884 the windows arrived as a gift. As you would expect they have well outlasted the roof. It is strange how these sorts of things happen. As I was listening to all that I did not know about our windows, I remembered back to when I visited a friend of my wife and he showed me a whole bunch of paintings executed by Own Merton, the father of the great Trappist monk, Thomas Merton. Owen Merton was born just after the windows arrived here so not exactly coterminous but nevertheless I wonder what the art of Albin Martin, Alfred Bell and Owen Merton might say to each other and to us if all brought together in the lovely jewel box that is Christ Church of Ellerslie. Just a thought.



One Tree Hill College The first term of 2016 was an outstanding start to the year for the students, staff and community of One Tree Hill College. There were various highlights, including outstanding NCEA results across all levels and six NZQA Scholarships. One of the most positive aspects of the rapid growth of the college is that the students are coming from families in our local area who have the trust and confidence in One Tree Hill College to provide a quality education for their children. One Tree Hill College is flourishing and our students are competing at the highest level in so many academic, sporting, cultural and performing arts arenas. Two students who graduated the college last year are now on lucrative scholarships in USA Universities just two examples of the pathways for One Tree Hill College students. In Music, our students are excelling, with our boys and girls choirs competing this year in the New Zealand Big Sing Competition. In Performing arts, our students are busy preparing for Stage Challenge and as I write this, our senior Spanish students are preparing for a trip to learn more about the language they are studying, and our senior Technology students are about to fly to Silicon Valley in USA where they will be visiting places such as Google, Stanford and Berkeley Universities, Apple and Microsoft. What outstanding learning experiences!

With the college at capacity, the enrolment zone for the college means families in and out of zone will need to be very aware of upcoming deadlines as we start enrolling students for 2017. There will be very limited places available for students who live out of zone – please refer to our website for the college’s enrolment scheme. Our enrolment days will be Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 August, 8am to 8pm. Please check our website regularly for updates on dates and requirements, or contact the college reception on 579-5049. As always, I would welcome any interested members of our community who wish to take a tour of the college to contact me to arrange an opportunity for me to show you around our school. This continues to be a great time to be involved with One Tree Hill College. We certainly have students with exceptional talent and it is wonderful to see them show such pride in the school. I look forward to the many successes which will occur throughout the remainder of the year. Best Wishes, N Coughlan Principal

Ellerslie Combined Probus

Finally, winter has arrived and the fabulous April day the Probus members enjoyed on the Waitemata Harbour gently chugging up to the Te Atatu peninsula on a Red Boat is only a pleasant memory, as is the very interesting talk about and examination of the Rescue Helicopter which will happily come to your rescue if you have an accident in an inaccessible place. We have much to look forward to, a midwinter lunch at Waipuna Lodge in June and a trip to the cinema with a special morning tea. Our talks include diverse topics such as Climbing in the Himalayas, not Mt. Everest, cooking and the art of quilting! Something to interest everyone and held in the Ellerslie War Memorial Hall on the 3rd Friday of each month at 10am. No fee charged. Contact Rona and have a chat, if any of these events interest you. We suggest you come along at least once to see if Probus is for you before joining. Annual Probus is subscription is $15. The cost for trips is extra, and are based on the destination and are normally around $30. Games mornings held every Thursday from 9.45 at the Christ Church Hall on Ladies Mile. This a very friendly, non-competitive group who enjoy playing games like, Scrabble, Upword, Mah Jong, Rummicub etc. A fee of $3 covers rent and morning tea. Probus membership not required.

For information contact Rona 579 7605. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ellerslie Rotary Club

It’s the little things that make a difference Your Ellerslie Rotary Club is quietly behind a lot of little things in our community that have a big impact. A great example is what happened recently at Stanhope Road School, one of the schools in the area that the Club is involved in and looks for ways to support. The school firmly believes in teaching water safety and skills to the pupils but very few of them had swimming goggles. So the Club stepped in and gave 40 pairs stored in an aerated plastic bin for everyone to use. The children absolutely love them and the school reports great results in their water confidence. Learn more about your local Ellerslie Rotary club within the community and join the worldwide network of Rotary, we’d love to talk to you and invite you to a breakfast meeting to find out more. Contact Annabel Lush on or 021 738 990

Stanhope Road School pupils wearing their new googles


WE WANT TO LOVE YOU OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN Not in a creepy way but in an overfeed you like a grandmother way

And nothing says love like free guacamole!


Are you leveraging the power of social media on your website? By Phillip Quay

Together, social media channels and your website should work seamlessly to promote your online brand. However, if you’re like most businesses, you’re probably missing out on potential interactions, impressions and ultimately sales. Here are some ways:

Include Visible Social Media Buttons

This seems like a no-brainer, but doublecheck. Best practices suggest that social media buttons be displayed on the top, bottom or along the side of your home page. Links or buttons that remain in your navigation as the user moves from page to page are optimal. To ensure that users don’t exit your web page altogether, you may want to create the buttons or links so that they open your social media pages in new windows. Also, do not feel obligated to link out to all social media channels you’ve created or dabbled in. If you’re fonder of Twitter and have completely abandoned your Facebook page, there’s no reason to link to any outlet that is not being actively managed. In fact, linking out to inactive channels can ultimately cause more harm than good.

Integrate Social Where it Makes Sense

If you use social media to keep your customers or clients apprised of your recent happenings and are actively managing your outlets on a daily or bi-weekly basis, it might be wise to showcase your Twitter feed or Facebook posts directly on your website. Linking out or displaying inactive social media channels will only cripple your online efforts. If you choose to go this route, it is important that you maintain your presence.

Include Share Buttons

If you sell a product or run a full-fledged eCommerce site and you haven’t added share buttons to your product pages, you are missing out on a whole host of

potential social impressions. Share buttons should enable websitegoers to seamlessly share or recommend a product.

Don’t Over-Do It

You want to make sure that compelling information is easily shareable, but littering social media share buttons all over your webpage isn’t the way to go. Before adding share buttons to a page, ask yourself, “Is there information here that people would find worth sharing?” If you find yourself on your “About Us” page and don’t see any added value to website-goers being able to share your administrative assistant’s contact information, then forgoing buttons in this instance is totally acceptable.

Pay Attention to Terms and Conditions

This goes hand in hand with staying up to date and knowledgeable, but I continue to see major brands using social media in ways that violate platforms’ terms and conditions.

We got chopping when we received some great quality firewood and found several families in need in our community who will make good use of it over the coming winter. Got ideas on how we could contribute together ? contact us at Ellerslie Magazine The Westpac chopper appeal always needs support. We’ve donated and got our picture included on the peoples chopper. Our fantastic bakers from Bakers Delight donating bread to the Ellerslie School sausage sizzles, every week! - thank you Thanks Ellerslie Meats for teaming up with both the Ellerslie School and Ellerslie Cricket Club with quality meats for the bbq - awesome!

You cannot use Google+ for contest entries, a personal Facebook page shouldn’t be used to operate a brand and there are certain rules to adhere to when running a promotion on Facebook. The way you use social media reflects on your website, as well as your brand as a whole. If you’ve accidentally violated some terms and conditions in the past, delete those pages and do not link out to them even in the interim. Contact Phillip Quay, MediaPA or 0274 58772



Why choose a Club Med holiday? Imagine waking up & walking across idyllic white sand toward sparkling blue water before enjoying breakfast, lunch & dinner, resort style, without needing your credit card. Well, with Club Med you can do just that. Jen at Flight Centre Ellerslie has just got back from her Club Med Kani holiday in the Maldives & is here to tell you all about it! ‘As soon as I arrived in the Maldives & was transferred to a speed boat to my resort, I knew this not be a “normal” beach holiday. 35 minutes later, I was taken to this beautiful slice of paradise. Club Med’s motto of “sit back & enjoy… everything is already taken care of” really does come to life once you arrive. With all meals & selected beverages included during your stay, it means there is no need to scan the menu for prices & with so many different restaurants to choose from, you’re given a world of variety. If you want to combine great food with the experience of seeing reef sharks & stingray, I would definitely recommend making a dinner reservation at the Kandu Restaurant during your stay. Activity wise, the choice’s seem unlimited & there really is something for everyone; from water sports, snorkelling, yoga, Zumba & more – the choice is yours. Holidays for me are a moment to recharge. If you’re the same, indulge in the spa facilities & end the day enjoying the sunset with a cocktail in hand from the beach bar, before heading off to a world of relaxation in an over-water bungalow or deluxe room inside! The only negative is that at some point you have to leave & try to explain how amazing the Maldives is to your friends. The good news is that the world is a big place, there’s always time to book your next Club Med trip & you can still stop in Singapore on the way home for some shopping!’

Club Med Phuket 4 nights 4-star accom * $

Club Med Bali 7 nights 4-star accom * $

Airfares & transfers are additional.

Airfares & transfers are additional.

Club Med Bintan Island 7 nights 4-star accom * $

Club Med Kani, Maldives 7 night 4-star accom * $

Airfares & transfers are additional.

Airfares & transfers are additional.













Club Med holidays come with… ✔ Gourmet cuisine & local specialties for breakfast, lunch & dinner ✔ Beverages including beer, wine & cocktails & snacks available all day

✔ Resort golf courses ✔ Sport activities including snorkelling, yoga, tennis & archery ✔ Entertainment

Book your Club Med holiday At Flight Centre Ellerslie Visit us in store 129 Main Highway, Ellerslie Email | Call 0800 235


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Residents Association

HISTORY OF ELLERSLIE CROSSROADS The History of Ellerslie by Stephanie Jean Chapman, edited by Jade Reidy has been produced with the assistance of the Orakei Local Board and the Ellerslie Business Association. Copies will be held in the Central, Remuera and Panmure Libraries. Hopefully, before too long, Ellerslie will have a library where this history and other books about our area will be easy to access. AUCKLAND UNITARY PLAN Independent Hearing Panel (AUPIHP). We appeared before the AUPIHP to ask that they look again at our submission that the southern end of Cawley Street be zoned ‘terrace housing and apartments’ or at least ‘mixed housing suburban’. There were several Ellerslie groups submitting on the same day and though we got a good hearing we came away feeling that Ellerslie would have been better served if there had been the opportunity for us to interact with and support

Ellerslie School

Ellerslie School teachers and students making the most of being located on the rugby field. For the last two years 13 classrooms have been called The Northern Campus, while the large scale building project has progressed. As you can see we have made our surroundings as pleasant as possible, while involved with

the other Ellerslie groups. Like the others we now await the AUPIHP’s report to Auckland Council in July this year.

MICHAELS AVENUE PARK Discussions about the completion of Stage Two and the work for Stage Three continue. Also Auckland Council is currently looking at a Travel Management Plan for the park. This will address the issues of making it easier for players to get to practice during the week and games in the weekend and the plan also needs to make it easier for people to move safely within the park. We will keep in touch with the Travel Management project and the Orakei Local Board is considering our submissions on Stage Three and is unlikely to make decisions before this July.

SOUND AND POLLUTION BARRIERS Following on from the unanimous support expressed by all the Mayoral candidates, your committee is continuing to press NZTA to give

our teaching and learning. Teaching staff are currently involved in professional development in preparation for moving into the new spaces later in June. We are looking forward to our students having their green playing spaces back again!

Ellerslie School Fund raising group

At the moment, Ellerslie School is all about embracing change! This year we have a new fund raising group of parents who are donating their time to raise much needed funds to go towards the soft landscaping of our newly built school, which is due to be completed at the end of term two. The fund raising group have had a busy and exciting start to the year. We had a Photo Booth at the school PTA picnic in term one, kindly donated


by Sharon Lumsden from Bayleys Remuera. We also had an amazing raffle where one of the prizes was a scenic Helicopter ride around Auckland for four people, kindly donated by a school parent. At the beginning of the term one holidays, we had a fun afternoon at Hoyts Sylvia Park to see The Jungle Book which was a brilliant way to end the term! We were inundated with requests to purchase tickets long after it had been sold out.

these barriers high priority. POLICING IN ELLERSLIE Following a couple of incidents we have written to our local MP who passed our letter to the Minister. Sergeant Rhys Smith, the newly appointed Officer in Charge of the Newmarket Police, acknowledged our concerns and emphasized that a lot of police effort is going into Ellerslie. He did agree that it would be nice to have a community constable permanently in Ellerslie. Your committee sees that the police need more resources to give us the security Ellerslie needs and will be continuing to advocate for a community constable located in Ellerslie. MAYORAL CANDIDATES MEETING It was good to have our meeting early and have all the declared candidates for Mayor in Ellerslie. Other organisations seem to be having difficulty in getting candidates to share the same platform.

win with the

fantastic five e


During term two we have the Fantastic Five Raffle. There are five wonderful prizes in this raffle (total combined value of approximately $4,000) and we will be selling tickets in and around the Ellerslie community at $5 each. So if you see us out and about, please support your local school! Towards the end of term two, we will be starting our annual A-Thon. This year our A-Thon is centred around the upcoming Olympics, where our students learn key facts regarding the Olympics and they collect sponsors who will sponsor them per correct question by friends and family. This particular activity raises a significant amount for our school. Many thanks to all the people and parents in the Ellerslie community for your ongoing support so we can continue to make our school a fantastic place for our children to thrive in. Sarah Stead – Deputy Chair & Communications for ESFG

High school camps at Michael Park School have an emphasis on the development of individual and collective responsibility. Education outside the classroom is an integrated component and promotes a secure feeling of connection with the world, and strengthens and deepens the class community. The year 10 camp on permaculture was linked to rights and responsibilities. The students spent a week at Awhi Farm, a Sustainability and Permaculture Research Centre in Turangi. There they experienced some of the ideas that they have discussed in the classroom within a practical setting through working on the land and buildings. Students in year 11 went on a Surveying camp at Whatipu. They used different surveying techniques to produce a scaled map of a given area. The students were involved in practical tasks such as measuring distances using measuring tapes and measuring angles

between posts using a compass. Through the application of mathematical calculations, students made sense of the world around them and improved their level of accuracy and precision. Year 12 students went to Hunua for their Ecology camp. The students explored interconnectedness and diversity of life within ecosystems. They gained an understanding that Ecology is the study of organisms, populations and communities as they relate to one another and interact in the ecosystems they comprise. Human impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity were also explored. All of our high school camps provide a valuable and practical experience for High School students whereby they are challenged and compelled to move out of their comfort zone.

NZ Police

Police and Police things are sometimes subjected to hoaxes and urban legends like the rest of society. Here are a few that have floated around the place and our response to them. I have an alert on my screen from the Police saying my files are encrypted/my computer has been blocked, and that I need to pay a fine to have my computer unencrypted/unblocked. What should I do? Do not pay any money. These schemes often ask you to use a legitimate company, such as Ukash, to pay the fine, however this is not from the Police or any other law enforcement agency. This is caused by a type of malware (malicious software) called Ransomware. Please visit Netsafe’s Security Central website (link is external) for more information on scams and removal instructions for Ransomware. I’ve received an email from Police about carjacking - is it real? The email is a hoax and should be deleted. I received an email warning me about a scam where an ‘engineer’ phones your mobile and asks you to press #90 or #09. The email says they will then have access to your SIM card and be able to make calls at your expense. Is this true? No. This urban myth began as a genuine email from a police officer in England to his business and community contacts. It turned out to be a hoax but continued to spread years after the event. If you receive unsolicited emails, always read them carefully. Double-check the information is still valid by searching the internet before forwarding them to friends, otherwise they can go on needlessly feeding people’s fears.

“Education outSide the classroom is an integrated component”

Is it true that you can use 112 on your mobile for certain emergencies? No - the emergency number in New Zealand is always 111. 112 is a common emergency number used in Europe and 911 is used in USA. Always dial 111 in emergencies when in New Zealand. Is it true that if you’re being forced to take money out of an ATM and you put your PIN in backwards, Police will be alerted to come and help you? No, you need to call 111 in the normal way. Finally, just a quick reminder that If you see ANY suspicious activity in your area, call 111. This includes suspicious vehicles, people who come to your door asking for a random name or if your neighbours alarm is going off.

For further information about upcoming Open Days at Michael Park School or to enquire about an expression of interest pack visit or contact our enrolment officer on 579 3083.

Police make an assessment when you call and prioritise every call, if persons or property are in danger, Police want and need to know! Have a great and safe winter, Newmarket Police



Ellerslie AFC

Ellerslie AFC development programs pay off At Ellerslie AFC we pride ourselves on focusing on players needs for growth – including all aspects of football. Our Football Coaching Directors are always looking for new programs and resources to help teach and develop our players. One particular program of interest is the clubs new Futsal academy run by club coach Ben Hill –Futsal is a massive growth sport in NZ and a crucial part of a football education. The main goal of our Futsal academy is to introduce young players to the different skill sets and then integrate them into existing competitions run by the likes of East City (at ASB Stadium in Kohimaramara). This course supplements our football academy which Junior/Youth Director of Coaching Ryan Shiffman oversees each Friday (in school terms). A number of players have come through this academy already to our Men’s U19’s, Reserves and First Team – and we have attracted professional clubs attentions as well with a number of our players having been on trials. More information here: http://www.

phpIn the Senior environment our Director of Coaching Chris Wallace is turning to video analysis to help develop his players – with the assistance of a program called Hudl he can analyse and improve a players technique, game understanding and team play drastically. This is our first season using the program and we hope we can roll it out to the Youth section of the club in coming seasons. In the girls and women’s side of the club our development team of Haley Gleeson (Juniors) and Jason Oliver (Seniors) have been working hard on attracting numbers to the club – in the Seniors we have grown by one whole team from last year and added a lot of quality into our three existing teams in the process. Haley has also been focusing on development and with her contacts at NZ Football she has made the girls side of the club an exciting and fun place to be (check out the ellerslie_girls page on Instagram) If you’re interested in finding out more about the programs we offer email our club secretary Lynette Margison on secretary@ or pop onto our website

Remuera Lions Club Grants from 2015 Magic Show

For 28 years, the Remuera Lions Club’s “World Festival of Magic” has entertained children and disabled people from throughout the Auckland region with six free shows performed by professional international magicians, at the ASB Showgrounds, just prior to Christmas. The shows are made possible from the generous donations received from business houses and individuals in the greater Auckland area. Surplus funds from this annual event are provided to charitable organisations throughout Auckland for the purchase of specific items, and since the Magic Show’s inception the Club has donated more than $3,100,000 in goods.

Recent notable donations have included: a quick response vehicle for the St. Johns Ambulance Association; a treatment room for the new facilities being built for the Hearing House in Greenlane, providing speech and hearing training for (mainly) young deaf children who have received cochlea transplants and 100+ car seats for Plunket’s seat hire scheme. In March a cheque for $25,000 was presented to the Middlemore Foundation on behalf of the Kids First Children’s Hospital, for specialised portable patient monitoring equipment, and in April a further $25,000 to the Blind Foundation for the training of Guide Dogs, all proceeds from the 2015 Magic Show. The 2016 Magic Show will take place at the Logan Campbell Centre, ASB Showgrounds on 17 & 18 December, and we are currently seeking suitable charitable organisations for funding. Funds cannot be provided for administrative purposes. A copy of the Club’s Funding Criteria will be provided on request and written applications may be made to the Magic Show Convenor, Remuera Lions Club Inc., P O Box 28061, Remuera, Auckland 1541.

Play Centre

What a busy Term 1 it has been for Ellerslie Playcentre. In March we celebrated Playcentre Awareness Week by holding a Play Cafe in the playground at Michael’s Avenue. Both Mount Wellington and Pakuranga Playcentres joined us and both children and adults had a fun morning face painting, bubble making, making amazing things with play dough and natural collage to name but a few activities. It was a great

For more information, check out our Face book page or email


opportunity for us to show the community how much fun Playcentre is and to invite them to join in. Playcentre also supports and extends our children’s learning and interests with trips and events. Last term we went to the Tip Top Factory (always a favourite!) and the Air New Zealand exhibition at Auckland Museum. St John Ambulance visited our centre and gave a great demonstration on first aid which the children

got involved in. Term 2 has got off to a busy start with our involvement in the ‘Chalk It Up’ event in Ellerslie Town Square. We will also be celebrating Matariki next month with our traditional lantern walk from our Centre. It is always nice to be out and about in the community. Ellerslie Playcentre is for children from birth to six. We follow the early childhood curriculum set in place by the Ministry of Education but with a Playcentre spin on it!

Ellerslie home to Summerset’s newest retirement village


rogress at one of Auckland’s newest retirement villages continues at pace with Summerset on track to open its doors in September with the first villas ready for residents to move in. Summerset at Heritage Park has been under construction since October 2015, and will eventually become home to around 400 residents – joining the more than 3,500 residents who already call Summerset home. Chosen for its attractive natural lake and location near to the Ellerslie shops,

Artist’s impression

Ellerslie Racecourse and the Sylvia Park shopping centre, Summerset at Heritage Park will provide a contemporary urban style of retirement living. The village joins several other Auckland Summerset villages located in Hobsonville, Karaka, Manukau, and Warkworth. One, two and three bedroom apartments, along with serviced apartments, will be complemented by spacious villas, with many apartments overlooking the neighbouring suburbs and designed to make the most of the Auckland sun. The

village will include a Care Centre that, once complete, will offer a full range of aged-care services from in-home support to rest home and hospital-level care. From early 2017 residents will also be able to enjoy a range of recreational facilities in the village centre such as lounges, a gym and Residents’ bar. Residents can choose from relaxing in the library with a good book, taking a swim in the indoor pool, meeting family and friends over coffee at the Divine Café, or participate in the many activities on offer at the village.

Summerset at Heritage Park is Summerset’s fifth village in the Auckland region, and Summerset’s 22nd village, offering quality retirement living options to New Zealanders around the country. A sales office opens this month at Summerset at Heritage Park at 8 Harrison Road.

Call Trudi Andersen on 09 950 7962 to find out more.



Friends of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

On Sunday 3rd July we will host a Chamber music showcase at 2pm venue to be confirmed as the Auckland University School of Music auditorium.  The chamber groups playing will be from schools who have played their way into the National Finals.  This will be an amazing afternoon demonstrating the high standard of talent our young people have.

Come and meet our friendly group

The friends of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra continue to meet, in ever increasing numbers, at 10.30am on a Friday morning in the Ellerslie War Memorial Hall. We have enjoyed a visit from four members of the orchestra who played for us and told us about life playing in an orchestra and how they came to be playing in an orchestra in Auckland when they came from China, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand. The fact that we have musicians from all over the world playing in our orchestra emphasises the high ranking it holds in the musical world.  We were also fortunate enough to have Andre Gavryluk talk to us about his life as an international pianist. That same day we had Lauren Bennett and Bradley Wood to play for us.  They have just won a scholarship which will allow them to play in England and Europe. We

Ellerslie Theatrical Society

The Pin Up Boys, Aug 11 - 19th

Tickets for this event are $20 and are available now to order phone Bryce Bartley on 09 580 1967

Andre Gavryluk

wish them well and hope they will be back to play for us after their experience of playing with musicians on the other side of the world. Our next Friday morning, June 24th, we will have the Oboe section of the orchestra to play for us which promises to be a fabulous morning. You do not need to be a ‘Friend’ to attend these mornings.  The door fee for a non member is only $15 and includes a light lunch.  We do, however, suggest you do join us so that you get regular updates of our programme and get the opportunity to help on concert nights.  The annual subscription is only $30 which all goes to help the orchestra and the fee for Fridays is reduced to $12. Well the year wears on at an ever increasing pace and our first two productions are behind us.  If you were not in the audience for either or both of these you missed some very good theatre.  Keep a lookout for our next show, a new work by New Zealand writer Mark Raynor.  The play is ‘The Pin Up Boys’, a comedy concerning a group of staff members of a charity shop which is facing closure. They decide to enter a photographic competition advertised in the local paper.  This enterprise is not within their comfort zone and leads to some very amusing situations. This should be a very entertaining show so don’t miss it. Opening night is 11th August. If you are an employer and you wish to reward your staff because they have made a special effort for you, or you want to share a special day with them why not bring them to the theatre?  We offer discounts for large bookings, we serve complimentary tea, coffee and nibbles at interval, and we run a cash bar before the show and at the interval serving beer, wine and non alcoholic drinks.  If you have a large staff you could book the whole theatre which holds 99 patrons.  Ring Rona 525 3336 if the idea interests you and we can discuss details.


Community Patrol

To find out more about us generally ring Rona 525 3336 or visit the website Ellerslie Community Patrol – making the community a safer place. The Ellerslie Community Patrol is one of a growing network of patrols throughout New Zealand, acting as “eyes and ears’ for police. Patrolling in pairs, both on foot and by car, patrollers note anything that could be suspicious and inform police immediately if something requires urgent attention. Everyone is a volunteer, giving up a couple of hours once a month to take responsibility for making their community a safer environment to live and work in. Well known local accountant, Murray Wells, is a founding member and Chair of the Ellerslie


Each play we perform needs a set. The director and designer work on a design which can be anything from a hut in a forest to a smart Herne Bay apartment or even just an outdoor space.  The people who build these sets are all volunteers so if you feel you can spare an hour or three to join our happy band wielding a hammer, paint brush or screwdriver do contact David for more details. This is an ideal opportunity for a handyman who has recently retired and would like to keep usefully occupied.  Each play also needs light and sound, so if your interests lie in this area we would love to hear from you.  Contact David 524 4350 to see how you can help.

Community Patrol Board. “I’d heard how successful they had been in other parts of Auckland” says Murray “and really felt that we could benefit from a local patrol as well. While most evenings it is more about reporting graffiti than anything else, I firmly believe that we are making a difference in ensuring our community can feel safe” If you would like to know more about becoming an Ellerslie community Patroller, contact Murray on or 09 579 7096


“We’ve never been so social.”

Be the first to see plans and pricing

Joy and Bill have been at Summerset for just over three years and held their golden wedding anniversary celebration at the retirement village last year.

Sales Office Open

Their spacious villa is often filled with family when they’re not flat out enjoying village activities with friends, including the very popular Wine Appreciation Group.

8 Harrison Road, Ellerslie

Summerset at Heritage Park Contact Trudi Andersen on 09 950 7962

Love the life



They’re loving the life, and as Bill says, “The added advantage is that you have a support crew if something goes wrong, and that to me is reassuring.”


New Zealand Post Outstanding Contribution to Cricket interested in their progress and is forever Mark Benefield Local man Mark Benefield was recently recognised by New Zealand Cricket for over eighteen years of voluntary work for the Ellerslie Cricket Club at the NZ Cricket Awards held at the Viaduct Events Centre. He was presented with the ‘New Zealand Post Outstanding Contribution to Cricket’ award and rubbed shoulders with New Zealand’s current and past cricketing elite at the star studded event.

encouraging them.

Deserving of particular note are his voluntary contributions as the Club’s Junior Skills Programme Coordinator over the last 18 years. Every Friday night throughout summer, Mark can be seen with bat and ball in hand, coaching and encouraging 5 to 7-year- old boys and girls at the Club.

This commitment to public service and community spirit has enriched the lives and inspired many hundreds of children. Mark’s greatest satisfaction is seeing Ellerslie juniors progressing through the grades to play senior and representative cricket with the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ and the Club motto ‘By Skill, By Valour’ entrenched in their values.

Mark has been an Ellerslie Cricket Club member for two decades, serving voluntarily on the Committee for ten years including five years as President and three years as Junior Club Chairman.

It takes a special type of person to capture the hearts and minds of children this young, particularly on a Friday night after a long week at school, but Mark has the ability to bring out the best in them. Within a few weeks of the season’s commencement, Mark knows every child’s name and engages with them all, making every child feel special – he is genuinely

He also runs three awards ceremonies during the season for the children and gives up his time to co-ordinate and walk with the Cricket Club’s annual Ellerslie Santa Parade contingent. For all these services, he was inducted as a Life Member in 2009. While Mark has devoted a considerable amount of his time to the Club, he has also selflessly served the community as a policeman for twenty-seven years, currently holding the rank of Detective Inspector. In this role Mark has headed up high-profile investigations on matters of great public interest.

Mark Benefield and Sir Richard Hadlee at the NZ Cricket Awards.

Play Winter Tennis at Ellerslie Tennis Club The summer tennis season may be over but the senior club at Ellerslie plays all year round and has been able to make the most of the fantastic recent weather on Saturday afternoons. The past season was a particularly successful one for the tennis club with newly renovated clubrooms, success in interclub and association championships and a growing membership. The club would like to acknowledge the wonderful support from Auckland Council which recently renovated the club room interior and replaced the roof. We now

have a wonderful new kitchen and bathroom facilities and freshly painted hall with new flooring. The summer season was a winning one for the club. Ellerslie 1 won the United Tennis Association (UTA) senior interclub competition, with Ellerslie 2 finishing second. In junior interclub Ellerslie 1 narrowly missed out winning with a count back on points required to determine the winner. Ellerslie players also performed well winning all UTA senior singles and doubles competitions and also winning the junior boys singles.









Scarbro Tennis Centre p: Kathy 624 5204 a/h e: 38


g n i n e t Shor YOUR LIFE? By Anna Arlidge and REPs NZ

Your desk job may be shortening your life. But it’s not the water cooler gossip that is slowly sucking the life out of you, it’s that seat and the amount of time you spend sitting in it. There has been a huge amount of research over the last few years about the life shortening impact of being sedentary, with some people spending up to 13 hours a day in their chair in their homes and offices. One of the most interesting points to come out more recently is that the amount of time spent sitting can influence our health even if we are active at other times. In other words, a workout at the end of a day which was spent working in front of your computer, or at a desk, may not be enough to counteract the damage that day seated is causing. Studies show that the lowest risk is for those who are physically active and don’t sit, with the highest risk saved for those who don’t do any physical activity, and sit for a lot of the day.

The way we live and work, the convenience of cars, and the many electronic devices and stationary enter tainment sources such as TV and gaming has meant for many adults (and children) sitting has become the default settin for life. What does this mean for the average person who works in an office 9 to 5 and is unable to get out and about throughout the day? What about the ‘active couch potato’ who spends most of their life seated, but squeezes in some exercise for the recommended 30 minutes most days? The health benefits of working out are not in question, and that the regular workout you are doing is having a positive impact on your life, your health and your wellbeing. However, in order to maximize those health benefits, a more active approach to some of the other 23 hours of the day is needed.

Even moderate activity, or time spent standing or gently moving about at regular intervals can counteract the negative effects. Taking breaks and taking par t in active stretching will improve your health. SO WHAT IS THE ISSUE SPECIFICALLY WITH BEING SEATED? When we are seated, especially in a relaxed angle on the couch or in a slouched position, our muscles aren’t doing much work. When we move we pump oxygen to our brain which keeps us aler t. When we are sedentary for a long time, everything slows, including brain function.

Visit the Team at ClubVO2 and we can chat to you about ways to incorporate activity into your lifestyle – you never know, you may even find that our classes, bootcamps or equipment can help you achieve this!

With a crouched over posture and lack of movement, our organs are cramped and their function is slowed. Constipation, reduced insulin response are some of the unwelcome side effects.

For fur ther help and information contact Anna and her team today

09 579 2582

ClubVO2 Trainers recommend considering a lifestyle approach to health and exercise. This means integrating activity into what you do throughout your life as well as the regular structured workout you do at the gym, park or with your trainer. It doesn’t have to be 100 push ups at your desk every time the phone rings, or running up 10flights of stairs every time you need a toilet break, as there are some simple things you can do to add movement into all par ts of your day. The risks are clear, but the benefits of making some simple changes are easily achieved. So why not add more activity into your working day, which can in turn add more days to your life!

23A Main Highway, Ellerslie email:


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Qualified Massage Therapy • Relaxation Massage • Therapeutic Massage • Deep Tissue • Sports Massage • Pregnancy Massage • Reflexology • Hot Stone Massage FREE





• Joint Pains (Injuries & Arthritis) • Headache, Insomnia, Depression, Fatigue • Asthma, Allergy, Coughs • Stomach ache, Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhea • Menstrual disorder, PMS • Sexual dysfunctions, Tinnitus, Enlarged prostate • Stop smoking, Weight loss, Drug addiction

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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATIONS Ellerslie Computers 112 Main Hwy 580 2664 Crisp Graphics 5b Lawry Street, Ellerslie 021 202 9758 FINANCIAL & INSURANCE SERVICES ANZ Cashpoint 105 Main Hwy ASB Bank 133 Main Hwy 579 5871 AssetWise 101 Main Hwy 580 1111

Gill & Co Insurance Level 1, 3 Robert St 526 5557 Harden & Hart 1 Robert St 589 1701 Jolly Duncan & Wells 127 Main Hwy 579 7096 Kiwibank 95 Main Hwy 579 7099 KK Accounting 123 Main Hwy 940 3077 Provisional Tax Finance 101 Main Hwy 950 3515 Tony Gill and Co, 3/3 Robert Street, Ellerslie, 526 5557 Westpac Cashpoint 127 Main Hwy 0800 400 600 LEGAL SERVICES Andrew Lemalu 2 Robert St 579 0045 Bruce Scott Stevens 195 Main Hwy 525 2163 Burman & Burton 1/101 Main Hwy 525 7701 Duggan & Murphy 8a Robert St 525 1316 PROPERTY SERVICES Activa Rubber Flooring 6 Findlay St 579 2890 Arch Construction 129 Main Hwy 021 373 957 Broadway Developments 139 Main Hwy 525 0084 Harcourts Hub Realty 107 Main Hwy 579 1073 L J Hooker 101 Main Hwy 525 1773 Mike Pero 118 Main Hwy 390 5900 Mike Webber Surveyors 1 Robert St 579 8411 Mike Whittaker Mortgages Level 1, 3 Robert St 526 5557 Ray White 2/101 Main Hwy 525 2600

Westferry Property Services 1 Robert St 580 3121

Pause Studio 12/101 Main Hwy 589 1460

TRAVEL SERVICES Flight Centre 29 Main Hwy, 525 525 0721 House of Travel 108 Main Hwy, 525 2363

HAIRDRESSERS & BARBERS Barber Shop Co 101 Main Hwy 571 2194 Dharma 116 Main Hwy 525 2460 Mals Scissorcut Barber 101 Main Hwy Paris for Hair 123 Main Hwy 579 7745 Scarlett 112 Main Hwy 579 8733 The Barber Chain 130 Main Hwy Zurri 179 Ladies Mile 579 5022

OTHER SERVICES Ellerslie Office Services 6 Findlay St 579 3108 Floretta186 Ladies Mile 525 3539 Recalibrate Business Coaching 522 7476 Team Talk 2 Robert Street, 579 1647 TMIS Document Services / Private Investigators 525 4349 Moonsuit 130b Main Hwy, Ellerslie, 213 7072

PERSONAL SERVICES DENTAL SERVICES Angela Lowe-Ho 126a Main Hwy 579 4746 Dental Solutions 2/2 Robert St 525 0959 HEALTHCARE Active Physio 83 Main Hwy 579 0004 Catherine Theodorou Naturopath 8 Findlay St 579 5943 Ellerslie Pharmacy 125 Main Hwy 579 5520 Ellerslie Medical Centre Cnr Robert & Morris St 579 6147 Ellerslie Plunket 138 Main Hwy 579 7564 Rapid Fuel Herbalife 123c Main Hwy 021 620 365

BEAUTY & MASSAGE THERAPY Baan Thai 123E Main Hwy 525 2795 Beauty Plus Souvenir Trading 8 Robert St 579 2887 Bliss Beauty Therapy 129c Main Hwy 021 151 8588 Caci Ellerslie L1, 124 Main Hwy 571 0575 Cherry Tree Massage 101 Main Hwy, 5798 078 Five Star Nails 131 Main Hwy 579 5384 Terra Nova 5/101 Main Hwy 525 3683 Newbody Massage Clinic 579 6279 101N Main Hwy, (upstairs from post office) OTHER SERVICES Ellerslie Automotive 171 Main Hwy, 525 8155 Allclean Laundrette 81 Main Hwy 525 1404 Ellerslie Counselling* 2/3 Ramsgate Street, 021 164 1162 Ellerslie Drycleaners 128c Main Hwy 579 8828 Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic & Cattery 199 Main Hwy 281 3481 Stephanie’s Alterations 021 204 3946

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• Overseas Clients

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Dr Andrea Steinberg


Dr Bevan Roy


Dr Jyoti Raj


Dr Catherine Chan


Dr Norman Henley


Phone: (09) 579 7096

Jolly Duncan & Wells Limited 127 Main Highway, Ellerslie. PO Box 11053, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542 Fax: (09) 525 1169 Email:


Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm No appointment required

PH 579 6147 ELLERSLIE Corner Robert & Morrin Sts.

(Parking and main entry off Morrin St)



June/Pipiri – July/Hōngongoi

f 3 Airfares 3 Holidays 3 Accommodation

3 Cruises/Tours 3 Travel Insurance 3 Gift Cards

3 Wedding Registers 3 Foreign Exchange 3 And more...


We can help you with all of your travel needs:

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Flight Centre Ellerslie | 129 Main Highway, Ellerslie | 0800 235 537

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Ray White Ellerslie

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GY Group Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008)

Setting the standard in real estate. 19/05/2016 4:37:50 p.m.


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Ellerslie Magazine Winter 2016  

Ellerslie - Winter 2016 issue. Keeping our community connected.

Ellerslie Magazine Winter 2016  

Ellerslie - Winter 2016 issue. Keeping our community connected.