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Up to 12.000 p per hour

pots per hour 0 0 ,0 2 1 to p u h it • High capacity w on pot diameter • High flexibility rns in trays e tt a p g in ll fi d n a on tray • High flexibility drill etc. , le b ib d • Easy to operate r, te a w r, e estacker, stack • Easy to install d track-record d te n e m u c o -d ll e and w • High reliability after service d n a e ic v r se r fo • Guarantee Ellepot Machines Non-woven and Paper Trays Ellepot Ellepress

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Technical sheet


ELLEPOT TURBO MULTIFLEX® SPECIFICATION: • Technical: • Diameter: • Capacity/hour:

Upgrade H-112 Turbo to fully automatic 15mm to 50mm Up to 12.000 pots per hour (Depend on pot size and peat)


Machine: Kitset: Conveyor lengths: Manual: PC Control:

Tool and conveyor Diatmeter 15-50 mm 4m Detailed manual in English Laptop

POWER: • Supply:

OPTIONS: • Features:

3*400/230 volt + 0 + ground A compressor with air-supply of 300 litres/minute, 6 bar is needed to run the machine. Furthermore we recommend an air dryer to be mounted on the machine.

Tray stacker - Tray destacker - Dibbler - Driller - Irrigation - Seeder - others

Ellegaard as Storstrømsvej 55 DK - 6715 Esbjerg N Tel.: +45 7614 7676 Fax: +45 7614 7660

Ellepot Turbo Multiflex  

Ellepot Turbo Multiflex - The fastest flexible automatic setup ever made for production of Ellepot

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