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Encourage Your Kid with Top 6 Educational Android Apps

Does your child play games on your Smartphone and not giving time to their studies? We bring some interesting educational android apps for your naughty child that encourages him/her towards studies. These apps bring studies along with fun. So, all the moms get ready to download below given list of apps that help your child attracted towards studies.

Kids Learn to Read: Kids Learn to Read app is another popular and interesting apps that comes with sweet sound. Kids can easily read and spell words like "sun", "dog", "big", etc. While accessing app, child can able








accessing Tommy the Turtle diagonally the letter bridge. Each of letter sounds and a word created and pronounced. Get it

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox:

This interesting application grabs attention of kids between aged 2 to 5 years. With six small games, you can simply teach your kids counting, shapes, colors, letters, differences and matching. If your kid gives a correct answer, it will be rewarded with stickers by the animated monkey. This whole game is designed in palm tree- and banana-riddled scenes in which monkey gifts your child. Get it

Toddler Music Jukebox:

Now, your toddler can rock with some amazing children's songs such as Bitsy Spider, Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, B-I-N-G-O and Itsy and many more with this app. You can shuffle as well as play individual song for your child and make them happy and joyful. Get it

Madagascar Preschool Surf n’ Slide:

In Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide app allows your child to join young group of Gloria, Melman, Alex, and Marty for learning. This application comes with 18 lessons of six different subjects like Colors, Shapes, Animals, Numbers, Letters, and Critical Thinking. Using this app, players have to surf down slides for learning large number of preschool skills on their Smartphone. Get it

Math Flash Cards: Your small child will find big button to access this app that contains different level of difficulties from pre-school to high level. This amazing







mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction,




through cards. Moreover, this app also checks your kid’s ability by taking test with multiple choice answers. The Math Bonanza game is added in its latest version that adds more excitement. Get it


WordUp! App helps you child to learn more words. Your child can see the letters jumble on the grid and if he/she finds longest word, he/she can get additional points. Get it Our list of educational apps are not limited to this, parents can find more options with interesting graphics and excellent sound tracks. Moreover, they can able to customize it by adopting service of Custom Android app Development. Explore some of the best professional android development Companies and get your development at the most competitive rates.

Encourage your kid with top 6 educational android apps  

Does your child play games on your Smartphone and not giving time to their studies? We bring some interesting educational android apps for y...

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