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INTRODUCTION Transylvania is the heartland of the Hungarian culture. During the Ottoman occupation of Southeastern Europe, Transylvania managed to remain a semi-independent principality. The area has a rich, multicultural past with four ethnic groups (Hungarians, Saxons, Szekler and Romanians) living side by side for three centuries, with further smaller minorities such as Armenians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Jews, Roethens, Swabians and Gypsies. The combination of nature, architecture and rhythm of life – a different concept of time seems to exist in Transylvania – makes it one of the most attractive places in Europe.

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PROGRAMME DAY 1 ▪ Flight Brussels/Cluj Napoca ▪ Encounter with count Kálmán Teleki ▪ Visit to Teleki Téka, the library founded by count Teleki, with the largest antique collection in Transylvania, followed by a lecture about the count by Attila Kalman ▪ Overnight in Valea Verde, Cund DAY 2 ▪ Visit the middle aged Sighisoara ▪ Lunch on the premises of Apafi Manor in Mâlâncrav The village has its origins in 1305 and fell into the hands of the Apafi family in 1340, a family that would remain in Transylvania until the 17th Century ▪ Overnight in Valea Verde, Cund DAY 3 ▪ Encounter with count Kalnoky, one of the historical families with a history dating back till the Middle Ages ▪ Lunch on the estate of Prins Charles of Wales ▪ Overnight in Castle Daniel, Talisoara

PROGRAMME DAY 4 ▪ Private concert in the church of Brasov ▪ Encounter with countess Mikes on her estate Zabola, at the foot of the Carpathians. During the harrowing years of communism, the estate was expropriated, but the family returned to restore the ancestral home and park to its former glory ▪ Overnight in Zabola DAY 5 ▪ Bear hunting with the count ▪ Romantic candle light dinner at the estate ▪ Overnight in Zabola DAY 6 ▪ Visiting the former summer house of the Romanian Royal Family ▪ Overnight in Grand Boutique hotel, Bucharest DAY 7 ▪ Visiting Palatul Primaverii, Ceausescu’s private residence ▪ Flight Bucharest/Brussels via Munich

FACTS THE SOUL During this unique journey we will be looking for the soul of Transylvania. A journey to a vanished world where bears with bow and arrow were hunted and countesses were seduced by the moonlight. A journey inspired by Jaap Scholtens’ novel Comrade Baron, where the richness and beauty of old Transylvania is discovered, but where also the traces of Ceaușescu’s striving for full control is revealed. We stay both in historical cities and in simple farming villages. You will become acquainted with various aristocrats and characters from the book “Comrade Baron”. They will inspire you while eating at their table and staying in their palaces and on their estates.

USEFUL INFO Flights LH2295 Brussels-Munich 06.30-07.45 LH1668 Munich-Cluj Napoca 10.40-13.25 LH1653 Bucharest-Munich 19.25-20.35 LH2294 Munich-Brussels 21.25-22.45 Next travel dates 4-10 October 2020

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In the footsteps of the disappearing Aristocracy