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Slide - Sam Two plus three – · Our creative partnership has been formed from two friendship groups ·Two represents Harrison and Sam · Three represents Issy, Ellen and Laura Slide - Laura Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas – · Each person brings contrasting aesthetics to the table and this enables an innovative solution to be produced · Our team consists of two editorial designers, two packaging designers and one digital designer catering specifically for branding and identity Slide – Harrison ·Co-operative slide Slide - Harrison It is the weight, not the number of experiments that is to be regarded ·We believe that quality matters over quantity, and always make sure that we allocate an appropriate amount of time to complete each brief ·We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs Slide - Harrison Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few. · Branding and identity ·We know who we are and we understand our values which are to work in an ethical manner and consider the materials we use throughout our practice, to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible as we care about the world, not just ourselves. Slide - Ellen Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy – ·We like to think of our clients as collaborative partners, although they may not be creatives, we value their ideas and like to work closely with them to ensure that both parties are happy. Slide - Ellen Target audience – ·We work with independent business owners in Leeds and around the UK. · We specifically aim to work with clients within the ABC1 social grade, which is the lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class population. This means that they have a higher income to justify our costings. · Although we have a specific target audience, we would not exclude global clients completely. · If an opportunity arose from a business in another country we would have to collectively evaluate

the workload and also the business' values, before any decisions can be made. · Our business plan for the future works in a stage of three years. – Now (local and national) – In three years (Studio in Berlin) – In six years (Studio in Japan and the Americas) – We also intend to be the first studio working on the moon! · By expanding we will have the ability to employ a marketing department, front and back end developers, art workers and interns. Slide - Ellen · Some of our local clients would be... Slide - Issy The shortest distance between two points is a straight line – ·We are based at Duke Street Studios in Leeds, a 7,000 square foot creative working space which offers vinyl and laser cutting, a photography studio and a fully equipped workshop. · Being in Leeds means we have direct travel access to all the major cities in Great Britain, it will take us less than two and a half hours to get to London, and either less or not much more to get to Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. This will evidently allow us to have one on one time with our clients. ·We do have some competition, such as Passport, Rabbit Hole, Numiko and Stvdio. Slide - Laura Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will ·We are aware that we will always have competitors and so it is important to be able to remain modest ·We maintain a positive attitude as our underlying concept for our brand is that we always meet the end result no matter what, in the same way that a sum has a definite answer, hence the name two plus three. ·We are aware that we have competitors such as Passport, who are also located in Duke Street Studios and have been established for a couple of years already. As a result they have built up relationships with local business owners. · Rabbit hole are also located in Duke Street Studios, and although they predominantly work for the music, arts and culture sectors, they also cover branding and identity. · Despite this, we don't worry about what they are doing, we focus on our own individual practice as opposed to what is going on around us. Slide - Sam Cost – · Use Sam’s list · Why we are charging this per hour Slide – Sam · Email addresses and thank you for listening!

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