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Background npower is an electricity and gas provider. They want to engage more with customers to help them choose the best products and services for their needs. Alongside electricity and gas, npower also offer a number of energy-saving advice products which can help customers to reduce their energy usage and associated costs.

Brief set by: npower

Give customers a reason to engage with energy

Digital Design / App Design / UX, Interface & Navigation / Mobile Interaction & Experience / Technological Innovation

@DandADNewBlood #NewBloodAwards Deadline: 19 MArch 2014

Customers already have access to a number of online tools and apps which let them visualise and compare their energy use and manage their account with npower. Creative Challenge Design an app that helps people use their energy more wisely, which at the same time is fun or interesting. There must be a stand-alone reason to use the app, in addition to it being functional. Considerations • Time of life: Think about changes in customers’ lives that will change the amount of energy that they use eg a new baby, dependents leaving home, or moving home to upsize or downsize. What need or want in the customer’s everyday life could the app solve? • Benefiting from Government Schemes: Energy companies are required to install energy saving products such as insulation in people’s homes as part of the Government’s carbon reduction obligations. For some customers meeting certain eligibility criteria, these products may be free or partly subsidised, making them an attractive option. One of the key challenges that npower faces is identifying customers that are eligible for the government schemes and helping them understand how these products could benefit them in the long run. How could an app engage customers in this group in thinking about energy saving products? • Removing the hassle: think about why customers may not want to install energy saving products, e.g. they’re difficult to install, make their property less attractive, in difficult to reach places, etc. How could an app engage this group of customers? • Third party or device data: Despite electricity and gas being a major part of people’s lives, it is generally a ‘low interest’ category. How could you integrate other publically available

third party or device based data into your app to make energy more relevant or interesting for customers in their everyday lives? Target Audience Your app should be targeted to UK domestic energy customers. Focus on a customer in a particular group, situation or scenario. Deliverables Judges will see your main deliverable(s) first, and will then view any supporting material if they want to. You must refer to the ‘Preparing Your Entries’ document included in your brief pack for full format specs and submission guidance. Work in formats other than those outlined will not be accepted. It’s not essential to actually create your app to enter – you can just demonstrate how your idea would work. But npower and D&AD would love to see some working app prototypes, so do get coding if you have the skills. Or team up with someone who does and enter together. If you’re UK-based your D&AD entry will also automatically go forward for npower’s own 2014 Developer Challenge. Create a working app prototype and you could be in with a chance at their £10,000 prize. See the additional “Developer Challenge” doc included in the brief pack for full details. Main deliverables (mandatory) Present your solution using either a video (MPEG or MOV, max. 2 mins) or up to eight images (JPEG only). Supporting material (optional) If you’ve made a working app, submit this as supporting interactive work. If your main deliverable is video, you can also submit up to eight images (JPEG only). If your main deliverable is images, you can also submit video (MPEG or MOV, max. 1 min).

Npower brief  
Npower brief