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Ellen Krug 646-610-0592 THE GOLDEN COINS By Ellen Krug I dream of getting the Golden Coins to make my life complete, To live a life of luxury with treasures by my feet. Each day I pray to God that I won’t be struggling forever To live with no fulfillment where there is no happiness over the rainbow Where I can dance with joy in my heart and never be sad For I have to keep looking so I might find the dreams my heart always yearned for And I could see the sunlight shinning down on me once more. It might be a rough road ahead to get to my next destination For I am like a roller coaster that would keep on going. Each day I feel like giving up, but that is not the answer. I want to find where my road to life may take me In my quest to discover who I am Then I could move ahead to be what God expects from me. I take each day one day at a time to find a way To get the Golden Coins that would make me quite wealthy. I try to come up with ideas to get my brain thinking To where the next step will be to get my motivation going. Life may be at a stand still, but I will not abandon the ship For I have to keep my motor running so it won’t stop cold in its tracks and keep on ticking. The Golden Coins I will get at my fingertips if I keep going For I am like an engine that will keep on running. The happiness I yearn for I will achieve For I will struggle real hard if I have to burn my brain power To find the rainbow I always dreamed of right at my door when I least expected That would light a sparkle like the firecrackers in the sky.