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BEING SWALLOWED UP By Ellen Krug As each day comes and goes I feel like a river is swallowing me up With waves that are sky-high And I am drowning And I can’t breathe where darkness prevails And my life is at a standstill With no place to go And frustration keeps eating at my soul. My time clock is ticking away minute by minute And I can’t distinguish day from night And the days seem to be longer Since I wander aimlessly trying to find my dreams That would fulfill my heart and soul with hope and joy that would make me smile Instead of cry with tears running like a fault down my pink cheeks, While feeling tired as I walk the streets Which feels like I have walked miles and my feet started to feel sore. I am being swallowed up for I don’t know if I will ever find A place where I belong since nobody cares to help me And answer my cries, but just blow me off Like I am just another statistic unaccountable for and neglected With no chance to move ahead but stay in the same place lost and misplaced. So I walk a path alone feeling abandoned looking for answers To figure out how to survive in a society where I am swallowed up Trying to succeed to find the dreams I am hoping for on my own Since I have no one to turn to who cares to answers my calls when I need assistance. But I have to move on or I’ll be swallowed up And I will drown and never come up To see the light of day.



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