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I have some bad news.. This is My last nu:life I know it’s devastating, but never fear as Mike Potter is here, and I know he will do a fabulous job keeping you all up to date with NSU news and everything in-between.

GET INVOLVED George On Tour 19 Has Your Revision Melted Your Mind? 20-21

As this is the last edition this year it is packed full of information to keep you occupied all through summer, including what’s going on in your Students’ Union (Page 9) , how to book that crucial summer holiday on pages 33-33, and the truth about the Olympics from page 12.

LIGHT RELIEF Academic Advice 22 The Agony Aunt Team 23 Spotted 24-25 NGT - And The 2012 Winner Is... 26-27 Discuss - Reality TV 28-29 STUDENT CULTURE Campus Style 30-31 Happy Holiday Hunting 32-33 Gig Goers 34-35 WriSoc Serial - The Finale 36-37 Summer Munchies 38 Flicks 39 North Stars Prepare For Nationals 41 TEAM NORTHUMBRIA Nolberto Solano 42-43 Stan Calvert 44-45

Special thank you to; Kim Buffery for Academic Advice & Vikki Myerscough for sorting my dreadful spelling! Editor Holly Seabrook Twitter: NSUCommsOfficer Design

Hey everyone!

Meet your Sabbatical Team 2012 – 2013 - with this year’s record breaking elections just behind us we bring you the results plus the reactions from the incoming candidates on page 6. I know they will all have a great year, remember to say hello to them when you see them around campus! It’s been a fantastic two years, 15 editions and over 500 pages as your Editor! Thank you to every single writer that has graced these pages these past two years and I look forward to reading the mag in the future. But for now, enjoy the last edition and have a fantastic summer! Love Holly xxx

Contributors Elections Carmel Lawless NGT Review Jacob Turner RAG Round Up Oliver Dobbs London 2012 Laura Heaps Hot Topic - Olympics Kate Taylor Revision/Discuss/Summer Munchies Julia Bond The Agony Aunt Team Amy Terri & Anna Scatchard Campus Style Amy Waugh & Suzie Harker Happy Holiday Hunting Suzie Harker Flicks Callum Gibson North Stars prepare for Nationals Abi Camwell Nolberto Solano Jamie Durent Stan Calvert Simon Rushworth

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NSU News Sabb Banter


BANTER It’s the last time this year’s Sabb team will answer your questions, so we’ve grilled them to find out what their true priorities are for the term, and what Olympic sport they will be keeping an eye on!

Remember to check our fortnightly Sabbatical vlogs at: And if you have a question for us or just fancy a natter, shoot us an email or pop up and say hello on the first floor of the Students’ Union.

JO RHODES President What is your role? Representing Northumbria Students – to the University, the community and even nationally! I lead our lovely Sabb team and campaign on the things that matter to you! What have you been working on this month? Getting a bigger library! Also been working on getting meetings with MPs so that they Sabb team can lobby them on all things Higher Education! What are your priorities for the last few months of term? Lots of things: Finishing off all the campaigns, getting ready for Welcome Week and sorting out access agreements (the offer that students from lower income backgrounds get from the University). If you could only do one more thing in your role what would it be? Make sure the new space that students can eat their own food in at Coach Lane is looking pretty sweeeeet! What is your favourite Olympic sport and why? It would be Netball – but that’s not an Olympic sport – BOOOOO! Twitter: NSUPres

HOLLY SEABROOK Vice-President Communications & Involvement What is your role? I am here to keep all of you up to speed with what is going on in the Students’ Union in various ways including this amazing magazine! What have you been working on this month? This month has been hectic – I’ve been to London to lobby MP’s, Nottingham for the NaSTA Awards with NU: TV and represented you at NUS Conference in Sheffield, a right jet setter, but it’s been amazing! What are your priorities for the last few months of term? During May I will be conducting a complete review of your Student Council to ensure that each and every Northumbria Student has a voice in their Union. If you could only do one more thing in your role what would it be? Make all our media outlets (including radio) the best in the country! What is your favourite Olympic sport and why? I love the people that swing around on the poles, there really cool, but I’m also really looking forward to the Paralympics as I get to volunteer in the press office, MEGA – Twitter: NSUCommsOfficer

04 nu:life

KATE BRADSHAW Vice-President Academic Affairs What is your role? I mentor all of the academic Reps i.e. Course, School, PGT and PGR. I also run all education related campaigns, lobby the University on the issues you face on your course and lead on all education related policy. As well as this, I take lead officer responsibility for Coach Lane Campus! What have you been working on this month? This month I have been working on several projects but mainly Coach Lane priorities, piloting my Northumbria Skills Project and moving forward with our advice service. What are your priorities for the last few months of term? I have many! I would like to ensure a better bus service for Coach Lane students, a new recruitment process for Course Reps and also some areas listed in the education policy ticked off! If you could only do one more thing in your role what would it be? Bigger, more frequent bus services to and from Coach Lane! What is your favourite Olympic sport and why? Ahhhhh! I don’t really watch the Olympics (hangs head in shame) however if I had to pick one then probably gymnastics because I think it’s the one that makes you most nervous! Twitter: NSUAcademics

ANDREW CHEUNG Vice-President Activities & Development What is your role? I oversee all the student Societies, Community Volunteers (Volunteer Northumbria), Fundraising (RAG), Welcome Team and student development. What have you been working on this month? I’ve been busy recruiting the new leadership committees, starting the planning for Welcome Week Team, collecting in London with the RAG Team, attending NUS Conference and many other things! What are your priorities for the last few months of term? Ensuring the VIP Cards are sorted out for volunteers, and fighting to allow sponsored expeditions! If you could only do one more thing in your role what would it be? Ensure that there will be a optional volunteering module, so students can get recognised for their hard work academically. What is your favourite Olympic sport and why? Athletics or swimming, because these are the events where you see world records being broken! Twitter: NSUActivites1

HANNAH HORNE Vice-President Welfare & Equality What is your role? I lead on all things non-academic! This includes such things as housing, crime & safety, the local community, and health. On top of this, it is my job to champion equality and diversity. What have you been working on this month? I have been busy organising Stress Less activities throughout the exam period. My survey of Halls is also underway so I’m excited to see the results from that! What are your priorities for the last few months of term? I want to ensure that all of my Equality, Halls and Community Reps get what they can out of their last month in the role, as well as getting their feedback on the year so that all positions can be developed for next year. If you could only do one more thing in your role what would it be? Concentrate all of my efforts into improving the standards of student housing across Newcastle – including Halls! What is your favourite Olympic sport and why? Gymnastics! I think it’s mostly because of the dancing element, but also the strength and speed they have is amazing. Twitter: NSUWelfare1

And if you have a question for us or just fancy a natter, shoot us an email or pop up and say hello on the first floor of the Students’ Union.

For all you Students at Coach Lane, don’t worry about coming to see us over here, we all like to come and visit you at Coach Lane once a week. Monday Afternoons: Holly Seabrook Tuesday Mornings: Andrew Cheung Tuesday Afternoons: Kate Bradshaw Wednesday Afternoons: Hannah Horne Thursday Afternoons: Jo Rhodes Just pop in and see us on your way into Coach Lane Students’ Union.

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NSU News Elections


Elections 2012

Say hello to YOUR Sabbatical Officers for 2012-13! The Olympics are just around the corner but Northumbria has already started breaking records with the biggest elections turn out EVER! This year, a whopping 4,255 of you cast your votes to decide who will run your Students’ Union in 2012/13 and represent your views to the University, local community and beyond - that’s more votes cast than in any other Northumbria SU election. The fantastic turnout was no doubt helped by the extended voting period, which saw candidates strapping on their Duracell backpacks to power through ten long, intense days of unbridled enthusiasm to battle it out for your support. In particular, it was great news for voters with an appetite for more than just politics, with candidates dishing out Rocky Rhodes, sherbet wands and Horne-shaped shortbreads. Now, I’d hate to imply our noble student population could be swayed but there was a definite correlation between tasty treats and winning candidates. Just saying... Seriously, a huge WELL DONE to every single one of the 37 candidates (another record-breaking stat for you there). With stiff competition in every category, Northumbria was treated to some exceptional candidates who kept us all guessing to the last nail-biting second of results night.

06 nu:life

So who won? Having started the year by winning NUS HE Students’ Union of the Year (that’s pretty much the gold medal of SU achievements), the winning streak looks set to continue with three Sabbatical Officers re-elected (Jo, Hannah and Andrew). New to the role are Nicole and Mike, although as you’ll see from their bios, they’re pretty well-equipped to hit the ground running. Northumbria: this is what we call a head start. Get ready for another amazing year at the Poly to be proud of.

Jo Rhodes (re-elected) President After almost a year in the job, Jo has been Winning for Students by getting rid of £1 million of hidden fees and pushing for e-submission and feedback. This year she promises to bring us better bursaries, a taxi rank on campus and better catering at Coach Lane. Manifesto highlight: Campaign for a bigger library. I wasn’t convinced at first but when you struggle to find a computer even in the middle of a heat wave you realise how much we need more space! “I’m so pleased to have been re-elected and very excited to be able to work with such a fantastic team next year! Having such a strong mandate will allow me to really challenge the University next year and keep fighting for students needs - Thank you so much”

Nicole Pegg VP Academic Affairs Nicole is one of this year’s Lay Students and has also been involved in RAG, Welcome Week and NSU campaigns. Unsurprisingly for Academic Affairs, Nicole’s manifesto is focused heavily on library resources - 24 hour opening for City Campus East, more printers and more course-based software are all high on the agenda.

NSU News Elections Manifesto highlight: Student radio station. This has been suggested before but has never quite materialised - stay tuned to find out if this is the year for NU:FM. “I’m so happy words can’t describe how elections night felt. I can’t thank everyone who voted for me enough and I just can’t wait to start the job now”

Hannah Horne (re-elected) VP Welfare & Equality Hannah has recruited more Student Reps than ever before and has prioritised our safety with emergency taxis and the ‘Not if, but when’ anti-burglary campaign. Next year she promises to introduce a Nightline support service and improve the standard of Halls – without increasing the price.

Manifesto highlight: More detailed feedback. This is so essential if we have any hope of improving your grades. A few ticks and circling a spelling mistake does NOT constitute helpful feedback! “I was ecstatic at being elected after a long week of hard campaigning and a hard battle fought against the other candidates, I can’t wait to get started in the summer.”

Andrew Cheung (re-elected) VP Activities & Development This year RAG moved to a year-long event and has raised more money for charity than ever before. Society membership is also up by 30% and Andy’s put a real emphasise on student employability. Next year we can look forward to a Globalization Fair, Graduate Skills Conference and more training for volunteers. Manifesto highlight: Activities at Coach Lane. This has been a tough one for as long as I can remember. Hopefully this will be the year that Coach Lane really does get the attention it deserves. “I’m thrilled to have the chance to make more positive changes for our students.”

Mike Potter VP Communication & Democracy Everyone fell under the spell of ‘Mike Potter and the Relentless Campaign Team’ (I hope he washed that costume...) voting him in to work his magic on our SU. Mike has been involved in everything from RAG to campaigning and now plans to update the MYNSU website, build links with Team Northumbria and introduce a Tweetwall. And don’t worry loyal readers - Mike has been a NU:Life contributor for 2 years so your favourite magazine is in safe hands.

Manifesto highlight: Rate Your Landlord Scheme. Fantastic idea that will hopefully stop letting agencies thinking they can get away with murder. “I’m so thrilled to be in the role again for another year – I can start planning long term now which is great! Thanks for all who voted and supported me.”

Lay Student Councillors Sophie Chilton, Mike Squair, Tilly Smith, Thomas Bromwich, Lauren Teague

Equality Reps Bryce Fury Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Rep Fritha Galley LBGT Students’ Rep Aaron Bergin Mature Students’ Rep Mark Thorn Part-Time Students’ Rep Erin Kerr Women Students’ Rep Jackson Douglas Coach Lane Students’ Rep Parasuram Manu Thampi International Rep Gourav Jain International Rep

RE-OPENED Could YOU champion equality in one of the following roles? * Caring Responsibilities Students’ Rep * Disabled Students’ Rep * European Students’ Rep If you’re interested in making a difference, contact for more information about the roles and how to apply.

By Carmel Lawless

nu:life 07

NSU News Oh! What’s Occurring?


What’s Occurring? Garden Makeover Project wins National Environmental Award!

Annual Awards - 3rd of May Each year we recognise our most committed and outstanding volunteers and thank them for their amazing work. This year is set to be bigger and better than ever before with more student volunteers than ever and amazing award categories (including media volunteer of the year eak!) the competition is high! It’s a great night for all volunteers and a great excuse to put on those glad rags, wear those mega shoes and look back at the amazing achievements of Northumbria students this year.

Welcome Team - Get Involved! Northumbria Students’ Union’s Garden Makeover project was crowned winner of the Community category in the People and Environment Achievement Award at glittering ceremony, in London on Wednesday 21 March. The project’s commitment to improving community relations whilst promoting urban environmental activities scooped them the award amongst stiff competition including national organisations such as Freegle and the Findhorn Foundation. The 2011 project leader Trent Cannon collected the prestigious award to a huge round of applause! “Northumbria Students’ Union takes environmental issues very seriously and we are delighted that we won the Community Award category. Such an achievement, on a national scale, recognises the hard work that has been put in by our dedicated student volunteers the Garden Makeover Project” (Holly Seabrook, Vice President Communications and Involvement)

Do you remember all those people wearing red or yellow t shirts when you moved into halls? Didn’t they look like they were having such a good time, getting amazing skills for their CV and getting a free Welcome Week wristband? Well now it’s your turn to get involved. Be the first person a new Northumbria Student meets and give them all the advice you wish you had had. Apply now at and be a part of the Welcome Team 2012.

Stuck for Something Over Summer? Why not start an Eco NSU project...Eco NSU is the Union’s student led environmental volunteering program. An Eco NSU project can be anything from a one off event to an ongoing volunteering opportunity, as long as it’s broadly environmental, you’re in! Eco NSU offer tailored training, support and funding to get your great, green idea off the ground. For more information on starting your own Eco NSU project, check out:

nu:life 09

NSU News RAG Round Up


Round Up This has been record breaking for Northumbria RAG 2011/2012. Northumbria RAG has become a full year long with events running throughout the year as well as RAG Week, which has traditionally fallen in February, moved up the academic calendar to November. RAG kicked the year off to a great start with Mega Raids to Edinburgh in September and October raising money on for Barnardo’s. The October raid saw hard core Ragging & Bag Packing with over 40 amazing volunteers. The dedicated RAG team collected all day on the Saturday raising over £2,000, and then had time to explore the beautiful sites of the Scottish Capital. RAG aimed to break records and that it did. RAG Week broke all previous records set for the amount collected raising a staggering £28,118.61 in 7 days! There was even more people then ever before involved and getting stuck in for RAG Week, with over 200 RAG Team Members. With the week moving to November we saw the first Saturday fall on ‘Remembrance Weekend’. The amazing RAG Team managed to collected £7,308.78 on behalf of the Poppy Appeal in a single day. This was the most raised by any other organisation in the North East. This year has seen many new, popular events. The infamous hypnotist, Lo Reid returned to do a special show for RAG in conjunction with Volunteer Northumbria in February. This once again proved to be immensely popular with over 500 people in attendance. RAG also put on a steamy ‘Blind Date’ event in February, which saw couples emerge from it, but unfortunately no proposals as of yet.

The RAG total for this current academic year is an impressive

£40,192 By Oliver Dobbs

10 nu:life

RAG Week broke all previous records set for the amount collected raising a staggering £28,118.61 in 7 days!

The RAG Team managed to collected £7,308.78 on behalf of the Poppy Appeal in a single day.

FEATURES Not If But When

215 student properties were burgled in Newcastle last year. Over half of these were in Jesmond or Heaton. And so far this year 91 student properties have been targeted by burglars in these areas alone. One of the main reasons students regularly become victims of burglary is because homes are left insecure. Over half of all student burglaries last year were because windows and doors were left open or unlocked, with items including laptops, MP3 players and mobile phones left on display and stolen. We have been working with Northumbria Police and Safe Newcastle on the Not If But When campaign, to make you more aware of the part you can play to reduce this. Jesmond and Heaton Neighbourhood Inspector Louise CassWilliams said: “Northumbria Police is continuing with targeted operations across the city to reduce levels of burglary and apprehend those responsible. “One of our main focuses is burglaries to student homes as these are frequently targeted. Students are 3 times more likely to be a victim of crime than a regular resident. “The Not If But When campaign is an excellent way of getting messages out to students, encouraging them to change their ways and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime”. So here are a few tips to keep your property safe: • Keep your doors and windows locked when you go out this includes kitchen windows in Halls. • Mark your property with the initials of your university and your student ID number - this makes it harder for a burglar to sell stolen goods and can help the police return items to you. • If you have bought expensive items, don’t leave the empty boxes outside your house, rip them up and file them under a bin. Think about it - leaving the boxes outside lets the thieves know exactly what goodies you have inside your property! • Make sure your wheelie bin is in your yard, and that your

gate is shut and bolted. Burglars jump on to wheelie bins left out in the back lane to get over your back wall and into your yard where they can’t be seen by anyone when they try and break into the back of your property. • Get insured - it’s better to be safe than sorry! Be aware that some insurance companies don’t pay out if the thief gets in through an unlocked door or window. • Keep lists of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items to help police track them down if they are stolen. See for further details. Log on to for more information.

nu:life 11

FEATURES London 2012

THE FUN RUNS FROM SATURDAY 18TH UNTIL FRIDAY 24TH With summer fast approaching, I’m sure you are all beginning to make some exciting plans to keep yourselves occupied after you make your bid for freedom out of your last exam hall. Were you one of the lucky ones who managed to grab some tickets for London 2012, or will you be escaping abroad in order to avoid all the fuss?

Yes, in case you hadn’t noticed all the novelty British items filling the shop shelves (Will and Kate stock resurfacing maybe?), this year, the Olympics are being held in London!

12 nu:life

The Olympic Games, which has over 200 nations that take part, and features 26 different sports that break down into 39 disciplines, is regarded as the world’s most foremost sports competition and occurs every four years. The Games that inspired our modern day sports event originally began in Olympia, Greece, over 2,700 years ago and were part of a religious festival. The Games, like today, were staged every four years however they were staged in honour of the Greek king of the Gods, Zeus and people from all over Greece would come to watch and take part. Since the introduction of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, they have grown to a scale so that almost every nation is represented at the Games. It has also evolved to include the Winter Games to include snow and ice sports, as well as Paralympic Games for athletes with a physical disability and also Youth Olympic Games for teenage athletes. Although the Games will mainly take place in London, there are events to be seen in other cities in the UK, including Glasgow, Cardiff and here in Newcastle! The celebration of the games will be seen throughout the whole of the UK as we welcome the Olympic Flame on its journey across the country, carried by 8,000 selected Torchbearers. These inspirational people have been nominated and selected in recognition of their use of sport to benefit others within the community and will each carry the torch for part of its winding journey, which will travel no more than 10 miles from any major community.

FEATURES London 2012

Chris Heaps, a student at Northumbria University, will be one of these lucky torch bearers, in recognition of funds he has raised for charity through different sporting events.

Chris Heaps, a student at Northumbria University, will be one of these lucky torch bearers, in recognition of funds he has raised for charity through different sporting events. Chris will carry the torch through Ashington as it arrives on Friday 15th June 2012. The torch will pass many important sites on its journey through Newcastle, including, St James Park, Grey’s Monument and the Millennium Bridge.

The Olympics start on 27th July this year and will end on 12th August. So enjoy the celebrations , and make the most of the Olympics whether you are lucky enough to have tickets, bear the torch of even a volunteer Games Maker working for the Olympics! Come on Team GB! By Laura Heaps

The Olympic Flame is symbolic and marks the opening of every Games. The torch is initially lit during a traditional ceremony, from the sun’s rays at the Temple of Hera in Olympia. The Host City receives the Flame after its short relay around Greece. It is then transferred from one Torch bearer to another on its journey through the host country. The final Torch bearer lights the cauldron during the opening ceremony of the Games at the Olympic Stadium and marks the official start of the competition. This passing of the Flame symbolises spreading a message of peace, unity and friendship through the nations of the world. The Flame will stay lit until the closing of the Games when it will be extinguished.

nu:life 13

FEATURES Hot Topic - Olympics

HOT TOPIC: Olympics Are the Olympics wasteful in a time of economic difficulty? The Olympics are drawing ever closer but in a time of such financial difficulty is it appropriate (or even possible) to spend so much on what is basically an overgrown sports day? Or is the chance to host a major international event the shot in the arm the Bristish economy needs?

YES! To argue why the Olympics are a waste of time and money, I could do worse than refer to the arguments put forward by the Economist. Firstly that getting London in shape may cost “£9 billion- more than twice what we were originally told, and around £350 for every British household.” Secondly “only a fifth of jobs on the Olympic site have gone to local people” despite promises to regenerate East London. Lastly, other host cities have been left with “huge debts and white elephants.” When Britain won the Olympic bid, Labour was in power and the economy prosperous. Now we’ve said goodbye to both Labour and prosperity, perhaps it’s time to consider whether hosting the Olypmics is still a great idea. When Greece was struggling to get ready for the Olympics in time it was brought up on every weekly news satire show (admittedly there are approximately two of these, but still) and not in a flattering way. But then who cares about a little bit of international ridicule if it boosts our economy, like it did for Greece... oh wait.

14 nu:life

Only a fifth of jobs on the Olympic site have gone to local people... Of course, I shouldn’t be flippant about another country’s financial collapse. But isn’t our government doing the same by ignoring a case where the Olympics obviously did not completely revitalise the economy and instead contributed to its collapse?

Now we’ve said goodbye to both Labour and prosperity, perhaps it’s time to consider whether hosting the Olypmics is still a great idea.

FEATURES Hot Topic - Olympics

NO! One of the seemingly obvious things that often gets overlooked is that governments have to spend money to make money. If you spent the entire budget of the Olympic games on, say, building world class schools and hospitals, then for a while things would improve. But schools and hospitals (indeed any public service) takes money to run and when that money was used up you’d be in the same place you started except with even less money. I’m not saying public services aren’t (really, really) important, but that they work better in an economic climate where people raise money, pay taxes and generally provide enough income to keep them, and the rest of the country, running smoothly. Think back to the last time you saw the Olympics, the sheer number of different athletes from all over the world, all in the same place. From a humanitarian standpoint it’s a symbol of global unity and the whole world coming together to make something great. From an economic point of view that’s a lot of pro-athletes who need somewhere to sleep, eat and shop.

From a humanitarian standpoint it’s a symbol of global unity and the whole world coming together to make something great. And that’s only the games themselves. The country is building all kinds of all new facilities for the Olympics, keeping countless people in work who might otherwise have lost their jobs and providing billions of pound worth of custom for British businesses. There is also a historical precedent. During the Great Depression, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt engineered huge social schemes to employ the unemployed. Dams were built, fields irrigated, artists employed to create public art. It might seem like one of those options is less useful than the others but the point was not dams, ditches or paintings but to get as many people earning a wage as possible. Because when people have money they spend money. And when people spend enough money, a shop manages to stay in business. So the shop owner has more money to spend on ,say, a haircut. And the hairdresser can afford a new shirt. And the tailor can afford... well you get the idea. The point isn’t about creating something useful but to get people back into work and spending money. By Kate Taylor

nu:life 15

FEATURES Society Spotlight

With over 2676 Students involved in Northumbria Students’ Union Societies this Year the competition was high at this year’s annual Society awards. With a whopping 45% increase in society’s membership the event was sure to be a success. SO here are the winners from the society awards 2012. George Photo - NUTS Set the bar higher in the George Photo Competition! George conquered his fear of heights and jumped out of a plane with Oli Hare - the society president. Best Event - Musical Theatre (Sweeny Todd) “It’s awesome. Did you not see Sweeney Todd?! Cracking show, lovely people, brilliant social’s just the best all round really Best Promoters - Writers’ Society Writers’ Society has continued to grow and publicise their materials to the wider audience. Having both had stalls in the welcome week and IAM NSU week as well say holding stall in the front of the SU> They published an anthology last year and were part of the Newcastle Winter book festival Best Grant Application - Grey This application did use up a small rain forest and was over 40 pages long. The application and presentation were excellent and showed exactly how the grant would benefit their members Best New Society – Nursing Society This society has been awarded ‘Best New Society’, as over the past 6 months committee members have worked incredibly hard to provide nursing students, at Coach Lane Campus, with a link between academia and student activities, this has definitely enhanced the overall student experience.

16 nu:life

Best Special Interest Society - Writers’ Writers’ Society has done a great job this year of reaching out to new members and bringing the incredibly vibrant Newcastle artistic community into NSU by holding such great events as their Anthology Book Launch and A Night Fantastic Best affiliated and Faith Society - LINKS LINKS has vastly increased both its general membership base and also the number of fully qualified members which has more than tripled in the last few months. The society has also provided first aid at a variety of events including the Great North Run, Newcastle University Union nights and Football matches. Best Sports Society - N501 Darts Darts has had brilliant year increasing membership, which has allowed entry to compete in competitions with other Uni’s from the region and national. Best Cultural Society - Erasmus This society deserves this award, as they are a very warm welcoming society who are keen to involve anyone from any background with their activities. they are a great society who really give a great impression of the Erasmus experience!

Best Performance Society - Dance Everybody who goes looks to have such a good time! They always put on a good show and the classes are always fantastic�

Best Secretary - Sarah Price (Dance) She just makes the dance society the amazing society that it is. She does so much work and puts so much into organising everything such as many things for the show.

Best Course Based Society - Social Work The society aims to help support social work students, by providing a network of students and qualified professionals that can help to keep the negative views of others in perspective and offer encouragement.

Best President - Jon Eaton (Gaming and Roleplay) This person has been president of the society for nearly four years now and has seen it grow from humble beginnings of friends to a society of over 40 members. He makes the society what it is.

Unsung Hero - Jennifer Wagstaff (Musical Theatre) This girl has been an amazing volunteer for the Musical Theatre Society. Without her our production of Sweeney Todd would not have been half of what it was.

Best Rep - Gemma Horner (Sports Rep) Gemma is a fantastic REP. Throughout the year Gemma has supported all the sports societies through surgeries as well as myself. She has a strong sense of society togetherness and of fairness – she has been a pleasure to work with.

Best Committee Member - Joe Grocott (CVGS) I am proud to work with him. I am proud to call him my friend. I am proud to nominate him for this award as by far the best committee member of the year. Best Treasurer - Matthew Tinn (CVGS) This person, for me, has been a lot more than just a treasurer this year, as he has taken that role and fitted in wherever he has been needed. He has done an amazing job this year and, I believe, this man deserves the award.

Most Improved Society - Dance The dance society has improved the most since last year and is still continuing to improve. We recently got 2nd and 3rd at Sunderland competition which is a massive improvement from last year! Congratulations Everyone!

nu:life 17



NO CAR SUPERSTAR CAMPAIGN LEADER NEEDED! SEEN THE NO CAR SUPERSTAR CAMPAIGN? WANT TO MAKE IT BIGGER AND BETTER FOR THIS YEAR AND NEXT? The superstars are searching for a volunteer Project Leader to manage the No Car Superstar campaign, take it forward and shape its future. This position gives you the opportunity to recruit a team of volunteers, liaise with external organisations and call the shots on an exciting city-wide travel campaign that reaches a massive

52,000 students! The Project Leader should have super-skills in marketing, with the role appealing to anyone interested in management, events, design, campaigning, environmental issues, promotions, making a change, the media, public relations, having fun and gaining some great graduate skills!

Apply for the role on the volunteer database:


on tour

GEORGE George LeBug is the Students’ Union Activities mascot and this term societies have been taking George out on tour! Here are Georges’ highlights so far and remember if your part of a society and your going anywhere, come take George out of the office.

George on a Ferry

George Playing Twister

George Skydiving

George at Lindisfarne

George selling cakes to

raise money

nu:life 19

GET INVOLVED Has Your Revision Melted Your Mind?

Has your revision melted your mind? I think my revision has melted my mind…. Exams? Stressed? PANIC?! Well not quite yet… don’t forget there’s still time!

Exams are always horrible but if you set aside the time and revise properly over a period of time the exam shouldn’t be too horrific when the exam days roll up in May. Well if you’re really smart you’ll have made the best use of Easter and got all your revision notes together, sorted through your files and worked out what areas you need to tackle for your different exams. If you had a nice relax, put your feet up and watched the telly and ate a large amount of Easter eggs I would say that’s where you need to get started. The temptation when faced with an amount of revision is one of two things either to put it off as it seems too massive to handle or to cry, for probably the same reason or the looming feeling you’re going to fail. But if you take your revision steady from a logical and thoughtful perspective you can get through it! • Make a list of what your need to revise for each exam and set yourself a deadline when to have gone through it by. • Make yourself a revision timetable - what you’re going to revise each day and for each exam. • Don’t prioritise one exam over others – passing one exam will not help you pass your degree if you fail all the others. • Eat well and sleep well -3 meals a day, 8 hours sleep a night. Otherwise you will become a burbling revision zombie yelling random quotes and crying into your notes at 3am in the library. 20 nu:life

• Take yourself away from distractions – leave your laptop, turn your phone off and attack your piles of paper. • Stay off the booze – I know. Students without alcohol – blasphemy? Although a drink is good every once or twice in a while – it can affect your memory - therefore you’ll forget some of that information you might have learnt – and revising with a hangover is never fun. • If you’re really struggling make yourself a rewards chart when you complete a section/ learn all your Marvell quotes/ master algebra you can go to the park, have a ice-lolly, go to the beach or perhaps several crème eggs? • Have revision sessions with your friends to help your spur and inspire each other to continue with what you’re doing, • Practise makes perfect – do past exam questions, papers and check them against mark schemes to see where you would fall – if possible take them to your tutors to ask how you can improve these too. • If you get really really really seriously bored – read out your notes in a funny voice or accent (oddly helps you to remember) - or wear hat or utilize that collection of fancy dress outfits left over from Freshers and recite your notes to some people very much interested in your opinion in your toga - just as long as it doesn’t distract too much.

REMEMBER: The night before an exam - The best thing you can do is to get a good night’s sleep . If you pull an all-nighter and rock up to the exam in your pjs, watch on backwards word vomiting up random bits of revision, you’ll probably scare your fellow students and not do too brilliantly in the exam.

On the day of the exam - Get up and go through the most crucial notes for your exam, have a good meal before you go in and get to that exam room early. In the exam - Plan, be neat and stick to your timings! Don’t forget to take a watch with you as you may not be able to see the clock at the front of the room and if you have spare time left over at the end check through your exam to check you haven’t written anything illegible or pure nonsense. By Julia Bond

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LIGHT RELIEF Academic Advice

Acdemic Advice Academic Problems Large or Small, Our Kim can fix them all! Kim Buffery is your Education Caseworker who ensures you are always well represented with academic issues.

Hi Kim ,

Hi Kim,

I’m living in Halls. Recently my fl atmate set off the fi re alarm after a night out. Now we’re all being charged for the fire service call-out. Surely this is unfair; I was in bed asleep at the time.

I was out on the weekend and my mate was involved in a fight. It was nothing too serious - nobody was really hurt - but the Police were involved and we were all taken in for questioning. I was given a verbal caution for being drunk and disorderly, but the offi cer told me not to worry, as it was only a minor thing. The trouble is, I’m on a professional programme at Coach Lane - should I tell my lecturers? I don’t see the point in all this hassle when I’ve got assessments to be getting on with and, as the officer said himself, it’s not really a big deal.

Alistair Dear Alistair, The University charges a fixed £65 for “activating the fire alarm without reasonable cause (including not attending to food being cooked at all times)” (Student Regulations Section 3 Appendix 4: Standard Fines 8). However, you can appeal if you can show it wasn’t your fault – book an appointment with me in The Base to discuss this. In the meantime, let your flatmate know that interfering deliberately with fire safety equipment isn’t only a Northumbria disciplinary matter– it’s also a criminal offence and the University can involve the police. Kim

If you have an academic problem you would like to discuss with me just shoot an email to su.advice@ and I will be back in touch with you within 48 hours. Alternatively pop to the base information desk on the ground floor and the staff will arrange a good meeting time for us. Or Pop in and see me at Coach Lane 10-11am on Wednesdays!

22 nu:life

Kate Hi Kate, In short - you absolutely must come clean with your Guidance Tutor. A range of programmes that lead to professional registration, including Teaching, Nursing and other Allied Health Professionals, have strict Codes of Conduct which state that you have to be honest about any involvement with the police at all. Once you’ve informed the Guidance Tutor, you will probably have to attend a Professional Suitability Board where a decision will be made on whether you can continue on the programme. The University’s difficulty is that, even with a very minor caution, it can be difficult for them to arrange a placement for you if there’s anything at all on your CRB. This doesn’t have to be the end of your University career – you can sometimes get a place on a different programme and enrol on a qualifying Postgraduate programme once the caution’s spent - and it will be viewed much more severely if you don’t declare it now. If you do have to go to a Board, we can help you present your case - arrange an appointment with me at The Base to discuss or pop in to see me on Wednesdays between 10.00-11.00am at the SU Coach Lane. Kim

LIGHT RELIEF The Agony AuntAdvice Team LIGHT RELIEF Academic

The AA Team Amy & Anna To the rescue Dear the AA Team,

Dear the AA Team,

I recently witnessed my housemates’ boyfriend getting with some other girl on a night out. I don’t really get on with her that well because of him. He does treat her well and she seems really happy. I just don’t know whether to tell her because I don’t think she will believe me.

I recently had a night out and had a little bit too much to drink. I had a bit of a tumble aka epic fail down the stairs. I awoke to find I had broken my cheekbone and lovely black eye to accompany this. Whilst on the mend my dissertation is due in three weeks and I have fallen behind. What should I do?

Love Clara Love Tanisa x Dear Clara, Dear Tanisa, That really can’t have been nice for you to see but, TELL HER. Imagine yourself in the same situation. Would you want to know? Even if she doesn’t believe you to begin with, when the truth does come out she will respect you more for at least trying to tell her. Love Amy and Anna x

We are terribly sorry to hear this. We think that it is best to go and speak to your programme leader and see what they can offer you. You could get extensions or retake the year but we would just suggest seeing if you can work over summer and then graduate in September, then you don’t have to do all the work you have completed again. We hope you get everything sorted and don’t panic!! Love Amy and Anna x

If you have a problem that you want us to answer, please email The AA Team at su.problems@ and we will be more than happy to help you! nu:life 23 23 nu:life

24 nu:life

With so much going on at your Students’ Union these last few months there are so many pictures, so here are some highlights from the society awards and the elections. Can you spot yourself? With thanks to Harry Marshal for images throughout this months nu:life. nu:life 25

LIGHT RELIEF NGT - And The 2012 Winner Is...

NGT And the 2012 winner is... This year’s Northumbria’s Got Talent kicked off in true star style as hosts Laura Cropper and Adam Young introduced the evening and opening act; three piece male rock band The Hairiest Men in Newcastle. Entering to a Monk chant dressed in cloaks and hoods, they introduced their piece as “the greatest story ever told.” It soon became clear to many that this was a Star wars reference fitting in nicely with the X-Factor: judges as Gods similarity of the competition. Much to the delight of the audience they even produced a light saber. With their Don Mclean American Pie parody, “Soon I’m going to be a Jedi” the band showed U.S. influenced rock was alive in the City and particularly at University. The second act was performance student Andre Gwilliam with a spellbinding performance of Michael Buble’s Cry Me a River. Like Buble, Andre was a real ladies man, suited and booted, with moves to match a strong voice. This man’s going to go far! The music and dancing we’ve become used to is broken up as Smenchy Smench takes to the stage to provide a little magic pulling out everything from his case of tricks from a

26 nu:life

feather bowa to ‘telekinetic’ (moving) balls. The act gathered steam as he donned a blindfold and rotated another ball around his hands. Oh yeah, and dressed in giant ‘Elton John’ style glasses. The audience and judges were enchanted as he brought variety to the show. Fourth on was male singer and guitarist Jez who began by apologising to the judges in advance for his act not being funny adding, “but if you like crying maybe it’s for you.” Strumming a beautiful melody on his guitar he went into a gorgeous re-working of MGMT’s Kids followed by Ed Sheeran and Oasis covers. Following on the solo theme, the next contestant was Kaisa a young lady with a powerful, soulful voice and a superstar attitude and stage presence to match. She treated everybody in the room to her rendition of Etta James’ I don’t want to go blind, Afterwards receiving a standing ovation from the judges! Closing the first half of the show was Northumbria’s Musical Theatre society who created suspense and intrigue as they entered the darkened stage. Performing an incredibly strong and focused extract from Sweeney Todd with talents shining through from the 17 membered cast. As the interval comes around we have time to catch our breath before opening performer Hayley Murray blows us away with her vibrant rendition of Ollie’s Murs’ Dance with Me Tonight. With a soulful, friendly voice injecting some fun into the audience, a natural, charismatic performer who one

After long pauses of suspense as one by one an act left the stage, Kaisa was named winner of Northumbria’s Got Talent 2012.

judge stated, “turned the stage into her own”. Next up, Kate Bradshaw and Sarah Urwin giving us a touch of Disney in the form of Lobster Sebastian and seagull (fully costumed!) from The little Mermaid performing Kiss de Girl. As the song reaches an end the audience and judges marvel as the pair evolve into different species as they peel off a layer of costume to reveal underneath they are dressed as The Lion King characters Timon and Pumba. And then what’s this? Another costume change, for The Jungle Book classic I Wanna be Like You”. Staying in the comedy mood, Fernando took to the space and (eventually) got up on stage to… wait for it… make a grated cheese sandwich! Quite the food expert he knew chocolate is the way to a girl’s heart and was quick to offer one lucky member of the audience a Lion bar in exchange for letting him give her his number. Returning to music for the penultimate act was Rag and Banjo, a three piece guitar, bass and banjo band with attitude and inspirational lyrics sang with heart, “run chicken run, don’t you lose your step”. This was folk done well. Despite some negative feedback from judges, the band commented by saying “We’re just happy to be doing something for Alzheimers”. Final act Luke Westgate dazzled everybody with his hot to trot street dance moves even flirting with judge Frizzle! A

comedy element to his moves which displayed a sense of humour and an ability to engage with an audience on an intimate level. After the acts had performed Judge Frizzle (fresh from his recent flirtation) took to the stage to entertain the audience with a medley of comedy parodies of popular songs. Included in his megamix was Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger transformed into “Moves for Jenga”. Lady Gaga was also on the hit list as Edge of Glory became “Hedge in Hockney” and Bad Romance now “Bad Romans”. After presenters Laura and Adam drew the raffle and revealed the winners, they crossed centre stage and welcomed back the contestants with the most votes from the audience to narrow them down and announce the winner. Tensions were high for the remaining five acts; Andre, Hayley Murray, Kaisa, Luke Westgate, Kate bradshaw and Katie Urwin. After long pauses of suspense as one by one an act left the stage, Kaisa was named winner of Northumbria’s Got Talent 2012. With the discovery of new talent from the acts entering and the revelation that over £800 had been raised for Alzheimer’s Society, the final ended on a high. Next year’s competition countdown begins now! By Jacob Turner.

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LIGHT RELIEF Discuss - Reality TV


Superficial space filler Saturday night rubbish to mollycoddle the brain after a hard week? Or - Something much darker? Reality television is now an integral part of our culture people gather together on nights to watch programs such as Take Me Out and Geordie Shore, the first to cringe along with the contestants and in the case of the second to make sure they have not been caught on film on a slightly tipsy night in the toon. It can be seen to offer opportunity and has produced a number of success stories especially in the case of music with bands such as JLS and One Direction faring extremely well and individuals, including Rebecca Ferguson, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke doing just as well if not perhaps better. These examples all range from one show and have become household names some of which recognized globally and have enabled them to spread their talent and achieve their ‘dreams’. Other shows offer large monetary rewards ‘Total Wipe Out’ for one gives all contestants a trip to Argentina and the offer at the end of a £25,000 prize, which for many is payment enough for a few minutes of mild humiliation on television. Aside from offering opportunities to the contestants reality television primarily offers the viewer entertainment in normally unexpected avenues by challenging their preconceptions and surprising them in unusual fashions. Reality television is unpredictable in its initial conception to represent

28 nu:life

real life and presents the human subject rightly so as ‘free’ with the ability to do or say basically anything. To the viewer this can be seen as an oddly stimulating and exciting experience as it enables them to see the diverse range of people that make up our culture. Additionally it enables them to see how different individuals react to situations and allow them to compare how they would react in similar circumstances. Reality television is able unlike other types of television show has the ability to cover a wide and diverse range of subject matter from business to singing to endurance in a large social experiment to challenge our notions of society. This diversity not only provides entertainment but also education as we are able to learn from these experiences and the experiences of others. Furthermore, these shows provide inspiration, who did not want to be able to dance like ‘Diversity’ after their performance which combined dancing, gymnastics, tumbling and comedy all in one routine. Reality television is most definitely here to stay, but what the future holds will be most definitely bigger and hopefully better to challenge social interaction and how we as a society work.

However…. It seems that Saturday nights in front of the television have become a channel hopping game from reality show to reality show with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 all wanting in on a piece of the action. Have we lost the true meaning of television and have we lost our Saturday nights forever? There always appears to be some sort of opportunity in which reality shows seek to embarrass and humiliate the quirkier individual in the scope of reality television and it appears we have become so accepting of this culture we start prejudging individuals. In the case of Susan Boyle this is evident; her life has obviously been changed by her appearance on reality television but for the better? She is commonly referred to as SUBO, not the most flattering of nicknames and been hospitalized due to stress - does money and fame really bring you happiness? But! These shows seek to represent true and real experience of the modern human experience – is this not undermined by the scripting or creation of dramatic moments in reality television ‘for the entertainment of the viewer’. This happens admittedly more in American based reality television such as Jersey Shore and Wife Swap than in UK broadcasting, however it can be seen to be crossing over slowly but surely, before most talent shows the contestants are picked to be presented to the judges some for purely comedy factor others for actual talent.

The recent release of ‘The Hunger Games’ draws alarming parallels between the toxicity of reality television and society. The basic premise of the film is that twenty four teenage contestants from different parts of the nation are picked and challenged to fight for survival until the death, the final one remaining is declared champion. Before they enter the arena the contestants must impress their audiences by spectacle and dress, reflecting to an extent the walk in of the Big Brother House and which housemate has the biggest wow factor or strikes the greatest impression on the audience to win their support. In the film, it is proposed by Gale Hawthorne, “What if one year everyone just stopped watching? Then they wouldn’t have the Games.” Is this not true for reality television also? We need to remember that people voluntarily place themselves in these positions – however we still smile at their demise, we boo them and jeer. What does this truly say about us? By Julia Bond

...number of success stories especially in the case of music with bands such as JLS and One Direction faring extremely well and individuals, including Rebecca Ferguson, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke... nu:life 29

CamPus Style STUDENT CULTURE Campus Style

With the sunshine creeping through we couldn’t wait to hit the campus and check out what styles you guys are rocking this month! Spring/summer always makes you bring out the best bits from last year and freshen them up with some new shoes or a stylish accessory. To say you guys were only at uni, you really were some well dressed students! Here’s what we found this month...

eting LAURA r Fashion Markwith her e a y e e t 4th Y lly caught our ect injec

perf itia Laura in red wool hat, a orning! le y m i st n t u re l e a b r a dism though, fo st r o u m lo o e of c ed us th ss nsive re e p p x im e What to find in re si e lt d r su of was he is the re llo ; the hat Portobe g t in a r th e lo ld c ty shop a stall ho ri a g h n c ri e a rt ba ag is nd the b market a £2.99! robe: t a her ward bargain thing in e v si n e p Most ex od boots joying a Westwo En Vivienne summer: ing for jobs e th r s fo d apply n a Her plan k a re ed b well earn

IA OLIVish l g En ure year t 2nd Litera mmer

e su ress or th rint f opshop d for p l a r o eless via’s T tty fl A pre eason; Oli hts is tim ion. Her ig s it t s h n e it er tra rdrob ed w team g/ summ other wa throw an to prin the s im shirt is he thing o dress den it’s just t elping t more ; ,h it staple any outfit Making rom a f ni. d roun wn for u is a gem shop. it do ; is that it vintage her in ue hing uniq sive t oes (loan n e p ex t!) r sh Most rt Geige ell spen w day e: Ku li b o o H r mer: week ward e sum da for th riends an in Frace s n la f p h r it e H nte w to Za

m e find fro a vintag ention the r; a e w it aped kn ather, not to m . To rize bag stingly sh we accesso CHLOE r Maths in intere for the warmer d le n y a st ts d o n o t 2nd yeuatfit mixes comfortloaok makes it perfebcrown Debenhamsmba stall in York! fro e c la Chloe’s o ff –the shoulder in well with the k c e n g eo er silver bracelet York! Th pes tonin arm is h er charm olour stri dding extra ch lv c si l r ra e H tu : a a e 30 nu:life n ish the look and wardrob working g in her fin xing and sive thin la n e e R p x r: e e Most summ s for the Her plan


RACHEL r Business 2nd yea ment Manage n a gorgeous

dow Dressing ress with a kd o o L w e jacket N ap denim arf, G ic sc class it n k unky and a ch y shows us ll a re Rachel n to ress dow how to d e also love her .W dress up , which she bag s TK Max lf, it goe ed herse customis ith her violet yw perfectl ar! e w k c e n thing in pensive Most ex be: Her Uggs ro her ward r the summer: s fo Her plan r placement at he g in rt ta S n sa Nis

HANN 2nd y AH ea It was Psych ologyr Hann B a

ank to h’s be caugh p which o autiful rigina t our eye lly spoke to he , but as we r w e not her g iced orgeo Conra us casua n bag, ma Jasper king t l uni t h re bit de signe nd that li is denim r! Her on t ttle r Selfrid shorts are end she’s ge, we lov Miss tights teamed th e how em for Most that sprin with expen g chil l! siv her w ardro e thing in be: £7 0 Mis S Her p lans f elfridge d s ress or the s u m Ibiza with mer: friend s

GINA 1st year Photo graphy We loved Gina

’s cute look, te aming autumn reds wi th summer be iges to make a perfect spring outfit fo r a sunny yet chilly day. Her puffer jacke t gives this innocent lo ok some attitud e, we love it! Gina bo ught all of her outfit in Japan. Most expensive thing in her wa rdrobe: £150 Japanese designer bag Her plans for th e summer: Go ing to the beach!

It’s that time of year again. We’ve finally come to the end of what’s felt like an everlasting winter, we’re starting to see some springtime sun, and guess what? We want more, more, more! If you’ve been pulling your hair out looking for a gorgeous yet reasonably cheap summer getaway, read on... Most things are difficult to buy on our student budgets, with the exception of value beans, so when it comes to spending hundreds of pounds on a holiday, we students need to know how to do it right, and I think I may just have some answers...

nu:life 31

STUDENT CULTURE Happy Holiday Hunting

Happy Holiday Hunting Your guide to... Holiday Shopping It’s that time of year again. We’ve finally come to the end of what’s felt like an everlasting winter, we’re starting to see some springtime sun, and guess what? We want more, more, more! If you’ve been pulling your hair out looking for a gorgeous yet reasonably cheap summer getaway, read on... Most things are difficult to buy on our student budgets, with the exception of value beans, so when it comes to spending hundreds of pounds on a holiday, we students need to know how to do it right, and I think I may just have some answers...

32 nu:life

Things to look for: All inclusive packages Free food and drink? Yes please! When you’ve paid for the holiday a few months before, everything really does seem costless by the time you’re sipping your free cocktail by the pool! It also means you can still treat yourselves to one or two meals out without worrying about the cost of this every night. Transfers and baggage included there are some great cheap holiday websites, which make you think you’re getting a bargain deal, but watch out! The further along you go with your booking you realise baggage can be a large extra cost and it may be up to you to get from the airport to your hotel when you arrive. It’s best to let someone else do all this hard work for you in an unfamiliar country. Reps They are the holiday equivalent of Superman your hero. If anything goes wrong on your trip they’ll always make regular visits to the hotel to help you. They’ll also have the great local knowledge that you won’t, so advice on day trips and extra things to make your holiday even better is always on hand.

STUDENT CULTURE Happy Holiday Hunting

For some extra help, I’ve looked into booking a holiday through three different websites to assess their pro’s and con’s, and let you in on my winner... A great company you know you can trust. Everything is included and they’ll make sure you’re safe out there. The only down side is the price. It’s difficult to find a 4* all inclusive package with them for under £500. My score: 4/5 The cheapest holidays around! At just over £300 for a 4* all inclusive holiday, they really are handing out bargains. But this is where you need to be careful! Baggage and transfers are not included in the price, and the small print states that the star rating the website has given is often higher than the actual hotel standard. My score: 3/5 MY WINNER! On the beach lets you choose everything separately: flights, hotel, package, baggage, transfers, so you can create your perfect holiday package, and they have recently introduced a rep system. A 4* all inclusive package through this site is around £400, perfection! My score: 5/5 by Suzie Harker

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STUDENT CULTURE Gig Goers Amy Spedding, assistant manager of the charity shop said: “It’s a really good way to raise money for the British Red Cross and it’s a good way to raise awareness because people know we do a lot of work abroad but they don’t think of us working here so much. It’s also a great way to show younger people that charity work can be cool!”

Shop & Rock This year’s music and fashion fundraiser Shop and Rock has raised an impressive £600 for the British Red Cross charity. The second event took place on Sunday 19 February 2012 in Reds and was host to a vintage clothing fair, catwalk and raffle in the day and a selection of bands in the evening – with some very exciting acts. Hyde & Beast were secured as the headliners and performed at the uni for the first time. After the recent success of their debut album Slow Down which received top ratings in Q, NME, Clash and Time Out magazines. The duo from Sunderland entered the stage as a six piece collective, with guest appearances from Barry Hyde - lead singer of The Futureheads. Their hour long set was a hit and many people turned up to see them play in such an intimate setting as Reds. Local up-and-coming bands Symphonic Pictures and The Green Hour (who feature two Northumbria students) also performed to the audience of over 100 people. The professional-style vintage catwalk during the day showcased second-hand clothing from the British Red Cross charity shop, in the city centre. The student organisers wanted to prove that old clothes can still be current and fashionable, with just a little bit of customising and accessorising.

34 nu:life

The professional-style vintage catwalk during the day showcased second-hand clothing from the British Red Cross charity shop, in the city centre.

Around 15 local vintage stalls also proved that second-hand clothing is the way forward by selling some beautiful retro clothes, shoes, accessories and records from times gone by. Over 30 new student volunteers from a variety of courses and years were involved. Models, hair and make-up artists, band support and tech support are just a few of the roles students were invited to take part in. The team has been working hard since September 2011 to prepare for the event, in order to make is as successful as it was. The project was also supported by RAG this year and their help has been great. Shop and Rock recently won the 2012 Innovation Award from the British Red Cross for creative and successful fundraising. For more information search Shop and Rock on Facebook or Twitter, or contact shopandrock@




The Temper Trap have announced their stunning second album, ‘The Temper Trap’, due for release on Infectious Music on 21 May. The record will be the band’s first as a newly-expanded fivepiece outfit following the permanent addition of Joseph Greer on keyboard and guitar. The selftitled album will feature 12 new songs recorded in Los Angeles with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83, Phoenix). The track listing is as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Need Your Love London’s Burning Trembling Hands The Sea Is Calling Miracle This Isn’t Happiness Where Do We Go From Here Never Again Dreams Rabbit Hole I’m Gonna Wait Leaving Heartbreak Hotel

A first taste of the record in the form of album track Rabbit Hole is available to stream from today via The first single from the album will be opening track Need Your Love, due for release on 7 May. ‘The Temper Trap’ is the follow up to 2009’s debut long-player ‘Conditions’. Featuring the singles Science of Fear, Fader, Love Lost and Sweet Disposition - the latter of which spent more than six months in the UK singles chart - the album was one of the breakthrough successes of the year and has now been certified Gold two-times over in the UK, selling over 800,000 copies worldwide. The band will debut tracks from the new record at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and during a sold out tour of the US in March. They today announce a full UK tour for May to coincide with the album release. Tickets for the UK shows are on sale 12pm Friday 9 March. The Temper Trap are Dougy Mandagi, Jonathon Aherne, Toby Dundas, Lorenzo Sillitto & Joseph Greer

Get your Tickets at the Students’ Union Welcome desk now! nu:life 35

STUDENT CULTURE WriSoc Serial - The Finale

WriSoc SerialThe Finale So far:

Lexi has started second year by stumbling into the wrong lecture room. Even worse, the lecture she crashes is on the subject of highly secret magic and she finds herself cursed. Attempting to rescue new friend and talented wizard, Natalie, Lexi find herself at the mercy of an immortal vampire with only a 2HB pencil between her and certain death.

[Part 8] The pencil I’d jammed into my hair was slippery with blood but unbroken: apparently it had raked a cut across my scalp when Vesperian threw me to the ground. ‘Foolish mortal,’ Vesperian crowed, leaning over me close enough I could see the madness in his eyes. ‘My bride and I will tear open your throat as our wedding feast!’ My fists clenched at the thought of Natalie being forced to kill me. Was Vesperian planning on controlling her somehow after her transformation? Or would she be instantly transformed into a bloodthirsty monster? With those thoughts still in my head I reversed my grip on the pencil and drove it as hard as I could in the approximate direction of his heart. Vesperian staggered. The blood spreading slowly across his shirt was so dark it was almost black and already clotting. I kicked him as hard as I could, rolled onto my knees and drove the pencil upwards as he dived towards me. This time it hit his heart. Or at least, it hit something. I could tell because he began to writhe, his skin drawing unnaturally tight over his bones. I scrambled away, still on my knees, as he began to glow from within. By the time the flames started I was crouched behind a side table.

36 nu:life

When they stopped, I got to my feet and looked for Natalie. She’d been suspended in midair by Vesperian’s magic but it was already wearing off : she was falling by degrees, like a puppet whose strings were giving out one by one. I went to catch her and got there just as the spell collapsed entirely. At least, I thought stoically, I had broken her fall. Then again, whoever had been responsible for changing her into a wedding dress could at least have got rid of her Doc Martens. They were going to leave on hell of a bruise. I prodded her in the side, entirely from friendly concern for her well being. Mostly. Probably. At least half. ‘Lexi?’ Natalie muttered, opening her eyes. ‘Why are you in my-’ Her eyes opened wider as she clocked our surroundings, the wedding dress, the blood I could feel matting my hair. ‘New question: why aren’t I in my bedroom?’ ‘It’s a long story,’ I said, helping her to her feet. ‘I’m not sure I believe it.’

[Epilogue:] ‘Cheer up,’ Natalie said. ‘At least you know the curse is broken now.’ I nodded, swirling my coffee in my hand. We were in one of the campus’ quieter cafes, somewhere people wouldn’t notice if the origami bird, Vivere, on the table occasionally preened itself and flapped it’s folded paper wings independently. It’s magic hadn’t worn off when Vesperian’s had and it had taken to following me around, perched in my hair or on my lapel. Most people thought it was some kind of alternative corsage. Sometimes in lectures it would unfold to reveal anecdotes, suggestions for further reading or even to correct the lecturer. I was going to have to find a way to stop it coming into exams with me. ‘I know,’ I said. ‘Three days yesterday and here I am.’ Natalie shrugged elegantly. ‘Look at it this way, you only had to wait three days: it’s less suspense than The Ring.’ She was wearing the lacy gown from her near-wedding, now dyed sea green. If there was one girl on campus to appreciate Vesperian’s taste in Victoriana it was her, proof I suppose that they’d at least had one thing in common.

‘I just worry,’ I pressed. ‘That demon kid... Aesop, he’s still out there. His wings’ll grow back in eventually.’ ‘So take a module in defensive magic.’ Natalie shrugged again. I stared for a full ten second before I got any words out. ‘You can do that?’ ‘Um, yeah.’ Natalie sipped her own coffee delicately. ‘You think anyone seriously applies to do a full degree in magic? How’s that going to look on your CV? Technically speaking I’m a fashion student.’ I digested this. She had done a nice job on that dress, even if it was getting two disbelieving glances for every one admiring one. ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘Where do I enrol?’ Special Thanks to the Writers society for their constant commitment to nu:life.



Munchies Got a sweet tooth and a hankering to ditch revision for a little while? Is it all hot and sunny and need a cool down treat for your little bbq? Or is there a special someone you quite want to impress?

HOT HOT SUMMER Ice lollies are the easiest thing to make ever - FACT All you need is an ice-lolly mould (the Poundshop sells these). If you don’t have one of these plastic cups also will work well or if you don’t have these mugs with plastic food bags in them also work well. Choose your juice, milkshake, fizzydrink - pour in and freeze overnight! But if you fancy something a bit more exotic and to keep yourself cool before you hit the toon on a night out you might fancy a more alcoholic frozen treat. Any alcoholic drink of your choice mixed with a fruit juice or a fizzy drink. The ratio of alcohol to mixer should be 1:3 otherwise the lollies will not freeze.

A few ideas to get you started…

Stick to these munchies advice and you’ll blow the socks of your mates and sail through revision and into summer with a little twinkle or two in your eye.

• • •

Passion fruit juice and Vodka Rum and Cherry Coke Vodka, lemonade and lime cordial

• • • • • •

Make your own Pizza Well it’s tastier than any old shop made thing, plus it’s a good excuse to get your hands messy. 1kg strong white bread flour 1 level tablespoon fine sea salt 2 x 7g sachets of dried yeast 1 tablespoon golden caster sugar 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 650ml lukewarm water

Mix together the flour and the salt, while in a jug mix the yeast, sugar and olive oil into the water (leave for a little bit) then pour into a well in the dry ingredients. Mix and knead until you have a smooth dough. Leave the dough to rest for an hour or so somewhere warm until it has doubled in size. When it has done this you knead it once more and then divide the dough up into 6 to 8 balls and roll to about half a cm before covering with your choice of topping. By Julia Bond 38 nu:life



And so we’re here: the last issue of NU:Life under the current management. After two years under the ironfisted rule of editor Holly Seabrook I can honestly say, with an un-ironic tear in my eye, that it’s been an absolute pleasure and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Here, for your consideration, are some of the movies you should keep an eye out for over the coming months. And remember, just because the sun’s out and people want to socialise, doesn’t mean you have to: hit the movies, you know you want to.

American Pie: Reunion

The Dark Knight Rises

(April 6th/15)

(July 20th/TBC)

Who expected this? After the original trilogy finished and the powers that be decided to churn out sequel after sequel with nothing but money in mind (American Pie Roadtrip, anyone?) the last thing anyone, myself included wanted to see was another Pie flick, but look at this. All of the cast have returned, the focus is once again on the trials of growing up when you should probably know better, and Stifler’s mom looks as though she’s going to get nailed by Jim’s dad. I can’t wait. Oh, and you can bet the soundtrack’s going to adhere to tradition and absolutely kick ass.

Here we have it, the jewel in this year’s cinematic crown; the final part in the Nolan/Bale bat-trilogy. To say that expectations are high for this is like saying that the sea’s a little bit wet. After Heath Ledger’s penultimate performance as The Joker in 2008’s Dark Knight, after he blew us all away with such unfathomable insanity, the villains have a lot to live up to, but don’t worry, they’re in safe hands. The ever reliable Tom Hardy (Bronson) has beefed up hugely to play Bane, whilst Anne Hathaway is running around in hella-tight leathers as Catwoman. Have you seen the trailer yet? Have you? Michael Caine is crying, man. Why? I don’t know. But I can’t wait to find out.

Men in Black 3


(May 25th/TBC)

(June 8th/TBC)

Another surprise in the summer canon, and not one that I wouldn’t have written about (MiB2 was a tad crap) had the trailer not been so insanely good; and I can sum up it’s brilliance in only two words: Josh Brolin. Seriously, go have a look.

Not much is known about this other than it’s a Ridley Scott flick (Alien, Gladiator, Blade Runner) once more taking a group of unsuspecting astronauts into the horror house of his mind where things are definitely not as they seem. This would be a forerunner for the “stupidly awesome cool awards” this year, if only it wasn’t for... By Callum Gibson nu:life 39

STUDENT CULTURE North Stars Prepare For Nationals


prepare for Nationals

The Northumbria Cheerleaders are on the countdown to the British Cheerleading Association University League Championships held on 5th and 6th April. Lauren Titcombe, the team’s coach and member told us more…

So, why is this competition so important? “This is the biggest competition of the year for University Cheerleaders affiliated with the British Cheerleading association because you can win the title of National Champions, and I’m sure all sports teams would agree there’s nothing like a bit of healthy rivalry between universities! Cheerleaders are still perceived as airheads with no real talent so when it comes to competition we all like to prove ourselves and bring it- without being too corny!” When and where is the Competition held? “The competition is held in the International Centre in Telford so we have to travel quite far away. We don’t mind though, it’s always an amusing journey with at least one driver getting lost.”

What event are you entered in? “This year we are entering both Hip-hop and Pom dance categories in the dance division of the competition, which is great because it means we get to perform two completely different styles of dance and show how talented we are in both.”

How are you expecting to do? “We came 2nd last year in the Hip-hop category which we were so proud of but also means we’re aiming for the top this year. We came so close to winning but were just beaten by Warwick University so our real aim is to beat them this time round!”

How are the Northstars preparing? “Our routines finished now so all our time will be spent perfecting them so that the judges can find as few faults as possible. We will be building our fitness too so that we can give it our all without getting too tired. And we will also be perfecting our skills such as jumps and spins as well as doing lots of painful stretching so that our kicks and splits are the most impressive on the day. We’re more than just a warm-up act for rugby games, we’re serious athletes!”

What is your favourite thing about BCA Nationals? I love performing to a big crowd and getting praise from the judges is always great, but it’s also nice to spend a few days with my best friends. I have to say though - and I’m sure the other Northstars will agree- the best part is the tradition of having a huge dinner at Frankie and Benny’s the night before the competition!” By Abi Camwell

nu:life 41

TN Northumbria Nolberto Solano



Team Northumbria’s Jamie Durent is nearing the end of his Media Internship but the third year media and journalism student bows out in style as he delivers an exclusive interview with former Newcastle United favourite Nolberto Solano. Newcastle Benfield caused quite a stir in Northern League circles when they announced their acquisition of Newcaste United hero Nolberto Solano. But the move came as less of a surprise to the former Peruvian international. “I’ve got a few friends up here and I have a good relationship with the Benfield chairman (Jimmy Rowe),” he said. “They knew I was looking to do my coaching my badges and I wanted to step up to coaching adults. “It’s sometimes difficult as the players aren’t professionals and the playing surfaces aren’t great,” he added. “Barcelona would struggle on these pitches.

42 nu:life

“But I’ve been able to get the guys playing the way I like and it has been a nice experience.”

“I’ve been 100% impressed with the way Newcastle have played this season as there seemed to be no exepectations as such” Solano has since been forced to put his Benfield move on hold as he resolves a registration dispute with League One side Hartlepool – the club he joined last summer after an approach from former Newcastle coach Mick Wadsworth. And on the subject of the high-flying Magpies, the diminutive winger shares the positive vibe surrounding his old side this season as they continue to surprise many with their continuing impressive performances. Alan Pardew’s side are fully in the mix for a European place as the season draws to a close after punching above their weight for the majority of the season.

“I would advise 13 and 14 year olds to move abroad like (Lionel) Messi if they have the quality rather than stagnate in an average league.” And Solano sees no reason why the Toon Army shouldn’t be dusting off their passports come the end of the season.

“There’s obviously more of a chance as Brazil qualified automatically as hosts.

“I’ve been 100% impressed with the way Newcastle have played this season as there seemed to be no exepectations as such,” he said.

“But the standard of football is poor in Peru and there’s not enough quality.

“Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have had their struggles and the guys have been winning while not necessarily playing pretty football.

“I would advise 13 and 14 year olds to move abroad like (Lionel) Messi if they have the quality rather than stagnate in an average league.”

“But they work hard as a unit and a team without many stars has been getting results.

Solano reserves a philosophical outlook with regards to his future prospects.

“Europe would be a bonus as the club and fans deserve it and they look like they’ll get there.”

While conceding that his playing days are behind him, he is ready and willing to get into the coaching game.

Solano however is less optimistic about the future of football in his home nation. Peru have only qualified for the World Cup three times, with the last time in 1982 in Spain. “It is difficult because there are only really four or five top level players,” Solano said. “We have two crucial games coming up against Colombia at home in June then away to Uruguay.

“I’ve just got to prepare myself and take things step by step at the moment,” he said. “I’m happy to wait for an opportunity and when it comes I’ll take it. “Obviously it’s difficult having played football all my life but I’m ready for the challenge.” By Jamie Durent.

nu:life 43

TN Northumbria Stan Calvert


CALVERT Newcastle University’s domination of student sport’s biggest inter-city competition continued with another huge Stan Calvert Cup victory against arch-rivals Northumbria University. Newcastle made it an historic five wins in succession - claiming a record points haul in the process - to rack up a 100.5-52.2 victory. And Northumbria students must wonder where their next win is coming from after failing to get their hands on the coveted Cup since 2007. “We are delighted with our victory in the Stan Calvert Cup,” said Newcastle University’s Director Of Sport, Colin Blackburn. “This was down to teamwork from the Newcastle event team who helped to organise an event that catered to each and every athlete who competed. “I can’t congratulate all our students enough for the time, effort and commitment they put into achieving an unprecedented fifth victory in a row.” Blackburn’s joy was echoed by Newcastle’s Performance Sport manager, Fraser Kennedy, who added: “Team Newcastle pulled out all the stops yet again. “We had several surprising results in our favour which contributed to such a comprehensive victory.

44 nu:life

“Once again all our athletes stepped up to the plate when needed.” Northumbria chiefs are desperate to return as a competitive team in 2013 and new Head Of Sport Colin Stromsoy is understood to have made Stan Calvert a priority moving forward. Despite boasting the stunning £30m Sport Central facility and alumni including Victoria Pendleton and Martin Corry, the University cannot come close to Newcastle on the biggest day of sport in the student calendar. And even victory in the final event of the 2012 competition - a 10-3 win in the prestigious men’s rugby union clash at Gateshead Stadium - could not soften the blow on another dismal day for Northumbria. “Whilst there were some great performances by some Northumbria teams and individuals throughout the weekend - of which I am very proud - we have to give great credit to Newcastle University for what was a wonderful overall performance,” said Stromsoy.

“The Stan Calvert Cup is one of the UK’s biggest varsity competitions and together with everyone at Northumbria, we’re determined to respond positively to the challenge next year.” Not for the first time in recent years Northumbria already had a mountain to climb on Stan Calvert Sunday with a number of fringe events already contested before the big day. Newcastle went into the final round of fixtures on the back of big wins in the indoor cricket, rowing and gymnastics. But Northumbria had hit back with wins in the men’s basketball and volleyball. Both Universities traded victories across the city throughout the day with a thrilling draw in the men’s firsts’ tennis, a 4-3 victory for Northumbria in the men’s firsts’ football and double fencing wins for Newcastle the early highlights. Later in the day Northumbria showed signs of closing the gap with an overall win in the men’s and women’s swimming at a packed Sport Central pool. But by the time the rugby union kicked off Newcastle were well clear and celebrating a fifth successive win. There was still time for a classic finale to the athletics with Northumbria taking the final two events - the men’s and women’s 4X100m - to earn a draw.

But Northumbria had hit back with wins in the men’s basketball and volleyball.

And after a difficult season at BUCS and National League level there was obvious joy on the faces of Northumbria’s rugby union heroes as they restored a degree of pride with a well-earned win - Michael Fedo bagging the decisive try in a game of few chances. By Simon Rushworth

nu:life 45

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the essentials for university life

As one of the UK’s leading investment managers with integrated financial planning, Brewin Dolphin has looked after clients in the North East since 1903. However, our presence in the region extends beyond the financial as we actively support local culture, business and sporting organisations. These partnerships mean we can invest for your enjoyment today as well as your future. You are welcome to join us at our exciting and informative events throughout the year – just call Phoebe on 0191 279 7568 to book your seat. To find out more about how we can help you, simply visit our offices at Time Central, Gallowgate, Newcastle or go to

Brewin Dolphin is proud to support Northumbria University Sport.

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