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Ellen Garner

Fashion Design University of Cincinnati - DAAP

Ellen Garner 5585 Phillip Dr. Tipp City, OH 45371 (937) 570-1004


University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH Expected Graduate of 2015 College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning BS Fashion Design; Class of 2015 Dean’s List, 10/F, 11/W, 11/F, 12/W Participating in the Professional Practice Program, alternating semesters of work and school.


Design- Garment Construction, Fashion Illustration, Pattern-making, Flat Sketching Computer- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign; Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint


Greek Community Cincinnati, OH -- 09/10 - Present

Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity; On House Committee; Raise money for Kappa Foundation and Reading is Essential.

Mission Trip Monterrey, MX -- 03/09 - 04/09

Witnessed to families in the slums; Built a twostory church; Left behind all my clothing for the children in need.

Props and Costume Designer, Tippecanoe Tipp City, OH -- 08/07 - 05/10

Member of the Properties and Costume Crew for the Fall Shows and Spring Musicals; Alter garment fit and design; Makeup artist and backstage help.


Buffalo Wild Wings Cincinnati, OH -- 02/12 - Present

Cashier/Greeter/Exposition. Take phone-in orders, lead customers to tables, bag/tray food.

RuffaloCody Call Center Cincinnati, OH -- 09/11 - Present

Call UC alumni, parents and friends to update contact information, to fundraise for UC’s campus and to foster good feelings of the university.

Comfort Suites Troy, OH -- 03/09 - 09/11

Answer phones; Make reservations for hotel rooms and conference rooms; Check guests in and out of rooms; Maintain laundry and pool; Make manager’s reception for guests.

Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center Tipp City, OH -- 04/06 - 08/10

Answer phones; Admit members and general admission guests into facility; Set up new member accounts; Organize member files; Make special event reservations.

Studied under Sherri Flock Tipp City, OH -- 03/06 - 01/10

Studied under a local seamstress; Garment alterations on dresses, pants, and blouses; Designed and created original garments.

Table of Contents The “Mondo” Skirt The “Isla” Blouse Alternative Textile The New & The Old Junior Prom Dress Harmonize Fashion Sketching


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The “Mondo� Skirt

The original inspiration for this skirt came from designer, Mondo Guerra and his final collection for season 8 Project Runway. I was greatly inspired by his ability to mix prints and bright colors while still creating a beautiful garment. The design, pattern and construction of this skirt was all completed during the fall of 2011.



The “Isla� Blouse

This blouse was designed and constructed during the winter of 2012. My inspiration bloomed from a mere stranger I met on the public transit. Her entire aurora screamed feminine while small details revealed a secretly edgy side. The blouse is made of 100% silk chiffon allowing for airy feminine features while the daring wide open back leads way to the real woman under the clothing.



Alternative Textile

Fall 2011 I was given the challenge to use an unexpected textile to create a garment. I wanted to recycle a product already in use so I decided to use the all natural bamboo window blinds my parents were replacing at the time. This dress was challenging obviously due to the stiff nature of the blinds but I believe I took advantage of that stiffness and incorporated it into the design well. 6


The New & The Old

This look was created for the St. Vincent DePauw fashion show during the winter of 2012. The challenge was to create a look inspired from a song in history out of clothing found in our local thrift stores. My look was created from a black prom dress and I took inspiration from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The following quote describes my general design idea for this garment: “If you hear the song and don’t completely hate it, you’re likely to want to listen to it over and over again, poring over the strange words and unpre- dictable musical riffs. It’s a larger-than-life song that works as a pop song only because the production and harmonies are so polished and inten- tional. It made be odd, but nothing about it is accidental. And if it doesn’t drive you nuts, you are probably at least a little bit in love with it.” 8


Junior Prom Dress

This dress was constructed during the winter of 2009. It is made of crepe-back satin and included detailed work in hand making the charms used on the bodice. It was also my first experience working with boning which was necessary to hold the dress up due to the strapless design.






Azure beryl.













Harmonize is a trend forecasting book I made during winter 2012 for spring 2013. It is an insight into the way I perceive the world. The following best summarizes my ideas: “The human race for the first time in centuries truly appreciate the land that surrounds them. All aspects of life will gain new enjoyment, even those once looked poorly upon. People will reconnect with love, not the crude lust our world now knows, but the sincere, self-sacrificing, all-accepting love that has been lost to the world for decades.� View the entire booklet at 12

Intrinsic Ethereal

Fashion Sketching

The first five renderings seen above were part of an in-class assignment on seam detail and separates. The assignment for the following five was to use the last drawing of the in-class assignment and make it into dresses influenced by inspiring architecture. My inspiration was drawn from the airplane graveyard in Arizona for both assignments. I loved playing with the crisp lines of the graveyard layout and mixing in the curves of the individual planes. 13

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ellen Gar ner

Ellen Garner Fashion Portfolio  

Past projects, fashion illustrations and trend forecasting projects. Resume with contact information included.

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