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What causes acne and pimples? This is the question that has been asked over and over again. While nobody knows exactly what causes acne, many factors that are believed to be causing acne and pimples have been well researched and analyzed. Hormones and Sebum Hormones and sebum (an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that lubricates the skin) are strongly believed to be the main cause of acne. There is no coincidence that more than 85% of teenagers suffer from acne and pimples. It is during the teen years that the level of hormone surge uncontrollably. Both boys and girls would experience sharp increase of androgen or natural sex hormone during this time. The hormone surge stimulates the sebaceous glands for mass production of sebum that takes place largely around the face, back and upper chest, right where acne and pimples tend to hit. This is the reason why acne and pimples outbreaks are often found around the face, back and upper chest. The increase of sebum that spreads all over the skin surface doesn't generally cause acne if you take good care of your skin by properly washing them off using gentle cleanser or soap daily. However, problem occurs when skin pores are closed and excess oil become clogged in the pores; a perfect environment for bacteria to strive. When bacteria got trapped in the pores, it can lead to infection and inflammation; hence, acne and pimples develop. Many people believe that stress can cause acne but, the fact is stress itself doesn't produce acne. However, prolonged stress can weaken your immune system. This in turn can lead to a less effective defense against invading bacteria. Stress also cause the production of hormones, such as cortisol, which can aggravate acne. But, generally stress is not a major factor of acne outbreak. Drugs Beware that certain drugs can foster the development of acne and pimples as well. Barbituates and tetracycline are known to be among the culprits. Anabolic steroids are commonly known by professional dermatologists to be a major cause of acne. So avoiding these drugs can help reduce the odds of getting an acne outbreak unless of course if you use them for specific medical purposes. Diet & Skin Care While we are always told that greasy cheeseburgers and chocolate don't cause acne, which may

be true to a certain extent, but be aware that certain foods do aggravate acne. Based on my personal experience, I feel that I can better control and reduce my acne and pimples outbreak if I eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less red meat and processed foods. Every individual is different, some people's skin won't be affected by eating chocolate, but if you are prone to acne and pimples, eating chocolate or greasy foods can really plays havoc with your skin. So, to find out, you need to do some experiment on yourself. If you experience acne outbreak after eating certain foods; then you need to avoid those foods. Poor cleansing habits can contribute to acne outbreak, because bacteria that lie near the surface wasn't washed off. Regular use of a good cleanser can help. Make sure your skin is not dehydrated or become excessively dry. If you have dry skin, use non-alcoholic moisturizer to hydrate your skin after properly cleansing it. Also, cosmetic products can contribute to acne problem by blocking the pores, especially if they block oil ducts. Some make-ups include ingredients that are considered comedogenic substances that clog pores and cause follicular irritation. This can produce persistent bumps known as "cosmetic acne."

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==== ==== Guaranteed To Naturally And Permanently Heal Your Skin From Inside Out! ==== ====

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