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Process Statement This project created much more of a challenge for me thus far than expected. I thought it would be simple to just choose any old song, slap some lines on a page, add a few walls on an imaginary room in Google Sketchup and call it done. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Just the initial process of finding the perfect song was difficult. At first when I was struggling with this step I felt extremely overwhelmed. I thought to myself “if I can’t even figure this part out, how am I going to finish this whole project.” Eventually I found a song that I deemed to be perfect. The song I selected is called “Days Like These” by Jason Aldean, one of my favorite country singers of all time. I knew the song well and loved the way its well-crafted lyrics made me feel happy, warm, and rustic. It set the perfect foundation for the rest of the assignment. And then I hit another wall. Matt was showing us how simple it was to create walls and buildings in class. He showed us how to make objects proportional and how to make things look great with the help of Google Sketchup. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t plan to include any buildings at all. This song made me think of country roads and empty beaches. I didn’t even feel that there would be any sort of room or shelter for the people of this scene other than maybe the protection of trees in the woods. So there I was stuck. So I decided to change my plan of action just a bit. I decided to add in the element of a barn. I wanted nothing big, just a small barn to set the feel of a country setting across a wide, empty and open plain. And it worked. Currently at this point in the assignment I feel that things are coming along well and that I now am headed on the right track. The hardest part so far is figuring out what will work best. Once you know your direction, the 6 sketches came easily and finding pictures for a mood board

turned from a chore into one of the most fun parts of the assignment. I am proud of my work thus far and cannot wait to unveil the final piece.

Process Statement  
Process Statement  

T206 assignment