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Learn this easy and successful niche marketing strategy that made an internet marketer over $127,000 Picking a niche can usually be difficult to a majority of amateurs to internet marketing. Many questions are always going through your head. Is this a winning niche market? Who will I offer my product to? A niche marketing strategy is your own plan to locate a money-making niche and market your product to your target audience. You need to have a very clear master plan whenever you start work in a niche. The place where a good portion of newbie internet marketers go wrong is trying to sell to the wrong customers. This is when your niche marketing strategy goes into play. Here are a couple of niche marketing tricks that should help you find a profitable niche and help you understand who to market to. How to find a money-making niche? •

Find a product that is currently profitable. If you locate big-time advertising for a product, perhaps it is a profitable niche. You also, have to be cautious not to get a product that is overly popular. If it is highly popular, you will almost certainly have a lot of competition.

Search for best-sellers in the affiliate program you have joined.

Go to chat boards and look into what people are complaining about. If you can choose a product that is going to answer their troubles, that is more than likely a profitable niche. People are eager to pay for products that will deal with their troubles.

Do a search on Google for the product you are considering promoting.

Now that you have picked your niche, it is time to find avenues to promote to the right audience. Here are a few suggestions. Who to market to? •

Choose a target audience. Your target audience is going to be the customers who your product will be of assistance to. During this process you really should micro-target your audience. If you are promoting a Spanish 4 airhead people (made up product by the way) eBook, your target audience should be people desiring to master Spanish. You should not try to market to someone looking for learn to cook, or even somebody seeking to learn a new language. It is a lot easier to sell to someone that wants to learn Spanish, than attempting to persuade someone who wants to learn a new language that Spanish is the language they should learn. Remember, basically all you need to do is become the middle man to solving someone’s problem. You can even narrow down your target audience much more by race, sex, location, or

age. The more defined your target is the more likely you are to get a sell. •

Research discussion boards and forums in your niche of choice. This is one absolute way to connect with your target audience. Always remember to micro-target. Instead of looking for learn a new language forum, search specifically for learn Spanish forums.


Use keywords. This is perhaps the most important of everything. When you are advertising your product on forums, social websites, and through articles you should absolutely use keywords. The keywords will help you rank well in Google searches. The greater your rank the more targeted people that will find your affiliate product. Use the Google keyword tool and do a search for your micro-targeted niche. This will show you phrases and keywords to use that real people are searching for.

Learn this easy and successful niche marketing strategy that made an internet marketer over $127,000

Niche Marketing Strategy-Finding a Profitable Niche  

Get tips and tricks on how to find a profitable niche market, who to sell your products to, how to find your customers, and how to create a...

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