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Awesome zoos in America

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By: Ellee Cornman        


A​ is ​Abilene Zoological Gardens

Picture taken from ​Royal Inn of Abilene

The Abilene Zoo has over one thousand animals in that zoo that are all around the world.

B​ ​is Birmingham Zoo

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The Birmingham Zoo is a zoological park that opened in 1955 in Birmingham            ​

C ​is California Science Center

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The Science Center is open to the public seven days a week, 362 days per year

D ​is​ ​David Traylor Zoo of Emporia

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The David Traylor Zoo is a small zoo located in Emporia, Kansas, United States. Admission to the zoo is free​. 

E​ ​is Ellen Trout Zoo

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The Ellen Trout Zoo is a small zoo founded by Walter Trout in 1967 and located in  Lufkin       

F ​ is Franklin Park Zoo

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The Franklin Park Zoo is a 72 acres zoo located in Boston         

G ​ ​is Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History

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The Great Plains Zoo is a 45-acre zoo located in Sioux Falls         

H ​is​ ​Hutchinson Zoo

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The Hutchinson Zoo has been accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums  since 1997

I is ​Indianapolis Zoological Society

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The Indianapolis Zoo is located in White River State Park

J​ is John G. Shedd Aquarium

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Shedd Aquarium is an indoor public aquarium in Chicago           

K ​is Kansas City Zoo

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Kansas City Zoo is a 202-acre zoo founded in 1909               

L ​is ​Landry's Downtown Aquarium - Denver

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Sprawling complex with a state-of-the-art aquarium housing 500+ species, plus a  restaurant & lounge. 

M​ ​is Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

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Sizable aquarium with 30 fresh saltwater exhibits, including a touch tank, theater an  cafe  

N​ is National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

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the museum is a property of the Dubuque County Historical Society, with two centers on the riverfront campus, there are Many water slides too. 

O​ is Ocean Park Corporation

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Ocean Park Corporation operates as an entertainment and educational theme park with many animal rides. Like the zebra dash it shoots you really fast.

P​ is Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park

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Many people get married at this zoo they say it's very romantic for married couple to go to.

Q​ is Queens Zoo

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It is a southern pudu, which is adorable, but endangered. Yes! The deer belongs to the smallest deer species of the world

R​ is Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

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Many people go to this zoo there is a jellyfish tank if you are a professional at swimming they will put you in a tube.

S​ is Saginaw Children's Zoo

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​ he Children's Zoo​ at Celebration Square T is home to over 70 different animal species.

T​ ​is Trevor Zoo

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Arriving at Millbrook School in 1936, Frank Trevor became the school's first biology teacher. Along with a number of enthusiastic students

U​ ​is Utah's Hogle Zoo

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Utah's Hogle Zoo is a 42-acre zoo located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It houses animals from  diverse ecosystems.       

V​ is Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

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The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, formerly known as the Virginia Marine Science Museum

W ​is Wildlife Safari

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it is home to hundreds of animals that wander freely over the 600-acre park               

X ​is Xerus ​Africa in Namibia zoo 

  African ground squirrels form a taxon of  squirrels under the subfamily Xerinae. They  are only found in Africa.    Picture taken by​ ​Wikipedia

Y​ is ​Yorkshire Dales Falconry & Conservation Centre

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A 5-arched bridge crosses the river at Burnsall Village.   

Z​ is Zoo de Granby

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It was founded in 1953 by the mayor of Granby at the time, Pierre-Horace Boivin.       

Summary Those are the zoos that start with A-Z in  America. These zoos are great to go to, they  have all the animals you would want to see.  So if you like zoos you might want to go to  these zoos in America. There are many  animals, that you would have never knew  they existed. So they are the zoos listed  from A-Z.   

Awesome zoos in America  

Those are the zoos that start with A-Z in America. These zoos are great to go to, they have all the animals you would want to see. So if you...

Awesome zoos in America  

Those are the zoos that start with A-Z in America. These zoos are great to go to, they have all the animals you would want to see. So if you...