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Positively affecting the life of every student

February 2011

Kishor Krishnamoorthi President On behalf of the Executive

Craig Stephens Chief Executive

Marianne Provan Deputy Chief Executive

Jenny Anslow

Jan Cooper

Learning & Development Manager

Office Manager

Student Staff

Louise Pile Administrator

Kathryn Gorden Personnel Officer

Director of Finance

Dominic King Student Activities & Development Manager

Tarquin Stephenson Deputy Student Activities & Development Manager

Sophie Seear Personnel & Admin Officer

Barbara Reynolds

Student Staff

Keith Rowland Community Volunteering Manager

Julie Willis

Advice Centre Manager

Marjolein Hoes

Reeves Watson Director of Commercial Development

Amy Brazewell Marketing Manager

Kathryn Rogers Lettings Manager

Katie King Assistant Accountant

Student Staff

John Pavey Premises Manager

Barbara Andrews

Linda Langdon

Finance Assistant

Premises Supervisors

Student Staff

Bill Kinch

Linda Cook

Kirsty Matthew Jo Nelson


Deputy Venues Managers

Student Staff

Jay Binstead Sue Halsey James Jordan Assistant Venues Managers

Supervisors Student Staff

Premises Assistant

Sub-Contract Security

Ray Carrington

Student Staff Student Staff

John Button Porter

Mike Bamford Retail Manager

Jo Anderton

Campus Shop Duty Manager

(Maternity Leave) Catering Supervisor

Jenny Boldy

Lisa Hunter Sharon Wilson

Campus Shop Supervisor

Senior Catering Assistants



Night-Shift Shop Assistant

Student Staff

Student Staff

Christine Peak

Jenny Catterwell

SU Food Bar Chef

Union Shop Manager

SU Food Bar Chef

Go-Go Global Supervisor

Bakery Duty Manager

Fred Mesher Minibus Drivers

Ian McKay

Student Staff

Margaret Everett Pauline Marshall Ray Robinson

Mark Bishop Ben Oughton

Phil Costello Mondo Chef

Post Office Assistants

Alison Spicer Union Shop Supervisor

Peter Little IT Manager

Elaine Reilly Catering Manager

Ron Gwara Aniela Dadela

Violet Hunt

Venue Assistant CafĂŠ Assistant

Student Staff

Malcolm Laquis-Alden

Neil Diggens Leoni Harvey

Premises Staff

Marek Gren Deputy Advice Centre Manager

Venues Manager

Entertainments Manager

Union Manager – Southend Campus

Sian Lovesy

John Valerkou

Deputy Finance Manager

Union Manager Loughton

Student Staff Fiona Harvey

Duncan Colville

Steven Haugh Director of Marketing & Communications

Student Staff

Supervisors Student Staff