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What Is the Snoring Chin Strap I'm going to talk you about what is the snoring chin strap. There are a lot of people that suffer from the problem of snoring, yet these people never seek out a solution to their problem. I think there is an inherent problem with this condition and it leads to people not actually seeking out a solution. The real issue is that the victims are the ones that have to listen to it. That means it isn't the person that snores that has the problem, it is the person that has to listen to it that really has the problem. This means there's absolutely no motivation for a person to solve their own snoring problem. That's why I'm going to talk to you about what is the snoring chin strap. I think understanding how snoring works as an important part of realizing what you need to do. Obviously there is tissue in your throat that is vibrating and that as this sounds that you hear. There is something specific that happens when you're asleep that is different from when you're awake. There is one main reason that this occurs and it is the result of your mouth going to loose. A lot of people ask me the question: what is the snoring chin strap? It is a very simple device that wraps around your chin in the top of your head, holding your mouth up as you sleep. This causes your throat to expand and the vibrations to stop. It is about the easiest solution that you can apply because it only takes about 5 seconds to put on. Click here to Stop Snoring Forever