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Forget Laser Snoring – Use the Jaw Supporter I wanted to talk to you about laser snoring because a lot of people think this is a golden method to fix this problem. I think it is absolute overkill and something expensive, which doesn’t really address the problem. This is essentially a cheaper version of surgery that you can get done for this condition. Both of them do work, but they’re just completely over the top. The condition you have is mechanical in nature. You should be able to recognize that based on the sounds you hear. Something is physically moving that shouldn’t be. I’m going to show you why laser snoring isn’t going to work for you and why a simple jaw supporter gets the job done. Despite what you might think, the root cause of this problem is your jaw and the position of it. Your jaw is typically held in place by the muscles on your face and neck. When you sleep your muscles go into a relaxed and limp state. This leads to your jaw sagging down and being supported by the throat. This causes the throat to narrow in size and this creates the whole problem. Air will end up traveling at faster speeds and this leads to the tissue in your throat vibrating intensely. You should be able to see why the jaw supporter is going to work. Once your jaw is held up then there is no pressure that leads to this problem. This is so much easier than going the laser snoring route and you’re going to save a lot of money this way too. Click here to Stop Snoring Forever