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The Three Steps to Curing Cold Sores I want to talk to you about the three steps to curing cold sores. A lot of people don't realize that cold sores are created by a virus. 80% of all people have this virus and there is absolutely no cure for it. That makes it sound bad, but it really isn't. All people are effected differently by this particular virus. Some people will get out breaks all the time, while others will never see anything. The people that never experience anything other ones that have good habits that prevent cold sores from occurring in the first place. I wouldn't share with you the three steps to curing cold sores. It is important to note that this virus will live in dormant in your body as long as your immune system is strong. That means you should be living healthy lifestyle because that is what's going to keep your immune system strong. That means you should be exercising on a regular basis and eating properly. Obviously the next step is to remain very clean. This virus is designed to spread, create cold sores and spread some more. It is very hard for the body to fight an outbreak when he continues to spread. Keeping your hands clean and keeping your cold sores clean is very important. The final step to curing cold sores is taking advantage of antiviral chemicals by drinking tea. Tea is a very good tool for fighting the spread of the virus. It will prevent future spreading and make it much easier to heal. Learn how to Cure Cold Sores