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The Snoring Problem and How to Solve It I'm going to talk to you about the snoring problem and how to solve it. This happens to be one of the odd problems people suffer from that they never figure out how to fix. I think that makes it particularly odd because we can put a man on the moon, but we can't you hear out how to fix a relatively simple problem like snoring. The real issue isn't the absence of a solution, but no one really knows that one exists. This is a problem of ignorance. If people just had the desire to educate themselves they could have this problem fixed in a relatively short period of time. That's why going to talk to you about the snoring problem of how to solve it. I think everyone has a general idea about what is happening when a snore. Basically there is noise coming from your throat and it basically shouldn't be. The reality is that something changes when you go to sleep that actually causes your throat to constrict, which breeds the sounds of snoring. The main thing that causes this is your jaw tends to fall open. When your jaw is all been it puts a lot of pressure on your throat and constricts it. Now that we know the snoring problem, we're going to talk about how to solve it. What you need to do is keep your mouth closed as you sleep. Obviously it's hard to control yourself when you're asleep, so you need a snoring headband to help control the position of your jaw and stop your snoring. Click here to Stop Snoring Fast