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The Police Station Exam I wanted to talk to you about the police station exam. I've seen a lot of great people that would make rape police officers, but they ended up failing this exam. I think the biggest mistake people make is that they walk into this exam over confident. When people think of an exam they think of what they would have taken in high school. But in high school you would've been measured on your aptitude, but in this case you're being measured on your ability to do a job. That means they're only interested in the best of the best and they have no interest in being objective with you. I'm going to talk to you about the police station exam to help give you an edge over the competition. Your writing skills are very important on this exam. A lot of people think police officers are out on the street, but a lot of the time is spent in front of a computer writing reports on the areas things. This is an important part of the job because police officers need to be accountable in a court of law. Hence the reports you write need to be up to the standard of a court room. This will be a dairy important part of the exam and you can't afford to mess this up if you want to be an officer. The police station exam is a prerequisite for a job. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people apply for just a single police job, and you need to be able to demonstrate that you are the asked for the job. After you've passed the exam you go want to interviewing process. The higher your mark in the exam the easier the interview will be for you. Click here to Pass the Police Exam