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Snoring Pillows Are Useless – Use a Jaw Supporter I wanted to take the time to explain to you why snoring pillows are completely useless gimmicks for fixing this type of problem. There is a huge amount of people that suffer from this problem and what is so odd about it is the fact that no one really knows what to do. There are people that literally go their entire lives with this problem and won’t take one step to fix the problem. That means your husband or wife has to listen to this night after night. This also means that your children or roommate has to listen to it through the walls. It’s time to fix this problem and snoring pillows aren’t going to help you. Essentially what is occurring in your throat is a vibration of loose tissue. Basically when you fall asleep you experience a narrowing in the throat and this causes wheezing sounds and intense vibrations. The pillows you’re supposed to use are designed to open up your throat, but that’s really a hard thing to do. When you sleep, you typically don’t stay in the same position all night. It’s hard for a pillow to be effective when you’re on your side, back and stomach while you sleep. Instead of using snoring pillows, you should just get a jaw supporter. The reason that your throat constricts when you sleep is that the muscles in your neck let go of the jaw and your throat has to compensate for it. When you have support on your jaw, it becomes virtually impossible to snore. Click here to Stop Snoring Forever

Snoring Pillows Are Useless