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Turn Your Snore Off I wanted to talk to you about how you could turn your snore off. Snoring is a real problem, not for those that do it, but for those that have to listen to. Most people don’t believe it is that big of a deal, but it is. It keeps the people around you in a shallow sleep. If people don’t make it to a deep sleep, they stop producing specific hormones, especially the ones designed to deal with stress. That creates people that are very short tempered and irritable all the time. It isn’t fair to the people around you to have to put up with your problem. I’m going to show you how to turn your snore off. An important aspect of doing this is through your throat. Air travels through your throat, which lead to vibrations and that makes the snoring sound. What a lot of people don’t understand is that the space in their throat expands and contracts. When the throat contracts, there is much less room available for air and you end up getting much more vibration. If the throat is expanded, than you don’t actually have a snoring problem because there is plenty of space for air. If you want to turn your snore off, than all you have to do is keep the throat open. This is done by a device known as a jaw supporter. When your jaw is open, it puts pressure on the throat and causes it to constrict. By simply closing your jaw, you can’t snore. The jaw supporter simply wraps around your chin and head to hold your jaw up all night. Click here for the Jaw Supporter

Turn Your Snore Off  

Stop your snoring problems by turning your snore off.

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