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Cold Sore Lip Problems I wanted to take the time to talk to you about cold sore lip problems. There are a lot of people that get continuous outbreaks of this. It’s rough for some people and relatively easy for others. I experienced a lot of pain with my sores, while I had a friend that had nothing more than a tingling sensation associated with theirs. I was obviously jealous, but that’s the way it is. The sores are actually created by a virus that lives dormant in your body. Whenever it is triggered, it will cause an outbreak. I want to talk to you about cold sore lip problems, so you understand more about it. The virus that lives in your body is HSV-1. You’re probably thinking that when you cure this, you’ll cure the problem. Well, that’s true, but there isn’t a cure. The virus hides in the nerve cells of your body, which prevents your antibodies and any form of antibiotics to kill the virus. It just stays in your body hiding. What usually triggers the outbreaks is anything that will cause your immune system to decline. If you had a cold recently, that would do it. If you were stress out, that would do it. The best thing you can do about your cold sore lip problems is focus on keeping it clean. The actual sore is very contagious and can easily spread. Don’t wear makeup or put anything on it that could cause a form of aggravation. Keep it clean and protected, so it doesn’t spread and get worse. Learn how to Cure Cold Sores