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Learn About the Home Remedies for Cold Sores I wanted to talk to you about the home remedies for cold sores that you can implement to help fix this problem. A lot of people really don’t understand what makes up a cold sore. This is really a problem that is caused by a virus that lives in your body. There is absolutely no cure for this particular virus because it actually hides in your nerve cells. Nerve cells can’t be destroyed by antibodies, so the virus is able to survive. It sounds a lot worse than it actually is, but there is a ways to cope with the outbreaks and stop them completely. I’m going to talk to you about the home remedies for cold sores. The first thing you have to understand is that an outbreak is created when your immune system is weak. The virus will lay dormant until it has a favorable time to spread. The only time that it is good for it to spread is when your immune system is weak. This typically happens after you have a cold because your body used a lot of energy to fight the cold. You can also lower your immune system by stress and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. The home remedies for cold sores are really quite simple. I think the most important thing for you to do is keep your cold sores as clean as possible. The real issue is that it spreads so easily. It’s very important to wash your hands more than usual to prevent spreading. Also try not to touch it with your hands or tongue to prevent aggravation. Click here to Cure Your Cold Sores