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The Natural Cure For Snoring I wanted to talk to you about the natural cure for snoring. Most people don’t have any idea on what they can do to fix their snoring problems. It’s sad in away. There is absolutely no conventional wisdom when it comes to this particular problem. If you ask a person about what they can about their weight, you’ll hear exercise and eat better. But when it comes to the problem of snoring, no one really understands how to fix the problem. Your parents never taught you about it. The school system never taught you about it. You never really hear about things on the television. This is why people never actually try to fix this problem. I’m going to talk to you about the natural cure for snoring. Snoring is caused by your throat and how constricted it is. You have to think about physics here, so try to understand. Basically at night you have your mouth open while you sleep. This puts pressure on the throat and causes the muscles to flex. This means there is less room in the throat. As you breath, the same amount of air has to get through a smaller area. That means there is an increase in pressure and the air moves much faster. As the air passes loose tissue it will cause very high vibration and you get snoring. The natural cure for snoring is just a simple jaw supporter. If you sleep with your mouth closed, than you don’t have a problem. It’s really a simple device. It’s like a headband that wraps around your chin and the top of your head. It holds your mouth closed while you sleep, so you don’t snore. Click here to Stop Snoring