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Studying for the Police Sergeant Exam I wanted to talk to you about studying for the police sergeant exam. A lot of people really underestimate how hard this exam will be. I’ve seen some of the most confident people get absolutely destroyed by taking this, so I think it requires a bit of respect on your part. The exam isn’t a measurement of aptitude because that’s what high school is for. They police department is looking for the best of the best and that means they can produce a test that very few people will actually pass. This helps to keep things balanced. The good news is there are specific ways of studying for the police sergeant exam and I want to share that with you. The first thing you need to study is all the rules and regulations, but you’re not going to study for them as a basis of memorization. They’re not going to ask you to list all the rules and regulations that dictate the conduct of a sergeant. They’re only concerned about the application of them. That means, as you study, that you must think of how you can apply all these rules and regulations to various scenarios that a police officer will end up in. The police sergeant exam is hard, but as long as you put the necessary time studying (the right way) you’ll do fine. Remember not to get overly intimidated with the exam. If you properly studied, you don’t have to worry about failing. Make sure you read the questions twice and write things properly. You should have no problem passing. Click Here to Pass the Police Exam