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Stealth Snoring Solution I am going to share with you the stealth snoring solution that will help fix this problem without disturbing your sleeping patterns. I think the number one reason that people don't actually try and fix this problem is that they assume it is going to require a lot of work and take a lot of time. People will naturally take the path of least resistance and since they don't have to listen to the snoring sounds they're probably not going to do anything difficult to fix this. I thought I would show you a much different approach. The stealth snoring solution is a way to fix this problem easily and in a way that doesn't disturb you in any way. I think everyone recognizes that the sounds of snoring are produced in the throat. The problem is that one really knows why that is so. You don't make these sounds while you're awake, so something changes when you go to sleep. In the past the reason was unknown, but today they have figured out. Basically it is the position of your jaw that inevitably leads to constructions in your throat area. When your throat is constricted it causes air to try for a much faster rate and vibrate more. The stealth snoring solution is just a chin strap. Basically it is a device that you put on before you go to bed that holds your jaw up. The best part about it is that it takes about 5 seconds to put on before you go to bed. It is also comfortable and you probably won't even realize you're wearing it at night. Click here to Stop Snoring Forever