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Cambridge News | | June 13, 2013 | 3

‘Punks’ in return to Victorian values

CORSETS, top hats, gadgets galore and lots of tea and cake – Cambridge is gearing up for its first Steampunk event. The Guildhall will host a world in which Victoriana and steam-powered inventions collide spectacularly with ideas of the future. You will be able to get to grips with the history and influences of steampunk culture, as seen in the work of HG Wells, Jules Verne, Philip Pullman and the movie Wild Wild West. “It’s a celebration of everything steampunk,” says Sharon Cannings, the event organiser. “It will be people dressed up in extravagant costumes, full Victorian corsets and top hats, gadgets that flash and do various different things, lots of good Victorian manners, lots of fun, lots of outlandish stories and generally a very good-humoured, good-natured romp really.” Steampunk has been defined as “a creative social movement that draws inspiration from Victorian and pre-war history in an anachronistic mix of


science fiction, modern values and a sense of fun”. At the event, on Sunday, July 7, you can brush up on Victorian etiquette, collect steampunk curiosities from jewellery and clothes to oldfashioned sweets and herbal remedies and pore over quirky photos, books, films and music from the genre. A selection of classic steampunk costumes will also be on display, courtesy of Blue Lady Couture, and there will be lots of opportunities to sit down, peoplewatch and eat cake; you can even see a bout of Tea Duelling or two, involving a bis-

cuit-dunking challenge. People are expected to travel from across the region to take part, and there are already plans afoot for more steampunk events in the city in the future. “If this goes well we hope to expand it year on year and maybe expand it into a whole weekend event next year,” says Sharon. With a motto of “Be splendid!” and a penchant for upcycling and DIY costumes, Steampunk is open to everyone, from ‘coglings’ (children), to Steampunk novices (the ‘Steam-curious’). Organised by Ermine Street Project CIC, a community arts group that supports people hoping to work

in the creative industries, the show is open from 10.30am5.30pm. Entry is £1. To find out more about the origins and values of steampunk, visit tinkers-emporium. what-is-steampunk. php. ella.walker STEAM PLAYERS: Steampunk films Wild Wild West, right, and Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass; inset left, a steampunk in full costume; top, the ubiquitous tea

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Google donates £1m to internet Man grabbed watchdog to help fight child abuse girl in street GOOGLE has given a Cambridge-based internet watchdog £1 million to boost its work removing online child sexual abuse content. The substantial sum given to the Internet Watch Foundation equates to the equivalent of nearly a whole year’s running costs and will allow them to employ more staff. The distribution of the money by Google will be spread over four years. Susie Hargreaves, IWF CEO, said: “This is

an incredibly generous donation and Google is demonstrating moral leadership in the field. “This contribution will significantly boost our work to meet our vision eliminating online child sexual abuse content. We are experts at doing this and like any organisation we can do more, with more resource. “We’ve been talking to Google about how we can do more together. This donation will directly fund additional skilled analysts who are the fore front

of tackling some of the most horrendous content on the internet. Scott Rubin, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Google, said: “The IWF are essential partners in our fight to rid the internet of this illegal material by providing us with lists of webpages that we block from search results. “Our donation should help them do their work more quickly and efficiently.” To find out more about IWF’s work go to

A TEENAGE girl was approached by a man in the street, who shouted at her and grabbed her wrist. The incident happened in Station Street, Saffron Walden, at about 6.50pm on Tuesday. The victim pulled away and ran off. The girl, who is from Saffron Walden, was uninjured but left shaken by the incident. The man is white, aged 21 to 40 and 6ft

tall. He wore a waistlength dark coat and blue jeans, had a long skinny face and a pale complexion. Insp Colin Cox said: “At this stage is in unclear what the man’s intentions were. However, Essex Police and local officers are actively seeking to identify the man involved.” Anyone with information can contact Pc Jack Russel on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Steampunk set to come to Cambridge