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For each of you Ella Ella Professional home care.

• Soothes, • Nourishes, • Revitalizes, • Delays hair regrowth, so that you could enjoy smooth skin much longer.

Ella Home Care is a line made by Ella Professional Sugaring.

ELLA is women: real enthusiasts and aficionados hooked on natural body and face cosmetics. Fascination with natural and ecological way of life inspired us to create a line of cosmetics Home Care Ella for professional home care. We know that only the best natural cosmetics have an influence on our body today and in the future. Ella Home Care products are free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivatives, chemicals, preservatives and dyes. Our cosmetics restore natural functions of the skin, stimulate its metabolism and reconstruction. They do not cause irritation and allergy.

Ella Home Care products are made for personal care before and after sugaring.

Our body care cosmetics Ella Home Care in

3simple steps

Step 1

ARGAN OIL BODY SCRUB 100% natural course-grained body peeling. It effectively exfoliates dead skin leaving the skin smooth as silk. Thanks to the application of unrefined plant oils it excellently moisturizes, nourishes and restores a glow to your skin. It is perfect to prepare the skin for sugaring treatments, inhibits hair growth. Bi-phase cosmetic: works both as a peel and a lotion. • Argan oil – liquid gold, natural potion of youth with strong recovery effect. Prohibits the skin from aging, restores its glow and moisturizes thoroughly. • Coconut oil – softens, smoothes, improves elasticity and resilience of the skin. • Shea butter – moisturizes and oils the skin. • Sugar – smoothes and exfoliates. How to use: Rub into the skin whilst bathing. Rinse the skin thoroughly at the end. Volume: 250 ml

Step 2

POST DEPILATORY SOOTHING GEL Soothing gel improves the condition of the skin after sugaring. Light gel texture guarantees quick absorption. Regular application leaves the skin soft, smooth and moisturized. It contains mint and tea tree. • Mint – refreshes and cleans. • Tea tree – has soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. How to use: Apply a  thin layer  of the  gel  to  depilated skin  after depilation and leave it for absorption. Free of parabens. Volume: 200 ml

Step 3

HAIR GROWTH INHIBITOR LOTION The soothing lotion  effectively delays hair regrowth and weakens its structure.  With  regular use  it reduces the frequency of  sugaring treatments. It makes the growing hair weaker. It smoothes, tones and reduces irritation caused by mechanical removal of hair. The lotion leaves skin silky smooth. • Mountain arnica – softens • Witch hazel – makes your skin firmer and younger How to use: After depilation, apply a small amount of lotion to the skin and massage gently. Use regularly between  subsequent  sugaring treatments. Free of parabens. Volume: 200 ml

Join us! Ella Home Care You can find us in your beauty salon and on

Ella Home Care ul. Szczecińska 56, 72-123 Kliniska Wielkie tel. +48 503 135 085; fax +48 91 418 15 42

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