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to A Taste for the Arts, the Ella's annual fundraiser featuring a series of gourmet meals made possible by hosts, chefs, and caterers from Michigan. And it's not just dinner—you'll find entertainment as well, from scenic boat rides to an evening of sleuthing to a holiday giftmaking session.

you'rE invited to all the events you see

listed here. Choose the one(s) that look the most appetizing to you, and call the Museum at (517) 787-2320 to reserve your seat.


If you are uncertain about the details of an event you're interested in or have a special request, please contact this year's Taste of the Arts coordinator, Michelle Lake, at (269) 267-6789.

thank you These events are made possible only by the time, talents, and hospitality of our hosts, hostesses, and chefs. Our sincerest thanks to our wonderful supporters this year:

Bella Notte Lisa and John Butterfield the Dunigan sisters Maryanne Fuchs Nancy Gass Lori and Jim Grace Patty Koprivica Donna Lake Michelle Lake Kate Leese Emmeline Leutz the Michigan Theatre Amy and Dave Reimann Sarah and Brian Richmond Steve Tucker Julie Tylutki Christy Vann

Made in Michigan Hosted by the Ella's new director and served in Ella's Granary, this lineup of Michigan-made marvels is sure to satisfy snowbirds, yoopers, trolls, and Michiganders of all stripes. Speaking of stripes, how about them Tigers? HOSTed by Amy and Dave Reimann AT 3225 Fourth St Jackson, MI 49203 on Saturday, September 14 • 5:00 pm 40 SEATS • $100 each

menu Asparagus Stuffed Chicken • Roasted Red Skin Potatoes • Bocconcini Salad • Butternut Squash Bisque • Ella’s Famous Dill Garlic Rolls or Corn Bread • Baked Apple a la Mode (served with a slice of Ella’s Wedding Cake)

Topsy Turvy Life is short, eat dessert first! This whimsical meal will take you on a topsy turvy ride of delicious delights. If you are feeling adventuresome, come dressed as your own topsy turvy character and add to this whimisical setting. HOSTed by Donna Lake and Maryanne Fuchs AT 5180 Merriman Rd Jackson, MI 49201 on Saturday, September 21 • 6:00 pm 24 SEATS • $100 each

menu Wild Mushroom Stuffed Chicken in a White Wine Cream Sauce • Potato Pancake with Chive

Sour Cream • Roasted Fennel and Asparagus Tart • Personal layered salad • Roasted Squash Bisque • Brie with Sweet and Spicy Apple Chutney and Crusty French Bread

Nonnie's Cookbook Enjoy a collection of recipes based on the eating and cooking habits of the Italian people from the region of Venice. In memory of her grandmother, Lisa Butterfield and her husband John re-create Nonnie's family style dinners. HOSTed by Lisa and John Butterfield AT 236 Pine Hill Lake Rd Horton, MI 49246 on Saturday, September 28 • 6:00 pm 10 SEATS • $100 each

menu Proscuitto with Melon • Antipasto • Veal Stew

Polenta • Assorted Italian Cheeses • Stuffed Artichokes • Zucchini á la Mussolente Italian Pastries • Fruit • Gelato Italian Wines

Retro Rendezvous Venture back to the 1960s and 1970s for a culinary repast with a contemporary twist. Get your groove on and be there or be square. Peace out.

HOSTed by Kate Leese AT 124 Hollybrook Ct Liberty Township, MI 49249 on Friday, October 11 • 6:00 pm 10 SEATS • $100 each

menu Cheese Fondue • Pimento Cheese and Crackers • Salmon Pâté • little Beef Wellingtons • Harvey Wallbanger Cakes Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill • Whiskey Sours • Manhattans • Pink Squirrels Brandy Alexanders

Lunch and Learn Enjoy a hearty fall harvest lunch and make a holiday gift to take home. Please register promptly, as materials with further information will be delivered to guests before the event.

HOSTed by the Dunigan sisters AT to be announced on Saturday, October 12 • 12:00 pm 10 SEATS • $100 each

menu Acorn Squash Soup • Autumn Chicken Casserole • Seasonal Salad • Desserts Cider (with and without spirits)

featuring 5 Sisters

Mediterranean Mélange HOSTed by Sarah and Brian Richmond with Lori and Jamie Grace AT 5150 Merriman Rd Jackson, MI 49201 on Saturday, October 12 • 6:00 pm 10 SEATS • $100 each


Patty Koprivica's famous Spanikopita Saganaki (Flaming Cheese) • Gravalox Lemon Pasta with Seared Sea Scallops Village Greek Salad • Lamb Genghis Khan Steak Siciliano with A'Moigue Sauce • Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with a Balsamic Glaze Poached Pears A selection of aperitifs, wines, and spirits will be available. In addition, there will be a boat ride around Brown's Lake (weather permitting). Transportation to/from dinner can be prearranged with hosts. featuring Patty Koprivica

Who Done It? Come enjoy a meal of mystery while relying on the power of observation, empirical thought, and borderline voyeurism. The mind of Alfred Hitchcock will be paired with intriguing cuisine and cryptic desserts. Special appearances by Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. HOSTed by Steve Tucker and the Michigan Theatre AT 124 N Mechanic St Jackson. MI 49201 on Wednesday, October 16 • 6:00 pm featuring Bella Notte 15 SEATS • $100 each

Taste for the Arts 2013  

Welcome to A Taste for the Arts, an annual fundraiser to benefit the Ella Sharp Museum. Review the full menus for the events listed here, an...

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