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Statewide Fine Arts Competition and Exhibition More than 100 Michigan artists submitted up to three works each for this year’s competition. Artists from Traverse City, Grand Rapids, the Detroit area, and the local Jackson area competed for a spot in the popular exhibit. Thirty-two artists and 39 works of art will be showcased during the opening reception on January 12 from 2:30-4:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public, with awards given at 3 p.m. The theme for the 2013 Statewide Fine Arts Competition is the “Power of Portraits.” Portraits can convey more than a likeness. They can speak volumes about the sitter as well as the artist. Whether realistic or abstracted, 2-D or 3-D, portraits mirror the world in which we live by capturing us in a specific moment in time. Michigan artists were invited to imagine, construct, and create their idea of a portrait. Awards with monetary values are as follows: Best of Show ($1000), two Exceptional Merit Awards ($750 each), two Merit Awards ($450 each) and one 3-D Merit Award ($450). Juror Thomas McMillen-Oakley is the Lead Faculty for the Studio Art Department at Jackson Community College. McMillen-Oakley received his M.A. from Spring Arbor College; a B.Ed from the University of Toledo and in 2004 was named the Michigan Art Education Association’s Higher Education Art Teacher of the year.

Ella’s 2013 Statewide Fine Arts Exhibit Reception for 2013 Exhibit January 12, 2:30-4:30 pm Awards at 3 pm

Walter Koelz: The Last Great Victorian Explorer An exhibit telling the story of Walter Koelz and his expeditions is opening January 17 in the Emmet and Pyron Galleries. Walter Koelz, born in 1895 in Waterloo, Michigan, was a zoologist and collector who acquired many artifacts on his world travels. Koelz was a member of the MacMillan-Byrd Expedition to Greenland in 1925. With his traveling partner, Rup Chand, Koelz also journeyed to and collected in Tibet, India, Persia and Nepal numerous times from the 1930s through the 1950s. Walter Koelz documented

his travel and work in South Asia and in the Middle East, as well as his life in Michigan, both before and after traveling abroad. With artifacts borrowed from the University of Michigan’s Museum of Anthropology, the Ella Sharp Museum will display objects that show the scope of his collecting career. The exhibit includes cultural and religious objects as well as birds and plants from central Asia that Koelz collected for the University of Michigan. In addition, the exhibit will display tools collected by Koelz on his Greenland expedition.


IN THIS ISSUE: Saturday Series (pg. 3) Rosetta Wildlife Art (pg. 4) Art Tutorials (pg. 5)


Letter from the Executive Director, Charles Aymond

Looking to the future ist exhibit from the Reading Public Museum in Reading, PA this fall. This summer we are going to initiate a new art education program for underprivileged children that we hope will add a whole new dimension to their lives. We are looking at how we can expand our service to the community with our Saturday Series (see p.3) and our Patio Parties to show the entire community that “THE ELLA IS FOR EVERYONE.” We have so many ideas for the future that we find it difficult to accept, even though we know we must, living within the constraints of our budget.

Happy New Year! 2013 promises to be an exciting one. We are going to have some spectacular exhibits this year, as well as new outreaches in art education and a wide variety of community events. We received a grant from the State that will pay for a substantial part of the cost of redoing Farm Lane, and once we can raise the balance of the needed funds, we can make our grounds safer and more aesthetically attractive to our visitors. We’re also going to have a new Executive Director, and while that person hasn’t been chosen yet, I do know that some highly competent people have applied for the position. I also know the Search Committee would like to make their selection in early January and let you know as soon as they can. While I feel like most people my age and wish I were ten years younger, I’m proud to turn over the reins for this great organization and unique community asset.

Maybe the most exciting part of the Museum is the one that is most often ignored, and that is its people. I can’t begin to tell you how much my life has been enriched by the staff, the donors, the volunteers, the Board, the Friends and the visitors. Yes, you have made my job a true pleasure but more importantly, you have made this a wonderful Museum. Thank you.

While we have always tried to offer interesting and thought-provoking exhibits, this year we will go over the top with the two opening exhibits (see page 1) as well as an incredible Civil War exhibit this summer -- and a fabulous American Impression-

Received from October 1 through November 30, 2012


Philip H. Conley Ajax Heating & Air Conditioning American Title Company of Jackson Charles & Pat Anderson Andy & Sandy Andrews Charles & Dana Aymond Jody Bacon Brian & Sharon Bell Frank & Janet Berkemeier Isabelle Brown Larry & Val Bullen Jack & Sally Bunce Douglas & Janet Burdick John & Lisa Butterfield John & Jean Calvert Kevin, Rebecca & Bethany Cherry A.P. & Beatrice Cook Jackson Country Club 18 Holers Golf League Sandra Craft John & Mary Crosby Mary Deming Carolyn Dickson Maryanne Donnelly Robert & Barbara Duke Donald & Eileen Falk Bob & Linda Fitch

Pat & Jan Flaherty Gerald Franklin Martha Fuerstenau William & Pat Fuerstenau Joyce & Woody Furman Wendy & Cass Gittins David & Linda Goldberg Gross, Puckey, Gruel & Roof P.C. John & Susan Gruel Jim & Marsha Haehnle Bob & Dawn Hardy Candie Hoch Cynthia Hogan Phil Johnston Terry & Margo Klaasen Rae M. Knoll Art & Barb Knueppel Roger & Marty Korten Bernard & Kathy Levy Lynne Loftis Bill & Kae Marcoux William & Carol Marr Debbie & Fred Marshall Allan & Valerie Marzano Doris McConkey Paul & Sharon McKinnis Diane McQuillan Alice Medlar Ralph & Phyllis Najera Daniel & Caryn Offerman

Carol Papachristou Sally & Fred Pesetsky Bob & Cathie Reel Donna Riley Phil & Joane Riley Pat & Carolyn Rollins Doug, Gail, Blake & Molly Ryan Paula & Don Ruthven Doug & Sue Schaffer Brenda Schedeler Ken Schluckebier James & Jacqueline Sherman Robert Simmons Roger & Nancy Smith Bob & Myra Sonsara Dave Spalding & Eileen Lehnert Pam & Jim Stark Joan & Richard Staub Pat & Ron Szymanski Linda Toy John & Sharon Vanderpool Gene Wandel Wayne & Sharon Watters Marti Willard Judy & Jim Wilson James Winter Jr. & Family Ann Wolf Chuck & Sue Wrzesinski

Nancy Farrand Robert & Barbara Duke Jim & Marsha Haehnle Daniel & Caryl Offerman Chuck & Sue Wrzesinski

Doris McConkey Flip & Linda Reynolds Chuck & Sue Wrzesinski

Sheldon Laughlin Sparry & Nan Sparks

Keith & Marie Ambs Anonymous Larry & Val Bullen Peg Eaton Virgil & Jacquie Frederick James Lefere Bill & Jean Reid Staff of Ella Sharp Museum Jack & Tammy Wyatt Lee & Helen Zimmerman

Kent Manning Charles & Dana Aymond Harry & Peg Bancroft John & Lisa Butterfield Doris McConkey Sparry & Nan Sparks Rodney Mills Florence Osborne Doris Shelby Jackson Civic Art Association Connie Surbrook Bernard & Kathy Levy Philip & Joane Riley Sparry & Nan Sparks Hal Ziegler Woody & Joyce Furman Bob & Dawn Hardy Bernard & Kathy Levy


Charles H. Aymond


Jim & Karen Adkins Robert Alldaffer Brenda Bobon Barbara Bowser Jan Burdick Dr. Edward & Helen Greene Ted Ligibel Donald and Sally Matteson Trust Caryl Offerman Gary C. Phillips

Continued in “CONTRIBUTIONS,” pg. 7




Events and Happenings

Saturday Series for 2013 The Museum is proud to again bring you some interesting options for some of your Saturday afternoons between January and the end of April. All events begin at 2 p.m. Some Saturdays are unavailable because of weddings and other special events, but the Saturday Season includes:


12 “The History of the Railroads in Jackson County” by Doug Leffler 19 “Moving to Large Sculpture” by T.J. Aitken (the artist who created the sculpture in the circle in front of the Museum) 26 “Jackson’s Long Gone,” by Sue Weible

From the Glasgow-Knight collection: “Pair of Quails object d’art,” ca 1885; photographs of Midshipman Edgar Knight, 1957; Vase, ca 1850; carved wooden desk set, ca 1930; and turtle shaped ashtray, ca 1935.


New to the Collection

2 A theatrical reading presented by Center Stage 9 “Pysanky Eggs,” their history and “how to” by Chris Eberhart 23 “The Underground Railroad in Jackson” by Carol Mull

New to the Museum’s collection are several artifacts donated by former Jackson resident Garry Knight. Garry, a descendant of the Glasgow family of Jackson, has given us objects that span four generations and 120 years of family history. The family owned and operated the Glasgow Department store that served Jackson from 1885 until 1960.


2 A theatrical reading presented by Center Stage 9 Interpretive dance with Sally Pesetsky and Dancers for Life 30 “Loredo Taft, a Beautiful Dreamer” a lecture about the sculptor by Lynn Young

The collection includes family photos, home decorative items, and military history from two family members who attended the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.


6 A theatrical reading presented by Center Stage 13 Readings by Jackson poets 20 A symposium for all types of collectors

We appreciate this generous donation that documents the story of a prominent Jackson family.

Calendar of Events JANUARY

12 14 17 19 26


Saturday Series - “The History of Railroads in Jackson County” by Doug Leffler, 2 pm Michigan Fine Arts Competition opens, public reception 2:30 pm -4:30pm Friends Luncheon: “ Indian Artifacts – Tools of Life” by Dan Wymer, noon Walter Koelz; Explorer, Naturalist, and Collector, exhibit opening for members. Reception for Museum members 5–7 pm. Reservations requested Public opening for Walter Koelz; Explorer, Naturalist, and Collector Saturday Series - “Moving to Large Sculpture” by T.J. Aitken, 2 pm Saturday Series - “Jackson’s Long Gone” by Sue Weible, 2 pm


2 9 11 23

Saturday Series - Center Stage reading, 2 pm Saturday Series - “Pysanky Eggs” by Chris Eberhart, 2 pm Friends Luncheon: “Exploring the Ganton Museum” with Lloyd Ganton. Meeting will be held at Ye Old Carriage House, 3538 Henderson Road, Spring Arbor, MI, noon Saturday Series - “The Underground Railroad in Jackson” by Carol Mull, 2 pm

Be sure to check the enclosed insert for the dates and descriptions of adult and children’s classes.



Activities and Exhibits at The Ella

Never Enough Time Gallery of Clocks The “Never Enough Time Gallery of Clocks” continues to feature clocks from Allen Spiess Jr., as well as clocks from the Museum’s collection and other collectors. Mid-January will see the addition of several marble clocks, as well as a collection of Banjo Clocks.

nal, and has been kept and displayed as a set. Built as an early marketing ploy, these were made in five sizes so the customer could select the size that best fit their home or office.

Since the Clock Gallery’s opening in 2011, many new clocks have been donated or loaned to the Museum. The 10 Howard clocks remain in the gallery. These clocks, five banjo style and five figure-8 timepieces, were created by prominent and successful clockmaker, Edward Howard (1813-1904). Howard clocks of these two styles were first manufactured in 1842. This unique collection is all origi-

Al’s Clock and Watch Shop allows visitors to have a glimpse into a clockmaker’s workshop. This gallery is ever-changing and frequent visitors are encouraged to take a look to see what new items have been added.

Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art

Janet Katherine Rosetta Artist Janet Katherine Rosetta, who goes by her last name, Rosetta, lives in Loveland, Colorado. In the 1970s and ‘80s she was involved in graphic arts, creating logos, packaging designs, and trademarks for international corporations and advertising agencies in the San Francisco Bay area. Her pursuit of sculpting came about as an artistic trade with a friend who is a painter. He would paint a portrait of her if she would do a sculpture for him. He never finished her portrait, but she entered her sculpture of a cheetah in a regional art show and took top honors, including a sizable monetary award.

tently on something below him while his paw is outstretched in anticipation. “I am not interested in giving them human qualities or turning them into Disney-like cari- Mountain Fishing, Mountain Lion, Rosetta catures,” Rosetta says. “Big cats don’t think or act like humans in any way; they are motivated by survival, not malice or greed.”

From that point, Rosetta switched from graphic design to sculpting. Her job was being phased out by computers; the local university art department, where she had made her winning sculpture, encouraged her to continue sculpting. Rosetta uses a stylized technique. Her unique depiction of a mountain lion illustrates her ability to create sharp edges, but still use the smooth contours of the animal’s body. In Mountain Fishing, Mountain Lion, a feline is perched on a rock, focusing in-

The large bronze mountain lion appears poised, waiting for the perfect moment to grab his next meal. The sculpture displays the elegance, patience, and energy of a feline.

Apply for Open Position at Museum six exhibit galleries and work with local private collectors. The position requires learning the history of Jackson County and working with the education staff in the development of art and history education programs.

The Ella Sharp Museum is looking for a full-time Collections Assistant/Exhibit Coordinator. The person hired for this position will gain an intimate knowledge of the Museum’s collections and work with the Director of Collections to maintain Museum records and care for artifacts and the historic buildings. This person will be responsible for the procurement of loaned exhibits, making all arrangements for receiving, installing and returning loaned materials. He or she will work with the Director of Exhibits and guest curators in creating and installing exhibits in the Museum’s


The position requires self-motivation, attention to detail and a desire to learn and to be creative. To apply email resume and cover letter to Charles Aymond, Museum Director at charlesa@ or mail to 3225 Fourth St. Jackson, MI 49203.



Education Department

One Day Workshops for Teens/Adults covers key techniques for photographing people, including basic posing, natural lighting techniques, lighting tools, and lens selection. Learn to capture and share a subject’s mood and personality.

Floor Cloth Painting Workshop Instructor: Sharon Sunday Saturday, January 19, 9 am–4 pm Member $70/ Non-member $85 Floor cloths make wonderful gifts, and are inexpensive to paint. We will explore a few techniques to create a unique design of your own. All you need is the canvas floor cloth, acrylic craft paints, and a metal straight edge. Dress casually as we will be working with paint. Bring a sack lunch, a towel, and a plastic bag to take your cloth home. Supply list will be sent via e-mail.

Digital Photography For Cowards (Beginning Digital Point and Shoot & SLR users welcome) Instructor: Kate Lambert Lee Saturday, February 23, 1–4 pm Member $25/Non-member $35 This course is designed for the hobbyist who wants to simply learn to better use their camera. Settings on cameras can be confusing. Learn the camera settings from one of the experts. Kate’s experience as a camera repair technician and photographer gives special insight on how to use the settings and make sense of them. We’ll also study some easy tips in composing, and you’ll get some ideas on how to take better pictures of your kids, your grandkids, and your travels. Handouts will be provided.

Shabby Chic Instructor: Sharon Sunday Saturday, February 9, 9 am–4 pm Member $65/ Non-member $75 Bring in a small piece of furniture and/or something you can carry to class (picture frame, birdhouses, etc.) to transform into a “Shabby Chic” decorative item. The instructor will demonstrate ways to transform your pieces with the use of faux finishes, one stroke painting and crackle finishes. Bring paint brushes, pencils and designs you are interested in seeing demonstrated. Paint will be provided.

Introduction to Flash Photography (Beginner-Digital SLR, with external flash) Instructor: Kate Lambert Lee Saturday, March 23, 1–4 pm Member $25/Non-member $35 Flash, the most “available light.” Often photographers specialize in available light photography because they fear flash photography. Truly good flash looks natural and is unnoticeable. Learn how to control your exposures through various flash techniques and accessories. The goal of flash photography is to look natural. Get over your fear of flash, and take your photography to the next level. This will be a smaller class with limited enrollment.

Photographing People Like a Pro Instructor: Kate Lambert Lee Saturday, January 26, 1–4 pm Member $25/Non-member $35 Almost everyone takes pictures of the people in their lives, if it’s a new baby or grandchild, your vacation of a lifetime, or your daughter’s first prom. Learn to make good shots great, and make great shots even better with simple tricks of the professionals. This class

Target Fun and Free Community Art Tutorials If you’re looking for something to do on the weekend that’s fun and free, come join us for our Target-sponsored community art tutorials. This is a great way for parents and caregivers to interact with children (preschool through sixth grade), and to encourage their creativity.

January 19: Origami for everyone, at Boos Center Come and learn how to create animals and shapes from folded paper. February 9: Valentines from the heart with Art, at Ella Sharp Museum Come and create a valentine for that special person in your life.

Drop in anytime from 11 am to 2 pm on the noted Saturdays. Materials and snacks are provided. The Boos Center is located in Loomis Park at 210 Gilbert Street, Jackson, MI 49201. After you are finished, stop by the Ella for a visit. Admission to the galleries is free every Saturday.



Sponsored by:


Members, Donors, and Volunteers at Ella Sharp Museum

Christmas at Hillside Thanks

Annual Sponsorships

The Museum extends special recognition to all volunteers involved with Christmas at Hillside, and thanks them for their time and talents. Special recognition is also given to the Museum board members and local business who donated all of our gift baskets.

Frank Main Bill & Vi Sigmund Foundation

Platinum Sponsor

North Star Capital Advisory Services, LLC

Silver Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Scott Machine, Inc.

Andy & Julia Walz Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

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Ajax Heating & Air Conditioning Craft Agency Grant & Isabelle Brown of Brown’s Advanced Care Anne Freidus Jim & Mary Geisman Edward Scott

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Industrial Steel Treating Company

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Dana C. Aymond Dawn Foods Foundation Carl & Linda English Roger & Margaret Korten Cynthia Rider Steve & Kathy Syrjamaki Trinity Holding

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Day SponsorS:


Year-End Appeal Thanks


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Franklin Charitable Trust Louis Glick Trust

The Friends of the Museum did a fantastic job of providing the popular baked goods that were available to the public for at-will donations.

Michael and Sandra Hill Jonathan Hoover Susan Hoover Maurice and Dorothy Huffer Margaret York-Ickes Jackson Audubon Society Kate Jukuri Robert and Marilyn Kempf Paul and Diane Kenyon Gail and Lee Kraai Gary and Jann Krupa Kay L. Lantis Phyllis A. Blank-Leathead James A. Lefere Diana Liechty Mick and Aileen Lutz Mrs. John B. Macy Susan G. Maire Joseph V. Marconi Kae and William Marcoux Richard and Helena Marsh Jennie E. Master Carlene Matthews Doris McConkey Alice Medlar Rebecca Mehall Mark and Leanne Melling Thomas J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William Moburg Cynthia O’Rourke Florence M. Osborne Frank and Carolyn Pratt Konstantin and Christine Prokos Bill and Jean Reid Charles and Genie Reisdorf Flip and Linda Reynolds Mary Ricciardello Roy and Betty Rider Dr. and Mrs. Philip Riley Jr. Pat and Carolyn Rollins John C. and Dorothy M. Rose Marilyn Rossman Lisa and Kurt Rudolph Sue and Doug Schaffer


Gold Sponsor

Lots of excitement was generated around the gift baskets and a large number of tickets were sold. The Community Room was bustling the whole afternoon with people browsing the art market and picking out baked goods to take home.

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Adamczyk Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ambs Anonymous Douglas and Pennie Atkins Charles and Dana Aymond Colin C. Aymond Carl and Pat Bachle Ryan Beekman Stephen Beison Thaddeus and Kathleen Bonkowski Boyers Tool & Die Inc. Carole L. Briggs Theodore Bryan Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Nancy Angelo and Gordon Burbridge Doug and Jan Burdick Carolyn Callendar Philip Chamberlain Pat Chipman Ann Clark David Foster and Nancy Connell A.P. and Beatrice Cook Mari Craft Doris DeFoe Charles and Barbara DeGolia Dr. Robert and Mrs. Valerie Doane Jim and Carolyn Drake Peg Eaton Robert and Elaine Eberhart Ken and Mary Elenbaas Thomas and Nancy Evanson Helen Fenech Harriet Field Virgil and Jacquie Frederick Irving French Martha Fuerstenau Robert and Betty Gamble Jewel Gill Jim and Joyce Grace Gava Graham John Guidinger Jean Hall Betty Halsey Bob and Dawn Hardy

The Idziak Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


Allegiance Health

Bond & Company PLC Consumers Energy Lloyd Ganton Retirement Centers, Inc. Jim Winter Auto Group Walton Agency Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Silver Sponsor

American Title Company of Jackson

Bronze Sponsor

Advanced Fluid Technologies Art Moehn Chevrolet-Honda David & Judy Busack Jack V. Butterfield Investment Company Citizens Bank Wealth Management Richmond Brothers Cynthia Rider Steve & Kathy Syrjamaki

Mary Scroggs Mrs. Helen Seibert Roberta Sexton Martha Anne Shaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Ron Shankland Faith F. Small Foundation Ken and Ruth Smith Carl F. Spaeth Nan and Sparry Sparks Staff of Ella Sharp Museum Dr. Doug and Lori Sten Toni Stevenson Pat and Ron Szymanski Joe and Kathleen Thorrez John and Sharon Vanderpool Alice VanderVeen Inman E. Vandry


Jeff & Karen Beers Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery Tom & Nancy Evanson Headliners Design Studio Ed & Tina Heap JTV (Bart & Karen Hawley) Kelly Fuels, Inc. Ladwig’s Culligan Water Conditioning Bernard & Kathy Levy Paragon Charter Academy Polly’s Country Market Susan Rochester Matt & Stephanie Rosenberg Michael Shore Benjamin R. Snidecor Memorial John & Elaine Stewart Jeanné Wickens

Ethel VanSchoyck Peter and Amanda Vincich Geraldine Walker Max and Alice Walton Bonnie Warner Philip C. and Margaret A. Webb Ruth Westfall Francene N. Wingo Karen Wood Mike and Diane Worthing Chuck and Sue Wrzesinski Jack and Tammy Wyatt David and Jean Yohe Leslie Youngdahl Russ and Mary Youngdahl Lee and Helen Zimmerman


New/Renewed Members STUDENT/ TEACHER Mike Conrad Florence Cushman

INDIVIDUAL Harriette Allen Marjorie Berry Donna Blake Joan Boldrey Marie Bonkowski Linda Carl Marjorie Castle Jeanette Wing Childs Mary Lee Clark Carolyn Cox Helen Crary Julia Culligan Margaret Cunningham Brad Deranek Susan Diebold Nora Dillon Stephanie Drago Karen Drews Mary Ehrhardt Nancy Ford Dorothy Graham Marilyn Gray Mary Jo Grimes Jeff Hanson Cathy Henry Desmond Herbert Sr. Russ Herman Margaret Hill Nancy Hinton Jonathan Hoover Paula Janke Joyce Kent Patricia Kiessling Dennis Kiley Carol Kobert Doris Kudner Ellie Kuklinski M. Joan Locke Gedy Love Carlene Matthews

Nancy McCormack Verna Medler Leah O’Brien Suzanne Olfier Cynthia O’Rourke Judy Reynolds Mary Ricciardello Marilyn Rossman Eleanor Russell Anthony Panici U.E. Patrick Kathleen Rensch Sandra Richards Stefanie Riggs Mary Lou Schinkez Thomas Shemanski Maxine Shepard Lilly Mergler-Sill Thomas Slater Carl Spaeth Susan Syrjamaki Marjorie Tingley Barbara Tucker Nancy Wagner Vivian Walewski Katherine White Julie Williams Karen Wood Cynthia York Leslie Youngdahl

William & Marilin Ginnow Art & Sallie Henrie Bill & Janet Hestwood William & Joan Jansen Patricia Kaufman Tony & Karen Krupa Marty & Karen Lozier Jerry & Shirley McDevitt Christopher & Adrianne Pfeifer Bob & Cathie Reel Craig & Judie Rockwell Jim & Jane Schrandt Ronald & Alice Shankland Frederick & Sandra Sill Carles & Jean Steller Dale & Helen Sterrett John & Pat Stover Richard & Connie Strunk John & Sharon Vanderpool Tim & Cindy Van Schoick Robert & Joan Walker Charles & Barbara Wellman Betty Hirschman & John Wieck Gary & Christie Willcock Harold & Barbara Winters Mike & Diane Worthing Daniel & Sylvia Wymer David & Marlene Zwitter



Stephen & Margaret Beison Brent & Mary Bierwirth Maki & T.J. Braun Rich & Pat Byler Don & Sharon Calbert William & Jean Cooke Robert & Carolyn Culp Charles & Julia Dempz Alessandro & Cathy DiNello Jim & Carolyn Drake Bennie DuBois & Jay Knibloe Herb & Penny Flowers Romelle & Wayne Frey Robert & Betty Gamble Julie & Patrick Garrison

Ernie & Pat Beffel Frank & Janet Berkemeier Aaron & Courtney Boatin John & Kristin Brown Jack & Sally Bunce Clark & Betsy Conant Charles & Barbara DeGolia Martha Gizynski James Glen John & Barbara Griffin Patrick & Daria Grinenko Elton & Laquita Higgs Jay & Sue Hoffman Richard & Mary Ann Johnson

Received from October 1 through November 30, 2012

Dan & Molly Kaser Sean & Carla Kennedy Jerry Michalowicz & Pamela Kish Robert & Barbara Lally Frank & Angie Lusebrink Ed & Marie Machnik Douglas & Julie Marsh Alice Medlar Timothy & Judith Murray Constance O’Connor Ed & Barb O’Connor Robert Hangartner & Florence Osborne Frank & Carolyn Pratt Earl & Candice Poleski Jan Roys Robert D’Aoust & Dolores Slowinski Patrick & Rolinda Tappenden Lee & Nancy Todd Steven & Amy Tripp L. Phyllis Tschabrun


Claire Alley Brandon Ansel Fran Appolonia Michael Baughman Brian & Sharon Bell Peter & Christine Kambeck-Benden Richard & Monica Collett Peg Eaton Thomas & Nancy Evanson Suzanne Gaertner Carl & Denni Glick Cathy Glick Edward & Helen Greene Margaret Hagen Mark & Kathy Iocca Wayne & Christine Melling-Krantz John & Jacque Kudner James Lefere Kathleen Anzicek & Mark Leventer

Rita Lundberg Wesley & Judith Lutz Ted & Leigh MacCready Jeff Matzen Kent & Laura Maurer Bill & Marilyn Meadowcroft Rebecca Mehall Gloria Noppe Cheryl Norey Sharon Peacock Travis & Armida Pearse Don & Sue Peck Ron & Geri Phelps Konstantin & Christine Prokos Phil & Linda Reynolds Arthur & Diane Rockall Matt & Stephanie Rosenberg Gary & Pamela Schauffler Robert & Mary Smith Richard & Joan Staub Joseph & Karen Tibbs Rich & Kate Walicki Eric & Angela Walton Francene Wingo


Arthur & Helen Adamczyk Carolyn Hetherwick Dickson Shirley Maddalena-Edson Robert & Sallie Kendall Kirk & Marty Mercer Steve & Kathy Syrjamaki Newell & Suzy Turpel

BENEFACTOR John & Norma Macchia John & Nancy Toth


Andy & Sandy Andrews


Ron & Marvel Jones

CONTRIBUTIONS, cont. Shirley D. Rann Jerry & Sandy Rogers Ed & Sandy Smith Douglas M. Schafer Peggy McComb


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Mark & Jackie Lincoln The Pointe Bar & Grille: Tim Brater & Nick Molony Peerless Wine of Anderson Distributing: Rick Collett Brian & Sarah Richmond Skip & Anne Vendola

Biggby Coffee Flick’s Plumbing, LLC Jane Grover Kyle Liechty Florence Osborne Bill Rayl, JAMA Schupbach’s Sporting Goods Al Spiess

Mid Year Appeal Pat Chipman

A Taste for the Arts: Hosts and Hostesses


Allegiance Health


Charlie & Dana Aymond Aaron & Courtney Boatin Lloyd & Judith Ganton Jamie & Lori Grace Jim & Joyce Grace Bob & Jane Grover Bernard & Kathy Levy


Special thanks to: Pat Rombyer – data entry and mailing for membership Karen Beers – data entry and program assistance


Carolyn Curtis- data entry and program assistance Membership Committee members: Betsy Youngdahl Barbara Duke Rita Lundberg Mary McVicker Nan Sparks Barbara Stanton Cindy VanGieson Sue Wrzesinski Will Forgrave Emily Huntoon Kyle Huntoon Michelle Lake Alicia Miller Katie Phelan Dan Vainner Leslie Youngdahl Rachael Zimmerman



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January-February 2013 Ella News  
January-February 2013 Ella News  

News and happenings at the Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History for January- February 2013.