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“YOU WERE BORN RICH” MASTERMIND GROUP WHY The Law of Attraction says that we are all powerful magnets and that we attract things into our lives with our thoughts! The philosophy of “The Secret” is that we can have, do or be anything we want… Author Bob Proctor tells us that every human being has been “Born Rich”; it is just that most of us are temporarily a little short of money! Join the “You Were Born Rich” Mastermind Group, based on the book, of the same name, by Bob Proctor, and study how to attract money into your life! WHAT COURSE PACK WHEN PRICE LANGUAGE WHERE SUBSCRIBE

You Were Born Rich 10 weekly sessions (each 1 hour) Tuesday mornings 12:00hs, starting 13th of April 2010 € 150 English on Tuesdays or Spanish on Mondays Co-lab, creative headquarter of Co-creations C/Angel Vidal 25, 1º Sitges (next to the Retiro) or by phone +34938110331

When two candle flames are brought together, the new flame is four times as big as the two individual flames. The same strange phenomenon occurs when an alliance is formed between two or more minds; it is as if a third mind has appeared. Let this Mastermind Group act as your Aladdin’s Lamp… WHO IS THE CO-MEETER Co-meeter Ella Rowe is Co-director of Easylinguistics and author of the Bilingual Bedtime Story and CD “Pela the Class Pet”. She is the first Bob Proctor Life Success Consultant in Spain and the presenter of the “You Were Born Rich” program on Radioolivella (105.2fm). The Easylinguistics Bilingual S tories with CD´s can be purchased in the Co-lab for 10€ • “Pela, la mascota de la clase –Pela,The Class Pet” • “Pequeño niño amarillo – Little Boy Yellow” Bilingual stories, with a difference…

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C/ Ángel Vidal, 25 1º 08870 Sitges Teléfono +34 938110331 Co-meetings, plataforma de la co-creación, iniciativa de Co-creations S.L.

You Were Born Rich  

Bob Proctor wrote the book "You Were Born Rich". He says that we were all born rich it´s just that some of us are temporarily a little short...