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Anna’s Journey By Anna Gregg A couple of months ago I received a phone call from Juvae, telling me that I had won a $5000 makeover. I was a bit taken aback as I’d completely forgotten that I had even entered the competition, so I assumed that the call was either a marketing gimmick or a joke. Then the shock set in. I had actually won the competition!

Juvae: Anti-wrinkle treatment to Frown, Crows, Upper Lip. Dermal Filler treatments to Cheeks, Enlargement of Nostrils, Lips and Nasal Fold

apprehensive, then guilty and even embarrassed. It was all to do with my frown lines. I have always had deep frown lines in my forehead and so people often assumed I was angry. They would either apologise to me constantly or avoid me altogether. I was sick of people thinking this angry person was who I really was. I was quite nervous on the day of the injectables, I didn’t really want people to know what I was having done and I was scared I’d come away looking like someone who’d “had work done”. However, the girls at Juvae were extremely friendly and immediately put me at ease. After a consultation, the specialist doctors injected me with Dermal Fillers and Non-Surgical Injectables. Two hours later, I walked out slightly dazed and a bit bruised, but looking amazing. I could see the results straight away.

Ella Rouge Beauty: Spray Tan, Oxygenate Facial Treatment and ID Bare Minerals Makeup

Hair Force Castle Hill: Coloured, Cut and Styled.

Over the next week, my face continued to improve. I lost the ability to frown, and my face glowed. I

treatments. But no one seemed to notice. The reactions were subtler. I realised that people read faces sub-consciously; a frowning face means “angry/keep away”, a relaxed face means “approachable”. I had become more approachable, because I was no longer giving the wrong signals. The second part of my Makeover happened a few weeks later. Firstly, the spray tan, I had only had one spray tan before and it had looked streaky and terrible. I was really impressed with the results from Ella Rouge. Having very fair skin, I have never been able to get a natural tan, but this one made me look healthy and fantastic. There is nothing like a tan to make you look and feel younger and slimmer! The next day was my hair and shopping day. I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to haircuts. I have had some shockers in the past! My hair was long and damaged and I desperately needed a good cut and colour. The hairdressers at Hair Force were amazing! Helmer and Mario are a husband and wife team, who really know hair. They looked carefully at my hair, roots, hairline, the shape of my face and my skin I love the cut and colour they have given me and comments from friends and family have all been very positive. Next up was the fun part of the makeover. I met up with Kate from Juvae and we went shopping. Our

These made my skin glow. I then headed back to Hair Force for a wash and pre photo hair styling. Then back to Ella Rouge for mineral makeup.

Blue Print Studio: Photoshoot

Forever New: Dress

Mums Makeover  

Juvae Mums Makeover Competition

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