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November 2013 Newsletter

EllaPure Oil of the Month


Latin: Zingibar officinale

Pro d uct C o de: £10 1033 (€13 )

November’s oil of the month is Ginger. Ginger essential oil can be of a yellow or amber colour has a very spicy and sharp scent. The oil is extracted from the herb and the root of the plant. Ginger originated in India and China and was first introduced to Europe between the 10th and 15th Century - used in ancient times by Romans, Egyptians and the Chinese as a medicine to treat many different ailments. Ginger is an amazing essential oil and can be used to care for many things. It is fantastic for treating flu and colds and the symptoms both illnesses bring. It can also be applied to bruises to reduce the effects on the skin. Ginger is also amazing when treating travel sickness and morning sickness. Place a drop on a handkerchief for quick results when suffering from flu symptoms or sickness. Add a few drops to your bath to soothe muscles and treat digestive problems.

November Consultant Q&A - Joanna Snitzer

When and why did you join EllaPure?

I joined because I had been looking for a company that sold affordable, ethical, high quality British products for some time. I have always known that the best time to start with a company is at the beginning and after conversations with Rosalie Brewster and Julianne Hatton, I felt at ease immediately.

What’s your favourite part about being a Consultant?

I am passionate about authentic organic products that go on my skin and understand the concept of direct selling as opposed to franchising, which I have been involved in. The fact that I can have a business in the UK and pick up and take it with me to America is so appealing.

My favourite part of being a Consultant is having these wonderful products to use myself of course and hearing feedback from customers who have decided to give EllaPure a try. My favourite comment was from a friend who had bought the Timeless kit. She said her skin not only felt fabulous but she felt better, calmer etc. She couldn’t believe the affordability compared to what she had usually been spending on skincare for herself. Biggest tip for new or existing Consultants? Biggest tip for new and existing Consultants is, don’t listen to negative people who know nothing about Direct selling. The thing I love about EllaPure is that it leads by the products and the support from Head Office and other Consultants is excellent. I would say use as many of the products as possible so have first hand experience and listen to people. I offer the opportunity as well as the products and don’t take it personally if people say no to being a Consultant. Perhaps it’s not the right time for them. Last tip is don’t pre-judge. Sometimes the people you think will say yes say no and vice versa.


Due to increasing fuel and carriage costs we are unfortunately having to increase the standard party delivery charge to £6.00 within the UK and 7,00€ within mainland Europe. These changes are effective January 1st 2014. e-Commerce delivery charges will also be increasing to £4.00 for a standard courier delivery and £8.50 for an express delivery. We will be withdrawing the Royal Mail option in light of the changes in their parcel charges. The Saturday delivery charge will not be increasing and will remain at £12.00. These changes are effective January 1st 2014. Please note that party orders must be delivered to a single address and may not be split down into smaller ‘direct’ deliveries. Any customers wishing to have an order delivered direct must place this online at and not as part of the party order. This is current policy and is currently in effect.

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November 2013 Newsletter

A Massive Well Done! Personal Sales


2nd 3rd 4th 5th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Saskia Beu-Wulff Susanna smyth Megan Brewster Mairi Fraser Claire Jankovic

3513 1587 1125 1094 1082

TOP 5 Super Party Sales: Nadine Kastenschmidt Clare Cameron Anna-Lena Holstein Rachel Marchant Bev Couzens

Team Sales 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Mairi Fraser Stacie MacDonald Julianne Hatton Eileen Bermingham Kay Lawson

Director Sales

840.12 696.85 612.81 545.08 528.50

Rosalie’s Review What great results we have had during the month of October!

We have had many more new recruits joining us all over the Country, Europe and the really big news is the doors are open in the USA! Everyone is busy helping new people get started and we have seen a great increase in the uptake of the Webinar training calls. Aromatherapy parties are being booked more and more with many new themes being used, so if you have more great ideas be sure to share all you can through our company website and the Facebook EllaPure Consultant group. November is set to bring great opportunities for elevated earnings to everyone, ensuring your Christmas if full of everything you desire. Keep booking into November as much as you can and any parties booked in January date as early as possible. I am sure we will have some great promotions and offers.

1st Megan Brewster 2nd Saskia Beu-Wulff 3rd Helen Knight

Senior Director Sales

1st Rosalie Brewster

Blending Tips! As you know, essential oils have their own amazing benefits however if you combined certain oils you can achieve further fantastic advantages! Ginger & Juniperberry - this combination is a very warming set which will relax you and relieve stress. Clary Sage, Lemon & Lavender - this fantastic combination is ideal for relieving stress and perfect pre and post Christmas shopping! Bergamot & Clary Sage - these two oils are perfect to get over the winter blues and the cold. Energising and uplifting.

So, have a wonderful month in November and we can celebrate in early December when we hold our annual Christmas parties for everyone. Save the dates! December 14th (Saturday) Christmas party at my house afternoon/evening. All families welcome.

What’s new?

Rosalie x

We have seen a good start to our sales for Christmas but November is the month to watch. Double your efforts, book in parties and make sure everybody hears about EllaPure wherever you go. Your sales can really soar this coming month as many of you seasoned Consultants know - pass on your hints and tips, share your stories of amazing sales and support our family of Consultants to make this November truly great for us all. Just think how great it will feel to be happily prepared financially for Christmas before December even starts! Squeeze in parties where and whenever you can and remember it is never too late to fill a diary - make last minute plans for a girly night in with friends or rescue a neighbours party at the last minute with a fun filled night of EllaPure. Bonfire night can make a great evening to sell to a crowd of chilly people - try our lovely Cocoa Hand Cream with its warming chocolaty scent, it’s sure to be a winner. James x

Newsletter-November 2013  
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