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Welcome to EllaPure At EllaPure we firmly believe that nature is the key to healthy living. Our product range has been developed from scratch in the UK with ethical, natural and organic ideas in mind. The suppliers we use for our ingredients all follow this same ethos to ensure that our products are the best they can be. Hopefully you are well acquainted with one of our friendly Consultants who can guide you through your needs and show you just what we can do. We believe that service is the base to a great experience and that you should be comfortable and happy with any product you use and most importantly, what is in the product! The best thing about EllaPure is you can get involved, so have a look at becoming a Consultant today. You will build your passion for organic living whilst receiving an amazing income. Ask a Consultant to talk it through with you for even more information.

Our Products...

At EllaPure we believe passionately that products put on the skin should be as pure, as natural and as fresh as possible. Most importantly we believe that you should know what you are using and that it is right for you. We are proud to say that all our products are:

Free from Parabens

Free from SLS & SLES

Natural & Organic

Ethical & Sustainable

Never tested on animals

Made in Britain

We love our products and know you will too. Actually we’re so confident, we offer:

30-day no-quibble returns!


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Our Natural Hero Ingredients It really is amazing how many benefits can be found in nature. We have a few extra-special heroes though, some of which you would never even think of as being anything more than food! All these products feature heavily in our skincare products, expertly blended to give you happy and natural skin.

rosa centifolia

rose, often referred to as ‘the queen of essential oils’, is gentle and soothing with an exquisite floral scent.

cucumis sativus cucumber has the same hydrogen composition as skin, meaning it is a highly effective natural cleanser and soother.

vaccinum oxycoccos

cranberries are packed with vitamins highly valued for their antioxidant and antiageing properties.

anthemis nobilis

chamomile is an allround oil with properties to calm and soothe as well as being antiallergenic & soothing.

glycin soja soya contains proteins rich in Vitamin-E that reduce blotchiness and uneven skin tone and remove dead skin cells.

melaleuca alternifolia tea tree, the prize of Australia, is antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial. Clever nature!


leptospermum scoparium manuka, made famous by bees in honey, the oil of the flower is a wonder product for skin - even better than the honey!

daucus carota carrots contain betacarotene as well as vitamins C, D and lots of E. A surprising skin rejuvenator!

theobroma cacao cocoa butter works as a barrier, protecting your skin whilst other products repair and hydrate it.

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Essential Skincare Skincare to go... Treating your skin can be easy and does not have to take hours of hard work. We have laid out six simple steps to give you the best results. It is recommended that you follow the first three as a basic level of care. Adding the last three will maximise your benefits and give a complete skincare routine.

Skincare for busy people

Cleanse Time Saving Tip:

Pump a small amount into your hand before you get in the shower. The warm shower water also opens your pores, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Pure Cream Cleanser

Tone Time Saving Tip:

Once you are out of the shower pat your face dry and spritz with toner. Then leave it to do its magic and dry naturally whilst you towel off your body.

Hydrate Time Saving Tip:

Just before you leave the bathroom smooth a little of your moisturiser onto your face, neck and décolletage with gentle feathered upward strokes.

with Cucumber, Soya & Sage

with Rosa Centifolia



Cleansing the skin is essential for every skincare routine. As well as removing surface skin debris, it cleans pores deeply, and removes dead skin cells, grease and make-up. This mild, fragrance-free formula gives a gentle yet effective action.

Toner from the distillation of precious Rose Oil has a mild yet effective action. Use before moisturising to remove traces of make-up and cleanser and to prime the skin for moisturiser and ensure the maximum benefits from your skincare regime.

Moisturising is the most important part of any skincare routine to prevent ageing, promote healthy skin cell reproduction and help with skin elasticity. Our Carrot Moisturiser is high in vitamins considered to be the vital support for the skin.

3.38 fl oz | $16.00 Order Code: 1401

3.38 fl oz | $16.00 Order Code: 1402

1.76 oz | $22.50 Order Code: 1403


with Carrot Oil

EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Essential Skincare Ultimate Skincare Box Everything on this page & more! $95.00| See page 19

Essential Skincare Set A set of goodies for happy skin that has everything to get your skincare routine going. Including our prized Pure Cream Cleanser in its purest form, ready for use or to be blended with essential oils complementary to your skin type. We have some ready made blends on page 3. You also get our vitamin-rich Carrot Oil Moisturiser, our Rose Toner, Eye Bright Gel and our Apricot Facial Scrub. Save $24! $70.00 Order Code: S048

Smooth Time Saving Tip:

Your eyes really do give away how you feel! After moisturising, tap serum into the eye area to relieve tired or puffy eyes and smooth lines.

Renew Time Saving Tip:

Try and squeeze in the time once a week to exfoliate your skin and bring out a new you. Again this can be done in the shower to save time!

Purify Time Saving Tip:

Getting ‘me time’ can be hard but, once a week when in the bath, smooth our mask onto cleansed skin for 10 minutes to draw out nasties and feel fresh!

Eye Bright Gel

Facial Scrub

This light gel works to restore the eye area and reduce fine lines. The antioxidant properties of Aloe Vera help minimise the look of dark circles and ‘bags’. The refreshing formula leaves your eyes feeling bright and ready for the day.

This divine facial scrub uses crushed apricot & olive stones to remove the surface layer of dead cells that dull the complexion and prevents our skin from breathing. You really will notice a much more even and fresh-looking skin tone after just the first use.

A nourishing pure clay with an extraordinary natural electrical charge and rich in vitamins and minerals that draws out the impurites - ready to be washed away leaving behind happy skin. Add Essential Oils for extra benefits.

1.06 oz | $24.00  Order Code: 1404

1.06 oz | $16.00 Order Code: 1405

2.12 oz | $16.00 Order Code: 1406

with Aloe Vera

with Apricot


Kaolin Face Mask with Pure Fine Clay

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Essential Skincare

Timeless Skincare Set

Timeless Beauty - natural beauty forever!

A total skincare regime for an AMAZING: $130.00 | See page 19

Timeless Beauty Set Timeless Eye Serum

Our fantastic Timeless range will really rejuvenate your complexion and lift the muscles and skin. Our amazing Face-Lift Oil really is the very best in natural organic beauty that really works! Save $20!

with Myrrh & Gingko Boloba This serum uses gentle Aloe Vera combined with smoothing and vitamin-rich Sea Buckthorn Berry, Myrrh to lift the eye area and Gingko Boloba to improve bloodflow in the delicate skin and act as an antioxidant.

$80.00 Order Code: S046

1.06 oz | $29.00  Order Code: 1231

Timeless Face-Lift Oil

Timeless Moisturiser

with Argan Oil, Frankincense, Myrrh, Gingko Boloba & Lavender

with Myrrh, Gingko Boloba & Sea Buckthorn Berry

This amazing blend of natural extracts and Essential Oils gives an amazing lift to the skin on the face, naturally rebuilding the skin’s elasticity and the firm feel of younger skin. Massage into the facial muscles a little at a time.

A nourishing cream with Gingko Boloba to protect against freeradical damage and improve bloodflow, Sea Buckthorn Berry to smooth lines & enrich the skin and Myrrh to refine pores and restore elasticity.

1.01 fl ozl | $35.00  Order Code: 1235

1.76 oz | $35.00  Order Code: 1232

Customise your skincare Our skincare range is designed with your skin in mind. It will boost your regime and customise your skincare products to fully suit your skin type and ensure a perfect blend. Add 6 drops per ounce of product.

Skin Correction Oils 0.17 fl oz | $8.00

For the best match for your skin type we recommend you purchase a bottle of one of our essential oil blends. Dry skin may be tight, flaky or spot prone.


 Order Code: 1410 with Lavender, Geranium & Frankincense

Oily skin is often greasy, shiny and with enlarged pores.


Order Code: 1411 with Bergamot, Litsea Cubeba & Lime


Combination skin has different areas that exhibit dry and oily types.


‘Normal’ skin has an even skin tone and few problems.

Order Code: 1412 with Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang & Geranium Order Code: 1413 with Lavender, Lemon & Ylang Ylang


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Essential Skincare Skincare especially for men Men have skin too and it needs just as much care. Get yourself started today with a skincare set, all developed and tailored for men’s skin.

Men’s Essential Skincare & Wash Set Perfectly formulated for men’s skin, this set includes our invigorating Cleansing Hair & Body Wash, refreshing Cleansing Daily Face Wash, deep acting Exfoliating Face Scrub and our Reviving Post-Shave Cream. A complete skincare set for men with products developed exclusively for male skin. $60.00 Order Code: S037

add the Men’s Shaving Oil

with Lemon & Spearmint

1.06 oz | $8.00 | Code:1419

Men’s Individuals

Cleansing Daily Face Wash

with Peppermint, Mandarin & Tea Tree

Cleansing Hair & Body Wash

Exfoliating Face Scrub

with Grapefruit, Cedarwood & Manuka

with Tea Tree, Apple Cider Vinegar & Apricot Oil

Reviving Post-Shave Cream with Grapefruit, Cedarwood & Lemon

Wake up with this cooling and cleansing wash with cooling peppermint, refreshing mandarin and cleansing tea tree.

Uplifting and invigorating, it gently cleanses to get your morning going and is perfect for use all over the body.

A specialist antioxidising weekly treatment with a powerful blend of oils. It can be use as a body scrub as well.

Shaving removes a lot of moisture from the skin. Calm your skin with this cream after shaving to help repair and protect.

3.38 fl oz| $16.00 Order Code: 1154

3.38 fl oz | $16.00 Order Code: 1150

1.76 oz | $16.00 Order Code: 1151

1.06 oz | $12.50 Order Code: 1153


Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Bath & Shower “...The first thing I noticed, when I

used it in my daughter’s hair, was that after a few days of use the dry scalp was lifting in big flakes and underneath was a normal looking head - result! Vicki Stanyon

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Wonderwash...8 months later and 3 bottles of WonderWash used, my daughter’s cradle cap has completely gone and my son’s eczema, although not cleared completely, is better and this product really suits his skin... Many thanks!

WonderWashTM Produced to our secret recipe (of course it’s on the label though!), this wonderful cleansing product is completely free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and any of its derivatives. This is a chemical that is in the vast majority of cleansers, soaps, face washes, bath soaks and more. It is a highly aggressive degreaser that has been linked to many skin conditions due to its harsh drying effect. Our WonderWash uses a much more gentle Sodium cleansing agent that works in harmony with your skin and hair. We have had fantastic results treating and preventing skin problems. Ideal for use in the Bath, Shower, as a Shampoo, as a Hand Wash and even for household chores! This product can be blended with oils of your choice or choose one of our devilishly good blends all ready for you.

Charlotte Haynes

...After a couple of months using “ WonderWash with a Lavender oil my daughter’s sensitive skin and eczema are so much better and she no longer complains of itchy skin. The family are enjoying using the products and getting involved blending the oils Hannah Clutterbuck

8.45 fl oz | $19.50 | Code: 1068 Buy Big and SAVE 40%: 33.81 fl oz | $45.00 | Code: 1069

Using with Essential Oils

...I’ve seen such a difference “ to my skin and it’s just pure bliss

Bath Use: Simply add 3-5 pumps of this carrier to running water. When the water is at the required temperature (warm not hot) add up to 5 drops of Essential Oil to the water and mix well. We recommend a maximum of 3 drops when using Black Pepper, Ginger, Lemongrass, Peppermint or any of the Citrus Essential Oils. Hand Wash / Shower Use: Add up to 15 drops of Essential Oil to 1 oz of this carrier.

when I apply one of your wonderful massage oils after a shower. The best thing with the WonderWash is that my skin is now so much better, and the second best thing is that you only need one bottle for everything.

Jenny Glader-Arden


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Bath & Shower

Power Berry Bath & Shower Gel

Achy Bath Soak

Acai berries contain anthocyanin, an antioxidant that has been proven to help strengthen immune systems. Combined with Cranberry and packed with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytosterols.

Perfect for those who are active or who suffer from sore joints, this product has been formulated using premium-quality Essential Oils to work with your body’s natural support systems to help keep joints supple.

8.45 fl oz | $22.50 | Code: 1205

8.45 fl oz | $22.50 | Code: 1221

16.91 fl oz | $35.00 | Code: 1192

16.91 fl oz | $35.00 | Code: 1222

Sexy Bath & Shower Gel

Sleepy Bath Soak

Complete with a natural aphrodisiac, this cheeky product is formulated to melt away nervous tension, irritability and emotional guilt!

This product certainly ‘does what it claims’ to promote relaxing sleep and make restless nights a thing of the past.

8.45 fl oz | $22.50 | Code: 1225

8.45 fl oz | $22.50 | Code: 1227

16.91 fl oz | $35.00 | Code: 1226

16.91 fl oz | $35.00 | Code: 1228

Wakey Bath & Shower Gel

Stressy Bath Soak

Forget the coffee, kick start your day with this gorgeous, stimulating product. A perfect shower gel, it is a lovely freshening hand wash that keeps your hands smelling fresh and clean.

It’s hard to describe just how much we love this product. Take 20 minutes out of your day to wash away the pressures of modern life as you sink into a warm bath with beautiful Essential Oils.

8.45 fl oz | $22.50 | Code: 1223

8.45 fl oz | $22.50 | Code: 1229

with Ginger, Black Pepper & Wintergreen

with Acai Berry, Cranberry, Rose & Juniperberry

with Patchouli, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang

with Lavender, Marjoram & Petitgrain

with Lime, Bergamot, Spearmint & Coriander

16.91 fl oz | $35.00 | Code: 1224

with Clary Sage, Geranium & Rose


16.91 fl oz | $35.00 | Code: 1230

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Bathe and Relax

Bath Salts


with Lavender Oil and Lavender Heads

7.05 oz | $16.00 Order Code:1092

Our bath salts are sourced from the Dead Sea and are the very best. The most natural way of cleansing your skin, the salts draw out impurities in the skin Rose & Geranium and rebalance its with Rose Petals and chemistry. Absorb Geranium Oil key minerals and delightful essential 7.05 oz | $16.00 Rich Citrus Body Butter oils. Order Code:1091 with Lemon, Lime & Orange

Body Oils

This rich butter contains three powerful Essential Oils all containing the miraculous Vitamin C with its collagen-forming effect to brighten the skin and even out its tone as well as working as an antioxidant.

Anti-Cellulite & Detox

with Grapefruit, Juniperberry & Cypress Cellulite is mainly comprised of toxins. It takes a long while for cellulite to be removed by the body. Acting as a diuretic this oil helps to clear the body of toxins.

3.53 oz | $25.50 | Code: 1008

3.38 fl oz | $19.00 | Order Code: 1414

Power Berry Hand & Body Butter

8.45 fl oz | $32.00 | Order Code: 1014

Luxury Floral Infusion

with Cranberry, Acai, Neroli & Ylang Ylang

with Geranium, Rose, Jasmine & Neroli This indulgent, organic body oil will deeply moisturise your skin to leave it supple and glowing. The richest and most precious Essential Oils have been added to capture a world of luxury in a bottle.

A gorgeous butter with a lovely natural berry scent it combines the amazing antioxidant properties of Cranberry and Acai with the added luxury of Neroli and its healing properties. Our favourite blend yet!

3.38 fl oz | $22.50 | Order Code: 1415 8.45 fl oz | $40.00 | Order Code: 1013 $16.00 per 100ml


3.53 oz | $29.00 | Code: 1007

EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Bathe and Relax

save with a Hand & Foot Luxury Set

Shaving Oil

$30.00| saving $5.00! Code: S013

with Lemon & Spearmint This shaving oil can be used all over the body. It has a light Grapeseed base with Lemon that softens the hairs and calming Spearmint.

Foot Cream

with Peppermint This softening cream is designed to help the skin on your feet and prevent or soothe cracked skin. Peppermint Oil makes this cream deliciously cooling and antiinflammatory.

1.69 fl oz | $13.00 | Code: 1012

Waterless Hand Sanitiser with Tea Tree & Geranium

1.76 oz | $16.00| Code: 1416

Our waterless hand sanitiser is a great way to disinfect when there isn’t soap and water around. A blend of Tea Tree and Geranium to kill bacteria and moisturise the skin.

Luxury Hand Cream

with Frankincense, Geranium & Jasmine

Our hand sanitizer meets the requirements of EN 13727 for MRSA Medical Areas.

Our hands are constantly exposed and they will become dry and damaged if not kept hydrated. This lovely cream will leave them soft and gorgeous.

0.34 fl oz | $8.00 | Code: 1015

Achy Joints & Muscles

1.76 oz | $19.00 | Code: 1417

Achy Body Gel

with Ginger, Black Pepper, Wintergreen & Glucosamine Use this gel to stimulate joint function and help maintain healthy cartilage. Glucosamine is produced from the shells of chitin (shellfish). Apply locally as needed, taking care on swollen joints. 8.12 oz | $20.00 | Code: 1010

with Ginger, Eucalyptus & Black Pepper A body oil with a blend of Essential Oils to support joint movement and to warm the muscles. Ideal to use pre and post exercise. 1.69 fl oz | $12.80 | Code: 1011

save with an Achy Care Set Achy Gel, Oil & Bath Soak $50.00 | Code: S050

Achy Body Oil

3.38 fl oz | $19.50 | Code: 1431


Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Rescue Remedies WonderCreamTM

with Manuka, Chamomile & Tea Tree Our Wonder products continue with this fantastic ‘miracle’ cream. Manuka truly is a wonderful oil; it has great antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties as well as being an anti-inflammatory. Tea Tree for extra antimicrobial properties and Chamomile to soothe, heal and calm. Hugely successful as a treatment for eczema and calming acne. No bathroom cupboard should be without this! 1.06 oz | $10.00 | Order Code: 1016

Rescue Remedy Set

3.53 oz | $24.00 | Order Code: 1186

All our 1.06 oz Rescue products in a set to cover every eventuality. Complete cupboard essentials.

SAVE $12.00! $50.00 | Code: S049

Achy Body Cream

Digestion Cream

3.53 oz |$24.00 | Order Code: 1187

3.53 oz | $24.00 | Order Code: 1257

Working Hands Cream

Breathe Easy Cream

with Orange, Ginger, Marjoram, Black Pepper & Carrot Oil The ‘must-have’ item for every sports bag, first aid bag and medicine cabinet. It helps promote good muscle tone and flexible joints. Very soothing to achy muscles and tired joints. 1.06 oz | $10.00 | Order Code: 1019

with Peppermint, Spearmint, Dill & Carrot Oil Simply rub into the chest area and stomach to help with digestion, especially after eating a large meal. Can also bring comfort to the stomach when travelling. 1.06 oz | $10.00 | Order Code: 1017

with Lemon, Palmarosa, Tea Tree & Carrot Oil Ideal for those tough tasks of: Gardening, Housework, Hairdressing & DIY. Acts as a barrier before and then adds moisture after. Strengthens nails, softens cuticles and nourishes skin. 1.06 oz | $10.00 | Order Code: 1020

with Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Tea Tree & Carrot Oil Particularly useful in the cold season for its vaporising and antibacterial properties. Use as a chest rub and inhale the rich natural vapours - the oils work from the inside too. 1.06 oz | $10.00 | Order Code: 1018

3.53 oz | $24.00 | Order Code: 1432

3.53 oz | $24.00 | Order Code: 1433


with Manuka, Borage, Sage & Rosemary Manuka & Sage lower inflammation whilst Borage heals and calms the area, Rosemary assists bloodflow in the area getting all the oils where they need to work. This light balm is ideal for use on dry lips, cracked heels & elbows, blemishes, spots, nails and much more! 1.06 oz |$12.00 | Code: 1093


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Start your EllaPure Journey

Today is the day to join... An amazing opportunity. Be your own boss. Full-time or Part-time. Work to your strengths. Meet like-minded people.

Take control of your life. 13

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Join the family! Who can you be? With EllaPure, people all over the world are in control of their careers, backed by a community to develop and guide them along the way. They’re making new friends, having their achievements recognised, and finally enjoying the way they earn a living! What are you waiting for? Join our rapidly expanding team of Independent Consultants and start enjoying everything EllaPure has to offer!

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Am I qualified? Very simply, everyone qualifies! If you have drive, charisma, friends and passion, you can make a great start. There really is no ‘box’ or mould to make a Consultant, anybody who wants to achieve this can! We are passionate about offering an honest and transparent business opportunity. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. At EllaPure nobody receives a penny for just getting someone to join. We are passionate about upholding these standards and we are proudly pioneering industry standards with the DSA. We simply reward our Consultants, Managers and Directors for selling products and developing and supporting other team members to do the same. Fair and simple!

Full members of the Direct Selling Association.

Rewards and Training

We frequently hold promotions to get great gifts such as iPads or free product to sell or use to treat yourself. There are always opportunities to earn holidays, theatre trips, weekend city breaks and dinner events. Alongside our annual international company conferences for product launches, training and team building you will be trained by a consultant who is highly experienced with all our products. Build your team and enter our Senior Director Programme.


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Join the family! What a start!

Consultant Kit Add-Ons

New Consultant Kit An amazing start to your EllaPure career with a broad selection of our products to use as samples for family and friends or displays at parties in a kit bag. 1 x Power Berry Bath & Shower Gel (8.45 fl oz) 1 x Wakey Bath & Shower Gel (8.45 fl ozl) 1 x WonderCream (1.06 oz) 1 x WonderBalm (1.06 oz) 1 x Digestion Cream (1.06 oz) 1 x Achy Body Cream (1.06 oz) 1 x Breathe Easy Cream (1.06 oz) 1 x Working Hands Cream (1.06 oz) 1 x Luxury Hand Cream (1.76 oz) 1 x Foot Cream (1.76 oz) Simple... 1 x Sexy RollerBall 1 x Stressy RollerBall 1 x Wakey RollerBall Pay just $120 to start 1 x Sleepy RollerBall 1 x Lavender Essential Oil Receive $300 worth of 1 x Eucalyptus Essential Oil Products! 1 x Tea Tree Essential Oil 1 x Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 1 x Lemongrass Essential Oil The perfect beginning 1 x Lime Essential Oil to your new career. 1 x Litsea Essential Oil 1 x Orange Essential Oil Get $300 of additional 1 x WonderWash (3.38 fl oz) 1 x Luxury Carrier Oil (3.38 fl oz) products free with the 1 x Base Lotion (3.38 fl oz) Quick Start Scheme! 1 x Ceramic Room Burner 2 x Mixing Bottles 2 x Mixing Jars 2 x Spray Bottle Stationery incl. 12 Catalogues

After your kit you can order any of these add-ons once every 12 months! Boost your product range to fit your style or buy them all and showcase our entire range!

Skincare Add On

Boost your skincare parties: 1 x Essential Skincare Set 1 x Dry Skincare Blend Oil 1 x Timeless Moisturiser 1 x Timeless Facelift Oil Worth $164 $70| Code: ADD2

Pamper Add On Arrange a pamper party: Lavender Bath Salts Rose & Geranium Bath Salts Citrus Body Butter Power Berry Hand & Body Butter Floral Infusion Body Oil (3.38 fl oz) Worth $110 $55 | Code: ADD4

Worth over $300!

Quick Start

Home Fragrance Add On

Step 1

Sales of over $1,000 in your first 60 days Reward: $150 voucher for use against products at SRP.

Step 2

Recruit another Consultant in your first 60 days and they complete their Step 1 Quick Start. Reward: Another $150 voucher for use against products at SRP.


Sell a sensual home: Ocean Breeze Reed Diffuser Vanilla Candle Sweet Berry Reed Refill All 4 Refresher Oils Worth $135 $70 | Code: ADD5

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

What some of our Consultants have to say... “Since being introduced to EllaPure in its infancy, life has never been the same! When you are a full-time Mum, having your own business to fit around existing commitments really is a dream come true. You have the opportunity to take your business where you want it to go. Believe in yourself and reach for the stars; use EllaPure as your personal rocket to launch your career... What are you waiting for?” Kay Lawson

“As Mother & Daughter it is so rewarding to build our own business and have the opportunity to work together and help so many other people positively change their lives and income.” Rosalie & Megan Brewster

“After researching the whole Direct Selling Industry we just couldn’t believe the income potential with EllaPure. We kept looking for a catch but it just isn’t there. It is so exciting to be part of such an ambitious and growing business. We are just having a ball growing a fabulous network of Consultants.” Julianne & Phil Hatton

“I chose EllaPure because I love the products and it fits around my job and family commitments. The support throughout the team is fantastic. In a short time I feel I have developed, through challenges I’ve faced and great incentives I’ve achieved. My sales and team are growing by the day - it really is a fun way to supplement my income!” Sharon Ortiz

“I have managed to escape the ‘Rat Race’ – Corporate life was getting me down and then EllaPure came along and I realised there was another way – this is now my fulltime income and focus and I am just loving the time it gives me to be both Mum and businesswoman.” Susanna Smyth


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Aromatherapy to Go

Massage Oil There are many benefits to be derived from combining massage with the use of Essential Oils. The combination of scent and touch is extremely effective. As you massage the skin, your touch brings the blood to the surface, and speeds the absorption of the oils into the skin and bloodstream. 1.69 fl oz | $11.00 Stressy Code: 1082 Sleepy Code: 1084


with Lavender, Clary Sage & Rose

The hormone and emotion balancing blend of these highly effective oils has a delightfully floral herby aroma. A perfect treat to relieve the stress of a hard week or an emotional day. Let your worries go, relax and enjoy.

Sexy Code: 1083 Wakey Code: 1085


with Lavender, Marjoram & Petitgrain

All three products in your aroma! Just $48.00 saving $6.00

Stressy: S008 Sexy: S010 Sleepy: S011 Wakey: S009

Candles Handmade in the UK, we use a process ensuring an even distribution of oils into the wax so the wonderful aroma will last throughout the 50hr burn time. We use organic Essential Oils at a high strength ratio for maximum effect and paper core wicks with 100% natural fibres to give a cleaner, slower burn whilst also reducing any carbon build-up. Approx. 50hr burn time* $35.00 Stressy Code: 1086 Sleepy Code: 1088

You will love this delightfully calming and gentle blend of oils to help even the most troubled sleepers relax and unwind. A truly amazing product that genuinely works and very quickly. A good night’s sleep in a bottle!


with Patchouli, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang

Stimulate your body and relieve irritability with a boost of energy. Deliciously sweet Ylang Ylang with aphrodisiac properties, Patchouli to arouse and delightful Mandarin giving a delicious calming sweetness.

Sexy Code: 1087 Wakey Code: 1089

*Do not leave naked flames unattended.


with Lime, Bergamot & Coriander

Rollerballs These instant application blends use Grapeseed Oil as a carrier and are ready to be applied directly to your pulse points to gain rapid entry into your blood-stream - easy to use, compact and convenient to take anywhere. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00 Stressy Code: 1078 Sleepy Code: 1080

Sexy Code: 1079 Wakey Code: 1081


Refresh and invigorate your senses, this blend of Essential Oils goes all out to ensure you feel fresh and lively. An amazing boost for mind and body. Perfect if you feel a little down or if you are recovering from illness.

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Mother & Baby

Massage Pregnancy Massage Oil

with Bergamot, Petitgrain & Mandarin Blended for use after the first four months of pregnancy, it helps your mind and body to relax during months ahead, feeding the skin and preventing stretch marks. 1.69 fl oz | $12.50 | Order Code: 1094

Labour Support Massage Oil with Jasmine, Lime & Geranium

This calming blend has been formulated for the last days leading up to birth and during labour. It can help you and your baby to prepare for the birth.


1.69 fl oz |$16.00 | Order Code: 1095

with Mandarin & Neroli

Post-Delivery Massage Oil

with Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit Now is the time to be treated to sheer indulgence. This blend is designed to help the body adapt to the new routine of child care, being balancing & energising.

This rich cream maintains skin’s natural elasticity. For use both during and after pregnancy to keep the skin supple to reduce appearance of stretch marks. 1.76 oz | $16.00 | Code: 1098

Nature’s Nappy Lotion

1.69 fl oz | $16.00 |Order Code: 1096

with Lavender, Chamomile & Neem

Baby Massage Oil

with Lavender & Chamomile A mild and gentle blend, it will help in the bonding process between parent and child. It is a great way to relax your baby as you both enjoy the massage. 1.69 fl oz | $12.50 | Order Code: 1097

Stretch Mark Cream


Organic lotion using a natural formula that works perfectly with nappies. A kind, calming and anti-bacterial formulation which protects from dampness. 3.53 oz | $13.50 | Code: 1430

EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Gifts for Mum & Baby Pure Chamomile Cream

Organic Baby Bag

A soothing and gentle cream with only the addition of Chamomile Essential Oil. Comforting for expectant mothers and great for young children to calm itches.

A huge selection of gifts for Mum & Baby. Mum can have a boost of energy with our Wakey Shower Gel followed by a nourishing Citrus Body Butter. Baby gets the most of course, a full selection of our three baby creams, the nappy lotion and a baby massage oil too! The set comes in a very useful bag with some cute socks and a bib.

1.06 oz | $10.00 | Code: 1101 $100.00 | Code: S054

Baby Sleep Cream

with Lavender & Chamomile This gentle calming and relaxing cream helps Mum and baby get a good night’s sleep. Best results when used alongside Baby Massage Oil.

Mother & Baby Massage Box

This beautiful set has all four of our massage oils for both Mum & Baby all the way from pregnancy to motherhood. $55.00 | Code: S052

1.06 oz | $10.00 | Code: 1102

Baby & Toddler Bump Cream with Chamomile, Lavender, Neem & Manuka

Organic Baby Bundle

A gentle healing cream for the inevitable bump, bruise or scratch that little ones pick up. This cream couldn’t be kinder to skin and is essential for young families. Great on bites or stings. 1.06 oz | $10.50 | Code: 1100

Nature’s Nappy Lotion, Pure Chamomile Cream, Baby Sleep Cream and Baby & Toddler Bump Cream. A great start for Baby’s skin,


$40.00 | Code: S053

Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Gift Sets Ultimate Skincare Box Every step of our skincare regime all boxed and ready for you to take the utmost care of your skin. Containing the Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Eye Bright Gel, Facial Polish & Kaolin Face Mask from our skincare range, it also contains a Skin Correction Oil to customise your skincare. Dry Skin: Oily Skin: Combination Skin: Normal Skin:

$95.00 | Order Code: S056 $95.00 | Order Code: S057 $95.00 | Order Code: S058 $95.00 | Order Code: S059

Timeless Skincare Box Keeping young skin has never been so easy and so natural as with this packed box of skincare. Containing a Cleanser, Toner, Timeless Moisturiser, Timeless Eye Serum, Apricot Facial Polish, Kaolin Face Mask & Timeless Face-Lift Oil. $130.00 | Order Code: S066

Our Heroes Box An amazing collection of products championing some of our Hero Ingredients: Power Berry Bath & Shower Gel, Luxury Hand Cream, Foot Cream, WonderBalm, WonderCream and Moisturiser. An amazing collection unleashing nature’s kind and healing powers. $95.00| Order Code: S055


EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British


Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

Aromatherapy Advice - All our Essential Oils are 100% pure, natural and top Aromatherapy Graded. - All our Essential Oils are derived from plants grown organically / ecologically - All our Essential Oils are free from pesticides and synthetic chemicals and are not obtained from genetically modified plants

A few recipe ideas...



- 4 drops Lavender - 1 drop Geranium - 1 drop Ylang Ylang

Add to a warm bath with Dead Sea carrier salts and relax for at least twenty minutes - bliss!

- 2 drops Frankincense - 6 drops Geranium - 4 drops Palmarosa

A delightfully floral blend fit for a queen. Blend with 20 fl oz massage oil for a relaxing massage.

Enrich - 3 drops Lavender - 1 drops Frankincense - 1 drop Chamomile Blend with 20 fl oz base lotion for a healing and rich luxury moisturising lotion for use all over.

Room Burners Room Burners are specifically made for use with Essential Oils. A major use of the Room Burner is to create a ‘therapeutic atmosphere’ in a room.

Ceramic Room Burner $16.00 | Code: 1076

Use: Place cold water in the bowl, add 6-8 drops of Essential Oils of your choice to the water, place a nightlight candle on the base of the burner, light and leave in a safe place. When using a Room Burner, protect the surface by placing it on a mat or heat resistant surface. It is also important not to leave naked flames burning unsupervised.

The bits you really need to know... Essential Oil Usage Policy

When using Pure Essential Oils there are some safety aspects that should be observed and respected. Our policy has been developed on the advice of leading Aromatherapy experts.

Conditions High Blood Pressure avoid Rosemary Epilepsy avoid Basil, Eucalyptus, Fennel & Rosemary Diabetes avoid Eucalyptus, Geranium & Lemon

Pregnancy, Babies & Children

Always try a skin test before use and follow the following guidelines: Pregnancy Avoid all oils in the first 4 months. After this time the following oils may prove beneficial in half dilution: Chamomile, Clementine, Frankincense, Lavender, Lime, Mandarin, Manuka, Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Tangerine and Tea Tree. Babies 0-4 years Chamomile and Lavender only at quarter-strength Infants 4-7 years Chamomile and Lavender at half-strength Cedarwood, Clementine, Mandarin, Palmarosa, Rose, Spearmint, Tangerine and Manuka at quarter-strength Children 7-12 years All oils at half-strength


Other Advice

Exposure to sunshine: Avoid the citrus oils and especially Bergamot before exposure to strong sun or sun-bed use. When drinking alcohol avoid Clary Sage. Do not exceed the recommended dilutions. Do not take internally. If taking prescribed medication, please seek advice before using oils in physical applications. When using daily alternate the use for maximum benefit. Avoid more than 3 drops of citrus oils in bath soaks, massage & lotions.

EllaPure - Natural Beauty, Naturally - Paraben Free - SLS & SLES Free - Organic - Fresh - Best of British

Aromatherapy Bases Bathing with Essential Oils WonderWashTM

Bath Salt Carrier

This base carrier will help to evenly disperse Essential Oils in water. Your body will soak up any added Essential Oils while the warmth of the water will slowly evaporate them, filling the air with a therapeutic aroma. Ideal for use in the Bath, Shower, as a Hand Wash and more!

The Dead Sea has the largest concentration of mineral salts in the world, which work to detoxify the body, stimulate circulation, ease aching muscles and joints, soften the skin, and provide deep relaxation. Add a handful to your bath water before adding Essential Oils.

21.69 fl oz

16.24 oz | $19.50 | Code: 1070

our ‘miracle’ foaming wash


with Dead Sea Minerals

| $19.50| Code: 1068

|$45.00 | Code: 1069

Invigorate - 2 drop Thyme - 4 drops Rosemary - 4 drops Lemon

Add to 20 oz WonderWash, use as an enlivening and antibacterial hand soap for the kitchen/bathroom.



- 2 drops Litsea Cubeba - 1 drop Bergamot - 1 drop Clementine

- 1 drop Tea Tree - 1 drop Niaouli - 2 drops Eucalyptus

Add to a Room Burner with a little fresh water. It will fill you and your home with freshness.

Feeling a little poorly? Fill a basin with warm water, position yourself over it comfortably and inhale.

Massage & Lotion Therapy Luxury Carrier Oil

with Grapeseed, Wheatgerm Oil & Evening Primrose Oil The base of the blend is Grapeseed then we have added enriched Evening Primrose for it’s soothing skin properties and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), Wheatgerm naturally preserves your blend. 21.69 fl oz | $25.50 | Code: 1071 Use: Add between 3-5 drops of Essential Oils to 0.34 fl oz of this Carrier Base, reducing quantities for facial applications.

Base Lotion Our fabulous versatile and Paraben free lotion can be used on its own or blended with Essential Oils and made into a whole host of products. Try your hand at making your own facial, body and antiseptic lotions. 21.69 fl oz | $22.40 | Code: 1072 Use: Add between 3-5 drops of Essential Oils to 20.17 fl oz of this Carrier Base, reducing quantities for facial applications. Mix well before use. Creams should be gently applied to the skin and allowed to be absorbed.

Accessories GLASS MIXING BOTTLES X2 - perfect for massage oils 1.69 fl oz | $3.00 |Code: 1073

3.38 FL OZ PUMP BOTTLE - a great small bath blend $3.00 |Code: 1440

GLASS MIXING JARS X2 - ideal for use with base lotions 20 fl oz PUMP BOTTLE - ideal for use with base lotions 1.06 oz | $3.00 | Code: 1074

$3.95 | Code: 1118

SPRAY BOTTLE - make a delightful room spray

ROLLERBALL - for a homemade deodorant

3.38 fl oz| $3.00 | Code: 1075

1.69 fl oz | $3.00 | Code: 1441


Enquire about becoming a consultant or stockist - lifetime discount and a fantastic income scheme.

A - Z of essential oils GINGER - STIMULATING


Latin Name: Zingibar officinale - Cheering and invigorating. - Improves self-confidence. - toning & strengthening muscle warmer. A spicy, sharp, warm aroma from the herb and root. Especially good for old or tired joints in an oil rub. 0.34 fl oz | $16.00| Code: 1033

Latin Name: Ocimum basilicum - Aids concentration and combats fatigue. - Antiseptic and antiviral. Strong, spicy & sweet fragrance from the plant flowering heads and leaves. Use in pre and post exercise blends. 0.34 fl oz | $11.00 | Code: 1022









Latin Name: Citrus bergamia - Uplifting and invigorating. - Calms anxiety. A light and refreshing aroma with a slight floral overtone from the tree and fruit peel. Use during menstrual cycle and in the Room Burner to combat unwanted odours or in a cleaning spray. 0.34 fl oz | $12.80 | Code: 1023 Latin Name: Piper nigrum - Mentally stimulating. - Eases frustration and tension. - Muscle warming & promotes stamina. A very sharp and spicy aroma from the shrub and fruit. Use in muscle ache blends. 0.17 fl oz*| $22.50 | Code: 1027 Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica - Soothes nervous tension. - Keeps the respiratory system in good order. A sweet woody aroma from the tree. Use in a Room Burner to open the airways. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00 | Code: 1024 Latin Name: Cymbopogon nardus - Insect repellent qualities. - Maintains a supple body. A strong, aromatic, lemony smell with a woody sweet fragrance from the leaves. Use in massage to maintain body suppleness. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00 | Code: 1025


Latin Name: Salvia sclarea - Promotes calmness. - Refresh the mind and spirit. - Hormone balancing qualities. A herbal, nutty fragrance, from the flowering foliage heads. Particularly effective in a bath soak or burner. 0.34 fl oz | $18.00 | Code: 1026 * Black Pepper: $45.00 per 0.34 fl oz ** Geranium: $32.00 per 0.34 fl oz

Latin Name: Citrus reticulata - Relieves anxiety. - Calms nervous tension. - Cleansing/deodorising. This sweet, fruity, touch of floral tone aroma comes from the fruit and peel. A few drops in a bowl of water wiped over surfaces will eliminate kitchen smells naturally. 0.34 fl oz | $9.60 | Code: 1028 Latin Name: Eucalyptus globulus - Aids the respiratory system, opening the airways. - Wards off harmful germs. A clean, sharp and piercing aroma with a cooling feel from the tree and leaves. Add a few drops to your washing powder for bright, fresh results. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00 | Code: 1029 Latin Name: Foeniculum vulgare - Promotes strength of mind. - Aids optimised weight loss. The aroma is floral, herby and slightly spicy from the herb and seeds. Use after over-indulgence to prevent discomfort. 0.34 fl oz | $10.50 | Code: 1030 Latin Name: Boswella thurifera - Promotes mental peace. - Feelings of well being. A woody, spicy fragrance with a hint of lemon from the tree bark. Use in meditation and relaxation to promote tranquillity. 0.34 fl oz | $28.00| Code: 1031


Latin: Pelargonium graveolens - Hormone balancing. - Reduces stress. - Excellent for skincare as it calms irritated skin. A sweet, heavy rose-like aroma with minty overtones from the plant and flowers. A great skincare oil. 0.17 fl oz**| $16.00 | Code: 1032



Latin Name: Citrus paradisi - Mentally uplifting. - Helps keep skin toned. - Deeply cleansing. A sweet, sharp and refreshing aroma from the tree and peel. Lovely in a clay face mask blend to deeply cleanse the skin and leave it looking bright and fresh. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00 | Code: 1034


Latin Name: Juniperus communis - Soothes the inner-self. - Combats sluggishness and bloatedness. - Skin oil balancing. A clear, refreshing and slightly woody aroma from the bush and berries. Use in a skincare blend for combination skin. 0.34 fl oz | $16.80 | Code: 1035


Latin: Lavendula angustifolium - All-round oil for all ages. - The most relaxing of oils. - Promotes calm and sleep. A floral, light fragrance from the plant shrub and flowers. Use in skin bases for a bright complexion. 0.34 fl oz | $11.00 | Code: 1036


Latin Name: Citrus limonum - A refreshing oil to lift spirits. - High in vitamin-C. - Boosts collagen in skincare A fresh and sharp citrus fragrance from the fruit and peel. Use neat on warts & verrucas but with caution! 0.34 fl oz | $8.80 | Code: 1037


Latin Name: Cymbopogon citratus - Refresh your entire home. - Highly cleansing. The strong, sweet and lemony aroma comes from aromatic grass. Add a couple of drops to your washing-up liquid for lasting freshness and degreasing. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00| Code: 1038

A - Z of essential oils LIME - REFRESHING


Latin Name: Citrus aurantifolia - Stimulating and sensual. - Relieves feelings of apathy and grief. A sharp and bittersweet aroma from the fruit and peel. Add 3 drops to warm water to clean windows, dry with a paper towel. 0.34 fl oz | $10.50| Code: 1039

Latin Name: Pinus sylvestris - Refreshes the tired mind. - Keeps fatigue at bay. - Boosts energy. A fresh forest fragrance from the needles and cones of the tree. An effective insect repellent, try using instead of Citronella. 0.34 fl oz | $9.50 | Code: 1051
















Latin Name: Litsea cubeba - Uplifts emotions. - Freshens the home. - Cleansing for oily skin. A refreshing, light, sweet, lemony and fruity aroma from the tree and fruit. Add a drop to flower water to extend their life and aroma or use in a surface cleanser. 0.34 fl oz | $8.95 | Code: 1040 Latin: Citrus madurensis/nobilis - Dispels feelings of irritability. - Helps keep the mind alert. - Comforting to the over- worked and over-excited. This delicate, sweet, tangy aroma comes from the fruit and peel. Use in a comforting tummy massage for children over 4. 0.34 fl oz | $10.50 | Code: 1041

Latin Name: Origanum marjorana - Helps you unwind. - Comforting to the muscles and joints. A warm and spicy aroma from the herb and flowering heads. Use as a rub on aching joints and muscles. 0.34 fl oz | $19.50 | Code: 1042 Latin Name: Melaleuca viridiflora - A strong oil to keep the mind awake and alert. - Ideal to keep respiration in good order. A slightly sweet aroma from the tree twigs and shoots. Use in a chest rub. 0.34 fl oz | $8.80 | Code: 1044 Latin Name: Citrus sinensis - Adds cheer to a room. - Energising. - Dispels tension and stress. A zesty and refreshing fragrance from the fruit and peel. Use with Litsea Cubeba in a kitchen cleaning spray for added freshness. 0.34 fl oz | $8.00 | Code: 1045

Latin Name: Cymbopogon martini - Calming and uplifting in times of emotional stress. - Encourages an effective digestive system. A sweet and floral aroma from wild grass and leaves. Use with complementary oils as a stomach rub with massage oil. 0.34 fl oz | $12.80 | Code: 1046 Latin Name: Pogostemon patchouli - Arouses feelings of passion. - Releases pent-up emotion and doubt. - Can curb the appetite for use during a diet. A strong, earthy and exotic fragrance from the shrub. Great used with Ylang Ylang to arouse. 0.34 fl oz | $16.00 | Code: 1047

Latin Name: Mentha piperita - Maintains & aids digestion. - Focusing for the mind. The strong, sharp, menthol fragrance comes from the herbs and leaves of the plant. Creates a great aftersun lotion with Lavender. 0.34 fl oz | $10.00 | 1048 Latin Name: Citrus aurantium - Soothing & soporific. - Confidence boosting. - Relieves water retention. A woody and floral aroma from the leaves and twigs of the orange tree. Use with Lavender for a sleep aid. 0.34 fl oz | $12.50 | Code: 1049 Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis - Highly stimulating. - Keeps the mind focused and alert, boosts memory. - Stimulates circulation. A strong, clear and penetrating aroma from the herb bush. Use in a Room Burner when studying. 0.34 fl oz | $10.50 | Code: 1050


Latin Name: Mentha spicata - A ‘gentler’ Peppermint. - Stimulating to the mind. - Keeps the head clear of fatigue. A light, fresh, mild mint fragrance from the flower heads and leaves. Use a drop to soothe on a child’s blanket for travel. 0.34 fl oz | $12.00 | Code: 1052 Latin Name: Citrus reticulata - Combats stress and nervous tension. - Soothes and uplifts. - Calms bloatedness. A fresh, tangy, sweet orange aroma from the fruit and peel. Massage over the abdomen as a detox tonic when you have over-indulged. 0.34 fl oz | $10.50 | Code: 1053

Latin Name: Melaleuca alternifolia - Antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal. - Helps clear blemishes. A clinical aroma from the tree and leaf. Use in a spray to wipe down surfaces to kill bacteria. 0.34 fl oz | $11.00 | 1054 Latin: Thymus vulgaris (linalool) - Good lethargy remedy. - Alleviates sad feelings. - Improves alertness. A warm, herby fragrance from the herb. Good for disinfecting the atmosphere during illness. 0.34 fl oz | $14.00 | Code: 1055

Latin Name: Cananga odorata - Seen as the strongest aphrodisiac. - Calms and reduces stress. A sweet, floral, exotic aroma from the flower of the tree. Use in time of shock to calm the nerves. Good to use to bond oil aromas together. 0.34 fl oz | $14.50 | Code: 1056




Latin Name: Jasminum Grandiflorum - Associated with passion, desire & relaxation. - Fertility boosting. - Healing & soothing.

Latin Name: Leptospermum scoparium

Latin Name: Commiphora Myrrha

- Amazingly antiviral anti bacterial & antifungal. - Anti-inflammatory. - Most effective skin oil.

- Peaceful aroma. - Natural face-lift ingredient that smooths lines too. - Soothing during sickness.

A sweet, flowery, exotic and slightly heady aroma from the tree and flowers. Boosts libido, reproductive health and fertility. Try in a bath soak with Geranium & Ylang Ylang for a sweet floral aroma.

This new ‘buzz’ Essential Oil is sometimes known as the New Zealand Tea Tree. The oil has a woody, earthy, balsamic aroma and comes from the tree. Best added to a facial cream or cleanser.

The aroma is earthy and slightly sweet. It comes from the resin of the tree. A biblical ‘wise man’ gift! Use in the winter months to make chest rubs or add to a massage for full body lifting.

0.17 fl oz | $110.00 | Code: 1059

0.17 fl oz | $40.00 | Code: 1061

0.17 fl oz | $19.50 | Code: 1043




Latin Name: Anthemis Nobilis - Soothing and comforting. - Calming to the skin with healing properties. - Relaxes feelings of tension.

Latin: Rose Centifolia/Damascena

Latin Name: Santalum Album

- Queen of essential oils. - Balancing to hormones. - Used for centuries to ward off illness and insecurity.

- Soothes nervous tension and anxiety. - Sedative qualities. - Increases sensual energies.

A fruity, apple-like fragrance from the flowers. Perfect for calming children and for use on bites, stings & scratches. This oil is so gentle that it can be used neat on skin and for newborn children or during pregnancy.

Heavenly sweet, floral fragrance straight from the flower petals. Just one drop of this oil contains petals from approximately 60 rose heads - 0.17 fl oz would be equivalent to $2000 at a florist! Use in skincare for regal skin.

A woody, sweet and exotic aroma from the tree and inner heartwood. Delightful in a bath soak along with Rose, Juniper Berry & Ylang Ylang. A real treat, putting you in a fantastic mood.

0.17 fl oz | $32.00 | Code: 1062

0.17 fl oz | $110.00 | Code: 1058

0.17 fl oz | $100.00 | Code: 1060

First Aid, Natures Way Pure Lavender Rollerball

Pure Tea Tree Rollerball

T.L.C. Rollerball

Simply Lavender Essential oil in a handy rollerball. Excellent as a gentle antiseptic and for mild skin irritation or dryness. A perfect little treatment for burns, keep one handy in the kitchen. Has a calming effect on bites and stings.

This rollerball contains pure Tea Tree Essential Oil. Works fantastically when blemishes rear their ugly head, drawing out any bacteria and killing from the root. So effective you will wonder why you haven’t had one before.

With Tea Tree, Lavender & Chamomile Essential Oils, this is the very best in ‘First Aid’ for itches, scratches, blemishes, bites, dry skin, and just about anything else. A little miracle in a handy handbag or pocket size!

0.34 fl oz | $13.50 | Code: 1065

0.34 fl oz |$13.50 | Code: 1064

0.34 fl oz | $20.00 | Code: 1066


Aromatherapy Starter Packs

Introductory Set The bases and bits you will need to experience Aromatherapy and begin your learning and discovery into the hugely beneficial treatments and therapies.

WonderWash (3.38 fl oz) Luxury Carrier Oil (3.38 fl oz) Base Lotion (3.38 fl oz) Ceramic Room Burner Mixing Bottles (x2) Mixing Jars (x2) Spray Bottle

Save $9! Only $55.00 | Order Code: S002

Deluxe Set! The Aromatherapy Starter Set with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Orange, Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils.

Saving $25! $120 | Code: S100

Essential Oil Starter Sets

Home Essential Oil Set

Ladies Essential Oil Set

Favourite Essential Oils

A set of Essential Oils for use in and around the home in cleansing blends for deodorising, freshening and degreasing.

A selection of oils with a lady’s needs in mind. Oils to balance, deodorise, calm, soothe and aid digestion.

We put this together because of the huge popular demand for these particular oils due to their diverse and effective qualities.

Bergamot Geranium Grapefruit Fennel Juniperberry

Eucalyptus Lavender Lemongrass Tea Tree Ylang Ylang

Only $55.00 Saving $9.10 Code: S004

Only $45.00 Saving $7.50 Code: S003

Lime Litsea Cubeba Lemongrass Orange Tea Tree

Only $40.00 Saving $6.45 Code: S005


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