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got started because I beleive all women are beautiful.

Your shape, colour or size doesn't matter. From time to time, we all need a little reminder though, don't you think? Before I started Ella Photography, I was a fashion photographer. I would take photos of models and then would have to retouch them so that they could be displayed on Billboards and on magazine covers. I hated it. Not because it wasn’t a thrilling job nor because there was no money, but because of how it made women feel. The models after the retouching, weren’t real! Real women don’t understand that. Those women aren't real! Moms, Teenagers and women like you and me just keep comparing themselves to these retouched models. It’s unrealistic and it’s not fair at all.

So I decided to start O’so Lovely Boudoir. We photograph women and make them feel like models for a day. Your boudoir session will be guided in order to transform your beauty. These sessions are quite the experience and boosts the ego like crazy! You are allowed to feel good about yourself! Although they are a little intimidating at first, women from all over just rave about the experience afterwards. We photograph everyday women and turn them into models. Need proof? This is Kim, our studio manager


transformation shoot The day of your photography session, you will have a professional hair styling and makeup application and, of course, photographer Isabella, guiding and coaching you through this dream session! These 1-hour Transofrmation Sessions include: • 1h Photo session with Ella Photography • Coaching • 3 outfits - which you need to bring yourself • 1 HighRez retouched photo from your session The session is held at our studio located at 4035 St.Ambroise, suite 303 You can have the shoot alone or Book a Boudoir Day with 2 of your friends which allows you to save !! (see page 17 for details)

You ARE beautiful the way you ARE right now. Consider a Session and let us show you.

People are talking.. "Exceptionally nervous about prancing around in my skivvies, I can honestly say I had quite the experience doing my first boudoir shoot!! It started with meeting two very professional women who you could immediately tell were exceptionally competent with their chosen professions. They immediately started chatting, putting me at ease with my decision to partake in what I considered a very risquĂŠ endeavor. I have never considered myself to be a beautiful woman, until I saw the preview picture Isabella sent me - It's kind of one of those situations where you have to pinch yourself to make sure it's real :) The Makeup and Hair people have an uncanny ability to apply makeup without making you feel less like yourself, which was really important to me, simply because I wanted to feel like the "real" me. Likewise, Isabella is a natural behind the camera. She is full of energy, a confident instructor and certainly knows how to make you pose (even if it feels like your body shouldn't bend that way, just TRUST her!!!) the pictures will be proof of her photographing prowess! A complementing duo, these ladies are a terrific pair and I most certainly would recommend their services to anyone!!!" ~ Miss M.

What to bring It’s important to bring outfits that make you feel awesome. We ask you to bring your own outfits because we want you to feel comfortable. Imagine if you would have to try to fit in lingerie that isn’t yours and is too small, or too big? Oh boy. How would that make you feel sexy? So, bring something that you love and feel beautiful in. Some ideas Your sexy lingerie. He’ll never expect it. A scoop neck (or V-neck) t-shirt and Boxer shorts. If comfy is your thing, go for it. A big oversize sweater. A little off the shoulder to flaunt it “à la flash dance”. The cutest cocktail dress. If lingerie isn’t your thing, bring that dress you love. His favorite jersey or t-shirt. Show him how good you look in it. Photos and Inspiration. Love a certain pose or style ? Bring it along! We’ll get it done! Other things not to forget Your sexy pumps. It’s not a secret. Guys love those heals. Stockings. Don’t forget them for your gather belt. Your game face. Practice your bedroom eyes in the mirror. Groom those eyebrows. If needed. Shave. Seems simple enough but sometimes we forget. Manicure and pedicure. Beautiful hands and toes brings confidence in some.


to many accessories can be cliché but one great piece could make the shot.

What to Coverups for your birthday suit anyone?

For the older women, an awesome dress can be just as sexy as a panty

Bodysuits are so “in” right now

Full on lacey corset with a lacey mask. Ă la Film Noir

o wear

How says that you can’t bring a cute dress?

a large tshirt with cute panties can be just as sexy

off-shoulder sweater and tiny panty ? Very dirty dancing



Make up & Hair -

If you get a full session with us, you will be provided with Hair and Makeup by the O’so lovely Team of Professionals. Having professionals do your hair and makeup could be the difference between having a good shoot and having a GREAT shoot. Professionals know what looks best with your skin tones and face shape, allowing you to shine through your session and feel sexier than ever. Arrive with clean hair and no makeup on. I know, I know. It’s hard to ask to step out of the house without makeup. If needed, bring whatever you have to clean your makeup once you arrive at the hotel or studio. If you have a specific look in mind, be sure to tell us BEFORE the day of the session. This will ensure that the professionals come prepared to style you. If you are interested in getting Beautiful false Lashes, they are available to you for an extra 10$. Simply ask our Makeup artist for them. They are payable at the session. Can I book my own Makeup or do it myself? Yes you can. Howeverknow that doing makeup for the camera is different than doing makeup for the everyday. Not a lot of makeup artists know the difference. Hair & Makeup is also important in order to make you look glamourous for your shoot. Our professionals are trained and know what exactly what would look best for your skin type. Also, which is why we only allow our own team on shoots.

[preferred range]

Above are the variances of makeup available to you.

Boudoir Parties

Introducing Boudoir Parties! A new way to join in the fun of Boudoir Sessions without having the stress of doing it alone (or paying full price). We get it. Having to think about being in lingerie in front of a photographer can be tough. Which is why we created Boudoir Parties. How does it work? It's simple! Are you interested in boudoir shoot? Are you shy? Don't want to pay full price? Then bring friends along! By getting scheduled the same day, you'll save on your session! For every extra women that books on your day, you'll save 50$ EACH. If you don't have 2 friends to book with you, let us know and we'll try to book other women. Now, don't be alarmed, your session will be fully private. All sessions will be scheduled 1 hour from each other. Meaning that while one of the lovely ladies gets their session done, you'll be putting on your makeup in another room. You'll cross paths but your sessions won't be at the same time. Also, add a professional video of you and your friends on your day for 650$ and our team will be there to help you remember it forever with your own behind-thescene's video!

I have a Question Where is the shoot ? Shoots are held in our studio on St-Ambroise in Montreal. If you are interested in having a shoot in a fancy hotel room for a change of scenery, we totally can! Just book your own hotel room and we'll meet you there! When is the payment due? A 100$ is due to book the date. The balance is due the day of your session. Can I do my photoshoot with my Partner? Absolutely! We love Couple’s boudoir. It’s 150$ for the extra person. I’m so shy! How will I get through this? It’s normal to be shy. Afterall, you are in lingerie in front of strangers! But you are interested... so it shows that you have it in you! The important thing to remember is that we are all professionals and we’ll be friends before you know it! I seriously don’t know what to bring. Do you have a favorite dress or lingerie that you always wanted to wear but never had the chance? A big comfy sweater and cute boxers ? Or a white tanktop and lace underwear? If you can’t decide, Bring it all. We’ll help you choose at the shoot. How long does it take to have my photos back? I ask for 2-3 weeks for your final gallery. 6 weeks for your albums. Can I bring a friend to watch? Yes, however, I do limit it to ONE friend during the shoot. What happens if I want to buy more photos than the one photo included with the shoot ? You can have them all ! It’s 45$ per extra photo, 1050$ for 100. Do you retouch the photos? Yes I do minimal retouching. Most of the photos are already beautiful due to posing techniques and lighting. If there’s anything specific that you want edited, such as acne or stretch marks, just let me know at your session. Please don’t ask me however, to make you “thinner”. You are beautiful the way you are. Have more Questions?


the shoot The first thing we do when you arrive is look through what you brought. I want to see all your outfits, any inspiration pictures you have and hear your ideas. Once we go over that, we'll place you in the makeup and hair chair and get you "fabulous "while I get the studio ready! We’ll then get dressed and get shooting. I direct you during the entire shoot and help you with your poses and expressions. You do not have to stress over posing by yourself - unless of course, you have been practicing and want to show off your hard work! I’m also a fast shooter and keep the pace going the entire time. We joke around and I ... talk a lot. Here's a little behind-the-scenes to ease your mind

Preparation RESERVATION Once you send your retainer and your session agreement, your session date and time has been reserved. The remainder of your session fee is due on the day of the session. Sessions cannot be booked unless the retainer fee and the agreement is sent. We cannot save your date otherwise and will give it away to another client. Posing & Coaching It is not your job to create gorgeous imagery, it is ours. Your session will be guided and directed as an editorial and fashion shoot. My job is to coach you into becoming a model. The professional hair , makeup, styling and photography works as a team so that your personalized production will leave no room for uncomfortable or awkward moments of being unsure on what to do and how you look. We will support and guide you through the process by showing you and telling you exactly what needs to be done and providing and feedback the whole time. While it is natural for you to feel a little nervous, be assured, this is our job and we specialize in creating beautiful images. Scheduling your day We suggest fully booking your day off so that you can relax and enjoy the entire process. We want for you to start your day with a lovely bath and follow it with a healthy and delicious breakfast. When you arrive to us refreshed and ready for your amazing day the possibilities for greatness are endless. At the end of your session, you will feel incredibly gorgeous and confident! We highly suggest a date night with your love or with your girlfriends. Your makeup and hair will be beautiful, your confident will be soaring and while we do highly suggest a night on the town, we can't be held responsible for how seriously awesome you will look!


Get your skin ready With your session, we have a professional hairdresser and makeup artist to get you all glammed up for the photography. However, there's so much makeup and hair can do. It's important to make sure that your skin is ready for our products. Here's a few things that you do before the session 1 week before Start hydrating your skin. Apply cream on your face, hands, feet and legs daily. Take care of the red legs. There's a cure! Check out Pinterest for some great articles about helping red/blotchy legs. Don't forget those lips. Exfoliating lips is just as important to make lipgloss look awesome. The day before Exfoliate your skin. Make sure your face is clear of dry/dead skin. Your makeup application might be flaky if not. And we won't be able to retouch it out. Shave. If you don't have time to go to the esthetician before your session ... Shave. Fix your Mani/Pedi. If your mani/pedi is having a bad day. Fix it all up. It will show in your photos. Wash your hair. But don't put any product in it. Photography is an amazing thing but we are not magicians. Do not rely on PHOTOSHOP for your skin troubles. We make it our goal to use photoshop as little as possible to make sure you see the real you! We won't use it for Dry/Red skin. If professional retouching is required, a fee of 50$ per image will applied.


This is me.

Introducing the "This is me!" sessions.

The new boudoir session is for the women that want to show off WHO THEY ARE, right now! Attitude, sexiness, fearlessness. The women who doesn’t want to apologize to want awesome photos of herself. That doesn’t need a new awesome start. It’s your own hair… your own makeup… your own outfits… your own HOUSE. We don’t guide you or show you who you really are… you TELL US WHO YOU REALLY ARE and we photograph it. This session is done on location in your own home. We recommend this type of shoot after experiencing the Transformation session first. Don't be shy to email us for more information

Products offered We offer a wide range of products. Each additional photo - high resolution ...................................................................... 45$ 5x7 Album - includes 20 photos ................................................................................ 350$ 9x12 album - includes 20 photos ............................................................................... 650$ Box of 20 8x10 prints on matboard ............................................................................ 750$ 100 photos in high resolution ................................................................................... 1050$ 100 photos in low resolution (with watermark) ........................................................... 650$ Looking for something else? Let us know. We probably can find it for you.

Practice makes perfect Women are beautiful. No matter the shape, colour or size.To look natural, you need to feel beautiful in your own skin and let the confident show on the outside.

Before your shoot, don’t be afraid to practice your “bedroom eyes” in front of the mirror. Wear the clothes that you bought and strut your stuff in your own bedroom, away from strangers. We all have done it before. Don’t lie. Practice your game face and learn to “talk with your eyes” We want you to tell the camera (actually, the person looking at the photos), that you KNOW that you are beautiful. Clear your thoughts from all negative thinking and talk to the camera as if you were in bed with your favorite person.

Practice your “look” in front of the mirror. Close your eyes. Close your eyes and relax your mouth as if you were sleeping. Relax everything. as if you were sleeping. Then, when everything is relaxed and not tense, open your eyes. Look how your face looks now.That’s what we want.


IS MY BUM GOING TO BE ALL OVER THE INTERNET? Only if you are comfortable with it. Know however that your regular session fee requires you to give us the permission to use a minimum of 5 photos in which we ARE allowed to post. The reason O'so lovely boudoir exists is to inspire. To make women realize that they have the right to feel beautiful on their own terms. The media has created unrealistic terms as to what is defined as "beautiful" and we want to prove to the world that they should not be exclusive. However, we cannot do it without your help. If all of our clients kept their photos private, you (and many other women) would have never found us. Without your photos, it becomes impossible for us to prove to the world that ANY SHAPE, SIZE or RACE can be amazingly beautiful. We know that it's not always fun to have sexy photos of you online. Which is why we have made our style of photography show off beautiful, not sexy. Our photographs focus on YOU, not your body. About your options Bring an outfit that does not show too much A dress, a sweatshirt or your favorite skirt and we will post photos only from that outfit, if it makes you feel more comfortable. We can crop out your face Noone will reconize you and we don't post names Let us post online but no facebook We will post on our company website only Allow us to post your photos in albums and in the studio only No online use Give us a before and after The most important aspect of our business is the "before and after" of your transformation. Let us post one so that we can show how little it took to enhance your beauty Let us know you don't want us to post And we'll take a few photos of you wearing regular clothes I can't. I really can't. If circonstances are bigger than your power and it does not allow us to show off your photographs, we will understand. A "loss of business" fee applies (of 150$) for Boudoir Party Sessions which will have to be payed at your session. Let us know by email as you are booking so that we can also send you an amendment clause to add to your contract.







Fineprint RESCHEDULING POLICY If it is necessary to reschedule or cancel your session, we will be equally as disappointed as you, but the following conditions apply: The retainer is non-refindable, so if you need to cancel, the retainer will not be returned to you. We will be happy to reschedule your session, with more at least 72 hours notice, for a date that is available for both of us. If you need to cancel your session, a cancellation notice must be received in writing by email. We understand that things happen and we will be happy to transfer your retainer to another session date for up to 6 months. Please understand though that we cannot guarantee that the session price will be the same on your next appointment. COPYRIGHT INFO & TERMS O'so lovely Boudoir retains the copyright to all images captured during your session. With the purchase of your session, we grant you the unlimited reproduction of your digital images for personal use only. Personal use does not include the sale of images or alterations of any kind without written consent by Isabella Amodei. PUBLISHED IMAGES We understand how intimate of a session we are creating together, and if you feel uncomfortable, your images do not need to be shown online on our blog or in our marketing material. If that is the case, just let us know and we can change the release form in your contract. A fee of 150$ applies if the session is held during our Public Boudoir Days. Please understand that by keeping your images private means possible business loss for us. We require a minimum of 5 images only, which can be chosen by you (and can be where your face isn't showing) so please consider letting us share some images of you. Names are NEVER mentioned.

one step further

So many women struggle with the idea that everyone is beautiful... except for them. This is an absolute lie and the REASON why I want to photograph woman. My only goal is too push through society’s ideal of “beautiful” and show women around me that EVERYONE is amazing. By hearing all the amazing stories that my boudoir clients trusted me with, I came to realize that I needed to speak louder than just one-on-one (or on my little blog). I’ve been thinking of doing this for a loonggg time but never had the cuts to publicly launch it. But it’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN if I don’t, right? So, here goes. I decided to start an initiative. With the help of Kim and some awesome vendor friends (such as makeup and hairstylists) I will be launching #redefineperfect, a book of stories from women currently struggling with feeling beautiful. We will share their stories and tell you how we worked with their self-conscious issues and showed them that they are just as beautiful as everyone else, right NOW. Gym memberships and Diets can’t change how you feel about yourself. Only YOU can do that, by changing the way you SEE YOURSELF any other day. You need to shift your view and start seeing yourself how OTHERS see you by changing your focus. Only then will you feel truly beautiful. We will be photographing 20 woman of all ages, race and sizes and putting them in a hard cover book for you to read. We are also looking for real stories to use without any images. I am hoping that sharing these stories with all of you, will bring women the comfort that they are not alone and get them one step closer to finding the WILL to push their inner beautiful out. I want women everywhere to feel sexy, boost their self-confidence and feel their own kind of perfect. We are launching this initiative in Montreal and New york to be able to tell your story and support other women (just like you) with a psychological understanding that PERFECT does not exist and you can live by your OWN standards. Wanting to feel beautiful WITHIN yourself (not necessarily for someone else to see) is not selfish. It’s an important factor in our survival. If you don’t feel like your story is interesting enough… try me. Send me an email at and tell me yours. more details at

O'so lovely!

For more information about your session, don’t be shy to contact us at

Boudoir Guide  

O'so Lovely Boudoir Guide -

Boudoir Guide  

O'so Lovely Boudoir Guide -