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i love my job

Ella Photography started as a rebellion. Why Custom Photography? Why not fashion like the big “dogs”? Well, there was a time when I really wanted to be in fashion. I actually worked as a fashion photographer for a few years but what I came to realize is that, it wasn’t what I truly believed in. You see, I have a real problem with how the media perceives beauty. I do not want to live in a world where people are transformed beyond the lens and where photoshop rules all that is “beauty”. Although Photoshop is an incredible tool (and I could NOT live without it) the media is using it for the wrong reasons. Promoting “being perfect” rather than being unique and confident. By being a Fashion Photographer, I was part of the problem. I turned to Custom Photography. To photograph people that are in love, celebrating an amazing moment or even, enjoying a day of fun with the family, inspires me. Makes me want to be a better person. I want to let everyone (especially girls and women) know that everyone is beautiful. It’s not about your weight or the scars you wear, but about your attitude facing the world. Love, friendship, relationships, families, homes, kisses and hugs. Life… That’s True Beauty. Not the result of a processed image on the cover of a magazine. That’s what I want to show by my photography. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we ARE beautiful. My goal is to show you, through my lens, that YOU are amazing right now. I capture your life, your personality and hopefully, your BIG day. without any cosmetic retouching involved. Talk to you soon.


read more about me at

about you

You like to laugh. You love life with a passion and see beauty in almost everything. You look for the good in people. You are easy going. You care more about how others feel around you, then about what they think of you. You love to look great, and while you enjoy the limelight, you also love to share it. You have friends & family who are dear to you and whose company you keep often. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You feel remarkably blessed in your life. You believe in destiny and “meant to be”. You value amazing photography and the moments it brings back to you... like how smelling your mom’s perfume from when you were a little girl takes you right back to that fabulous moment in time. You like fast cars & freedom, but also quiet evenings by a fire.

You are an old soul, who is grounded and peaceful and loving. You can rock it out in hiking gear, or dancing your heart out in stillettos. You are smitten, in love, gaga over your fiancé. You want to organize the best day of your life for you and your fiance and announce it to the world, for the rest of your life. You are a perfect fit for me. Am I the perfect fit for you? Invest wisely! Wedding photography is an investment in the preservation of your memories. Choose a photographer whose work you LOVE, who you trust, and who you will love working with. There’s a perfect photographer for every couple. Call me so that we can schedule a meeting together and see if we are a match. I can go over the details and discuss all of your options when we chat! If we met already, great! Look over in the next pages for details about what I can offer you.

packages that fit you

My packages are carefully crafted for my brides and grooms. See if there’s one that fits you. If there isn’t, just let me know what is missing from it or what you would like to remove and we’ll do it! If, let’s say, you want “Package 3” but an engagement session too, we’ll do it! Want to remove the photo booth or get an album from “Package 1” ? That can be done too. My packages can be customized to your needs. It doesn’t bother me! All I want is to make you both happy and celebrate your day with you. Wait, I just realized that it may make me sound like I have no friends...mmm.. I do, I do. Promise!


$ 5200

• Engagement Photo Session • up to 12-hour coverage (Full day) • Bride’s and Groom Private morning session • Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception

• 7x7 album or 8x10 storybook • 100 Thank you Cards • Photos on USB key and online gallery


$ 3550

• Engagement Photo Session • up to 10-hour coverage • Bride’s and Groom Private morning session

• Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception • Photos on USB key or online gallery


$ 2650

• up to 8-hour coverage • Bride’s Private morning session

• Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception • Photos in online gallery


$ 2000 (package for 60 guest or less only)

• 6-hour coverage • Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception

• Photos in online gallery

à la carte add- ons

Engagement Photo Session...................................... 350$ Extra hours............................................................200$/h Boudoir Bachelorette party.....................................350$/p Extra pages in albums..............................................30$/p USB key with custom case..........................................75$ 16x20 Canvas Mounted Print....................................400$

Thank you Cards (100).............................starting at 200$ 8x10 240-page Story book........................................425$ 12x12 Leather Coffee table Album.............................800$ 2 6x6 parent albums..................................................350$ Destination weddings................................. start at 3500$

Taxes not included. Weddings outside the Montreal/Laval/Longueuil Areas are subject to traveling fees of 0.48$ per KM.

i have a question

DO YOU SHOOT DESTINATION WEDDINGS? Absolutely, I love to travel and discover new places. I take on contracts to many unique destinations. The prices are the same as Montreal weddings BUT travel is included to destination locations! Certains conditions apply but that’s pretty much it! I love to travel ! WHAT IS REQUIRED TO BOOK YOU FOR MY WEDDING? A 1000$ deposit along with your contract is required to book the date. This deposit makes sure that I book you in my calendar. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding date. They are first-come, first-serve – booked once I receive the contract and reservation fee. WHAT IS ON THE USB YOU GIVE ME? You get all the High-Rez digital files to be able to print them out. All images are the ones selected and edited at the Photographers’ discretion. I reserve the right to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within my artistic standards. You also get a small web version to place on Facebook and Social sites. Those images have the Ella Photography logo so that my photos are protected from infringement. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY PHOTOS BACK? I process orders on a timeline basis. The first weddings of the year will get their photos first. Generally you should allow 8-12 weeks for photos to be retouched and placed on USB. My albums take approximately 3 months to complete starting only after wedding season is done depending on emails responses from you. These albums are custom-designed by me and printed by, in my opinion, the best printing company. CAN I DECIDE TO ORDER AN ALBUM AFTER I GET MY PHOTOS? Of course! It’s never too late to decide to invest in an album. However the opposite can’t be done. If the album is already in your contract, it cannot be removed after it’s signed. DO YOU GET A REVIEW SESSION WITH YOU TO DECIDE WHICH PHOTOS WE WANT ON THE USB? No. Given that I give you ALL your wedding photos, there’s no need to pick and choose which you want! I simply send you your USB when it’s ready. IS SHIPPING OF MY PHOTOS AND ALBUMS INCLUDED IN YOUR PRICES? No. My packages are prices for pick-up at my studio only. The reason being that I cannot predict where my clients are going to be from. I wouldn’t want to charge 200$ for shipping if some clients will go pick up their albums. It’s not fair, right? For that reason, all shipping must be paid before I send it off to you. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS? Simple! I give you ALL your photos. I don’t give you only 50 photos and then trick you into buying more. Plus, I’m really nice.

More F.A.Q on the website



“Thank you for everything you did for my wedding. You are absolutely awesome. My rainy day blues died as soon as I saw you work your magic with that camera of yours. I’m sooo happy with what you’ve done, it’s impossible to say how thankful perry and I are. Then when my dress kept unhooking you went above and beyond (or below) and put my dress back together. Thank you for calming me down. You are awesome awesome awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you times a million and then times infinity!!!!”

AMELIE & ANDRES “There are no words to describe how I feel about the pictures!

Looking at them brings me back to such a wonderful day and I’m so happy that the emotions you were able to capture in the pictures convey the joy, excitement, nervousness and giddiness that made our wedding such a beautiful and fun celebration. Everyone looks so beautiful and I can’t wait to share the pictures with them! I know I’ve told you before but I just can’t stress enough how much we appreciated your help, dedication and professionalism that day and in the days leading to it. Knowing that you were there and knew what you had to do really helped us relax and enjoy the day, knowing we’d have all those memories recorded on film.”

MELANIE & PEDRO “We just want to thank you so much for our incredibly amazing and beautiful pictures. We have spent the whole evening (literally, from when I got home from work at 5pm to now... 10pm) looking at them once together and then once again with our parents. They are absolutely gorgeous. There’s so many great ones to choose from!!! You captured our wedding day in a way that is simply beyond our expectations. You’re truly incredible at what you do and we will continue “following” you online and keep you in mind for other big moments in our lives. Once again- Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We really couldn’t have booked a better photographer for our wedding day!”

JACKIE CRAWFORD “I love you so much, and can’t wait to give you the best review you will ever get from any customer you will ever serve in your entire life!! I PROMISE! You were the most professional, fun, caring, and knowledgeable person I have ever met! You really were the best thing to happen to us on our wedding day. I would also like to let you know, that it wasn’t just Chris and I who thought you were fantastic, I had SOOOO many people tell us how wonderful you both were! So seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I will never forget you and will brag about the fact that I had the best photographer in the planet for my wedding.”

the awesome is in the details

So many things are special about your wedding day. While they may seem like small details, everything on your wedding day was thought of by you and was based of your personality and taste. These are the smaller, sometimes unnoticed details that tell the story of your special day, that we document for you. Whether it’s your bouquet or your shoe or your something blue, it’s all a part of your distinct personality as a couple, sharing your yesterdays while you prepare for your many tomorrows. Having all those details doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. If you need ideas, don’t be shy to ask and I’ll put you in contact with our in-house stylist so she can suggest awesome but affordable ways to decorate your wedding day.

We offer 2 types of albums Traditional & Storybooks

all about albums

Just because we don’t have albums in our packages doesn’t mean you can’t have this amazing heirloom of your wedding day! Having a USB of all your photos can be awesome but it doesn’t give you the ability to truly admire your beautiful wedding day. *NEW* STORYBOOK ALBUMS We offer two styles of books. Main albums and Storybooks. Our storybooks are beautiful hardcover books that will make you view your wedding as if you were reading a real book. They are 240-page 8x10 books printed on archival thick paper with a mat finish which screams high-quality. Covers choices are photo or fabric. The large amount of pages allow you to create a full story of your day and show off more photos in larger format. Also available in 12x12. The number of pages could vary if you have a shorter coverage time package. 8-hour weddings will get approx. 170 pages. MAIN ALBUMS Our albums are of a fantastic quality. They have extremely thick pages and hard leather covers so they can last you a lifetime, with proper care. DESIGN SERVICES Never worry about design; Ella Photography includes full design services for each album purchased. Once our wedding season is over, we will start designing albums by date. We know how difficult it could be to choose photos for your album so, we will pre-design your album and send you a digital layout by email for approval. Don’t like some of the photos chosen? No problem. You’ll have the possibility to change any photo you like to make sure your album is all you have imagined. ALBUM OPTIONS Our main albums come with 20 pages. Extra pages can be added at 30$/each. Sizes are available from 3x3 to 12x16 sizes. Covers are available in soft leather and Crystal or hard photo cover. COVER OPTIONS Our albums come in a variety of colors to perfectly match your wedding’s theme. Below are a few of our most popular choices:


Rachel and Michael

Rachel and Michael got married on August 24, 2013. They wanted something original for their special day. They had a school bus, an icecream truck for the guests after the ceremony under the sun and settled on having their reception at the LaRonde theme park. What a fun wedding day! Even though we were pressing for time, The bride and groom trusted me to go in the park and take awesome photos with some of the rides. Congratulations Rachel and Michael who are now expecting a beautiful baby girl ! Can’t wait to meet her ! WHAT’S THE BEST ADVICE YOU COULD OFFER A BRIDE. “Just go with it! You spend months planning every single detail but on the day of you have to remember that everyone doesn’t know all the details you had planned and if they turned out exactly what you wanted. The flowers for my bridesmaids weren’t what I had planned at all, but they were beautiful and I wasn’t going to let a miscommunication stop me from enjoying the rest of the day. ” THE BIGGEST SURPRISE ABOUT THEIR WEDDING DAY. “We were really surprised that LaRonde let us go in and take pictures on the site. It never hurts to ask! THEIR FAVORITE PHOTO MOMENT. “I love the colours and the different setting that we got at LaRonde. Especially the pictures in front of the Tour de Ville ride!” WHAT THEY LOVED MOST ABOUT WORKING WITH ELLA PHOTOGRAPHY. “Isa made everyone feel so comfortable. Isa was also great to have at the wedding on the day of, she was running around helping out with things I didn’t even think of! I don’t even know if they would have brought our cake out to cut it if it weren’t for her. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she takes beautiful pictures!” HOW TO TAME THOSE WEDDING DAY NERVES. “You need to remember why you’re there, you’re marrying your favourite person and you shouldn’t let anything get in the way of how important that is!” WHICH ONE MOMENT WILL LAST FOR THEM FOREVER. Dancing with Mike, it was our time to slow down during a day that goes too fast, talk, sing to each other, and just take it all in.

Ă la carte add- ons

I offer a lot of products. From Prints, to canvases, to ablums, to personalized photo boxes, I am sure to be able to get you whatever you wish with any wedding package. All you have to do is ask and I will find you the best (and cheapest) provider for what you are looking for.

PRINTS AND ENLARGEMENTS 2x3 (8) 3x5, 4x6, 5x7 8x10, 8x12

8$ 3$ 5$ 15$

10x10 12x12 16x16 20x20

20$ 22$ 25$ 30$

PHOTO BOXES 4x6 - 250 photos 5x7 - 250 photos

100$ 150$

USB key + custom case DVD Story book

75$ 350$



8x8, 8x10, 10x4 575$ 9x12, 10x10 625$ 12x12, 12x16 800$ extra pages 30$ each 20 pages included

8x8, 8x12, 10x10 11x14 16x16 16x20 24x36

275$ 300$ 325$ 400$ 525$

STORYBOOKS 7x7 8x10 11x13 or 12x12

STANDOUT MOUNTS 8x10 11x14 16x20 20x30 24x36

150$ 200$ 325$ 350$ 400$

350$ 425$ 650$

up to 240 pages included in storybooks

the engagement session USE IT AS A PRACTICE RUN

Is an engagement shoot really necessary? After all, your wedding pictures share the beginning of your life together, right? Shooting an engagement is important for several reasons. First, this time allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer and figuring out how you work best together before the wedding. It also allows you to get to know your photographer on a more personal level. Remember, you will spend an entire day with your wedding photographer. It’s important to know their personalities before the big day and see how you get along. Engagement shoots are fun because you get to show off the real YOU. The location, the clothing, the setting, everything can be chosen together with your photographer. You can also choose more than one location (or outfit) for diversity. You can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting, while creating some fun photos for wall portraits, your wedding sign-in book, sign-in board and Thank You cards (shot early enough, we can also provide the images for your Save the Date cards and invitations).

boudoir shoots for you or your groom FORGET THE WATCH... YOU, IN LINGERIE MAKES A MUCH SEXIER GIFT.

Did you know that Ella Photography also specializes in Boudoir Photography? There’s something about showing women their photos and seeing their face light up with an “I can’t believe this is me!” They see themselves in a whole new light! They are sexy, they are beautiful and yet.. they look exactly the same as yesterday. The only difference is that now, they know it. O’so lovely boudoir is for the everyday woman. Sometimes she just needs a little reminder that she’s gorgeous outside as she is inside. Women everywhere are taking the leap and offering the gift of glamour to their groom. It’s a great way to show your new husband how much you love them. I offer Private shoots in hotel rooms as well as Bachelorette parties. Bachelorette parties? Yup. Don’t want to do it alone? Well, grab your 4 or 5 favourite girls and make a day of the photoshoot. Champagne, strawberries and just the girls. Did I mention that the bride gets the session for free? Oh yes she does. Contact me for pricing.

Destination weddings

I’M HAVING A DESTINATION WEDDING! THAT’S AMAZING ! I travel. Bring me along. I’m available to go to any All-Inclusive destination location. I can travel to any location for 3-4 days but can stay up to a week if that’s what you want. I have shot weddings in Dominican, Costa Rica, around Canada and Europe too. I absolutely loved it. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? My destination package is 3500$ for a 10-hour coverage the day of the wedding. You will receive all the photos retouched and delivered in an online gallery that will be available to you for 10 years! You also get an engagement session shot within the days leading up to your special day. CAN I BOOK A SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER TO COME TOO? Yes! It’s 2000$ to book my second shooter to come with me or 1000$ for me to bring an assistant to help me (and you) during the day. Otherwise, I shoot destination weddings alone. IS TRAVELING INCLUDED IN THAT PRICES? No. Travel expenses and accomodations are extra. 3500$ includes my services for a 10-hour coverage, an engagement session and all the photos retouched. For couples that would like to have me for only 3-4 days, package is 2700$ as I’m able to book other wedding for that week. WHAT HAPPENS IF IT’S NOT AN ALL-INCLUSIVE? That’s more than ok. I will travel wherever you want to bring me. Price remains the same at 3500$ but meals must be provided at 75$ per day booked. CAN WE ORDER AN ALBUM AFTERWARDS? Of course you can! Shipping of the book to your location is extra. BUT WAIT, DO YOU TRAVEL TO CUBA? I don’t. Here is why : Cuba has very strict rules about working contracts. Most of the time, they will either confiscate equipment before I board the plane or they will simply send me back home on the departure date. I do not like taking the chance as you are trusting me to show up on your wedding day. The decisions of airport officials are out of my control and, given that my prices are not refundable, I like making 100% that I will be able to make it there. DO YOU HAVE TRAVELING INSURANCE? Oh yes! I have my own! :) AND FINALLY, HOW DOES THE BOOKING WORK? If you would like to book Ella Photography for your wedding, you will need to sign a contract and pay a deposit of 1000$ plus show proof of purchase of the plane ticket to reserve your week. Afterwards, the balance is due 7 days before we leave.

now offering video for your wedding day IT’S NEW, IT’S AWESOME, IT’S TALENTED. JESSE IS HERE TO CAPTURE VIDEO

HELLO I MAKE FILMS With the help of our team of awesome videographers, we show up at your event (or your company) and create beautiful videos for you to enjoy for a very long time. We’ve been shooting video for years. We know the industry practically by heart despite being only in our mid-20s. Hello, I make films is our outlet to be able to share our love for video with anyone that has a vision, but doesn’t know how to execute it alone. With the help of our team, We can make videos for: WEDDINGS, CREATIVE SAVE-THE-DATES, BAPTISMS, CORPORATE EVENTS, PRODUCT LAUNCHES, BEHIND-THESCENES OF YOUR PHOTOSHOOTS, 5 A 7 EVENTS, CHRISTMAS PARTY HIGHLIGHTS, EVERYDAY VLOGS FOR YOUR COMPANY The sky is the limit... Really. Have an Idea? Just share it with us and we’ll talk about it. Send us an email and we’ll reply (with the help of Kim - our studio manager) as soon as possible. Promise !

video packages PACKAGE ONE

$ 4500

• 2 cameras • up to 12-hour coverage • Bride & Groom’s morning session • Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception party

You get: • 1-2 min. Creative Save-the-date session or a rough cut of your footage • Video of your ceremony and speeches ----- NEW! • Powerful 15-20+ min. documentary video


$ 3200

• 2 cameras • up to 12-hour coverage • Bride & Groom’s morning session • Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception party

You get: • Video of your ceremony and speeches ----- NEW! • Gorgeous 5-10 min. highlight video -includes live sound added with the music


$ 2300

• 2 cameras

You get: • Gorgeous 3-5 min. highlight video -no live sound, music only

• up to 10-hour coverage • Bride & Groom’s morning session • Ceremony, Formal Portraits & Reception party

à la carte add-ons

Tag-a-long Engagement Save-the-date session..........650$ Creative Engagement Save-the-date session ..............800$ Hourly rate............................................................200$/h Add minutes to your video................................500$/5min

3-5 min highlight video to share online.....................700$ 15-20+ min documentary video...............................1700$ Rough Cut video........................................................700$ Get your video on a Blu-Ray instead of a download......80$

G E T T O K N O W J E S S E & A N D R E W O N H T T P : / / H E L L O I M A K E F I L M S. C O M Taxes not included. Weddings outside the Montreal/Laval/Longueuil Areas are subject to traveling fees of 0.48$ per KM. ** These are special prices if you book both Ella Photography and Hello, I make films **

the beauty team

Janet - your makeup artist

Malina - your hair stylist

There’s so much that I could say about Janet. First thing probably would be that our personalities mesh perfectly. So, if you like me... you’ll like her ! We have been working together since I first started the O’so lovely boudoir studio back in 2010 ! So, It’s been a little while.

Adorable Malina is an EXPERT when it comes to hair. She has been a hairdresser for many years and has learned to work with any type of hair possible. Before merging into weddings and lifestyle shoots, she worked on big fashion projects and big-name photographers around Montreal. She’s even worked on the Kanye West tour when they were in Montreal.

Janet specialized in makeup but she exceeds in ... talking! hahaha! She’s awesome to have around during your wedding day and makeup sessions since she will calm you RIGHT DOWN and keep your mind off EVERYTHING except what’s happening in that exact moment. She will also stay with you until she is absolutely sure that she is not needed. She will never run off to another job without seeing the plan of the day. If she sees that you are having an outdoor wedding... and it’s really hot, she’ll offer you to stick around so that she’s present to redo your makeup before the photo session. Because she cares! Rates start at 90$/person for weddings

If you have extensions, damaged hair, need a funky hairstyle or even need your groom to get a haircut and a shave before the wedding day, she’s your girl. If you need a random haircut or styling, Book her at her salon on crescent street, VOGUE Coiffure.

Rates start at 90$/person for weddings


the beauty te




JANET makeup artist

MALINA hairstylist

THE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE We wrote a 90-page planning guide for you and you can get it when you book your package with Ella Photography.

All my brides get an online guide to help you plan your wedding. I wrote it because I wanted to help answer the questions that my brides often forget to ask. This is not a regular planning guide. We talk about what other guides think is not important to mention. Things like : The engagement session, Tips to a stress free day, The ideal timeline, Getting ready in the morning, Exchanging gifts and letters, The first look, How natural doesn’t happen in 15 minutes, Walking down the aisle, Do’s and Don’ts of the first kiss, and so much more. Available for purchase as well for 19.99$ (for the online version). However, Ella Photography’s brides get it free of charge :)

Reception night The deco The entrance

perWfec t EDD



find it


on the

Online The







Howfind to the





BEAUTY of engagement


37 random

questions TO planHELP your YOU


my is to



real YOU. the

the love list



Melissa Gentile Couture Création stessy Chenail Di Carlo Couture Galleria Della Sposa

Simply Wonderful Simple Chic Nicolina Servello Food David Sacks Gourmaison Koko Montreal

FLOWERS Oxide Design Bouquet Fleuriste Eva G. Luluthia NDG florist Carmel Make your own! HAIR STYLISTS Avanti Spa Chelsea Chawsky Malina Tang MAKEUP PROFESSIONALS Janet Persaud Annie Young Cosmetics Ally Zwonok Susan Morales DJS DJ Stefan Jez Franco Caruso Marco VIDEO PROFESSIONALS Jesse & Andrew Villaview Cinema Siounis Photo & Video

CAKES Gât-O Cupcake et Macaron Luisa Galuppo Cakes Farine et Chocolat PROPS Victoria Sucre & Confetti sucreconfetti.­com La mariée bohème LUXE rentals Sofa To Go WEDDING PLANNERS Elyna Kudish Katy Leora & Tania from Blanc Events Maxine Bertrand INVITATIONS Purplest Invitations & Co. Signature Invitations I do wedding cards SHOES Salon de Chaussures Tania

These are people that I either collaborated with on various weddings, or heard good things about. Please make sure to call them and see which one is best for you. Everyone is different which means that great vendor for one person might not mean the same for another. Choose wisely! Don’t forget tell them Ella Photography sent you too ;) OH! AND ALSO, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT PINTEREST.COM FOR AMAZING WEDDING INSPIRATION

GETTING MARRIED WITHOUT GETTING STRESSED OUT • Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding. This will give you peace of mind to know exactly how you will look and give you the opportunity to change things in advance if necessary. Make sure to bring all jewelry to the trial to see how makeup shades work with the pieces. • Have your florist deliver your flowers to where you are getting ready, not the ceremony venue. Since you never know when the mood will strike for a great photo, you’ll want your flowers there and ready to go. • Find out what the rules for photographs are at the ceremony location. All venues are different, some restricting the location of photographs and even the times in which they are permitted. • If possible, arrange to have your photographs taken before the ceremony. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests. You will be able to go straight to cocktail hour and catch up with loved ones without stress. It’s a new age, so it’s no longer considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. • Have food delivered to your getting ready location. It may be hectic, but take the time to have a bite before the wedding since it will be a while before you have the opportunity to nourish yourself during the reception. • Prepare an emergency bridal kit with clear nail polish, mints, a sewing kit, stain treater, Visine, safety pins, bobby pins, pain reliever and mini deodorant. • Allowing 50% more time than you originally anticipated for steps like hair, makeup and photography. This alleviates the number one reason wedding schedules end up running late. This will assure you have plenty of time for all the portraits you want to take before the wedding. And don’t forget about taking traffic into account. • Make sure you discuss a “rain plan” with your venue just in case Mother Nature doesn’t see sunshine in the cards.

“Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! I will never forget you and will brag about the fact that I had the best photographer in the planet for my wedding�

Jackie Crawford

514-802-9740 | ELLAPHOTOGRAPHY.CA | All images and text from this booklet is copyright to Ella Photography 2014. All rights reserved. Booklet was designed by Isabella through | We help Small businesses get on the right foot through design

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