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ISABELLA ROSA L i f e st y l e & D e st i n at i o n w e d d i n g P H OT O G R A P H E R


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* I s a b e l l a R o s a a l s o w o r k s a s E L L A P H O T O G R A P H Y ( e l l a p h o t o g r a p h y. c a )

WHO IS ISABELLA? HI. My name Isabella and I’m a lifestyle photographer. I started this journey 7 years ago after playing around in Fashion photography for a little while. I discovered that I really didn’t enjoy it! Spending hours and hours retouching models and clothing and creating an image that was FAKE ... wasn’t for me. You see, I have a real problem with how the media perceives beauty. I do not want to live in a world where people are transformed beyond the lens and where photoshop rules all that is “beauty”. Although Photoshop is an incredible tool (and I could NOT live without it) the media is using it for the wrong reasons. It is promoting “being perfect” rather than being unique and confident. By being a Fashion Photographer, I was part of the problem. So, I started shooting lifestyle. My goal is to show my clients that their are beautiful... just the way they are, now! No need to change anything. You don’t have to be perfect. No one is. Messes, bare face, cries ... it’s all as beautiful as laughter for me. I am inspired by EMOTIONS. I want my clients to stay close and be open with me about how they feel about their partner or children. Sometimes, we have bad days and sometimes we have amazing days. That’s ok! I want to show you the REAL YOU with all its flaws, if you have any at all. I have many flaws myself... That I know for sure. And I’m learning to love them more and more every day. Being raw and wearing your heart of your sleeve is absolutely amazing to me. Let me in and allow me to photograph you and show you how truly awesome you are.


You believe that everyone is beautiful. You are adventurous, free-spirited and emotional. You are not afraid to laugh or cry in front of people and believe that freedom of expression is important. You have a creative side and believe that everyone is unique. You live by your own rules. You love life and see beauty in everything. You look for the good in people. You are easy going. You care more about how others feel around you, then about what they think of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You feel remarkably blessed in your life. Even if it doesn’t always go as planned. You believe in destiny and “meant to be”. You value amazing photography and the moments it brings back to you... like how smelling your mom’s perfume from when you were a little girl takes you right back to that fabulous moment in time. You are an old soul, who is grounded and peaceful and loving. You can rock it out in hiking gear, or dancing your heart out in stillettos. You are smitten, in love, gaga over your fiancé. You care more about expressing that love rather than the type of flowers that will be as centertables. You care about the quality of people over the quantity. You are a perfect fit for me. Am I the perfect fit for you?

PACKAGES and Add-ons

My package depends on the number of hours that you would like to book. If ever you are not sure, don’t worry! We can chat it up and take a look at your timeline together in order to decide which package might fit our needs. Hours can be added (or removed) as needed. Even on the day of the wedding day! Ella Photography is much more than a photography company. My goal is to help our my couples and make the planning process as easy as possible. With every booking, I send my couple a 90-page booklet to help you de-stress and understand what a wedding day actually looks like. Contact me today and ask a bunch a questions! I’m there for you.



2 photographers up to a 12-hour coverage Engagement session 8x10 240-page StoryBook Album 100 thank you cards Private morning sessions Ceremony // Portraits // Reception

2 photographers up to a 10-hour coverage Engagement session Private morning sessions Ceremony // Portraits // Reception Photos delivered online via VIP Gallery

Photos delivered online via VIP Gallery



2 photographers up to a 8-hour coverage Private morning sessions Ceremony // Portraits // Reception

For less than 40 guests.


1 photographer Photos delivered online via STANDARD Gallery

Photos delivered online via STANDARD Gallery


À LA CARTE ADD-ONS • • • • • • • •

Extra hours - 250$ / hour Engagement session - 250$ with a package 12x12 Traditional Album (20 pages) - 800$ 8x10 Storybook Album (240 pages) - 425$ USB key with custom case - 75$ Canvas Mounted Prints - Starting at 250$ Thank you cards with enveloppe (100) - 200$ Prints prices are available on demand

* The online galleries included in the wedding packages are available to you for 10 years. We are not responsible if the gallery company makes changes to its plans or decides the change the lenght of gallery availability to its consumers or goes bankrupt. ** Image downloads are restricted to one-by-one for standard galleries. An upgrade of 35$ to a VIP gallery is required in order to download all your photos in one single click (sale by the gallery company itself). Taxes not included. Weddings outside the Montreal/Laval/Longueuil Areas are subject to traveling fees of 0.48$ per KM.


What is required to book you for my wedding? A 1000$ deposit along with your contract is required to book the date. This deposit makes sure that I book you in my calendar. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding date. They dates are first-come, first-serve. How long does it take to get my photos back? I process orders on a timeline basis. The first weddings of the year will get their photos first. Generally you should allow 8-12 weeks for photos to be retouched and uploaded in the gallery. My albums take approximately 3 months to complete starting only after the wedding season is done depending on emails responses from you. These albums are custom-designed by me and it requires a little time to get done. Can I decide to order an album after I get my photos? Of course! It’s never too late to decide to invest in an album. However the opposite can’t be done. If the album is already in your contract, it cannot be removed after it’s signed. All albums must be paid in full before the album can be sent off to print. How many photos do we get? You get all of the photos from your wedding day that I deem “awesome”. That means that unless the flash didn’t pop, the photos is blurry or you aren’t mid-blink, you will get it. Typically that’s approximately 50-70 photos per hour booked. This number isn’t guarenteed though. Is shipping of my photos and albums included in your prices? No. My packages are prices for pick-up at the office only. The reason being that I cannot predict where my clients are going to be from. I wouldn’t want to charge 200$ for shipping if some clients will go pick up their albums. It’s not fair, right? For that reason, all shipping must be paid before I send it off to you. What’s the difference between you and other photographers? Simple! I’m awesome :P I’ll be there on your wedding day not only to take your photos but to HELP YOU as well. Need a glass of water? I’ll go get it. Need better shoes to walk on the grass ? I’ll give you mine. Don’t remember what’s next? I’ll let you know and keep you on track! I’m there for you guys. I have no idea how to plan my day. Can you help? Absolutely ! I have a lot of blog posts about wedding days on my website to help. If you book with me, I’ll also have a 90-page guide that you’ll receive for free to help you get everything on track! When do you usually start your day ? I love photographing the “getting ready” part. Love love. I typically start 30 minutes with the groom then, go with the bride for 1.5 hours. That gives me enough time to photograph the boys getting dressed, the bride getting her makeup done while the girls get dressed and then everyone helps the bride put on your dress. I typically end when the dance floor opens More questions ? Email me!




Throughout our year of planning the wedding, I loved how available you were to answer all of my questions and to provide advice and guidance. I didn’t have anyone to ask, and felt really lost at times. I fell in love with your YouTube videos, they were so informative and quite hilarious. You talked about Do’s & Don’ts, you talked about your DJ’s lights, you talked about real things, and it came in handy. You talked me through the family list for photos, THAT was intimidating but you helped me set guidelines and when the time came, you were a boss at calling out shot after shot! The year went by quickly, but I never felt that we lost touch and I needed that. I didn’t want to book you and not see you for a year. The day of the wedding was magical and the pictures were fabulous!! I remember looking at them the night before Tony and I left for our honeymoon, the timing was great. So much was captured that I never saw (we even spotted a mystery guest sitting at the back of the church as you photographed my dad and I walking down the isle!) I just love looking in the background of photos. Tony and I really lucked out in finding you Isa; we love your work but more importantly we love YOU and we have fun working with you. We brag about you all of the time and love having your work on display around our home. Until next time Isa, it’s always such a pleasure, and thank you for doing what you do xo

“Thank you for everything you did for my wedding. You are absolutely awesome. My rainy day blues died as soon as I saw you work your magic with that camera of yours. I’m sooo happy with what you’ve done, it’s impossible to say how thankful perry and I are. Then when my dress kept unhooking you went above and beyond (or below) and put my dress back together. Thank you for calming me down. You are awesome awesome awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you times a million and then times infinity!!!!”

ASHLEY & ALEX You are amazing. We had a very small wedding in Costa Rica and you fit right in. Everyone absolutely loved you and kept telling us so. It was great to have an engagement shoot with her the day before the wedding, but not because we needed it to feel comfortable with you -- that was easy -but because we benefited from your amazing photography skills! We have hundreds of beautiful beautiful photos that are exactly what we wanted. We love them and we love her. Thank you! You are a wonderful human with an amazing sense of humor and eye for beautiful photos. We were VERY picky about our photographer, and you were the absolute right choice.

AMELIE & ANDRES “There are no words to describe how I feel about the pictures! Looking at them brings me back to such a wonderful day and I’m so happy that the emotions you were able to capture in the pictures convey the joy, excitement, nervousness and giddiness that made our wedding such a beautiful and fun celebration. Everyone looks so beautiful and I can’t wait to share the pictures with them! I know I’ve told you before but I just can’t stress enough how much we appreciated your help, dedication and professionalism that day and in the days leading to it. Knowing that you were there and knew what you had to do really helped us relax and enjoy the day, knowing we’d have all those memories recorded on film.”

MELANIE & PEDRO “We just want to thank you so much for our incredibly amazing and beautiful pictures. We have spent the whole evening (literally, from when I got home from work at 5pm to now... 10pm) looking at them once together and then

once again with our parents. They are absolutely gorgeous. There’s so many great ones to choose from!!! You captured our wedding day in a way that is simply beyond our expectations. You’re truly incredible at what you do and we will continue “following” you online and keep you in mind for other big moments in our lives. Once again- Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We really couldn’t have booked a better photographer for our wedding day!”

JACKIE CRAWFORD “I love you so much, and can’t wait to give you the best review you will ever get from any customer you will ever serve in your entire life!! I PROMISE! You were the most professional, fun, caring, and knowledgeable person I have ever met! You really were the best thing to happen to us on our wedding day. I would also like to let you know, that it wasn’t just Chris and I who thought you were fantastic, I had SO many people tell us how wonderful you both were! So seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I will never forget you and will brag about the fact that I had the best photographer in the planet for my wedding.”


Are you planning a destination wedding? Are you eloping? Need a photographer? Bring me with you! I’ve traveled to weddings in Other parts of Canada, United states, Destination locations and Europe. I love it because it usually includes fewer guests and the scenery is always amazing. All you need to do is pay for my flight and accommodations plus 2000$ and I’m there! I’m a solo shooter on destination weddings but can bring someone with me if you want more coverage. Extra fees applies in that case. I can even bring a video person. These discounted packages are offered to couples that would like to bring me with them to any of these places for travel and accommodation costs! Just pay a deposit to ensure me that I can book the dates for you and let’s go. There’s no surprise costs. To qualify : – Must be 40 or less guests – Doesn’t have to be a wedding. Could be any type of session (feel free to ask for pricing). – Must be down for a good time. Have fun together and willing to travel to EPIC spots for your shoot.


ALBUMS Just because we don’t have albums in our packages doesn’t mean you can’t have this amazing heirloom of your wedding day! Having a gallery of all your photos can be awesome but it doesn’t give you the ability to truly admire your beautiful wedding day.

*NEW* STORYBOOK ALBUMS I AM THE ONLY ONE IN MTL TO OFFER THIS STYLE ! :) Our storybooks have a beautiful hardcover and will make you see your wedding as if you were reading a real book. They are 8x10in in size and have 240 pages printed on archival thick paper with a mat finish which screams high-quality. On the cover, you have an image from your wedding. The large amount of pages allow you to create a full story of your day and show off more photos in larger format. The number of pages could vary if you have a shorter coverage time package. 8-hour weddings will get approx. 170 pages.


Our albums are of a fantastic quality. They have extremely thick pages and hard leather covers so they can last you a lifetime, with proper care.


Never worry about design; I include full design services for each album purchased. Once our wedding season is over, we will start designing albums by date. We know how difficult it could be to choose photos for your album so, we will pre-design your album and send you a digital layout by email for approval. Don’t like some of the photos chosen? No problem. You’ll have the possibility to change any photo you like to make sure your album is all you have imagined.


Our main albums come with 20 pages. Extra pages can be added at 30$/each. Sizes are available from 3x3 to 12x16 sizes. Covers are available in soft leather and Crystal or hard photo cover.


Our albums come in a variety of colors to perfectly match your wedding’s theme. Below are a few of our most popular choices:

OTHER SERVICES B o o k i t w i t h y o u r w e d d i n g pa c k a g e . . . o r N O T

THE ENGAGEMENT WHY HAVE A SESSION ? Is an engagement shoot really necessary? After all, your wedding pictures share the beginning of your life together, right? Shooting an engagement is important for several reasons. First, this time allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer before the wedding. It also allows you to get to know your photographer on a more personal level. Remember, you will spend an entire day with your wedding photographer. It’s important to know their personality before the big day and see if you will get along. I also really really love engagement sessions!!! They are honestly my favourite part of the whole process. They are fun because you get to show off the real YOU. I get to photograph the REAL YOU. It’s your everyday clothes and we have all the time in the world. Although sessions are typically an hour long ... If we wanted, we could take longer. There’s no timeline. No agenda. We take our time and photograph your love for eachother. We can also choose more than one location (or outfit) for diversity. You can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting, while creating some fun photos for wall portraits, your wedding sign-in book, sign-in board and Thank You cards (shot early enough, we can also provide the images for your Save the Date cards and invitations). They are just awesome.

HOME SESSIONS WHAT IS A HOME SESSION ? A home session is an intimate, comfortable session for you and your lover. This type of session is becoming my favourite style. It’s a darker mood, so you really feel the mood and intimacy between you two. If you have pets or children, can they totally be invited to join as well. We usually start out in the living room and kitchen and then make our way to the bedroom when you are more comfortable. Note that this is not a boudoir session. Being in your undergarments is definitely optional. You can wear casual clothing, pjs or your favourite cami and boxers. This session shows off how you live, how you relax and how beautiful your life truly is. Show off a piece of your private life with this session and really appreciate who you have become.

BOUDOIR SESSIONS TIME TO SHOW OFF THE REAL YOU. If you are looking to get to know a new side of you, try a boudoir session. This can be on your own, with your partner and even as you are expecting your little one. These sessions are done in your own home. It can also include hair and makeup by a professional (for 150$ more). These session are called “This is me” for a reason. It shows off your natural raw beauty as I see you. There’s something pretty amazing about showing women their photos and seeing their face light up with an “I can’t believe this is me!” They see themselves in a whole new light! They are sexy, they are beautiful and yet.. they look exactly the same they did yesterday. The only difference is that now, they know it. O’so lovely boudoir (my boudoir brand) is for the everyday woman. Sometimes, she just needs a little reminder that she is as gorgeous outside as she is inside. You can even offer an album as a gift of glamour to your partner. These shoots are private but you can invite a friend to do the shoot after yours. You can even save 10% each !

FAMILY SESSIONS FAMILIES, FAMILIES, FAMILIES! These sessions are so much fun! We laugh, we pout, we scream. You’ll see every side of your family here. The time of the simple traditional portrait is OVER. Time to show you how your family really is! Let’s go to a local part and play! My mom has this story. She says that around the age of 2, I use to ALWAYS fall down and hurt the stop of my nose. Non-stop, for months! Being extremely clumsy isn’t a quality I am proud of but, I would have like to have a visual aid of that time. I always use to share my ice cream with my dog too apparently. Pretty gross but.. I would kill for that photograph. If your child is always grumpy and never wants to smile, let them be! This is still a memory you should want to keep. If they like to run and be crazy, let’s photograph that as well! Show off your beautiful family for what it is! These sessions are one hour outdoors. Book two sessions and save 100$

PORTRAIT SESSIONS PORTRAITS ARE NOT ONLY BOUDOIR Professional portraits are a very necessary tool for your everyday life. I’m not just saying that either. Yes, our phone cameras are getting better by the day, however, we all know the reputation that selfies have. Rather, a great professional photo of yourself can have your personality show through and get you the life that you want. You can use it on your Linkedin profile and other social media channels, in an important magazine article, your next book’s cover, as a casting photo or even on your Tinder profile. Let people on the outside see you for who you really are. With this session, you can get one high-resolution portrait to use anywhere (including the commercial rights). It’s a 30-min session and you get to choose your fav. Add as many outfits as you wish too!

THE WEDDING GUIDE It’s FREE when you book !


All my brides get an online guide to help plan their wedding. I wrote it because I wanted to help answer the questions that my brides often forgot to ask. This is not a regular planning guide. We talk about things that other guide often deem “unimportant”. The engagement session, Tips to a stress free day, The ideal timeline, Getting ready in the morning, Exchanging gifts and letters, The first look, your creative portraits, Walking down the aisle, Do’s and Don’ts of the first kiss, and so much more. Available for purchase as well for 19.99$ (for the online version). However, brides get it free of charge when they book :)

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2017/2018 BOOKLET e l l a p h o t o g r a p h y. c a

2017 Wedding Booklet - website  
2017 Wedding Booklet - website