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Isabella Rosa is a boudoir photographer for everyday women located in Montreal, Qc. The goal is to prove that everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Today. There’s no need to lose 10 pounds or have a personal stylist. It’s all you.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Hey! Isabella here. I’m here to tell you something really important. Every time I get an email, the FIRST thing women say to me is : “I’m really shy and am really awkward in front of the camera”. In my opinion, that’s completely normal. Actual [real] narcissists are rare. The people I photograph are normal, everyday people. Like you... like me! Truthfully, I don’t enjoy having my photo taken at all either. But I know it’s important. Twice a year, I hire my own photographer and trust them to take my photo so that I can remember what I looked like in a few years from now. I’m 35 already. my body (and face) is changing constantly. The first time I noticed that I didn’t have enough photos of myself is when I got sick, a few years ago and developed Exophthalmos. A medical condition that makes your eyes bulge. I was desperately looking for photos of myself to see if my condition had gotten worse because I couldn’t notice the difference by just comparing myself from memory. By researching, I started to notice that I was always the one BEHIND the camera (not hard to believe as I am a photographer). I’m always been the one to say “No no don’t take my photo, I look bad”... and now... I regret it. For the few photos that I did find, I thought I looked great! And I can’t believe that I was so hard on myself back then. Not to mention now as well! Girls, we are way to hard on ourselves.

We constantly compare ourselves to women in magazines who AREN’T EVEN REAL (hello, photoshop) and then think “I need to start going to the gym”. But why! Honestly, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and thought to yourself: “Man, I look good today”? It happens rarely doesn’t it? But it happens! Funny thing is... YOU DIDN’T CHANGE FROM THE DAY BEFORE. The only thing that changed... was your MOOD. I believe that its because we are surrounded by the media and images to make us feel bad. Which then reflects onto what we think about ourselves. My favorite saying is “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s Highlight reel.” Everyone feels exactly like you. Everyone feel sad, everyone feels ugly, everyone thinks that the rest of the world is better. It’s ok to want to feel good about yourself and believe that you are beautiful now. Boudoir sessions are for anyone that needs a boost and wants to feel amazing about the life that they are currently living. Single, Married, Engaged, Divorced, Expecting... Boudoir is for everyone.

“It was a wonderful experience from the first email to receiving my photos. The professionalism and warmth of the team on the day of the shoot made me feel secure, comfortable and beautiful!�

“I have been telling everyone that Isabella makes it so easy and comfortable. She can make anyone feel good about themselves when taking pictures. She is very professional and pleasant to be around�



The home sessions are called : "THIS IS ME" (also known as the raw shoot) It’s a a darker, sexier session that is done in your own home. You do your own makeup and hair and show off the real you. The reason its darker is because of the lack of natural light and windows in most homes. It's also a super comfortable and intimate setting. What happens during the shoot? It’s easy. You pick two or three outfits that you would like to be photographed in. I show up and coach you throughout the shoot and take beautiful photos. These 1-hour sessions include: • 1h Photo session with me • Coaching • 2/3 outfits - which are your own • 4 High-Resolution retouched photos from your session These sessions are 350$ +tx But of course, extra photos and albums can be purchased seperately.

The studio sessions are called : "TRANSFORMATIONS" They are done in a bright 1200 sq/ft studio location on St-Ambroise st or in a bright airbnb in Montreal (qc) Your makeup and hair can be professionally done so that you can transform and see yourself in a new light. You pick three outfits that you would like to be photographed in. I coach you throughout the shoot and take beautiful photos. These 3-hour appointments include: • 1h Photo session with me in a studio • Coaching • 2/3 outfits - which are your own • 2 High-Resolution retouched photos from your session These sessions are 650$ +tx (add Makeup and Hair for 150$) But of course, extra photos and albums can be purchased seperately.

“Loved the whole experience, from the makeup to the hair to the actual photoshoot. I am very happy with the pictures and Ella & her team knew exactly what to do and say to make me feel comfortable and at ease.�

FULL PRICE LIST TRANSFORMATION SESSION 650$ includes one-hour shoot in Studio or Air bnb 3 outfit changes 2 high-resolution photos


includes one-hour shoot in your own home 3 outfit changes 4 high-resolution photos


includes 20-minute shoot in studio or outdoors 2 outfit changes Photos for 50$ each Perfect for headshots or Casting Make is an hour shoot for an extra 50$

ADD TO YOUR SESSION Each photo (digital format) high resolution / ready to print 75+ photos |10.50$ each 50+ photos |20.50$ each 25+ photos | 30.50$ each 1+ photo |45$ each

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP & HAIR 150$ 9x12 album choose 30 photos 650$ 5x7 Album choose 20 photos 350$ FULL SESSION (max 100 photos) in high resolution BTS VIDEO of your SESSION

1050$ 650$

Taxes not included. All shoot must have a 100$ deposit to reserve the date. For questions about our pricelist or to book a session, contact us via email at

We are regular stalkers of your site and facebook, we especially love seeing your e-session couples and then later seeing their weddings. I love commenting on your "colour?! or B&W?" struggles, lol. This past Christmas T, god I love him, told me that he got me a maternity boudoir shoot with you. Yep, we finally got pregnant! I didn't know you did these!! I was SO excited to work with you again! I always admired your boudoir sessions and I was actually going to get to experience what it was like, and in my own home! Again, this lead to emails back and forth with you as we both had some questions for one another. When the day finally came (phew, good thing I didn't go into early labour!) I was so excited, and nervous. It's not every day one gets photographed in their undies ;) You were awesome, you made me feel so comfortable and reassured me by showing me some shots as we went along. It was a lot of fun. Then you shot T and I outside, and of course, always including our dear furbaby Maple! We got the photos really quickly and I was stunned at how beautiful I looked!! Like I told you, I knew I would be impressed and love all of the photos but my goodness- I am half naked and wanting to show the world these photos! You captured how proud I am of my belly and of the miracle that Tony and I have created. Ah, getting teary eyed here . . . I know that you don't do newborn photos, so we cannot work together for that milestone but I definitely predict working again with you in the next little bit for a big family photo session when our sweetpea joins our family, and I can't wait! T and I really lucked out in finding you Isa; we love your work but more importantly we love YOU and we have fun working with you. We brag about you all of the time and love having your work on display around our home. -M



“October 2014, I had the most A W E S O M E experience! Let’s go a few years back…In 1992, when I first met my boyfriend, we used to talk and talk and I always told him I believed in fairy tales. We got married, had children and then the divorce came. I was so broken inside and out, not only heart broken but mentally and physically too. I started a depression, gained weight (over 75 lbs in 2 months), and stayed secluded from all my friends and family. Moving back into my parents’ house with 2 kids under the age of 3 was pretty tough. After a couple of years and of course with the help of my parents and friends I started picking my pieces up and building back a life for my children and myself. A few years later, as the children were growing, my parents moved out and I stayed in the apartment alone with the kids. Again, I was broken not knowing how I would overcome this separation. It was like I had to start life all over again from scratch. I must say things went OK until I found out that my mom had cancer for the last 14 years and no one knew about it. We started going to chemo treatments, radiations, MRI’s, scans. In September 2013, she went into palliative care and passed away in January 2014. This separation was for REAL. Her last words to me were: “take care of your dad, your children, yourself and do all things that make you happy and feel good.” What is it I can do to be happy and feel good? You left me, the one person who understood me. Mourning was and still is such a difficult thing to do. To this day, I still pick up the phone to call her and talk. One day, as I was browsing on Facebook, I came upon the page of Ella Photography and decided that yes, this might work and hopefully make a difference. Took the first step and sent an email and from there on a little part of my fairy tale might come true. On the day of the shoot, I was sooooo nervous, palms sweating and legs felt like Jell-O. The minute I went thru the doors of the studio, I was welcomed and felt overwhelmed by the kindness and friendliness of the staff. Started by choosing which outfits I would wear then got my hair done and then the makeup. Just before the shoot started, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, miracles do happen! As the shoot started, I felt beautiful and strong, inside and out, felt like today I can conquer anything! I would like to thank Ella Photography and her team for making me feel alive again Try it, it’s worth it! Click click…click click…click click…for a few hours… I was THE princess of my fairy tale.”


WHAT TO THINK ABOUT It’s important to wear outfits that make you feel awesome. You bring your own because we want you to feel comfortable. Imagine if you would try on lingerie that isn’t yours and its too small, or too big? Oh boy. How would that make you feel sexy? Nope!

SOME IDEAS Your lingerie and items Can’t decide? Bring it all. A scoop neck (or V-neck) t-shirt and Boxer shorts. If comfy is your thing, go for it. A big oversize sweater. A little off-the-shoulder or Big Cardigan. The cutest cocktail dress. If lingerie isn’t your thing, bring that dress you love. His favorite tank or t-shirt. If you are a tomboy, let’s do it!

FORGET NOT Your sexy pumps. It’s not a secret. People love those heals. Your favourite shoes. Cute and Comfy is super sexy too! Your game face. Practice your bedroom eyes in the mirror. Groom those eyebrows. If needed. Shave or wax! Seems simple enough but sometimes we forget. Manicure and pedicure. Beautiful hands and toes brings confidence in some.

Don’t know what to bring? Your regular underwear is more than enough!

A lacy bra & a fun tank

I’m not big in accessories but some are awesome! Color, Color,

The texture from lace can really make nice photos


we love comfy!

Keep it simple with shoes. Pumps are ok!

Off-shoulder sweaters and big cardigans are awesome to start. The key to choosing the right one is skin!!


My first love of bodysuits ! And they are super easy to find these days!

Little Shorts or Boxers can work very well as well !

“From the beginning, I felt comfortable with everyone. There are an immediate response and high level of professionalism. The session itself was even better than I could have imagined.�



Once you send your retainer and your session agreement, your session date and time has been reserved. The remainder of your session fee is due on the day of the session. Sessions cannot be booked unless the retainer fee and the agreement is sent. We cannot save your date otherwise and will give it away to another client.


It is not your job to create gorgeous imagery, it is mine. Your session will be guided and directed as an editorial and fashion shoot. My job is to coach you into becoming a model. All you need to do is prepare your outfits. In the RAW sessions, you’ll need to do your hair and makeup., sure but You won’t need to leave your house! I’ll come to you. I talk NON-STOP and will leave no room for uncomfortable or awkward moments of being unsure on what to do and how you look. I will support and guide you through the process by showing you and telling you exactly what needs to be done and providing and feedback the whole time. While it is natural for you to feel a little nervous, be assured, this is my job and I specialize in creating beautiful images.


I suggest fully booking your day off so that you can relax and enjoy the entire process. I want for you to start your day with a lovely bath and follow it with a healthy and delicious breakfast. When I arrive and you are refreshed and ready for your amazing day the possibilities for greatness are endless. At the end of your session, you will feel incredibly gorgeous and confident! We highly suggest a date night with your love or with your friends. Your confidence will be soaring and while we do highly suggest a night on the town, we can't be held responsible for how seriously awesome you will feel!


GET READY BEFORE 1 WEEK BEFORE Start hydrating your skin. Apply cream on your face, hands, feet and legs daily. Take care of the red legs. There’s a cure! Check out Pinterest for some great articles about helping red/blotchy legs. Don’t forget those lips. Exfoliating lips is just as important to make lipgloss look awesome.

THE DAY BEFORE Exfoliate your skin. Make sure your face is clear of dry/dead skin. Your makeup application might be flaky if not. And we won’t be able to retouch it out. Shave. If you don’t have time to go to the esthetician before your session ... Shave. Fix your Mani/Pedi. If your mani/pedi is having a bad day. Fix it all up. It will show in your photos. Wash your hair. But don’t put any product in it.

Photography is an amazing thing but we are not magicians. Do not rely on PHOTOSHOP for your skin troubles. We make it our goal to use photoshop as little as possible to make sure you see the real you! We won’t use it for Dry/Red skin. If professional retouching is required, a fee of 50$ per image will applied.

“OMG. I cannot believe that’s me. Thank you so much for the huge ego boost! After my divorce, I really felt bad about myself and this has changed EVERYTHING. You are the BEST!”

Women are beautiful. No matter the shape, race or size.To look natural, you need to feel beautiful in your own skin and let the confident show on the outside. Before your shoot, don’t be afraid to practice your “bedroom eyes” in front of the mirror. Wear the clothes that you bought and strut your stuff in your own bedroom, away from strangers. We all have done it before. Don’t lie. Practice your game face and learn to “talk with your eyes”. We want you to tell the camera (actually, the person looking at the photos), that you KNOW that you are beautiful. Clear your thoughts from all negative thinking and talk to the camera as if you were in bed with your favorite person.

Practice your “look” in front of the mirror. Close your eyes. Close your eyes and relax your mouth. Relax everything. As if you were sleeping. Then, when everything is relaxed and not tense, open your eyes. Look how your face looks now. That’s what we want.

IS MY BUM GOING TO BE ALL OVER THE INTERNET? Only if you are comfortable with it. Know however that your regular session fee requires you to give us the permission to use a minimum of 8 photos in which I AM allowed to post. The reason that my company exists is to inspire. To make women realize that they have the right to feel beautiful on their own terms. The media has created unrealistic terms as to what is defined as "beautiful" and I want to prove to the world that they should not be exclusive. However, I cannot do it without your help. If all of my clients kept their photos private, you (and many other women) would have never found me. Without your photos, it becomes impossible for me to prove to the world that ANY SHAPE, SIZE or RACE can be amazingly beautiful. We know that it's not always fun to have photos of you online. Which is why I NEVER post your name with your photos. Noone can ever google you and get led to your photos. I also take a LOT of photos for you to choose from, some of which do not even have your face clearly in the shot. About your options - You can bring an outfit that does not show too much. A dress, a sweatshirt or your favorite skirt and I will post photos only from that outfit, if it makes you feel more comfortable. - I can crop out your face so that noone will reconize you & I never post names. - Let me post online but no facebook. I will post on my company website only. - Allow me to post your photos in albums and in the studio only. No online use. - Give me a before and after. The most important aspect of my business is the "before and after" of your shoot. - Let me know if you don't want me to post and we'll take a few photos of you wearing regular clothes. I can't. I really can't. If circumstances aren’t within your power and it does not allow me to show off your photographs, I will understand. Let us know by email as you are booking so that we can also send you an amendment clause to add to your contract. along with a extra fee.

FOOT NOTES RESCHEDULING POLICY If it is necessary to reschedule or cancel your session, we will be equally as disappointed as you, but the following conditions apply: The retainer is non-refundable, so if you need to cancel, the retainer will not be returned to you. We will be happy to reschedule your session, with at least a 72-hour notice, for a date that is available for both of us. If you need to cancel your session, a cancellation notice must be received in writing by email. I understand that things happen and I will be happy to transfer your retainer to another session date for up to 6 months. Please understand though that I cannot guarantee that the session price will be the same on your next appointment.

COPYRIGHT INFO & TERMS Isabella Rosa retains the copyright to all images captured during your session. With the purchase of your session, I grant you the unlimited reproduction of your digital images for personal use only. Personal use does not include the sale of images or alterations of any kind without written consent by me.

PUBLISHED IMAGES I understand how intimate of a session we are creating together, and if you feel uncomfortable, your images do not need to be shown online on our blog or in our marketing material. If that is the case, just let me know and we can change the release form in your contract. A fee of 150$ applies. Please understand that by keeping your images private means possible business loss for me. I require a minimum of 8 images only, which can be chosen by you (and can be where your face isn't showing) so please consider letting me share some images of you. Names are NEVER mentioned.


Profile for Isabella Rosa

Boudoir Booklet 2019  

By Isabella Rosa

Boudoir Booklet 2019  

By Isabella Rosa