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Finding A suitable Therapy for Double Vision A common eye condition that many people often get is double vision. It might occur mild or severe based on the causes of the issue. It can appear in one eye (monocular diplopia ) or both eyes (binocular diplopia) but the second situation is more frequent. The typical reasons of double vision often are strabismus, head trauma, presbyopia. Troubles with any part of the vision system (Cornea, Lens, Muscle, Nerve, Brain) can lead to double vision. It makes meaning to think about the causes of diplopia depending on the part of the visual system that has the trouble. The appropriate therapy for binocular diplopia will depend on the cause of the condition creating the symptoms. Efforts must first be made to identify and cure the underlying cause of the trouble. Treatment choices include eye exercises, wearing an eye patch on alternative eyes, prism correction, and in more extreme situations, surgery or botulinum toxin. Keep in mind that the amount that double vision can be lessened will rely on your visual condition. A functional vision test is the initial step in determining the extent of your double vision, and what types of therapy can be used to correct it. For further information about eye health care visit

Finding A suitable Therapy for Double Vision