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ON THE COVER Khanya Ngumbela

Lifestyle business coach Photography: Alano Groves



Makeup & styling:

Khanya Ngumbela

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Scented candles are a great gift for anyone. Not only do they smell really good but they also offer mood-boosting properties, luxurious appeal and relaxing qualities. You can also get one in a beautiful jar which makes it look more luxurious.

Glass Vanilla Multi Wick Candle Mr Price - R99.99


DIY coffee or cocktail kit. These are perfect for coffee or cocktail lovers and so easy to create! For the coffee kit, all you will need are a few cappuccino sachets, a cup and maybe a few chocolates to add. For the cocktail kit you will need the their favourite cocktail mixture, a cocktail glass and some fruit for decoration. Pop this in a gift box and you're set!

Price depends on the contents From R100.00


An aromatherapy humidifier allows you to humidify a room whilst infusing the air with essential oils. Not only do they smell amazing but aromatherapy oils can provide respiratory disinfection, decongestant andpsychological benefits

Mini USB Aroma Humidifier Takealot.com - R195.00


You don't realise how convenient wireless earphones are until you try them! They make life so much easier because you don't have to walk arount with you phone and their batteries last quite long!

6 | ELLA - DEVEMBER 2020

i7s wireless earbuds Takealot.com - R199.99


Who wouldn't want to spend a whole month watching their fave shows and movies? So why not gift someone a month's subscription to their favourite streaming service!

Netflix - From R39.99 Showmax - From R49.00


Diamonds are definitely a girls best friend but you don't have to break the bank to get it. There are many beautiful necklaces from places like Lovisa and Foschini that are quality at affordable prices.

Teardrop Necklace Foschini - R199.99


Going into 2021, everyone need some sort of diary or planner. What makes this one special is that you can personalise it with someone's name! They are available in various colours as.

8 case is super special and A personalised phone

unique gift which can be personalised with an image, a collage, someone's name, a unique design or even a quote. What makes it extra special is that they will be taking it wherever they go!

Personalised A5 Journal Typo - R199.99

Personalised phone covers NetFlorist - R189.99


You can never go wrong with a good pamper set. Whether it be skincare, body products or even cream, it's always a winner. Gift sets from Oh So Heavenly, sorbet and The body shop all smell so good and are really affordable.

Various gift sets The Body Shop - From R160.00


When in doubt, get a gift card. These are perfect for when you are stuck on what to get someone, a last minute gift or if you have don't have time to shop. The best thing is that you can load the gift card with pretty much any amount you prefer.


where possible and support small businesses.


Find your perfect home in Durban

n w o r u o y n w O

GET IN TOUCH Renier Du Preez 084 419 8069 | 062 181 7768 renier@primepropertysa.co m

FIND MORE AT www.primepropertysa.c om Shop 5, 7 on Mil l ennium Boul e var


LUXURY GIFTING The Gift Bowtique is luxury gifting service based in Durban that couriers throughout South Africa. Your luxury gift can be put together, tailored to your budget, style and personal requests.

thegiftbowtique08@gmail.com @the_giftbowtique The Gift Bowtique





Khanya Ngumbela is a 28 year old lifestyle business coach. She helps empowered and forward thinking individuals leverage social media to build a lifestyle business that they enjoy and that supports their passions and what they are good at. With her own Impact Inluencer course and a following of 10K and counting, Khanya can help you go from 0 to 6 figures in just 6 months!

A day in the life A day in Khanya's life looks like however she wants it to look that day and she did that on purpose. "Through my business, I built a life where if I want to stay in bed all day, my business continues to run. If I want to spend that day creating content and doing video calls with my private coaching clients then I can do that. And what I love is that I can do all of this from anywhere in the world because it's all online." "Most days I wake up at 06h45, mediate, journal, workout, respond to emails, comments and DMs and I have a yummy breakfast." Khanya likes leaving her afternoons open for anything that needs doing that day. If there's nothing that needs urgent attention she'll often pick up her laptop and work from an outdoor cafĂŠ or by the pool. "I have another brand that I'm currently developing so a lot of my afternoons are spent carving out those details. In the evenings, I like plugging into a course or book, connecting with my private clients or connecting with my own coach and team. I love to learn and I love to help, and I spend most of my days doing exactly that!"

First brand deal Khanya booked her first brand deal with only 800 followers and she says that funny enough, she wasn't focused on booking a brand deal but rather growing an engaged community online. "I already had a small business online that was doing really well so my priority was driving traffic to it. My business involved a lot of beauty and skincare products so I posted super high quality videos, stories and posts using those products. The brands that I tagged took notice. An American based skincare company that was super new and fresh slid into my DMs and the rest is history. Khanya says that it all happened so quickly and organically but once she booked that one brand deal it opened the floodgates for the other brands to approach her. "I spend alot of time figuring out why this first brand deal happened, and how I can keep it happening. Every time a new brand reached out to me, it validated that my strategy was on point. At this point I was super excited for what was possible because booking a brand deal is always amazing and it allows you to connect with your audience on a much deeper level, which is always my goal."

Content creation and niches Khanya says that she used to get tired of social media but that was when she wasn't using it consciously. "I now have systems in place when it comes to creating my own content, engaging with my community and keeping my finger on what's happening in relevant industries that make it so much fun! I love coming online and I feel no pressure to at all. I do it because I love it! And that makes the biggest difference to how productive any person is." Brand deals are a great way to break into the social media space and Khanya says that its an amazing source of additional income. "They're also super inclusive and there are many brands that cater to many communities online. So, it became very clear to me that all you needed to do was build your own community online and you would be able to leverage it to create an income for yourself. That is crazy powerful! Especially in South Africans where unemployment is so high and tertiary education fees are equally as high." She says that the internet has made it possible for someone in rural Eastern Cape to build her own online community and use it to sell her products & services plus book brand deals. Khanya felt a responsibility to share what she knew and she used my platform to do that. "So I changed niches from my original beauty niche. I thought that I would lose my community but instead it grew bigger, faster and closer."

5 interisting things Khanya is an entrepreneur at heart and has always been her own boss. Being a travel junkie, she has lived in 5 different cities. She started her first business from her bedroom and with less than R5000 ($300) in her bank account. Within in less than a year it had made her enough money to go on a dream vaycay to Bali. Khanya is a big animal lover and MUST pet every one that she come across She has 2 sisters (one older and one younger.

Tips for aspiring influencers 1 2

3 4

Create Content About What You Love & What You Are Good At. There are thousands of people online that love what you love or need help with what you're good at. Start here. They will be much more open to hearing what you have to say, than if you made content purely because you think it's popular or trendy. Start out with a very specific person that your content speaks to. And as you roll out this content, pay attention to the feedback you are getting in the DM's & comments section. We all make the mistake of thinking our ideal audience is who we think they are, but it's the feedback from your audience that really tells you who they are. You can't launch a business on speculation, but you can launch it based on your audience feedback. Feedback is data driven, not speculation. If you want to be an influencer with your own business, start a youtube channel. Youtube is a social media space and a SEARCH ENGINE. People who use search engines are usually looking for something, info, help, direction etc. because of that, they tend to do less random browsing and more specific searching. This type of audience is much more primed to hear what you have to say, and they're on YOUTUBE. If you want to build your influence via brand deals, stop taking every brand deal that comes your way. You want to work with the brands that your audience loves and respects, that builds your influence and will keep you booked and busy for years. If you take any and every brand deal that comes your way, you'll make money quickly, but you're killing your influence long term. Your audience will lose interest if they feel like you're more interested in representing brands than them. ELLA - DECEMBER 2020 | 13

All about Impact Influencer Impact Influencer is a self-paced online course for creators that are trying to build a community and create opportunities for themselves such as brand deals and launching their own products or services.

What's great about Impact Influencer is that it gives you the exact blueprint, step-by-step,

on how to successfully come online as a nano influencer and solopreneur with just your vision, cellphone and wifi network. "As with all of my products and services Impact Influencer came from a place of wanting to help people step into their power and dream lifestyle. I saw how other creators, with bigger platforms than me, were working really hard to create content & connect with their audience but they were struggling to monetize. And that just didn't sit right with me. So I created a resource that I wish I had had when I was starting out or when I felt stuck and that resource is Impact Influencer."

How it works Impact Influencer is broken down into 7 modules: The influencer, traffic, conversion, community, brands, masterclass and group coaching These modules cover everything from finding your niche, getting your content out there and growing a community to landing brand deals, developing your own product or service and more.

To find out more Khanya is most active on her Instagram @xxkhanyaxx and Youtube channel xx Khanya xx. She also has a website with all o her products, services and info that you're welcome to visit: www.xxkhanyaxx.com 14 | ELLA - DEVEMBER 2020

@ X X K H A N Y A X X


Sonaly Hurdayal, founder of Pause & Paint followed her passion and became the very first person in South Africa to start therapeutic art sessions. Over the years, being someone who suffered with anxiety and depression, she used painting as her way out. Since the birth of Pause & Paint, the company has been growing drastically and having a positive impact on people's lives ever since. Classes are hosted at various venues/restaurants around Durban such as Antique Cafe, Butcher Block, Freedom Cafe, and The Village Table, to name a few. There are also private classes that are offered from birthday parties to year end functions.

EACH SESSION INCLUDES A fully instructed paint class, all painting essentials



MONTHLY subscription B O X E S

Bitchin' tees celebrates all the beautiful,

quirky, funny moments of being a Mom by designing t-shirts that you will want to wear. Created by Corné Nell, it was started as an opportunity to enable moms to don their proverbial superhero capes by wearing their words. It has now expanded to include an artisanal gin range and monthly subscription boxes.

B I T C H I N '


The unique, colourful and glittery gin came about during lockdown, all thanks to Corné's husband who ordered a copper still from Spain - for a hobby. "When the pot was delivered between the first and second alcohol ban, we started playing around with whiskey, brandy and gin... we called it Prohibition because we were in prohibition."

They then started researching Gin and Corné decided to add glitter to their gin

to make it look pretty. During their research they found their flagship flavour and an FDA approved alcohol glitter, and so "Unicorn" was born. "At this point our fantasy range was created and we have a range of gins which are delicious as they are beautiful to look at."



Bitchin' tees monthly subscription boxes are a monthly gift box focusing on showcasing their gins combined with self care, stationary and treats. There are three boxes, available which cater for a variety of budgets. They have partnered up with small local woman owned businesses to fill the boxes. The biggest box will also include their monthly t-shirt.

You can shop Bitchin' tees t-shirts, gin and monthly subscription boxes online at www.bitchintees.co.za. Follow them on Instagram @btchintees_sa and Facebook Btchin' tees.


e l b a l i a v a s e x o b e re

Courtney Nikita Maclons is the founder of Lily Madison Photography. She is a wedding, lifestyle and corporate photographer based in Cape Town, but she is up for travelling anywhere and everywhere -definitely a traveller at heart! With a passion that started as far back as primary school, Courtney has done photography on the side for a few years while she worked in some big corporates in South Africa, focusing on Psychometry, Organisational Development and HR. "I did two honours degrees, one is Psychology and the other in Commerce - but I could not shake the need to create through photography and design. While working my desk jobs, I decided to upskill myself with courses." In the midst of juggling photography gigs on weekends, attending courses after hours, and working full-time in the week, Courtney also decided to formally register a business with the name "Lily Madison Photography" back in 2016.

She decided to give her passion a proper chance, and in the middle of 2019, she left the corporate desk behind and moved into her own business full time. "Do I regret it? Not one bit! I love this field, and will continue exploring and expanding until God directs otherwise. He brought me here, and I have full assurance He will lead me wherever I'm meant to be." If you're wondering, "Wait - who is Lily Madison?" you're not alone... that's the question Courtney gets asked most frequently by clients. "So, I did not want to name this business after myself, it didn't feel right to me - so I prayed on it, and that night the name literally came to me in a dream. I knew that was the name I was meant to run with, so I did. Exploring this business name, I found out that "Madison" means Gift from God, and "Lily" symbolises Purity. Putting the two together gave me the meaning - pure gift from God. I absolutely love to paint with light and tell stories using my camera, hence my slogan "We are Visual Storytellers." So here I am telling stories with images, and I'd love to tell yours, if you'll have me.

ELLA - DECEMBER 2020 | 19

Miss Moo Nails is a nail salon based in Hatton Estate, Durban. We offer a full range of salon treatments but specialise in nails and hand painted nail art! The 1st of November saw in the third year at our current premises. We are so excited for what the year ahead holds for us! We are eagerly approaching our 4k mark on our insta page (@missmoonails) which is definitely going to be an amazing achievement to see in the end of the year! 2021 will see lots of changes including the re-introduction of our Ambassador sets! Make sure you have booked your year end appointments before we are fully booked.

To book





0843333778 ROAD





Christmas TREATS

Recipes from www.delish.com

SANTA HAT CHEESECAKE BITES Ingredients 1 plain cheesecake (homemade or store-bought) 1 1/2 c whipped cream 12 strawberries, tops sliced off

Using a round biscuit cutter, punch holes out of cheesecake. (Depending on size of cheesecake you should be able to get 8 to 12 cheesecake bites.) Transfer whipped cream to a piping bag and pipe a layer on top of cheesecake. Top with strawberry, sliced side down. Pipe a dot on top of strawberry and serve.

WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Ingredients 340g White Chocolate chopped (you can also use dark or milk chocolate) 1 1/2 cups heavy cream divided Mini chocolate chips

In a small saucepan, heat 3/4 cup of the cream on medium heat. The cream should get hot and slightly bubbly on the edges, but do not bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and add the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is melted and the cream and chocolate are completely combined. Set aside and allow to cool to room temperature. Beat the other 3/4 cup cream on high until soft peaks form. Once the chocolate mixture is cool, fold it into the whipped cream. Serve cold topped with mini chocolate chips if desired .

24 | ELLA - DEVEMBER 2020

SNOWFLAKE COOKIES Ingredients 1 c pecans 1 c confectioners' sugar, divided 1 c cold butter, cut into small pieces 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 2 c all-purpose flour, spooned and levelled. 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon Crush the pecans and 3/4 cup sugar until finely ground. Add butter and vanilla and mix until smooth. Add flour, salt, and cinnamon. Roll between parchment paper, about 2cm thick and chill until firm, 30 minutes or up to 2 days. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Using a snowflake-shaped cookie cutter, cut out cookies and place on prepared baking sheets, spacing 2cm apart. Bake until lightly golden brown around the edges, 7 to 10 minutes. Cool on baking sheets on wire racks. Dust with remaining 1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar.

OREO TRUFFLES Ingredients 1 package Oreos 200g cream cheese, softened 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 2 c white chocolate chips, melted 1/2 c semisweet chocolate chips, melted

Crush oreos into fine crumbs. Add all but 2 tablespoons crushed cookies to a medium bowl. Add cream cheese and vanilla and stir until evenly combined. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Using a small cookie scoop, form mixture into small balls. Place on prepared baking sheet and freeze until slightly hardened, about 30 minutes. Dip the frozen balls in melted white chocolate until coated and return to baking sheet. Drizzle with semisweet chocolate. Freeze until chocolate hardens, about 15 minutes..

A modern boutique with a vintage charm

Inspired by vintage style, Layaa is a South African born clothing brand designing corporate clothing for Women. Founded by Leila Gabr, the Layaa brand was born from her love for fashion as well as the need to be able to express her unique personal style. At Layaa, fashion is not only about how you look, but how you feel. With this in mind, the team has designed their first collection to offer both comfort and chicness. All their designs are made locally in South Africa and add to their proudly south African badge. In addition to offering ready to wear designs, they also do tailoring where custom designs are made to suit their client’s needs. This is what Leila, the founder had to say, “For me, I owe a big thank you to my family and my friends for motivating me and pushing me pursue something I am passionate about. Without their encouragement and support, my brand wouldn’t be where it is today.” In short, Layaa is here to give women the confidence they need to try something new.

Take a sneak peak of their collection Thembi (left) is wearing an elegant sleeveless V-neck dress. Thando (right) is wearing a white dress with lace detail which is very chic.

Shop the Layaa collection www.layaa.co.za

Follow them Layaa


Tired of cooking? Mustard Seed SA is a couple owned business founded by Duran and Roshelle Naidoo. Duran and Roshelle started their studies at the Durban University of Technology with Duran majoring in Catering Management and Roshelle majoring In Hospitality Management. Since graduating in 2012 they have worked in several 5-star establishments both locally and internationally. They have always had a vision of starting their own company and one day owning a food trailer. After many years of working in the industry they finally gained the courage to step out on their own and make their vision a reality, and Mustard Seed SA was born. The name has great meaning as God said if you have faith as little as a mustard seed you could move mountains, in the same light whatever we do we should always have faith in God and he shall come through for us. Duran and Roshelle create simple yet innovative dishes using fresh and aromatic ingredients. Mustard seed caters for your parties, weddings or even a Sunday lunch get together. They even cater for you corporate events, year end functions and boardroom events. Mustard seed prides their selves at everything they do, every dish that leaves the kitchen is prided with, attention to detail, a lot of care and love.

Facebook – Mustard Seed SA Instagram – mustard_seedsa Whatsapp /call - 061 495 5206

You’ll probably agree that meeting new people has become *problematic* since Covid stepped onto the dating scene. Lockdown was a serious passion killer and masks don’t make it much easier! Of course, there are plenty of ways to find people looking for a connection online - but that often comes with its own set of issues. Online dating has a reputation for leaving people feeling blurgh, hurt, or pressured into things they don’t really want to do. Sound familiar? Then keep reading. I have gathered four powerful tips to make sure your dating experiences are fun and authentic!

1 Be clear about your intentions Take some time to consider what you REALLY want out of internet dating. There is no wrong answer here and no judgement! When you can be honest with yourself about this, you can make your intentions clear - which ultimately prevents hurt, confusion, and miscommunication. Ask yourself the following questions: What experience am I looking for? How do I want to feel? What dynamic do I want to attract? Am I looking for love, friendship, multiple lovers? Once you’re clear, go ahead and create your honest bio based on that! Include your age Who you’re looking for (A committed relationship? A fun friend? Relaxed lovers?) What matters to you (Do you value monogamy? Is fun communication essential to you?) When you get really comfortable with your intentions, you’ll feel more confident and you’ll send out the right kind of energy to attract what you really want.

2 Choose pictures that represent YOU Choosing photos that are very carefully positioned and heavily filtered to portray a not-so-realistic image of you will do little more than cause anxiety! Be real - you’re amazing and worthy of love just as you are! Opt for fun images that represent your lifestyle and what matters to you instead! Spending time in nature, creating art eating food, hanging out with your cat, fill in the blank! These kinds of photos will show you at your

most naturally happy, and beautiful. They will attract the kind of person who will enjoy all of YOU, the real human, not just the airbrushed snapshot.


Manage your communication

Dating apps can be addictive energy suckers - so protect yours by managing how much time you spend on them. Let people know when you’re at your capacity for chatting and promise to be back in touch again later. If you feel a connection with someone on a dating app, consider inviting them to a different platform which allows you to share voice and video clips. This will let you to pick up much more than text can alone. You’ll get a sense of their energy and your connection. It’s the perfect next step, without a needing to make a big commitment.

4 Honour your boundaries Small talk can be incredibly draining, so if you feel a connection on the dating app and via video/voice clips, go ahead and take things offline! But, please, please be safe when you meet someone in real life. Choose to meet in a public place and always let your friends know. Keep the first date short, and go for something with a natural ending - such as a quick coffee or a stroll around the park. While you’re on the date, check in with how you’re feeling - in both your body and your head. Remember that it’s ALWAYS okay to say no. You don’t need permission to leave the date at any time. It’s not rude to be honest if you’re not feeling it. Honour yourself and your boundaries!

The bottom line If you’re hoping to meet someone new, give these suggestions a try! They will help you to have more clarity around your intentions, to show up authentically both on and offline, to feel confident in your boundaries and ultimately attract awesome online dating experiences!










L Beauty, formally known as

Kayleigh Lock

Makeup, is a Makeup Artistry company based in Hillcrest, created by professional makeup artist,

Kayleigh Lock. She has three qualifications including two makeup artistry certificates and a degree specialising in Costume, Makeup and Styling. She is currently completing her fourth qualification in Eyelash Extensions. Kayleigh has always had a passion for beauty and excellence. “I love being a part of someone’s special day. Making them feel beautiful and happy is a warm

feeling I strive for.” Her compassionate personality has led her to become an advocate for only supporting brands that are cruelty free and believes in being ‘kind to every kind’ whilst staying environmentally friendly where possible. She has experience in film, matric dance, bridal, editorial, and photographic makeup. While Kayleigh feels bridal is her favourite aspect, she has loved showcasing her art in creative makeup looks across various social media platforms. This began through her YouTube channel and has evolved to posting on Instagram and TikTok, accumulating over 12k followers across these platforms. She regularly posts creative makeup looks which can be seen under the username of @klbeautysa. After a recent rebrand, the company aims to add many services to the list. The next plan of action is holding an opening special for Eyelash Extensions within the next month. For bookings and more

information, you can contact KL Beauty on Instagram or Facebook.

@klbeautysa ELLA - DECEMBER 2020 | 31

GBV and Cyber bullying in South Africa During the Covid-19 induced lockdowns, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed what he called the second pandemic facing South Africans – that of Gender Based Violence (GBV). To remind civil society of the GBV epidemic in South Africa, prosecutors of the Welkom Magistrate’s Court held a silent march in August (dubbed “Women’s month”) to affirm their opposition to GBV and Femicide and to assure victims that they are ready to assist. This year in South Africa we also saw how GBV can extend into the online space through cyber bullying. In this particular episode, a locally-known media personality and actor suggested in an online podcast that a victim of rape was inaccurate when recounting her version of the events leading to her rape, and that the perpetrator should be given a fair trial. While all people in South Africa do indeed have a right to a fair trial, this kind of narrative deflects from the seriousness of the rape as a crime and actually makes it more difficult for

victims of rape to speak up, for fear of being victimised. GBV can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial or structural, and can be perpetrated by intimate partners, acquaintances, or strangers. In the online space, GBV includes bodyshaming, threats of physical violence, and verbal abuse. The use of online channels like websites, social media, and instant chat platforms like WhatsApp make it easy for bullies to spread negative messages about women, girls, and LGBTQ+ persons. Currently, online GBV disproportionately affects women, girls, and LGBQT+ persons in the form of body-shaming, verbal abuse, threats of physical and sexual violence, and a general enforcing of negative gender stereotypes. The impact of psychological violence can be just as significant as that of physical forms of violence, as the perpetrator subjects the victim to behaviour which may result in some form of psychological trauma, such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Possible Solutions Establishing norms around social media use The lines between free speech and bullying have blurred, and some perpetrators might argue that they were simply exercising their right to freedom of speech. Currently, there is no Constitutional guidance on the appropriate use of social media platforms. As a society, we need to establish guidelines on what constitutes appropriate behaviour online. Until those norms are established, local celebrities and social media influencers can show their support by condemning inappropriate behaviours online. Protect yourself from online harassment Because social media law is in its infancy, victims of online harassment might assume that there is nothing that they can do to protect themselves online. However, by using the right channels, victims can receive protection and in some cases justice for the suffering. For example, victims can approach the SA Human Right Commission (SAHRC) and the Commission for Gender Equality for guidance. In addition, victims can report the incident at the local police station. If they are able to, victims can also report the abuse to the social media platform in question. In all examples, the victim needs verifiable proof of the bullying. Protecting children Child victims of online bullying can apply for a protection order, with or without the consent from a parent or guardian. Child bullies under the age of 10 cannot be arrested, while those older than 10 years can be detained during an investigation. Tackling cyber bullying through collaboration Social media has the potential to raise awareness to worthy causes and unite people with a common goal. Unfortunately, some may abuse the platform by pushing a harmful agenda. By creating meaningful dialogue around its potential for good, establishing norms, and calling out bad behaviour, we can deter those with malicious intents. But, it requires a contribution from all parties – celebrities, legal aids, teachers, businesspeople, and policy makers.

Mollica Maharaj CEO Rahman & Rahman Inc www.rr-inc.co.za Rahman & Rahman

ELLA - DECEMBER 2020 | 15



FROM R 450


FROM R 2500

An idea that began over 10 years ago as just as a hobby and love of photography, has grown to being a passion and love for the industry that can never be substituted.

Rudra Photograhy has been in

a few photography competitions and, ending up in the quarter final and semi finals is a reflection on the calibre of their work.



083 580 4005

Money Matters PRE NAIDOO - FINANCIAL ADVISOR What a year this has been... an emotional rollercoaster and then of course the big F... Financials. There is no going back but what lessons can we take from the cash crisis many have endured? Firstly, that nothing is certain unless it states GUARANTEED and that saving for a rainy day, war and now even a pandemic is actually for real. It is so important to save for the holiday and the storm, education and entertainment.

Some tips for 2021 If you can spend, then be able to stash the same amount on entertainment bills Take out life insurance/dread disease and disability cover - you buy with your health first, not money Pay off all smaller debt (clothing, short loans, and higher interest-bearing accounts) Avoid overdrafts and revolving loans as far as possible When you have extra funds, pay extra into things like your cellphone bill, pre paid electricity or car installments. You will allow for some breathing months. Try to complete school shopping by Nov/Dec since January becomes the morbid month and a long deserted road to next salary cheque. Look at diversification of your portfolio and speak to a financial advisor as often as possible. Take out a retirement annuity and enjoy the tax rebates whilst ensuring lucrative income at old age Do an easy savings jar at home: R5 coins, only R20 notes, app silvers... you can choose what works best for you but the accumulation will surprise you It is OK to start small, start somewhere, but please do start! Read. A lot. Motivational, inspirational, global, spiritual, universal, health or financial. Balance your lifestyle. Play, have fun. train. sleep. eat. travel.

Wishing all readers a fabulous

and Blessed festive season. Be safe, be grateful, be wise. Pre Naidoo

083 777 3116


The action of each individual collectively determines our society and then country, ultimately; our world. Be mindful and adopt an Attitude of Gratitude. With poverty so rife and COVID-19 which expedited these statistics to heart breaking situations, we need to be over cautious, over weary, and definitely make superior choices going forward. The “What-if� instances have hit several people with no solution, no plan B and extremely stressed individuals. My tips above are crucial to safe guard yourself and loved ones from these or any unforeseen circumstances. Please curb the Christmas spending if not absolutely necessary.

Our customers are attracted by our competitive prices, and enjoy the shopping experience we afford through our unique store interiors and well trained staff.

The Perfume Garden was originally launched thirty years ago as a small agent based perfume business. In the last 13 years we have expanded our retail footprint to include seventeen stores in KwaZuluNatal and two stores in the Western Cape. Our production facilities, located in KwaZulu Natal, supply fragrances and affiliated products to all our stores. Over the years we have built a loyal client base due to the superior quality of our products.


As a brand we are always evolving. Introducing our cosmetics range developed specifically for a diversity of skin types and complexions. We have also launched our new look and feel across all our stores. We promote our brand offerings on all our social media platforms and website, through competitions, giveaways and in store promotions. We are committed to growing The Perfume Garden brand. We aim to make it a leading fragrance and cosmetics company in South Africa and other African countries. The Perfume Garden sources fragrances from the top perfumeries in France. These perfumeries only use the finest A-Grade essential oils which are blended to create fragrances inspired by design house perfumes. Classified as ‘Eau de Parfum’, our fragrances contain a high concentration of luxury oils which result in a classic, long lasting fragrances.

Agent Loyalty Programme

We offer clients a means to empower themselves and get additional income by selling our products through becoming a VIP GOLD Card Agent. We offer ALL our products at wholesale prices and they are then able to determine their own profit margins by choosing a selling price of their own. To find out more sign up at any of our stores or email us on sales@perfumegarden.co.za


The Pavilion Shopping Centre | Shop 263

Madam G Emperor

Events by Madam G

Hosti ng women f rom all wal ks of li f e: w omen empowerment sessi ons, show casi ng talent and also promoti ng local small busi nesses.

Madam G Creations a ski ll development (craf t work) i n leisure activi ty .

Madam G Exotic spa & beauty Mobi le Spa that of f ers the essenti als in day spa treatme n ts, an atmosphere of tranqui lli ty c reated j ust like in a regular spa i n th e comf ort of your own home.

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Ella Magazine Issue 4 - December 2020  

Ella Magazine Issue 4 - December 2020  

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