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Part 3- What Impact did the media institution Film 4 have on each production stage and why? By Ella Linay

Pre-Production Film 4 films are produced with very low budgets as they simply do not have the money to create fancy films. However Film 4 shows the typical lifestyle of British people in a way that is realistic as possible. When coming up with our idea, we watched many different examples of British social realist films that Film 4 had created. When watching the films I felt that themes that were typically seen were drugs, alcohol and violence. We wanted to move away from this and use something that maybe wasn’t as popular but is still a situation that we see in Britain in this generation. When looking at the different films we had to decide whether we was to create a smash mouth opening, a simple narrative or a montage. We felt that London to Brighton used a smash mouth well, however the montage we saw in This is England really established British culture as we saw shots of events that had occurred over the years that was significant to us. We felt that a montage would be a good idea to set up the theme of prostitution by using different shots of the protagonist in new outfits and her approaching different cars to show her on-going cycle as a prostitute. We had to think carefully about who would fit the role well, as Film 4 use inexperienced actors to make it as realistic as possible. For example Katie Jarvis the protagonist in Fish Tank was selected to be in the film after the director overhearing her arguing on the phone.

Production With Film 4 they have very low budgets, this means they use cameras that are just simply for filming and editing software which is just basic and has no special effects, this keeps the realism up and doesn’t glamourize British life. In my production I used a simple HD camcorder and a tripod. We used hand held shots quite a lot in our opening scene as we felt as if it was a good way for the audience to feel more involved with the protagonist. This is typically seen in British Social Realist films such as Submarine where we see hand held shots of the protagonist walking both from he's perspective and from the audiences. The locations we used were typical run down areas that we would see in every British social realist film. We filmed the beginning in a bedroom so we had to make sure we used a room which was suitable and similar to what we would see in films like Fish Tank. This is a good example of a film that sets up a clear location and mood for the British niche audience. Costume was an important thing to think about in the production as we wanted to show the theme of poverty aswell as sticking with what is typically seen in British social realist films. For example in Kidulthood their costume plays a big role in showing the theme of gang culture and shows clearly the archetypes of each characters. E.g. the male with base ball bat and hoody looks intimidating and looks like the bully

Distribution Film 4 films are distributed mainly through their other platforms belonging to them . For example The inbetweeners movie had been distributed in cinemas both in the Uk and other places around the world. However this isn't always typical as Attack the block was only shown on Film 4 and had its TV premiere on channel 4. This is the case with most Film 4 films as it doesn’t have the funding or money to be able to distribute it. I would use viral marketing, as it is a free way for me to distribute our movie and get it out to a very wide audience. For example I would use Facebook and twitter to promote and advertise the film. This is a typical way of marketing British social realism films, and a good way may be guerrilla marketing which is cheap but very effective and can get a lot of attention towards the new film I don’t think the film would be suited to be made into DVD and sold as this isnt typical of the British social realist genre as they simply don’t have the money to do so. I feel like I would distribute my film “Damaged Goods” through Channel 4OD, this would be a good way to get the film out their as channel 4 is a popular channel that a large percentage of the population will have. This service is free to our audience and this would fit well as we believe that our targeted audience would not really want to spend their money. However independent cinemas would be more likely to show my film, comparing it to multi-plex cinemas like Vue or Cineworld. This is because Film 4 cannot afford to put it out into these large cinemas, and the genre is not typically shown or found to be watched as much as in a smaller, picture house.

Part Three-Evaluation  

How has Film 4 influenced my planning, production and editing?