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Making my  food  last  longer   Block  3  Project   Ms.  Ella    


Rubric  and  intructions  


Project: Making my food last longer


NAMES: _____________________________________________________________________ Activity: Do a graph representing how microorganisms reproduce in the food. Create a pamphlet about the preservation of a certain food where you will describe in a scientific language why it decomposes, how to prevent it and the impact it has in our society. Evaluation: You will be graded using SEP and MYP rubrics for A,B and E. Process: 1ST Class 1. Get in pairs. Each team will be assigned a food randomly. 2. Present your data as a chart and plot the graph of the stages of bacteria’s growth in the graph paper. Remember to label your graph. 2nd and 3rd Class 1. Each team will research the information needed to answer the questions given. Take note of the references used in APA format. *You have to hand in the questions finished by the end of the 3rd Class. 2. Research the information needed for your pamphlet: a. Why and how your food decomposes or rots? (at least 3 factors) b. How to prevent the decompositions process of your food? (at least 2 processes well explained) c. Has the preservation of your food contributed for the resolution of a problem or has it had a political, economical, cultural or environmental impact? (at least 3 factors) Homework: Finish the research for your pamphlet and bring the information to class tomorrow and colored pencils, crayons, markers or other materials you know you will need to make you final product. 4th and 5fh Class 1. Design your pamphlet following the required format. Homework: Bring images for your pamphlet 2. You have the 5fh class as due date, to hand it in. After this date, pamphlet will not be received. Pamphlet Requirements: Front Why and how it decomposes or rots?

Images/ Facts

Contributions/ Impacts

Back How to prevent decomposition

APA References

COVER -Food’s name and image -Student’s name

Project: Making my food last longer Level of achievement: ___________   Illustrations & Diagrams


Illustrations are detailed, attractive and related to the topic.

Illustrations are somewhat detailed, attractive, and related to the topic.



All the information requested is present and accurate.

Contains almost all of the information requested.

Illustrations are not related to the topic.


All sources, information and graphics, are accurately documented in the correct format. (At least 3 references) 1

Scientific language

The students adequately communicate scientific ideas using scientific knowledge. 1


0.5 Most of the information is incomplete.



Illustrations are not present.


Content requested is not present. 0

All sources, information and graphics- are accurately documented, but a few are not in the desired format. (At least 3 references)

Not enough sources (at least 3) or the references are not accurately documented.

No sources present.




The students adequately communicate some scientific ideas using scientific language.

The students communicate some scientific ideas using limited scientific language. 0.5

The students poorly communicate scientific ideas using scientific language. 0


Criterion A: One world

Level of achievement: ____


Very good




The student identifies if the material has contributed in the resolution of problems or if it has caused them (environmental, political, economical, social or cultural). Criterio A: La ciencia y el mundo

nivel: ___________ Muy bien

El alumno explica como la ciencia ha influenciado en la conservación de los alimentos. El alumno identifica si la conservación de los alimentos ha contribuido para la resolución de un problema o ha causado un problema medioambiental/económico/social /cultural/político, etc. El alumno comprende la importancia de la conservación de los alimentos.




Criterion B: Communication in Science Descriptor The student communicates all the scientific information requested effectively. The student uses sufficient scientific language correctly. The student fully documents sources of information correctly. ( At least 3 references)

Criterion E: Processing Data Descriptor The student calculates correctly the quantity of bacteria and presents the data as a chart or table. The student plots the data correctly. The student identifies the 3 stages of bacteria growth in the graph correctly. The student answers the questions doing the correct interpretation of the graph. (interprets correctly the data when answering the questions).


Level of achievement: ____ Very good




Level of achievement: ____ Very good




Making my food last longer  

Rubric and intructions for proyect block 3

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