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Antonella ChahwanMBA2A


1/ What is Social influence marketing?

Social influence marketing is a “technique that employs social media (content created by everyday people using highly accessible and scalable technologies such as blogs, message boards, podcasts, micro blogs, bookmarks, social networks, communities, wikis) and social influencers (everyday people who have an outsized influence on their peers by virtue of how much content they share online) to achieve an organization’s marketing and business needs.”

2/ Example of Grand Hotel VillaCora –Florence

I have chosen this 5 star luxurious hotel because it has NO Visibility. Their website is really well designed but they do not have a Facebook page, a twitter account, a Google professional page, or any other tools to make them be more visible!! 3/ An idea of a social influence action plan

a/ Action    

Set up objectives Define your target Define how you will reach them Define how you will measure your success=ROI

b/ Objectives

Enlarge the visibility on social medias

      

Create a blog in order to create your own community and enhance interaction Engage yourself Encourage interaction with guests (answer reviews) Build reputation Update information of your hotel in Youtube, FaceBook… Create a FB page, Twitter account, Google+… Post any news related to your hote (Events, Packages, Promotions…)

More TIPS ?

WHY DOES IT MATTER?! Consumer recommendations are the most credible advertising among 78% of the study’s respondents.



4/ How to measure it?

   

By the number of times someone liked, shared, commented on a post By the number of followers By testing your Klout score to know better about your popularity Tracking users number with Google Analytics

5/ Examples of hotels with effective VISIBILITY

Social Influence  

Social Influence action plan

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